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White Glo Express Whitening System

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76 reviews

Caution - This damaged my teeth


I had a similar experience to other people in that the white spots on my teeth became very very white and the rest didn't change much. Has left my teeth patchy. I did't experience any of the gum sensitivities others are describing. I will not use this again.


KrestaSydney, NSW

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It does makes you teeth a little bit whiter, but!


I bought the one that comes with blue light accelarator from Coles for $35 just out of curiousity. And then when I tried it the first time, I didn’t really see the difference. The next day my gum was sore and when I brush my teeth I can taste blood. I stopped using it for a day and tried the next day. Then my gum became even more sensitive that other area of my gum started to bleed when I brushed my teeth!

I regretted getting it and for the price I paid, it’s not worth it. My teeth are fine, I don’t smoke or drink coffee/tea, so I just used it to see if my teeth can get any whiter. Oh how I was wrong, it made my gum sore!

Anyway, if you are thinking about getting it, take it at your own risk!


K.Murray Region, NSW

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White Glow Accelerator


Last night was my first time using this product.
Throughout my 10 minutes I had a small irritation on my gum, I took it off and rinsed.
I definanlty had a whiter shade of teeth that I was happy with, however my lower gum did burn due to the chemical reaction. (Looked like cooked chicken, but was gone after 20 minutes)
I think I may have used a little to much product.
I do have a sore gum where I was burnt and it is quite sore, so as my gum calms down I’ll give it another go with less product, hopefully I’ll just get an ever whiter result

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White glow with blue light accelerator CAUTION


I used the WhiteGlow Blue Light Accelerated Teeth Whitening as per the instructions and while it did whiten my teeth (standard 10 minute process time) it also caused chemical burns to my gums.
I am now left with what looks like chewed chicken for gums.


CasejonesOrmeau Hills Queensland

An older persons review


First time I have ever tried to whiten my teeth and I must say that I over the moon with the results.
As I see it anyone who is reporting bad results is either not giving the product the correct time to work before removing the mouth shields or they work for a rival company.
I rinse my mouth then fit both upper and lower shield for 20 minutes not 5, I then finish off with white glo toothpaste.
By the way I am 73 drink red wine and tea.

Cheap product, cheaper results


I even used it twice a day for double the time. Didn't notice even a slight change. Perhaps this product is good when your teeth are already white and you use this just for upkeep?

Seriously?!?! NOT happy.


Just got my braces off about a week ago and now I have obvious bleached patches on my teeth! Very upset and very angry. Certainly would not recommend and am hoping it wears off, desperately.



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Not for me


White Glo was recommended to me by my sister. Since I trusted her, I gave this one a go. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me. I'm not sure if I didn't follow all of the instructions but I used it regularly for a month and my teeth still looked the same. I also experienced a bit of sensitivity while I was using this. After a month without success, coupled with the minor teeth sensitivity, I completely stopped using it.



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Would never use again


The result after 15 minutes of wearing was so patchy I regret using it. I Would never use again do not recommend. Cheap product = cheap results. So disappointed :(

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JessicaGold Coast

Do Not Use this product


Used the glo pack with mouth Gards followed instructions to a T.
After one month i have dark discolouration on two teeth and I've just had braces off in February.
I'd strongly urge anyone looking at getting this rubbish to go to a dentist and pay the extra money. It has ruined my perfect smile I've spent thousands and waited years for!!



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Doesn't Work For Me


Hi did tyre white glo express whitening system but it doesn't work for me for some reason after this i brought glee smile home teeth whiteing kit which is similar the dentist give to take home teeth whitening system after teeth whitening done at dentist, glee smile work prefectly but not white glo unfortunately.

DO NOT use this if you have Hypocalcification (white marks on teeth)


I have a few dark marks on my teeth lately so I decided to try this product out on recommendation. It works really well but if you have hypocalcification (white marks on your teeth) DO NOT use this!!!! It makes those marks really really prominent and white (blindingly). The results will take weeks / months to fade and you will be left with patchy looking teeth.

Worth a try


It works well depending on your teeth now. I always go to dentist and they work well but this is a fantastic product for a daily basis!the kit last for 60 days! I'm glad the pay that instead of a few hundred dollars!

Damaged my teeth


I believe this product has damaged my teeth and reduced the enamel and causing sensitivity that i have never had. But don't take my word for it. Ask your dentist.

Would NOT recommend


Made my teeth stripey and patchy. Enamel gone too. SO upset. Wish I never bought these. Praying that my teeth go back to how they were. This is not a good alternative to getting your teeth done properly.

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I used this for two weeks with no difference. The one from my dentist I used overnight with good results. I wonder if you can do this with white glo.

Perfect - if your teeth are already decent.


I have pretty good teeth anyway but this product really brings them to their best potential. My teeth were a little discoloured but I don't smoke or drink coffee so no horrible stains. I imagine if your teeth are really badly stained you will have to pay the big bucks and go to the dentist. However if you have teeth that are just mildly discoloured like mine, this product is amazing!



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Work Great! Would Recommend!


Don't Buy It!!


Don't buy this, it's a crap it leaves white lines all over your teeth!!! Not happy Jan! It makes your teeth really sore after. I repeat don't buy this!

Left white lines all over my teeth and sore teeth

Product Perfection

Product PerfectionMelbourne

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Waste of money


Waste of money and time.

The trays hurt my teeth and consumed my mouth nearly made me sick after leaving in my mouth for 20 seconds, horrible after taste and no teeth whitening effect left on my teeth. Poor quality product. Will not purchase again. I would rather stick to toothbrush and toothpaste

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Can I use white glo on dentures?

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Can this product be used on partial dentures without damaging?

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