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White Glo Express Whitening System

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2.7 from 71 reviews

Seriously?!?! NOT happy.

Just got my braces off about a week ago and now I have obvious bleached patches on my teeth! Very upset and very angry. Certainly would not recommend and am hoping it wears off, desperately.

Not for me

White Glo was recommended to me by my sister. Since I trusted her, I gave this one a go. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me. I'm not sure if I didn't follow all of the instructions but I used it regularly for a month and my teeth still looked the same. I also experienced a bit of sensitivity while I was using this. After a month without success, coupled with the minor teeth sensitivity, I completely stopped using it.

Would never use again

The result after 15 minutes of wearing was so patchy I regret using it. I Would never use again do not recommend. Cheap product = cheap results. So disappointed :(

Do Not Use this product

Used the glo pack with mouth Gards followed instructions to a T.
After one month i have dark discolouration on two teeth and I've just had braces off in February.
I'd strongly urge anyone looking at getting this rubbish to go to a dentist and pay the extra money. It has ruined my perfect smile I've spent thousands and waited years for!!

Doesn't Work For Me

Hi did tyre white glo express whitening system but it doesn't work for me for some reason after this i brought glee smile home teeth whiteing kit which is similar the dentist give to take home teeth whitening system after teeth whitening done at dentist, glee smile work prefectly but not white glo unfortunately.

DO NOT use this if you have Hypocalcification (white marks on teeth)

I have a few dark marks on my teeth lately so I decided to try this product out on recommendation. It works really well but if you have hypocalcification (white marks on your teeth) DO NOT use this!!!! It makes those marks really really prominent and white (blindingly). The results will take weeks / months to fade and you will be left with patchy looking teeth.

Home teeth whitening

Even though there were good reviews for white glo, i’m cynical about such reviews online being totally impartial, that’s not to say they don’t produce good products, even though some are pricey. as i don’t believe sites that review them are totally impartial.
So i did my own research, there are 100s so couldn’t decide. However a friend recently told me about a home whitening kit because she had good results. I had to search for it online as it’s usually only given as part of an after care solution once you’ve has laser teeth whitening, but they now sell them separately.
It’s called White Guard home teeth whitening kit, it’s non peroxide so claims it won’t damage teeth. It worked really well for me, but that’s no guarantee it will for you. And no i’m not being paid/sponsored, i’m just a regular girl who has no affiliation to any supplier of products.
I’m just cynical about independent reviews as the same mags and publications trot out the same brands pushing the same products day after day, do they think we are stupid or sheep. If you’ve found a product via your own research and testing that turns out to be really good, do same as me and add to comments section for such products so that real women like me and you aren’t being sold the usual suspects and get to try other good products. Don’t be like sheep and just follow the crowd it’s 2017 BFN. :)

Damaged my teeth

I believe this product has damaged my teeth and reduced the enamel and causing sensitivity that i have never had. But don't take my word for it. Ask your dentist.

Would NOT recommend

Made my teeth stripey and patchy. Enamel gone too. SO upset. Wish I never bought these. Praying that my teeth go back to how they were. This is not a good alternative to getting your teeth done properly.


I used this for two weeks with no difference. The one from my dentist I used overnight with good results. I wonder if you can do this with white glo.

Perfect - if your teeth are already decent.

I have pretty good teeth anyway but this product really brings them to their best potential. My teeth were a little discoloured but I don't smoke or drink coffee so no horrible stains. I imagine if your teeth are really badly stained you will have to pay the big bucks and go to the dentist. However if you have teeth that are just mildly discoloured like mine, this product is amazing!

Work Great! Would Recommend!

Used only 4 times so far, and honestly for $11 dollars, for a ton of uses, it's definitely worth trying/using.
First follow instructions to mould the mouth guards to your teeth for a perfect fit, then apply a 'decent' amount of the formula to the mouth guards, place them in your mouth I used both top and bottom at the same time because honestly no one has time to wait to do each separately; after which leave them in for 10-15 minutes, I generally have a shower then when I'm out I'll remove them, then directly spit the residue of the formula out (yes it isn't the most nicest of tasting liquids) then wash my mouth out and follow up with a brushing of the teeth.

I found this to work almost instantly from day one and my teeth are noticeably whiter after only 4 applications.
Will be using this till the bottle runs out and will continue to purchase this.

For the people who fear it may be a "dud" product or not "worth it" it's only $10-$15 dollars, so lets be realistic here, would you rather spend $200 dollars for them to dentally whitened? or $10 for a home process which takes 10 minutes out of your day?

Efficiency: 5/5
Cost: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5

Waste of money

Waste of money and time.

The trays hurt my teeth and consumed my mouth nearly made me sick after leaving in my mouth for 20 seconds, horrible after taste and no teeth whitening effect left on my teeth. Poor quality product. Will not purchase again. I would rather stick to toothbrush and toothpaste

Works quite well

It makes my teeth pearly white for about an hour then disappears but leaving them slightly whiter than before, I leave it on for 20mins

Seems to work...but then doesn't.

Used as per the instructions on top teeth only to compare the colour change with bottom teeth, and there's no change at all. Immediately after using the product each day my teeth did look a shade whiter and it highlighted a few small whiler patches on some of my teeth, but this effect lasted very briefly. Within an hour my teeth were back to their original colour.

great cheap and it works

I am only 13 and I have used it once and it worked straight away but there were some parts of my teeth that it missed but that will whiten after a few more times... This is amazing and cheap I defiantly recommend this product.

im glad iv'e givin it a try

Great product. At least 2 shades whiter after just 3 days. I make sure i get a full 7 minutes. I also make sure the guard has enough gel in it and is hard up against my teeth leaving no space. 7/10

immediate results - then nothing

It does make teeth look a bit whiter, but not heaps. My teeth are really yellow, coffee and smoking. Using this product makes my teeth just bearable. I do not really notice cumulative results, after first whitening -that's about the same as 2 weeks.

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Questions & Answers

I've misplaced the mouth tray, I between moving house. Does anyone know if or where to get a replacement mouth tray. Ie just the clear rubber mouth gaurd part.
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How many time do White glo per day?
1 answer
read the instructions on the box. I used this product as directed for about six weeks with no noticeable difference.. Luckily it was on half price special when i bought it so did not waste too much money..

How often can I use this product?
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Hello mezzanine.. I used this product as directed on the box.. twice s day from memory and after s monththerewax no difference what so ever


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