5White Glo Professional Choice Whitening

White Glo Professional Choice Whitening

5White Glo Professional Choice Whitening

81 reviews

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81 reviews
TrentApKGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC93 posts


got this toothpaste in a pack in an attempt to whiten my teeth. Yes it whitened my teeth and my teeth feel nice and clean that's where the good feedback ends. After a week i have bad breath and all my lips are split. Horrible toothpaste never had issues previously until i used this toothpaste. I do not recommend it.

annclacton on sea2 posts

Swollen lips bleeding gums

I bought this product from Tescos yesterday, reasonable priced thought I would give it a go. Wish I had never put it in my basket, used it twice, mouth tingling, lips swollen and gums splitting and bleeding. Wish I had read others users reviews before buying. Put it straight in the bin. What a waste of my money.

ChrisUK2 posts

Heed he advice

I have always wanted whiter teeth and bought White Glo to try to attain this. However, after using it only once a day for about two weeks I notice that my gums are tingling and feel sore, also they are sensitive to cold. My teeth are only slightly whiter so I shall not be buying it again.


Good but

I have only used this product a couple of times and I do like it so far! :D but I wouldn't use the tooth brush supplied, it's way too tough!

lindyLWAIKANAE2 posts

i purchased this item from the warehouse in nz , am happy with results

People have wriiten about bleeding gums and bad mouths .

i use this product and have never had these side effects . are they brushing too hard or eaten something to cause bad breath ?

AMPEarth3 posts

Made me sick!!

I have been getting headaches, nausea & fatigue for the past couple of days & couldn't figure out WHY? UNTIL tonight when I realized my sickness commenced when I started using this toothpaste. It has a Strong chemical taste & slight fume whilst brushing my teeth. On a positive note, my teeth do seem a little whiter BUT I'll rather have slightly stained teeth than feel overwhelmingly nauseous etc from using this product.

Jenni S
Jenni S

Sore gums

Bought this product and have used it about 3 times. My teeth have felt whiter but my gums are in so much pain. They're stinging and bleeding! Avoid this item!


I can live without this

So i bought this product and have been using it for 2 days and my mouth is gross. my skin is peeling, my tounge is numb and i could not taste my chocolate. This is shocking.


Burns from toothpaste

The chemicals in this toothpaste burned my tongue and gums causing the skin to peel. As soon as I ceased using the paste my mouth healed.


This product sucks big time

This product has destroyed my gums to the point it split my gums made them bleed and become infected this product sucks big time

Sarzie Mac
Sarzie MacSydney167 posts
kiwi842Central Queensland, QLD72 posts

like it

Have been using this product for 5 years now, have no problems. The only trouble I had is the way I didn't brush, according to my dentist. We are now over that hurdle. Flavour inconsistent between batches. I find the brushes supplied are inconsistently too firm.
great product, now use White Glo Coffee and Tea. For me worth using
I find the brushes supplied are inconsistently too firm. Flavour also inconsist between batches
Charlie F
Charlie FAU
James D
James D  

I'm very sure there's no peroxide in the toothpaste, only the whitening kit. I think it was your brush

mandyjessNSW, 275911 posts

It really does work

I won a tube of Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste by White Glo a month ago and I can not believe how well it really does work. It has made a noticeable difference to mine and hubby's teeth. We are both smokers and coffee drinkers and this is the first tooth paste that I'v used that really does whiten and brighten teeth.
Easy to use, really whitens teeth
Phil6452Far North Queensland, QLD11 posts

Great but watch out

Certainly whitened my teeth quickly and perfectly. Suggest using it with another toothpaste with less peroxide, say one week on one week off. Anything that works so quickly will destroy the enamel over time. I have checked with dentist to confirm this. Excellent value as I have tried many products including mouth guard types.
Quick action
Too effective which means it will have long term impact on enamel if over used.
luca.phillips85Melbourne2 posts


Tried White Glo and saw results within 2 weeks. I had horrible teeth with red wine and coffee stains - my job makes me crave for wine and coffee, and saw the product in Coles and thought I might give it a go. I saw my dentist to see whether its a safe product and he gave me the go ahead also, so I highly recommend White glo.
Quick results
the packaging looks dated
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Curtis11MELBOURNE2 posts

Crazy good!

I've only been using it for two days and already I can see the difference! Even after the first use my teeth were whiter and brighter! It really dose banish yellow stains, its incredible! The taste really nice and fresh. I noticed no difference in texture or flavour compared to other brands which was prefect

And the size is great for it's price!
Cheap, effective and fast

Tina_sparkle88Southwest, VIC26 posts
IreneFVictoria, 313679 posts

Love it!

I've only just started using White Glo but so far, I'm impressed by it's fresh taste and how it cleans my teeth. The toothbrush that comes along with it is also excellent. I'm sure my teeth look whiter already but I guess it'll take more than a couple of weeks use to really know for sure. I liked the foamy effect I got when brushing and the fact I didn't seem to have to use as much toothpaste as I did with my previous toothpaste. It's also quite inexpensive when you consider the price of a good toothbrush these days so to get a 150g tube of toothpaste, an excellent brush and some handy little toothpick things for under $5 at Woolworths, you can't beat that.
Fresh taste and the feeling that it was cleaning my teeth really well.
aussiedaisy7 posts


This is the only toothpaste I use. Despite the fact that most 'whitening' toothpastes provide only mild whitening, I think this is the best of the bunch and it's a bonus to get the free toothbrush in the pack also.
cheap, toothbrush comes in pack, works relatively well.
nothing really
Iz893 posts


I've been using white glo for at least 8 years now. Ive never personally noticed the whiteness of my teeth however other people always comment on how beautifully white they are. I love white glo.
We have so many spare toothbrushes now lol. It's cheap for what you get. And if used long enough it really makes a difference. People cannot expect to use this product for a week and expect exceptional differences. After 8 Years use I seriously cannot stand using any other brand of toothpaste and when I do I really notice how much sugar is in other brands. I feel whiteglo is the only toothpaste that cleans properly.
It does initially taste funny. Continue use. It is an acquired taste but after a while you won't even notice it!

Does Whiten Teeth!

I nagged my mum to buy whitening tooth paste as my teeth were looking rather yellow. Can honestly say best Christmas Present I've ever had! And I'm only 18!
Not only do you get a free tooth brush, it whitens teeth very well. Obviously you can't expect whiteness straight away, but after using it twice a day for four days, the compliments were rolling in on how white my teeth were! The biggest mistake I made was not re buying this once it had run out! Just purchased another tube and can feel them brightening!
Nothing. Ok Maybe the taste isn't as minty as other toothpastes.. but it's not a minty fresh tooth paste it's a whitening one and it works!
Corey_WCGold Coast4 posts

Great Product!

This product is great! Is does what it is meant to do! Really recommended if you have stained teeth, they also have a specific toothpaste for coffee/tea drinkers and smokers, this product has been making my teeth look great! I got my braces off recently so I want to make my teeth look nice and white so I have also recently brought the White Glo Tooth Whitner!
Very cheap! For $4.79 and it also comes with a free toothbrush with every pack sold!

Effective, But Some Cons

I bought white glo with hope of my teeth getting white. Only two days of using it i had already gotten three compliments on how my teeth where looking whiter.

I kept using it, but lately but two bottom teeth have become extremely painfully sensitive.

I cant drink water or bite with my bottom teeth with out being in absolute agony.

I really do hope that it is not my effective new tooth paste thats causing it, but i can't help but think what else it could be...

Be careful!
Inexpensive, Effective
Makes teeth painfully sensitive  Show reply

krystalp3 posts

Destroys Enamel

This product actually destroys the enamel on your teeth. Now my teeth are patchy and decaying. My dentist said it was the whitening product.

Destroys teeth

fernyflufflesTas, 7320118 posts


I bought this toothpaste after watching a convincing advert and was amazed at how inexpensive the product actually was and the fact that it did indeed whiten my teeth a few shades which is definitely noticeable!
It really does whiten teeth, it tastes nice and leaves your whole mouth feeling clean, your teeth feel amazing after using it, it comes with a free toothbrush, also has very convincing adverts
Hard to find a pack which has a soft toothbrush, and therefore have to settle for a medium one which hurts my gums, the toothpaste does not include flouride in the ingredients
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shellfreak168 posts


This whitening toothpaste has a very interesting taste to it but I do not think it is really going to do the best job like you would get from actually going to a dentist and getting a treatment done. However, for the price, it is not that bad and does go some way to keeping teeth looking better. It leaves your teeth feeling clean and tasting nice.
Inexpensive compared with many other whitening toothpaste products available on the market. Easy to use, has a nice taste to it and the best part is the price. Affordable.
Will not do as good a job as a professional treatment.
Ainsley2212 posts


I actually bought this because i needed a new toothbrush so figured I might as well get some free toothpaste too. It has a nice fresh taste and the free tooth brush does a great job too. My teeth are whiter and im saving money.
I love how cheap it is, plus it comes with a toothbrush which really keeps costs down. It whitens my teeth more than colgate whitening toothpastes and other main stream brands. It comes in a big tube and you even get free toothpicks.
The toothpaste tube is fairly large so can be annoying when traveling, but who's going to complain about having too much product??
Kirsten904 posts


I have been using white glow for 8 years and I swear by it. My teeth are always commented on and every time I go to the dentist I need to convince the nurse and dentist they arent professionally whitened or bleached. I have indroduced white glo to my boyfriend and most of my friends and family now use white glo and they love it too.
MotherMoonWA, 6210455 posts


This toothpaste will whiten your teeth if you use it for long enough. It has a mint taste to it and leaves your teeth and mouth feeling fresh and clean. If you want it to whitenyour teeth be prepared to clean twice a day and continue using this product and in time you will see results. It is slightly more in cost compared to other brands but clainming that it does whiten your teeth this extra that you pay for it can only be expected. Overall a good toothpaste but maybe a trip to the Dentist first then use this one, to keep your teeth nice and white.
I can say this is a good toothpaste that will whiten your teeth if you use it for long enough.
Wasnt overly impressed by the packaging.
jemma789AU5 posts


I bought this on special so it was pretty cheap, it tasted horrible and only made minimal difference to the whiteness of my teeth. I threw it away after two weeks - wouldn't bother with this product.
- Noticed a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth
- tasted horrible

- made my partners teeth sensitive

clackedy28 posts


This is my favorite toothpaste although i hardly ever buy it because i tend to buy toothpaste when its on special and this one never is. It does seem to whiten your teeth a little bit and its the best tasting toothpaste i have tried. It is more expencive than other brands but it comes with a free tooth brush so you make your money back there. I did read that it does not contain floride which does concern me a little bit. i'd probably like to know a bit more about this product and how it protects your teeth before i took it on as a regular product.
tastes good. comes with a free tooth brush.
a little more expencive than other brands
LittleBirdyVictoria, 3204303 posts


I've been using White Glo for a while now, and my teeh are slightly whiter but not amazingly like the exaggerate it in the commercials. I will continue to use it because it makes my teeth feel clean and it's affordable, but the whitening is more of a bonus for me.
Great price, just as cheap as normal toothpastes and it comes with a free toothbrush and toothpicks. It makes my mouth feel clean and fresh.
It doesn't whiten my teeth as much as I expected it to, they seem to over-exxagerate it a bit. The texture is quite gritty.
MissModernMelbourne62 posts


Its okay, It freshens my breath and the tooth brush does a good job at removing plarc, however the brush is maybe a bit too hard, It hurts my gums sometimes.

Also It does not have fluride in it which concerns me as I have very healthy teeth and I didnt realise till after I bought it that it my not be protecting them as much as others.
Its very cheap, $4.50 for a toothbrush and toothpaste.
I havent noticed any change in the colour of my teeth and I have stopped drinking coffee. Im also a bit concerned about how abrassive the paste is on my teeth. I would hate for it to be scrubbing away my enamel.



i have triesd to make contact with the company as i was in sydney and got some

white toothpaste which i found realy good i tryed to get it here in NZ at foodtood outlet food maket who i know are the agent here but they dont stock it

can someone from the company see why or let us know why you cant get it here in Nz
great product the white glo professional chose toothpaste
the company not good in replying to email for customer request on there stuff

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kelkel32 posts


I did appreciate the free toothbrush! The packing is easy enough to open, and the pack I got came with free toothpicks as well. The toothpaste is quite thick, and when brushing, I do find it to be a bit foamier than other toothpastes I have used. White Glo did whiten my teeth, however I was hoping for a more noticeable result. I have been using the product for nearly a month now, twice a day.
Fresh, minty taste, seems to whiten teeth okay
Didn't give me the results I was expecting, although it has whitened my teeth somewhat.
Mell_Bell0920 posts


I have used this product on & off for a few years now, recommended by my mum & sister, I found it to work wonderfully...does what it says it'll do! Easy to find in any supermarket/chemist, great price & includes a new toothbrush so great value for a teeth-whitening product. Highly recommended!!! :)
Great price and you get a free toothbrush included in the pack, so it's unbeatable value at around $5 in most supermarkets, see results within a week or two, teeth & mouth feel very clean afterwards, pleasant taste and great package.
None, though not sure if it's suitable for people with sensitive gums/teeth
sweetgirlSydney Surrounds, NSW67 posts


Perfect for whitening everyday stains like coffee/tea, red wine and chocolate staining. I found this worked instantly on those type of stains. I love to use it before a social gathering like Christmas/wedding/party just to give my teeth a whiter look. I wouldn't like to use it all the time though as I have sensitive teeth and I don't feel it would be good for them.
It really did lift the general stains off my teeth giving them a new whiter look than prior to use.
As I have sensitive teeth I couldn't keep using this everyday, just once in a blue moon to lift the daily stains off my teeth.
bigfatpig73 posts


I think this product is great. It's reasonablly priced and leaves my teeth feeling really clean. However, I am not sure how effective the 'whitening' has been...
I love the toothbrush that comes with in this packet. It has a little suction thing at the end of toothbrush, so it can be stuck onto a mirror or a shower screen to be hang dry. The toothpaste taste great, and leaves my teeth feeling very clean.
Minor con is that the toothbrush head a little too big. I prefer a smaller head so it's easier to brush hard-to-reach places.
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