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Yeah not bad for throwies and tags


yeah fits my ny fat cap, good crap. hella cheap too, like $7 a can and it's a female valve, although some caps are pretty sketchy and spit paint everywhere...



Different tins...... different colours


Bought white paving paint to recoat my white floors...... ran out of paint so got another tin........Oh my god it’s cream not white!!!!! Same paint as before..... never buy different batches, very frustrating!!!!!!!


DIYerSydney, NSW

  • Verified customer

Very disappointing results from Squirts spray


white knight squirts clear gloss


After spraying it a couple of times the nozzle started to spit even when i wasn't holding it down and then it all just started to bubble out the top of the can thought hey maybe its just a bad can you get them occasionally so i tried another and the same thing happened ended up spitting all over my paint work making a mess, it seems to be a problem with the new nozzle design though i only had problems with the clear coat the paint seemed ok, won't be buying this clear coat again.

unhappy customers

unhappy customersMelbourne

  • 3 reviews

Worst paint on the market! By far!


Terrible Spray Paint!! Will never use again.


I used white knights squirts paint & prime gloss spray paint to paint a plastic car part back in August last year and the part is still wet half way through January! The part was prepped,primed and cleaned throughly yet the paint has still not dryed. You get what you pay for. Will never use this cheap paint ever again!! Do not recommend using unless you don’t care about what the finished product will look like.

Terrible quality!


I was just contacting as i recently purchased some of your paint from Bunnings to restore my bathtub. I followed the directions exactly, however, after applying the 2nd coat as directed, and waiting the recommended waiting time, the paint started to bubble and crack and everything that touched it leaves a mark. Bath bombs, which are made for baths, stain the paint, if you have dirty hands, this will also stain the paint. Our bath is looking a lot worse than what it did before. I have co tagged Bunnings and they redirected me to you guys for my refund. I am extremely disappointed with the results. If someone could please contact me asap in regards to a refund so I can fix up this mess, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.



  • Verified customer

The worst paint for concrete garage I’ve ever used


Worst Paint ever to use Ultra Pave for Garge even though it’s written suitable for garage floor doesn’t last a month I have done it professionally but my customers are complaining.



  • 3 reviews

White Knight Tub and Basin


I carefully followed the instructions. At first the job looked really good. Six months later and the paint all bubbled and peeled on the bottom of the tub. So now left with doing the job again - hopefully with a better product.



  • 4 reviews

Pot belly black should be re named


Your pot belly black should be re named to medium heat resistant black paint. Purchased a can for (you wouldn't guess) a pot belly fire and guess what it followed the directions to T and it bubbled and peeled. So your "pot belly black" is i suffiecient for pot belly fires. I wonder how many other ppl have fallen for this false advertising.

Transforming a tired kitchen


Used White Knight Laminate Primer and Tile Paint to rejuvenate old laminate cabinetry. Amazing professional looking transformation.Even a builder couldn't believe we had done it all ourselves. Saved over $ 1000 for the cost of two 1 litre tins of paint.



  • 10 reviews

Flakey, came off within a month


Used ultrapave quick dry acrylic 2 coats over old concrete steps, followed all advice on tin. Within a month, paint developed a dry flakey appearance and detached from surface. Called tech support but put on hold for excessive time and their voicemail is full.



Appalling Labelling of product!


White Knight Rust Guard, Quick Dry Topcoat Advanced Enamel is WATER BASED!!!

Only discoverable in the small area list on the tin under "Clean Up" would anyone realise this is a WATER BASED paint.

Nowhere on the front of the tin, or anywhere in the "tick list" does it state the paint is indeed water based.

Money wasted on disgraceful paint, unnecessary thinners and a ruined costly paint spray gun!!!


Terrible product


Followed all the instructions and it flaked off in days. It is not a hardy product. Now I have to stay again with another product. I feel totally ripped off.

aart kooiman

aart kooimanSilverwood

idea is good but need 3 extra tips because


grout pen white
enough paint but point only last a few meters so you can only do a quarter of the wall 3 extra tips would be very usefull

aart kooiman


JacSurfers Paradise

  • 2 reviews

Amazing Product


I used White Knights tile & laminate paint in both my bathrooms. I had brown feature tiles and brown & tan It looks amazing. It's been 6 months and it still looks great.



  • 2 reviews

Total #@*% tile paint !!!!


The paint store here recommended the tile paint and was total disaster. Followed the instructions to a T and have had years of painting experience, so knew what I was doing. Went back to the store and the owner said someone from White Knight paints would contact me asap. Waited and rang the owner again and then waited. Two weeks later( and not a word from White Knight,) the store owner gave me some other paint free and am about to scrape off the White knight and use this one. Waste of money and time. Thanks a bunch White Knight !!

Not a good product


Followed instructions to a T... Used a pure bristle brush as recommended. After about a minute of getting started I was finding the bristles from the brush in the fresh enamel. I found it impossible to avoid leaving trenches in the finish and if you tried to use a thicker coat it left runs. Also used the recommended cleaner ($30.00) only to have the brush I used left stiff as a board. I contacted the tech support on the box to be met with an aggressive attitude that no responsibility for a faulty product was taken as well as no compensation.



I'm disappointed that you changed your satin black in the squirts range. It was a great finish and a great paint to spray but now it's too glossy and comes out of the can under more pressure. I wish I could find some of your old stock to continue spraying the chassis on my cars that I clean up. It was a really good product!!

Tile Paint


So disappointed - followed the instructions to a T - exact sand paper with an orbital sander and the tiles were still glossy so I was worried but still followed all the instructions - paint peeled after 1 day with a knock now I throw 3 days of work and a few hundred dollars down the drain and pay some professions.

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Questions & Answers

Neil W

Neil Wasked

how do i remove paint drips on concrete

No answers



hi i am using white knight rust guard hammer finish - i can only use paint brush in the area but it is leaving some 'flat' spots in the finish am stirring the paint as per instructions - applied lightly and heavily and tried not to overwork it but still getting them - any suggestions?

1 answer

try a toothbrush , see how you go

Wayne Miller

Wayne Millerasked

Can I use white knight tile and laminate on timber. I am painting the tiles and wooden cabinets and wondering if I can use the primer on both surfaces

1 answer

you may get away with it on the laminate but I would use something specific for the wood, ensure you prime it well 1st

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