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Looking at buying this double wall oven, can anyone tell me if the temp is consistent with dial? How evenly the oven cooks? Ie do u have to rotate trays? And how well and even cakes cook? I bake alot

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Checking the fan-bake temperature with a dial oven thermometer I have found it to be very accurate. If you bake a lot I suggest you get such a thermometer to be sure - they are not expensive. I have baked some biscuits and turned the trays around to make certain the browning was perfectly even. Have only baked a cake once and it was fine. Others using the oven ( it's a holiday house) only have praise for it. The casing fan should have been made to run on for a while after switch-off to cool it down.

Robert V

Robert Vasked


we have purchased the new double oven and looks and works great but the only thing that worries me is that after use the main lcd and switch panel are extremely hot to the touch is this normal or is this an issue?

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Hi Robert,
I have not had this problem. It sounds to me as if the upper door is not closing and sealing fully, allowing hot air from the oven to escape and heat the knobs etc. above. Have you checked the hinges at the bottom of the upper door? There are two small metal clips that push forward to hold the hinges open when you want to lift the door off. You need to make sure they are fully clipped back after reinstalling the door, otherwise the door will stay very slightly ajar, leaving a narrow gap at the top where heat can get out. The clips stop just short of fully back but you have to push them back further quite firmly to complete the action. The installer of the oven would likely have lifted the doors off during installation and may not have noticed the need to do that when refitting them. You should check the bottom door hinges as well. If this does not work you may need to get a service call under warranty to check the seal.
Best, Stephen


I have not had a problem with those areas. The oven is designed to let out heat through the vents, but the lcd screen and knobs do not get too hot I find that they do get hottish when I cook non stop for over 6hrs continuously. I never cook over 160C.


The warm air coming out of the top vents that G. mentions is to keep the outside of the the oven casing cooler so it does not overheat and damage surrounding cabinetry. I don't think much if any of it comes out of the oven interior itself.

Clinton Mill

Clinton Millasked


Not very old 6 -8 months and the top oven element and light have stopped working, the fan still blows.
not sure where to start with one. help please

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Disappointing to hear.. Just call up warranty support (try 1300363640) your still covered 2 year warranty (from memory) & remember even when warranty finishes you still have consumer rights, so if anything happens out of warranty they still may be liable to fix it

ELECTROLUX ..Westinghouse

Hi Clinton,
Kathy from Electrolux here.
We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised about the Westinghouse oven.
If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Kathy

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