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It was a good toothpaste, not showing much difference


I bought this product with the impression it is going to be "professional choice" for teeth whitening, however after trying it for 4 consecutive weeks, I feel no difference in the colour of my teeth. The product is good, just like any other Colgate toothpaste, however in my opinion this is not superior than other toothpaste.



Doesn't give a clean feel to your mouth


I bought this as I had never tried it and saw it pretty cheap plus came with free toothbrush, I used this tooth paste for a couple of weeks and it doesn't make much difference to your teeth colour. plus I found it didn't clean my teeth properly my teeth felt unclean. Wasn't happy switched back to my previous toothpaste and immediately could feel difference in cleanliness of my teeth. Will never buy again!



This toothpaste I brought in a set for £1.97 in Superdrug came with tooth picks and a tooth brush aswell ! It's amazing whitened your teeth aswell ! Would recommend



Use it only if you want to look like your dentist did a bad clean


I was given a sample tube of this tooth paste. I drink tea, and started to notice stains on my teeth, so I went to the dentist for a regular clean and buffed off the stain, not making the connection with the teeth paste straight away.

Within a few weeks, the stain was back and on all of my front teeth. I had comments from family about why my teeth looked that way. Switched over to Colgate, stain was removed instantly with one brush. Incredible. I would never use this brand again.

Tooth crumbling!!!


Seems to be great toothpaste for couple of weeks then teeth became really sensitive and one of my teeth started to crumble. Don't use this stuff as it's clearly damaging to enamel!!!


HildaHOLYWOOD Co Down N Ireland

Don't go there !


Started off ok after about week of use teeth became very sensitive and a bit broke of one I felt as if they were crumbling away ! Too harsh on enamel . I should have known as it was reduced from £10 till £2 .Maybe alright for use once a week but not daily also had mouth ulcer .

danni victoria

danni victoriaDerbyshire

very surprising results


I noticed my teeth starting to become discoloured as I'm a tea and coffee lover, plus unfortunately I smoke. I was shopping in Asda when I found this little miracle worker!! I've only been using it a few days but I have noticed a massive improvement :) the everyday surface stains were removed and my teeth actually looked whiter just after one use! I'm very impressed and I would definitely would recommend this toothpaste.


TrentApKGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 55 reviews



got this toothpaste in a pack in an attempt to whiten my teeth. Yes it whitened my teeth and my teeth feel nice and clean that's where the good feedback ends. After a week i have bad breath and all my lips are split. Horrible toothpaste never had issues previously until i used this toothpaste. I do not recommend it.


annclacton on sea

Swollen lips bleeding gums


I bought this product from Tescos yesterday, reasonable priced thought I would give it a go. Wish I had never put it in my basket, used it twice, mouth tingling, lips swollen and gums splitting and bleeding. Wish I had read others users reviews before buying. Put it straight in the bin. What a waste of my money.

Heed he advice


I have always wanted whiter teeth and bought White Glo to try to attain this. However, after using it only once a day for about two weeks I notice that my gums are tingling and feel sore, also they are sensitive to cold. My teeth are only slightly whiter so I shall not be buying it again.

Good but..


I have only used this product a couple of times and I do like it so far! :D but I wouldn't use the tooth brush supplied, it's way too tough!



i purchased this item from the warehouse in nz , am happy with results


People have wriiten about bleeding gums and bad mouths .
i use this product and have never had these side effects . are they brushing too hard or eaten something to cause bad breath ?



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Made me sick!!


I have been getting headaches, nausea & fatigue for the past couple of days & couldn't figure out WHY? UNTIL tonight when I realized my sickness commenced when I started using this toothpaste. It has a Strong chemical taste & slight fume whilst brushing my teeth. On a positive note, my teeth do seem a little whiter BUT I'll rather have slightly stained teeth than feel overwhelmingly nauseous etc from using this product.

Sore gums


Bought this product and have used it about 3 times. My teeth have felt whiter but my gums are in so much pain. They're stinging and bleeding! Avoid this item!

I can live without this


So i bought this product and have been using it for 2 days and my mouth is gross. my skin is peeling, my tounge is numb and i could not taste my chocolate. This is shocking.

Burns from toothpaste


The chemicals in this toothpaste burned my tongue and gums causing the skin to peel. As soon as I ceased using the paste my mouth healed.

This product sucks big time


This product has destroyed my gums to the point it split my gums made them bleed and become infected this product sucks big time

Sarzie Mac

Sarzie MacSydney

  • 128 reviews

Long term use damages your teeth



kiwi842Central Queensland, QLD

  • 28 reviews

like it


Have been using this product for 5 years now, have no problems. The only trouble I had is the way I didn't brush, according to my dentist. We are now over that hurdle. Flavour inconsistent between batches. I find the brushes supplied are inconsistently too firm.
great product, now use White Glo Coffee and Tea. For me worth using
I find the brushes supplied are inconsistently too firm. Flavour also inconsist between batches

Useful only for some

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James D
James D

I'm very sure there's no peroxide in the toothpaste, only the whitening kit. I think it was your brush

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Questions & Answers



Can you use this product after I have spent thousands on replacing my top teeth?

1 answer
Fired Up
Fired Up

Reasonable possibility



Is White Glo charcoal toothpast gluten free and Celiac disease friendly?
Carina Rudman

1 answer

Sorry don't know. I had one bad experience with the brand, wasn't going to try anything else in the range.



Is white glo toothpaste suitable for 12 year old children?

4 answers

I wouldn't recommend the toothpaste for any one, it ruins your teeth, it's an inferior product. I don't think a 12 year old need whitening anyway, I'd check with your dentist.


Definitely not ! Under no circumstances let a 12yr old use whiting toothpaste . Why would they need it in the first place ? IT RUINS TEETH ENAMEL!!!


Not suitable for any age as it wrecks your teeth!!!!! Steer well clear of this stuff

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