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My trip went to plan, everything ran smooth, the guys at the shop really helpful and didn't find any issues.
I had to change the dates of my trips and they did it at no extra cost... legends.


I've been there in kings cross two times: once to book a Campervan, the guy wrote down all the dates and stuff and told me he would give me a call that day. But he never called. The other time I was there to inform myself about the greyhound pass. The guy didn't explain anything, wasn't friendly and just wanted to sell. In the end he sold me a more expensive packet than I needed. Terrible customer service


I wanted to book my fraiser-whitsundays trip with wicked travel, the salesman told me that i could pay the first half so i can do fraiser island and then pay the rest. Afterwards they let me know this is not true. I ran into some money problems and tried to get a refund for the part i payed.
They told me they could only refund half of it since that is their policy. Even though the salesman told me it was not a problem to get my money back if i couldn't make it.

After a discussion through the mail about not using the services and basically paying 549 dollars for a talk in the store, they told me it was a deposit, which is non refundable.
In their policy it is stated that a deposit should be 20% and i paid 50%.

They lie to you and then take your money from you, total scam.

If I could give them no stars I would

I was accosted on the street by a member of staff. If I wanted to book with them I would have visited myself but I went along with it. Never even asked my name and assumed she knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. When I told her I didn't want to do what she suggested she was quite rude and just kept going on and on about how it was the best and I would regret it forever. She also said if I didn't book it now I would never do it. Not impressed at all.

Worst Customer Service - Do Not Use!!

I would like to say to everyone out there … Do not use WICKED TRAVEL. There are plenty of other friendly, helpful, better value for money and responsive travel agents that you can go to.

I would just like to start by saying, if I had a reply to my second email sent to Wicked Travel Head Office regarding a minor complaint then I would not be writing this review. Or alternatively, if I was able to phone head office directly (no one working at Wicked Travel stores will give this to you) or get some help from the local travel store, I would also not be writing this review. However, after not receiving any sort of reply after the 5th attempt at emailing head office for a response, this is what it has come down to.

Our booking process went very smoothly but this is no surprise as all they are after is your money and the travel agent selling our trip to us just wanted his commission.

The complaint which I sent to Head Office on the 22nd November 2016 was regarding some things which occurred throughout our East Coast trip that me and 3 others went on…

- We were recommended by [name removed] in the Cairns store to go for the Avatar Whitsundays 3 days, 2 nights’ boat trip rather than the Clipper as there is a higher chance of reaching more destinations as Avatar is a sail boat. Well we didn’t even get to the WHITSUNDAYS. This was due to bad weather conditions which we fully appreciated was purely bad luck and the captain made a decision based on our safety. However, after coming off the boat we discovered if we had gone on the clipper, which our friends did those same dates we would have made it to the iconic whitsundays, which is why everyone does the trip. Instead we paid $534 for a very rocky and wet sailing boat and some poor visibility snorkeling. Whilst we know this isn’t the boats fault we looking from Wicked Travel for an explanation and compensation for poorly recommending the wrong boat company. Or if anything we were advising them of which boat is better to recommend.
- Next thing… Our travel agent [name removed] added into our Whitsundays trip 2 nights of accommodation either side of our Whitsundays boat trip. This can be seen in all the attachments and email correspondences we had with [name removed] and have sent to head office as evidence, which they have clearly chosen to ignore. Being backpackers on a budget we accounted for these two nights in our trip budget which was sadly ruined when we discovered we didn’t have an accommodation voucher for this part of our tour. We therefore were also requesting a refund on these 2 nights which were we were promised by [name removed] and didn’t get.
- Third thing … we were given a voucher from Wicked Travel for Scooteroo which we were advised to use and book with the company direct as it would be a ‘better discounted price’ ([name removed] words). We weren’t told that this was actually a voucher for a deposit which was obviously included in our main trip price. Unfortunately, due to stormy weather our tour was cancelled and Scooteroo could only refund us partially for the payment we gave them and not the deposit which we apparently paid Wicked Travel for. As we weren’t aware of this we were looking for a refund on the deposit part of this tour direct from Wicked Travel.
I would also like to point out mid trip, [name removed] who we booked our trip with suddenly wasn’t responding to our emails. It was only after about the 6th email into our trip we received an undeliverable email reply. We called the Cairns store only to discover he had actually left the company and no one was picking his emails up and everything we were sending [name removed] was just being ignored.

As we haven’t received a response since 22nd November 2016 I am hoping that either someone from head office contacts me for an explanation or at the very least I have put people off using the most unhelpful travel agents known to Australia. If I get a response I will update this post to let people know how you can actually get hold of the head office.


We booked our trips at byron bay with the story that we could pay for the first trip and still do that trip and later pay for the other one.
Well we wanted to get our ticket for first trip and they told us after one day that we had to pay everything, even tho we were told something else.
So we wanted of course our refund. So we called the store at Byron, first he told us that it wasn't possible, and then he offerd us to cancel one of our trips and that he would use the money for the other person his trip.
So we hang up and send a email to the custermer service about the situation, after not getting a response for 7 mails, we tried and call the customer service with the number on the mail what we got. Turned out it was just from a random person and not them selfs.
We are still waiting for a responds and the whole refund.

Trust the one stars review over the five star ones
It is just one big scam.

Don't book there!

We booked a package and we wish we don't. Before paying they are the friendliest persons on earth, but after the won't help you anyway.
They try to kid you. Be aware of the "free trips" (which aren't free).

Horrible Company.

Would give zero stars if is was possible. We were in Byron Bay and booked a surf lesson through Indie Travel. First they put the wrong contact number at the voucher so as no one was showing up at the meeting place we werent able to contact anybody. After waiting for an hour we went to the head office of the Surf lessons and they told us the booking didn't came through. So we went to get our deposit back but they wouldn't! So this company SUCKS!! DONT ever book with them!! it ended costing me $40 and I got nothing


We had a quote from our hostel for some trips on East Coast, these guys helped us out more with making it cheaper and we got better trips. we had a great time on spank me and palace and got some accommodation free included

Lying, inaccurate

Travel down the eastcoast.
I booked personally in a travel office in cairns.

They are telling you, you get free accommodation the night before and after the sailing tour to Whitsunday island. When you are there to check in the hostel you have to pay and just get it a little bit cheaper.

You can't really see locations in your documents where you should be the next days. So you have to call the tour agencies to find it out.

If you call them to complain about your issues they are laughing about you.

Truthful review on the below average greyhound!

We went into Greyhound in Cairns before starting our trip down the East coast. We only wanted to go in to check where our bus left from and got chatting to a young lad that worked there from Manchester! We mistakenly told him we hadn't much planned after Townsville and he started planning our whole trip without much prompting. He said he could get us about $50 off our bus pass if we booked our hop on hop off pass to Brisbane (sounded great at the time). He then tried to book our whole trip from there until after Fraser Island. We compromised and booked magnetic island with him on a flexi time policy as he was determined to make us think we were too late to do anything else if we didn't book there and then with him...I'm not that big of a puch over but had to book something with him and get out of there! Moral of the story is don't listen to them when they say that you won't get anything online...they want your money...then and there and to book you up with as much as possible for their benefit only!

The buses! 95% of the drivers are rude! They all have different ways of loading bags and checking your names before getting on the coach. Some want to see ID some want booking confirmation it's 50/50 good luck on that one! The buses are worn out but overall normally clean inside and have good leather seats. They say wifi is available on board...it worked once out of several bus journeys! The USB ports are hit and miss too! It's very misleading but the buses are bearable if you get an ok driver!

Greyhound have some work to do!

Also, I wish I could contact greyhound direct about my issues?

Awful and Money Grabbing

Served in the Sydney shop and it was money grabbing and seedy from the moment i walked in, fake calls to there boss and fake free trips.

Do not be fooled they are liars.

Liars Liars Liars

I arrived in Cairns to start my east coast trip to Sydney, looking around I was offered some good discounts on a bus pass but thought I would just check with the 'Official Greyhound' Wicked Travel who blatantly lied to my face telling me that the others are not the same Greyhound bus something like they are blue and we are red and will not give the same service blah blah blah. Me being naive believed this which turned out to be a BIG FAT LIE!!! I sat next to another traveller who bought the bus pass for much less than me and sure enough was on exactly the same bus!!! I am so happy that I did not book any of my other activities with Greyhound Wicked as most people I have spoken to while travelling have told me horror stories about how they have been mislead with trips booked with them. Do your homework people!!

Total rip off

We talked to one of the offices in cairns and they were really helpful in planning our trip down the east cost. They told us about all the money we would save on vouchers for hostels and this and that, all we needed to do was call 48h upfront to confirm our stay and our upcoming trip to wherever. However, when we got all the paperwork (except for the actual schedule with all the dates and everything) and started to call around to confirm, none of the hostels were booked and the voucher didn't apply to us because of this and that etc etc.. it was a total rip off!! We booked trips for two weeks, spend a lot of money on this and we were really looking forward to the next to weeks. We did not expect that we needed to do all the work after we paid a lot to get it done.. I would highly recommend people to book as much as they can on their own and maybe buy a greyhound bus pas if that's the cheapest option. Remember, be critical to everything they say and ask a lot of questions!!

Loved this trip!!

Despite reading the other reviews on here and being slightly nervous about what was to come on my trip.. I have to say I absolutely loved everything about it!! I had a very patient girl help me book my trip... I had a limited time frame and had a flight to catch at the end of it meaning I only had 2 weeks to work with. Firstly Noosa which was gorgeous, me and my friend loved canoeing along the everglades and seeing all the beautiful nature. Palace was awesome, fraser is soo beautiful and the lakes were amazing - theres nothing like driving in a 4wd along a beach. Our guide was super friendly and knew everything about the island.. don't go if you're going to be a total wet blanket though, the campsite is pretty basic but what do you expect from a national heritage site.. who needs hot showers when theres heaps of freshwater lakes to swim in!
Loved the whitsundays, Whitehaven beach was gorgeous and after speaking to other people it was clear that we were on one of the better boats (Avatar).. we even spent an extra days in Airlie Beach afterwards.. I recommend doing the honeyeater trek if you fancy seeing some of the islands and the marina from a massively high viewpoint.
There was so much for us to do in Cairns! We went on the silver swift boat and I saw loads of giant turtles on the outer reef as well as whales! such a perfect day. All in all great service and great products - would highly recommend to anyone!

Greyhound you suck!!! RIPPED OFF!

Complete rip off! Walked into a Greyhound Wicked Travel desk and they ripped me off my Whitsundays trip as they told me my boat trip was cancelled (apparently never booked though when I checked with the original boat I booked) and I was being 'upgraded' to another one. Reviews were so bad for it so we cancelled and was told we would get our money back. 6 weeks later, countless emails and phone calls and nothing!!!

If I could give 0 stars that'd be accurate

I was in Byron Bay and was heading off to NZ for 5/6 weeks and planned to sort out my East Coast travels for Aus when I returned. I got chatting to some Greyhound Wicked Travel person who eventually told me he was the Sales Manager of Wicked Travel. He told me a few things but most importantly that he could get me good deals being the Sales Manager and that I needed to book now as the East Coast trips would be fully booked for ages soon. (I know, fell for it all). We got chatting and I kept saying it was too expensive (wanted the bus pass, fraser island and whitsundays) and he ended up convincing me to stick with some prices as he'd "throw in" this free trip to the Everglades.

He rang up the "back office" and checked what trip he could do, showed me this leaflet of an everglades trip in Noosa worth 199 and told me I could have that for free. Naturally, I thought, sweet I'm doing well getting a free trip and he kept saying he wouldn't screw me over, ha.

First off, prices were way off, on both trips I found others had paid considerably less and the Fraser Island trip wasn't worth all the money. Only good thing was the bus pass. Worst thing is this free trip isn't even the trip they tell you it is and EVERYONE gets it free, they do the same thing with everyone they talk to. So misleading, deceiving and blatantly false advertising. Noosa Everglades was a trip with Gagaju, not the company I was shown with the leaflet. I didn't go in the end as it wasn't even free, had to pay 50 dollars and I met so many people who hated it and said it was pretty much a homeless place with nothing to do. Also, the whole needing to book now was a load of rubbish, I asked the day before both trips and BOTH had spaces. Fraser Island we could have taken another 10 people.

Another issue was the accommodation vouchers I was given, claiming to get me cheaper accommodation in certain hostels. Upon arriving at the majority of these hostels I was told these prices aren't valid anymore and Greyhound know this (you'd think the Sales Manager would be aware, no?).

Making an official complaint as I'm absolutely disgusted. It won't get me anywhere but I'm telling everyone I meet to avoid Wicked Travel. Learnt from my error and sticking with Peterpans or STA!

Lied about prices and failed to mention additional costs

I booked a skydive at the same time as booking my Greyhound trips as I was told the skydive is usually around $330, but I would get it for $300 if I booked it in a combo. The skydive ended up getting cancelled because of the weather, and when I asked the company for a refund, they would only refund $280 - they told me the normal price for the skydive was $299 and because I was given a discount, only $280 would be refunded.

Moreover, the store failed to mention that I would have to pay an addition $35 levy upon arrival and that there was another $50 levy if I weighed over 95kg (which luckily I didn't!). They also failed to mention that I would have to book at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise I may not be entitled to a refund if I tried to book closer to the date and the skydive was cancelled.

Really poor service - clearly deceiving backpackers into making on the spot purchases, knowing they will receive an instant commission and the backpackers will soon be leaving the city and left with no choice but to pay the additional fees. Avoid this store for anything other than booking Greyhound tickets!

If I could give worst than terrible...

I would give "excellent" if what we have been told about the trip booked with Greyhound would have been right! Unfortunately that was not the case at all! we had a really long chat with [name removed], the "nice" german girl working there, since we are also german we were kind of more confident because everything she said sounded so true and honest! what a good comedian she is!!!! She enrolled us in a Fraser Island Tour, mentioning she was "offering" us one of the tour to convince us to buy it whereas we were not 100% convinced. It was a 3 days 2 nights camping tour, she promised us we can have a 2 person tent and still have our intimacy. Since we were a bit short with our budget, she called her "best mate" there to try to get us discount but she was not able to get it (so far so good...) when we arrived at the bacpacker, they told us it is only 4 people tent and they do not want to hear about Greyhound wicked travel agency anymore because they are always telling crap to the customers ([name removed], I thought he was your best mate?!) ! So we were kind of desperate and tried to call [name removed]; Unfortunately she was off that day and we spoke to the manager or customer service and they did not give a crap at all about our problem, they even mentioned that they trust [name removed] more than us and they did not believe us. What a shame, after booking trips with them for more than 1000 dollars!!! I traveled in the past with adventure travel bugs and wanted to try something else, my mistake! never again with Greyhound!!!

Bad bad attention avoid at all cost. Do not travel with grey/slam.

Brisbane to the Gold Coast
Because they didn't have many bookings they cancelled out bus and said you have to wait until the next one.
The worst people to deal.
Go by train guys and not with greyhound.

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Hi I booked a trip for the east coast through grey hound wicked travel. I've had a big change of plan. Do you issue refunds? ?
1 answer
No. They do not do refunds. As it's a deposit they do not tell you about. Good luck getting the money back. Months later and they still have my 549 dollars

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