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Daunting process made very easy

We finally got to a point where we just had to put in a new kitchen but were totally daunted by the process. After an impulse visit to the showroom we booked an appointment with the designer - we were very impressed as we had particular constraints which were respected from the beginning, the whole design process was straight forward and easy and we never felt we were being 'encouraged' to do more or spend more than we wanted! The process was very clear and the company was very quick and responsive to any queries. Installation went very well but if I did have one comment it would be that we thought the installer did all the work (eg tiling), it wasn't made clear that some parts were 'contracted out' to other tradies so we had only allowed the 2 days for the install not realising that we then needed to juggle visits from other trades. Not a huge deal but awkward, it would be easier if that was clear so that appropriate time could be made. All the tradies that came through were excellent, both in their workmanship and manner! Overall, wouldn't hesitate to use this company again! (Though do you think you could offer a service to deal with all the unpacking and settling in to the new space!!!)

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Hi MandM, We would like to thank you for taking the time to provide feedback regarding your experience. It sounds like we were able to provide you with the same customer service that many have come to know us for, we are delighted to know that you have enjoyed the process and know that you will continue to enjoy your kitchen in the future. Best Wishes Wholesale Kitchens

Kitchen purchase review

Our first contact point was Alexandra Hovan & was a excellent experience. We believed Alexandra would be our contact throughout the process, but not advised she was only the designer. Then we dealt with a number of different people from your company & most frustrating to speak to someone as they were often in meetings or busy. Suggest one contact person throughout the entire process. Didn't know from the start the installer was a separate company & costing extra. Jason (Proqual) the installer very good & calm. However responsibility was placed on us to ensure kitchens were delivered to 1st floor. If we were not on site & didn't insist the delivery company would have left kitchens on the ground floor creating a major issue for the installer. Should not be client's responsibility. Disappointed the island has wasted space in its centre. Suggest you have one person from start to finish in contact with client & please inform of all costs up front & that some people are sub-contractors with their fees.
The overall experience & final installation is a very good result. Towards the end of the process found Jodie an excellent lady to discuss any issue.

Kind Regards

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Hi Paul, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We are sorry to hear that is wasn't an always positive experience for you. We have passed your concerns onto the relevant team for them to review. We will also pass onto Jodie the positive feedback to, who I am sure will appreciate hearing that. We are thrilled that you are happy with the result of your kitchen and wish you many happy years making memories in it. Best Wishes Wholesale Kitchens

Love to Entertain

We love having family & friends at our place & now we can be even more excited to have them over. We have a gorgeous functional Kitchen that has increased space & is visually appealing. Our kitchen has transformed our home. Thanks to the wholesale kitchen team. Cheers

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Hi Ingrid, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with a 5 star review. We really appreciate hearing about your positive experience. We hope that you can continue to create many great memories with your family and friends in your new kitchen. Best Wishes Wholesale Kitchens

Smooth process - very happy customers.

Very thorough process. Attention to detail was second to none in the plan, measurements & install. The installation trades were especially good, their communication and workmanship were worth alone going with this guys.
Very happy customers indeed!

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Hi Jen, We are thrilled to hear how happy you are with your new kitchen. Thank you for taking the time to provide a 5 star review. We hope that you create many happy memories in your new kitchen. Best Wishes Kristie

A fantastic beautiful kitchen

The pantry is perfect with 4 doors and bottom stainless steel drawers. I love the big drawers either side of stove which means all needs for my cooking as everything is at hand. The quality is suberp and so easy to care for.

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Hi Cate, Great to hear your experience and that the functionality has been personalised to meet your needs, if you require anything further by all means let us know. Warmest Regards Kristie

Beware of wholesale kitchens

Initial design was great, cost was reasonable and site check was great. But it seems that once I paid the deposit and the first major instalment the whole process went to hell. Shocking customer service. No-one wanted to help me work out where my delivery was, why the laminate bench top took 5 weeks to arrive and was still wrong after a professional kitchen installer templated it for me. They took no responsibility for the error, blamed the laminate company and then believed them over me when I showed them the e fence that the template was correct and not the laminate bench top that I was sent! An horiffic experience and I would never recommend this company to anyone. Pay the extra $$s and go to a smaller, local kitchen joinery for your kitchen. It will be worth it. A lot less stress on you mentally and physically.

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Hi Amanda, We are sorry to hear about your experience. I have sent you a private message. Thank you Kristie

Exceptional Service!

I’m so glad I proceeded with Wholesale Kitchens!
Paul my designer spend 2.5h in my apartment going through what would work and what wouldn’t. He was really open to encorporate what I wanted where as other companies and designers had a more ‘my way of the highway approach’.
Once I paid the deposit for my kitchen, the end to end process was seamless. The review process and updating the specs of my equipment was my responsibility up to CAD drawings. The builder Rhys allocated to my job was fantastic! He really cared about the work he put out and when he came out for check measure, walked me through timings and the amendments that he would take back to wholesale kitchens, like elevating the bench height to meet my window.

After this process, it took only 3 weeks to produce the kitchen, delivery as effortless and install took only 1.5 days.

I’m so happy with my kitchen and the overall service I received from wholesale kitchens. I’ll certainly be passing on my reccomendstions and will use wholesale kitchens if I ever renovate a new property again!

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Hi Amanda, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We are glad to hear that your kitchen renovation was seamless and that you would be happy to recommend our company to friends and family. Best Wishes Kristie

Would not recommend this company to anyone

Don't get pushed into signing and agreeing to get your kitchen supplied by Wholesale Kitchens unless you have reviewed everything yourself without the consultant being present. I have been asking for an itemised receipt of the deposit I made for over a month now to show what exactly my deposit contributed to however I've been questioned why I want this and no one has returned my calls or request. This should be normal business practice and not an unusual request, considering a business has 7 business days to provide the receipt... its been over a month. When trying to speak to someone, all I get is the option to leave a message and someone (state manager) will get back to me when they can..... over a month and not communication pretty poor practices.

Waiting on a refund for the stone bench tops as agreed but surprise I need someone to talk to in order to arrange this but have had absolutely NO contact, update, nothing.

I would not recommend this company at all.

Hi Barbara Thank you for your feedback, I have sent you a private message with the hope of assisting you further if possible, Thank you KristieHi Barbara Thank you for your feedback, I have sent you a private message with the hope of assisting you further if possible, Thank you KristieI still have not heard or received any communication from a representative at Wholesale Kitchens, even though I was told that this would be escalated...escalated to who exactly? Seems as though my calls are being screened, as every time I call I'm asked to leave a message and told that someone will return my call...seems as though I'm getting the run around here.....why wouldn't a business provide an itemised receipt; its standard practice. And why wouldn't you refund part deposit for stone which is cut, provided and installed by a third party?? Seems very odd.

Outcome well exceeded our expectations

My wife and I have had a major kitchen upgrade using Wholesale Kitchens with appliance purchased from The Good Guys.
We are delighted to say that our expectations were well met/exceeded by the professional planning, design & updates, communication, logistics, project management, quality of product and, exceptionally, the professionalism of installation.
In particular, Lauren (Wholesale Kitchens) was efficient, courteous and very helpful and Colin (the actual Installer/Trade Contractor) was exceptional, not only in terms of skill but work ethic.
We were very surprised at how well the whole operation was coordinated and run. Thank you for a fantastic outcome!

Hi Gail and Ian, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. it sounds like we were able to provide the excellent customer service that we are known for, and we hope you enjoy your kitchen for many years to come. Best Wishes KristieHi Kristie, yes kitchen is great and Colin was very good. NOTE: One very sour note though since putting in our review. We needed to get one extra kick board due to the installation leaving a gap between our floor and the installed kickboard. Upon enquiring to purchase one from Wholesale, we were quoted $275!!!! ($75 for the kickboard and $200 for delivery!!) We would have thought that having just paid $$ thousands for our kitchen, Wholesale Kitchens could have been a bit more helpful in arranging to reduce this ridiculous delivery cost!! We are very taken aback and shocked with this ‘take it or leave it’ approach! Ian and Gail McKercharInteresting that Kristie did not follow up on our subsequent comment re out kitchen experience with Wholesale Kitchens. Seems only praising comments get follow up service. Ian and Gail.

Unfortunately you get what you pay for

This company operates under a few different names - Kinsman, Wholesale Kitchens, Freedom Kitchens and The Good Guys. The "Kitchen Designer" who is sent to your house to draw up your plans is not a designer at all. He will take rough measurements and slap a kitchen drawing together on the spot. He will then proceed to offer a 20% discount if you sign the 20 page contract and put down a deposit straight away. What he won't tell you about (and what you will find out later) is that there are limitations on their cabinets which are standard sizing only and allow little to no flexibility. Drawers and cabinets that fit in the "Designer's" initial drawings will not be possible in the end, because they don't fit within the sizing restraints. Instead they'll simply add a filler panel and waste the precious little space you may have in your kitchen. He also won't be able to advise on your choices or highlight that they do not guarantee that timber grains can be matched along your cabinetry. This happened to me and I now have 4 cabinets with matching timber grains and 2 that do not which looks awful. Hardly the "high quality" that this company prides themselves on.
There will be limited customer service once you have paid your final bill. Any concerns will need to be followed up multiple times and in my case, no resolution was offered in the end. Do yourselves a favour and choose another kitchen company even if they charge a little bit more. Paying a little more upfront will make up for the, stress, poor service and poor quality that you will get when dealing with this company.

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Hi Elise, I have sent you a private message with the aim of assisting you further if possible Rania

A perfect experience from start to finish

From the lady at good guys thomastown to the designer that took 3 hours to show us a design that we didn’t even think that would fit was amazing. Then dealing with the team in Sydney was amazing. I was a bit hesitant to do so but when we had trade issues they were so understanding and when it came time to go there communication was always spot on. When the kitchen turned up the boys were amazing I didn’t have to tell them I had new floors they were so careful and nothing was a problem. When the installer turned up he was bang on time and dealing with a old house nothing was a problem his eye for detail was amazing and so was his patience. We are wrapped with our kitchen and would highly recommend wholesale kitchens to anyone.

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Hi Barry, Great to hear your detailed positive feedback, if there is anything further we can assist with please do not hesitate in letting us know, in the meantime we wish you all the best with your kitchen, Rania

Love my new kitchen but...

Very happy with my new kitchen and without the help and patience of Phil Burns, the kitchen designer, it probably would not have happened, so may thanks to him. Installation went smoothly until we discovered one of the benchtops was made incorrectly and it took several weeks and many phones to get it remade which was disappointing.

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Hi Julie, Thank you for your feedback, I have sent you a private message with the hope of assisting you further if possible, Thank you Rania

From wholesale Kitchens we got more than a kitchen

Dealing with wholesale kitchens has brought so much joy to everybody in our family. We got good service based on high standard of professionalism . We can’t believe our success story. Money well spent. Our house price had gone up. You can smile if I told everybody that people who come for dinner now talk more about the beautiful kitchen than talking about the food offered. They are right though. We all are so happy that we dealt with WHOLESALE KITCHEN. Best thing that we did for our house. PEACE OF MIND for those who want value for money and even in dealing with them they showed us what they are doing along the way. We could have left the house all to them during the whole operation but it was so interesting to see the experts at work. I wished I was part of that team. We love our house more thanks to WHOLESALE KITCHEN. Joseph from Melbourne , Hampton Park. TEN OUT OF TEN


It takes more than money and a wish to have a beautiful addition to our home for a lot of good reasons. If we want VALUE FOR MONEY AND MOST OF ALL PEACE OF MIND...THERE IS ONE COMPANY IN WHICH I
HAVE INVESTED MORE AND GAINED MORE IN RETURN. Looking back we can only highly praise WHOLESALE KITCHENS which I highly recommend to anybody looking for professionals they can trust. We are living the dream in knowing we have done the right thing on every level. WHOLESALE KITCHENS employs no cowboys or get rich quick tradesmen. We have witnessed first hand from the head office to the last remnants of broken tiles being picked up from our kitchen. The professionalism involved by everybody was such that we thought we would be overcharged.Did I say that I was so excited of the operation in progress that I inadvertently overpaid an extra payment of which I was made aware of and it was refunded straight away. I wished that all the companies out there could perform in the same manner. WHOLESALE KITCHENS team deal with their customers as if they were caring for their own families. We have been touched by the good service and now we have something in our house which epitomises SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS BASED ON THEIR PROFESSIONALISM .We are so very proud of our achievement and most of all OUR PEACE OF MIND POST RETIREMENT. We keep recommending WHOLESALE KITCHENS TO OUR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS. They deserve every ounce of our respect. THANK YOU WHOLESALE KITCHENS

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Hi Joseph, We are very glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience with your kitchen, if you require further assistance please do not hesitate in letting us know. Rania

Wish I didn't get new kitchen

Its 6 weeks from installment and they can't get drawers right. Ones to big next lot too small. Hope next is okay but not holding my breath as they don't seem to care.

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Hi Wendy, I have sent you a private message with the aim of assisting you further as much as possible, I hope to work with you soon, Thank you Rania


Kitchen arrived on due date as did Warren & his team.
So love my glass upper cabinets (never had before) , & the huge cutlery draws etc. A lot of "items" never made in back into the kitchen but found their way to the local "op shop".
Warren & his team - a job well done. He has a good hardworking team & a pleasure to watch the guys work. Day 1 - Old kitchen out and new one In. Day 2 just finishing up. In 2 days all was done. The cupboards, Electrical & Plumbing. It was a HUGE shame the kitchen sink had to go back in !!. So loved the bench without it. Was a sad time for me when they cut it for the sink.!! It really was, not joking.
The Electrician & Plumber, both great guys. Excellent people.
We "overspent" by getting a new up right stove/oven. A beaut 6 burner. Was told - here is my chance to get what I wanted (not just me either, we both love it) initially we looked at 5 burner until we found out we would receive a great discount because we got the kitchen there. Discount was great. Said yes as the amount rolled out of her mouth.
Plus a new microwave for fit.
We recently had the family for a week & 12 for tea & I was so pleased we had this new cooker. (the other ones were only 2yr old but) . But always both our dream to have a 5/6 burner)

Over all – very happy with the kitchen. Everything was seamless We are very happy. Happy with the colours we chose
Thank you so much.

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Hi Lyn, Thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed review. We will be sure to pass along your kind words to Warren and his team. We trust that you will enjoy your new Wholesale Kitchen for many years to come! Kind rgeards, Adam

Very disappointed

Kitchen arrived on the date that was set. Received a phone call that afternoon to confirm. Asked if they could not start the next day as expected, make it the day after. Should have known that this was to set the tone of my job. I said that they should keep to their word and be there the next day. They turned up and demolished my old kitchen and said three times they would be back the next day. Didn't show and no phonecall. After ringing them the next day they turned up, installed the benches only for me to discover that they didn't make the bench longer like I requested. Will have to fix slate flooring which should have been covered by cupboards. Stone bench tops were being measured as benches were still being installed. Over two weeks since kitchen demolition and panels were still in my courtyard. Installers didn't answer my calls. Had to ask electrician to come back so that my oven could be installed. Be prepared for lots of stress and to have to project manage the job yourself. Very quick to take your money. Even had a staple in my foot when work was done. The saga continues

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Hi Raelene, I am apologetic for your experience and am thankful for you taking the time to share your concerns. At Wholesale Kitchens we believe feedback is vital to the ongoing growth and success of the business. We accept that your experience has been less than ideal, and it is certainly not what we expect or want for our customers. Like all manufacturing companies, we can occasionally have difficulties with suppliers and contractors who fall short of the mark and can cause delays. These delays can be frustrating, but I assure you that the entire Wholesale Kitchen team work hard to minimise the impact of these challenges. Could I ask that you please reply to the private message I have sent as to offer further assistance in completing your kitchen. Kind rgeards, Adam

Do Not use this company

Any savings made by using this company are gone when the kitchen arrived damaged and with parts missing. I have now been waiting an additional 4 weeks for my kitchen to be completed and I still haven't been given a date. I have a number of trades now on hold until the kitchen has been installed. Very Disappointed. Lots of apologies but no action. Use a local company that you can deal with face to face. I bet I don't get a $200 good guys voucher for my review.

Hi Julia, Thank you for your feedback, We extend our sincerest apologies for the concerns you have raised. I have sent you a private message with the aim of assisting you, I look forward to working with you, Kind Regards RaniaAnother weeks gone and more apologies... Still no doors or date for them. Seems they have only just been re-ordered. Now an additional 5 week delay on my kitchen.Another weeks gone by, STILL NO RESPONSE FROM ANYONE... 6 weeks now since my incomplete kitchen was delivered. We are now sick of BBQ's.. How Much Longer.

Great Experience!!!

We are so happy with our new kitchen from start to finish.
The process was easy, excellent service from the office & for responding to
me efficiently both on the phone and customer service website...
very much appreciated.

All the tradies are professional, helpful
and did a great job. Thanks Armando's team!!!
We would highly recommend Whole Sale Kitchen to everyone.

Hi Monique, We are glad to know you are enjoying your new kitchen and experience! If you need anything further please don't hesitate in letting us know. RaniaThanks Rania, will do.

So pleased with my fine finished!

From the designer inputs through to the highly professional installer I am so wrapped with my new kitchen! The cost was so competitive and I have a high quality finish.

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Hi Emily, We are glad that you have enjoyed the kitchen and experience! if you require any further assistance please don't hesitate in letting us know, Regards Rania

Well made kitchen

Love the kitchen layout Steve and his apprentice did a great job installing the cupboards just waiting for the bench top to be fitted and the electrician Paul and the plumber to connect everything up. All the trades people have been great. Just one thing there is no cutlery insert in any of the draws which I thought was automatically included?
I would definitely recommend Wholesale Kitchens can’t wait to see mine all finished.

Hi Gail, Thank you for your message and we are glad to hear you have enjoyed the experience, regarding you cutler insert, I have sent you a private message with the aim of assisting you further. Thank you RaniaThank youThe cutlery insert arrived and fitted perfectly thank you very much Rania. Regards Gail Douglas

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