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White Glo Express Whitening System

White Glo Express Whitening System Questions & Answers

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I've misplaced the mouth tray, I between moving house. Does anyone know if or where to get a replacement mouth tray. Ie just the clear rubber mouth gaurd part.
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How many time do White glo per day?
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read the instructions on the box. I used this product as directed for about six weeks with no noticeable difference.. Luckily it was on half price special when i bought it so did not waste too much money..

How often can I use this product?
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Hello mezzanine.. I used this product as directed on the box.. twice s day from memory and after s monththerewax no difference what so ever

Has anyone tried Trimbo weight loss workout shorts for women? I've started going to the gym and saw a couple of plus size girls wearing them, they are supposed to help you lose weight 4X quicker through exercise. They girls were in my spin class and said they lost a few pounds each time they wore them. Apparently initially it's just water weight, but after a couple of weeks it actual weight loss that stays off if used regular. They are more expensive that usual shorts so i just want some independent reviews from ppl who bought this product. Thanks.
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How many time a day should u use white glo please?
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Twice a day morning and night. use a dry toothbrush then spit out after brushing then dampen brush and finish off to leave your mouth fresh

Is white glo toothpaste suitable for dentures?
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I don’t think it will work for any artificial teeth! Includes dentures and crowns!

Would anyone recommend this product for mature aged people's teeth which has discolored over the years?
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Im 40. Regular coffee and cola drinker. Occasional red wine drinker and smoked for 16 years. I have had amazing results after 2 months of irregular use. My tooth that's already sensitive to cold hurt during application but settled down quickly.

How long does it take to work?
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It's not a permanent solution unfortunately, If that's what you're after then you'd have to spend hundreds of dollars at the dentist; but other then that it's pretty much instant, first use you'll notice your teeth whiter I generally leave them in for about 15 minutes regards to the instructions, but use it daily till the bottle is empty then it's wise to take a couple week break so you don't damage your teeth/gums. But after 2-3 day use you'll see a noticeable difference of white shades. For it's cost it's definitely worth using to have them nice white teeth, but mindue if your teeth are already quite white you may/may not see a difference or little difference.Not instantly but after three days to a week you should see results. That is being strict and applying everyday as specified on the pack. I don't like this product as much the trays hurt my mouth and i couldn't keep them in long. I prefer the other whitening system with the wand that really works

How long do you use it?
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I think the instructions suggest you use it 5 mins per day, for around 2 weeks.Yea you are right nopelep, though I used it for more than 2 weeks and for up to half an hour at a time (not recommended). I stopped for the recommended few weeks and then did the same over a couple of cycles. The results were...disappointing. I think you can get better results using pain old baking soda, so I really cannot recommend this product. Give it a try for yourself though.

Does white glo make the teeth sensitive?
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No, not really. If it does it is only minimal, you could try leaving some toothpaste for sensitive teeth, on your teeth for a couple minutes after treatment if affected. This does not cause sensitivity like the strips do.Yes it most certainly can. At times, it actually was painful as it felt like it absorbed right to the nerve. Ultimately, I have stopped using it for that reason and the fact it really didn't work very well

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