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Westpac 55 Day

Westpac 55 Day

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Avoid carrying a balance on this card as the interest rate is very high for not having many perks. I also had an issue with credit card fraud when in Europe. Westpac believed that i was able to make several transactions on this card in Paris, when I was already back in australia, with several everyday transactions from my bank account. I had to threaten to move all my accounts before they refunded the fraudulent transactions.

Be aware - 55 days does not mean 55 days

It's 55 days interest free from the date of the first transaction in any period so you may quite possibly be booking something to your card late in a period and finding the 55 days interest free is in fact about 14 days interest free for that particular transaction. The T&C's are ambiguous and misleading.

Had to do a cash advance on this card 3 months ago due to the Westpac ATM swallowing a Handicard. Now I find after paying the balance off in full at the end of each month I'm still being charged interest 3 months later on the cash advance. Don't see how this works if the account is paid in full? Westpac customer service no help at all - just arrogant condescending and unpleasant to deal withWhen challenged on interest charges on zero balances they agreed to pay the charges back - hasn't happened. Westpac staff are liars and thieves

Customer Service needs to be overhauled

I have had my card for 17years and during that time I really had no problem with them, however in the past year if my payment wasnt paid on or before the due date they would ring me the day after asking for payment and threatening me with late fees and advising me that I couldnt use the account until paid. I complained to their Customer Service and the matter was resolved. Then I started to get text messages that payments were not received by now I got real frustrated, I know of no other institute that hassle their clients a day after a due payment. Just recently I lost my husband and I received a call from them but they went through the privacy jargon, at the time I didnt know if it was day or night and I couldnt remember passwords, usernames and their customer No. I got a blunt response that my account will be suspended and I would not be able to access online banking. Well they made sure I couldnt even pay them by Bpay. I really had a gut full and decided I will be closing the account.

My payments are now. with a cheque paid in to a branch. I am presently vacationing in the US and decided to contact the Customer Service on the No. shown on the back of the card. What a reception, the Officer was rude curt and very unfriendly, all I wanted was to let them know that my payment may be late as I was posting the payment from the US. No she wasnt going to let anyone know. What I managed to get out of her was the postal address of Card Services. Yes I will be closing the account after all these years.

Do not be a day late, God forbid as they will come down on you in many ways. Look elsewhere

Card Fraud

Have had the card for years and been a Westpac customer for over ten years with no problems. Had a small amount taken out without my knowledge, reported it straight away and got the old card cancelled and a new one issued. After 3 months still did not get my money back as bank (merchant?) insist it was me who initiated transaction.

Bye Bye Westpac for me.
Handy for budgetting and payments - pay off before due date all the time.

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After writing to the managing director, I did finally get the unauthorized debit reversed.


I started out with this card and used it with my mortgage for day to day purchases, with 55 days interest free it's quite handy. However I shopped around and found other cards with interest free periods that also offered rewards. I've since changed to Woolworths credit card, with a slightly shorter interest free period but obtained over $400 in rewards without needing to change my spending habits. This card may be worthwhile if used sparringly, but if you're gonna use it quite a bit checkout cards that offer rewards.
Card is cheap, not a lot of fees. 55 days interest free is pretty good.
No rewards or bonuses or other incentives


I have had my card for almost 2 years now and I am still very happy with it. However, if you are not prepared to pay off your monthly bill in full every month I would consider you get a card with a lower interest rate.
The best thing about this card is you have 55 days to pay it off without being charged any interest. First year the $30 annual fee is waived so that helps the finances. The card looks nice too - looks different to other cards in my purse so its easy to find. Also handy if you are traveling overseas is the free Anti-Identity-theft Credit Card Protection.
Interest rate is quite high - around 19.10% for purcahses and 20.74% for cash advances.


Another noticeable feature of this card is that if you spend more than $10,000 on the card every year then the annual fee of $30 is waived for the next year,which is what I love for
The card has got a bonus Anti-Identity-theft Credit Card Protection for the owner as a special feature. Every holder of this card will automatically be eligible for the protection without having to do anything.
The rate is really high 17.40% is not a good one,always have your eyes on your budget or you will find yourself struggling with the payment


This card is great if you are overseas but it isn't that great because of there high interest rates.
You get 55 days interest free, it is worldwide accepted which is great for shopping if you are in another country and need money, there is an optional credit card protection which is good for internet banking and identity thefts. Also, there is no annual fee for the first year which is a massive saving of $30
The interest rate is very high which is 17.4% p.a. and if you don't pay your fees in 55 days you will have to pay a lot as the interest rate is terrible.

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55 Day
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