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I own a 2008 441, single axle, no ensuite and no A/C. The van has so far been half way around Aus in comfort. Spring hanger nuts nearly fell off, brake wiring finally broke after falling out of the mounts twice and the roof leaked when the silicone lifted. Tows level and straight at all speeds. Easy to park, even by hand. Serviceable interior needs double door access to front 'boot'. Beds suit us shorties in all weather. Large living area in a small package. All models need the independent suspension and an upgrade for older vans should be offered.
The large internal room and the small external size. Cupboard space, cork floor extends into the cupboards, comfortable beds, easy setup, strong construction so far.
Poor brake wiring, noisy water pump, chassis paint thin, wobbly table, roof sealing poor, spring hanger nuts came loose, dust ingress on rear, too low to ground


My overall opinion is one of satisfaction. I have the van with one fold out bed and two bunk beds in the front which is great for the two grand kids. It tows extremely well behind an X-Trail (the ATM etc is why I bought it).We upgraded from a Jayco Hawk because of our age and the difficulties of setting it up. The Windsor has no problems in this regard but I am thinking of fitting air assist to the pop top for the wife.
Like the size, great for wife & I and 2 Grand kids.
Chassis paint job is abysmal. Cupbards are just at the right height to bash your noggin on.

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What model windsor do you own. thinking of purchasing the Rapid 430- 2 bunk beds/lounge and one fold out bed. I own an X-trai. Van has ATM of 1500. Is this OK.


Our friends are all buying larger vans 21" + but we are happy with the spacious room we have in our Rapid Could definately recommend it
WE have a 2006 RA501 and love it. Bought it new and had a few teething problems but now have it how we want it. bigger fridge is great. Hubby and I have a bed each and love the space to small for both in one bed.very easy to tow and manouvre Husband fitted hot water system and outside shower works very well
First off the hanging rail fell down before we even took it off the driveway My husband is a good fixit person so that was his first job second there was no clamp on the water hose so when filling it flooded the van. We had trouble with the beds sagging but were fixed under warranty good job too.foam matresses too thin and the fold up piece pulls apare and you seem to roll into the gap looking into haveing new matresses made next week lots of bench space would like to be able to fit some sort of box to put the hoses in easily air con noisy.originally to low dragged over some higher gutters but Husband turned the springs and put larger wheels much better now


Have just used our brand new windsor rapid 441 for the 1st time. Really easy to set up. Great to tow(no swaying)- dont need a big 4 wheel drive.
Well specd for the price and 2 double beds
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I agree 100% with Lachlan... Good luck with after sales and service if heaven forbid anything goes wrong even under warranty

A fantastic van perfect for a family of four

Just returned from our first weekend in our second hand Windsor Rapid RA381. This is an off road van but haven't done that yet! Compared to camping it was a dream, no stress and has every mod con! It has two double beds with canvas sides and a hard top, unlock two locks either side and the beds fold out.Four unclicks around the van later and the roof can be popped up from the inside (no husband needed). The fridge was running whilst we drove so all our food was crisp and cold. When parked it can run on battery, electricity or gas. The awning could be a one person job but easier with two people. Four stabilisers later and water hose and electricity point plugged in and the van is set up and safe for the kids. Done with a winder and very easy. All in all took us 10 minutes! All jobs I could manage on my own.

It has enough storage for the four of us for the weekend (may be a push for a longer time) but our vehicle boot was empty so plenty of space for storage in there. Being able to make a cup of tea, eat a piece of toast, sit inside the van when it got too cold outside with electric lighting and reverse cycle heating (optional) has felt like a dream to us. No looking back to the tent. Ever.

Chose the Windsor van due to the poor reviews the Jayco's were getting. Made lots of enquiries and the windsor seemed to win over the Jaycos (all personal opinion I suppose but a few dealers also 'privately' recommended the windsor. Our van is 5 years old, has few rusty screws and the water tank is going to need a proper cleanse (black mould - yuk!). The water hoses will need to be replaced. Everything else in working order except on plug that needs rewiring and one screw that holds the curtains back needs tightening. No mould, no damp. No major work undertaken on it since new so far.

It was a dream to tow - it has been towed with our Pajero but it also towed okay with our Xtrail. It is one of the smallest vans they make but it was absolutely perfect for us. May be an issue if you are very tall! Took us 20 minutes to pack everything up. Got home after 1 hour on the road and everything was in place! Can't wait to use it again. The previous owners had absolutely no issues with this van. Actually managed to spend our time relaxing instead of packing and unpacking. Couldnt care if it rains from now on!
A dream to tow. Quick to set up. Every convenience in a little package.
If you are tall or have a bigger family you will need a bigger van.


Having travelled long distances around Australia and having spoken to many Windsor owners, it was no surprise to hear Windsor owners telling only positive stories about their lives on the road with their vans. it was also no surprise to hear the horror stories of Jayco owners who's vans were falling apart from poor craftsmanship. What do expect from mass production build. I surpose it's a case of you get what you pay for.
Our Windsor Rapid 472s has been fantastic and vindicated all the research we did before we purchased our first van. We loved the look and the contemporary feel of the Jayco Expanda but decided to go for the renown quality of Windsor Caravans. The gamble has paid off.
Being new campers with little experience we were overly cautious about the towing a van around Australia. The Windsor made the trip so easy that after a few days we became so comfortable with towing this van that we had to remind ourselves that we were towing it. The Windsor Rapid 472s has a toilet and shower which made life on the road a breeze. No need to book ahead for Caravan Parks, just pull over at one of the many parking bays, level the van, pop the top, drop the ends and your ready to eat and sleep. It was so easy.
We towed the Rapid with a small 2.0ltr diesel Captiva. We average 16 ltrs/100km and travelled at 100- 110 km/hr.
the van and Captiva were both loaded and were perfectly balanced. the Haymen Reise hitch ensured that the van tracked beautifully without any twitch or wobble no matter what weather we encountered.

I would recommend the Windsor Rapid 472s. She's a beauty!
The Windsor Rapid 472S is a truly versatile and terrific all round van. Compact to tow it expands out to fit a family of 4 - 6 with comfort and convenience. It has loads of space and has all the creature comforts of home. The quality of the van has been simply brilliant having not missed a beat on any of our adventures.


Rapid 472s - 2009. At first glance looks great. Nicely finished inside. The carpentry, curtains, seat covers, canvas, and mattress covers have been put together by people who cared about their job. Truly exceptional!

Considerable thought has gone into the layout. Plenty power points and lights in the right places. Pleased with this.

Roof seems to be very well insulated. Roof skin very thin though, and someone has gone mad with silicone in a very dusty environment. Messy. Good it's out of sight.

Our Rapid has independent suspension. Towing with Disco II above 80km becomes dangerous without friction sway control (load leveller not required). Still trying to find out the reason for this. Draining the tanks makes little difference and my previous similar size van didn't have this problem.

The paint on the chassis peels of easily. Bad preparation?

The 12V wiring for the electric brake system is very poor. 1mm2 twin cable loosely and unprotected threaded through brackets tacked onto the chassis. Looks like an after-thought, and prone to failure through short circuit. Downright dangerous in my opinion.

Plumbing is a bit messy. Some plumbing underneath the van protrudes and would be prone to damage when negotiating low clearances. Where the plumbing enters the interior it swallows up substantial storage space. With a little thought this could have been avoided.

The toilet and shower is good quality and easy to use.

Cooking appliances Ok, apart from the standard "range hood". This has no removable filters and very weak suction. Could become a fire hazard later on though build up of fats where it can't be cleaned.

Fridge standard. For some reason mine won't run off my solar charged batteries. Works Ok off 12V vehicle power, 240V and Gas.

Good quality 30A battery charger.
A cut above most competition. Well finished when it comes to furnishings. Sets up in a flash.
Sloppy plumbing chewing into already sparse storage space. Low voltage brake wiring leaves a lot to be desired. Paint not properly applied to chassis.


We sold our 2004 Jayco swan and purchased a 2007 windsor rapid 501. Compared to the Jayco, the windsor has alot better quality fixtures and fittings and has been well built. With the jayco we had to wind it up and pull the beds out to pack and unpack or try and crawl under the beds if something was forgotten. We like the fold out beds as it gives the family alot more space inside if there is wet weather. We purchased the van with the outside shower option and while the shower is great, the ensuite tent was a waste of money. Towing with the ford territory is easy, towing with the toyota hilux is a bit dangerous on a concrete road over 100kph although is ok on bitumen over 100kph. Our next additions to the van are sway bars, water tank and battery level indicators.
alot of benchspace, alot of storage space, easy to set up, can pack up when wet
would like more windows, water tanks hard to fill


we purchased our 08 windsor rapid 441 to upgrade from our 05 jayco hawke the jayco was a great entry level van but the rapid is the perfect next step.
We had to watch the ATM(total weight of loaded van)because our mitsubishi 380 has a ATM of 1600kg the rapid 441 came in at 1560kg with the big fridge so we are right on the limit.
The weight isnt an issue,now rember the 380 is front wheel drive you say this thing must tow like a dog but not so the car has plenty of power and with a light set of stabilisers and 45psi in the rear tyres this thing realy is rapid I fitted a prodigy brake controler and the brakes work just fine the van just turns butifully and rides smoothe it dosnt push the car around at all.
In fact it tows beter than some box trailers,you should see the looks we get when I pass other cars on the road RAPID is the last thing thay see.
The space is awsome the cupboards are masive our family of five hasnt filled them yet but best of all no more bending over to do the washing up.
Yes the anex is small but mabe thats the anex industry lacking inspiration.
Im rapt in my rapid I sujest you give it a look
Peter & Sue Hutton
great idea with the fold out beds,overhead cupboards are huge love the sterio,masses of storage plenty of room for our family of 5 tows just great
one of few vans in this ATM bracket,plenty of ventilation
Pore customer information(package no video,no owners manual,no electric brake manual),no park discounts/vouchers,no jack,pole hatch dificult to open
anex is small,pore paint quality on chasis no fold up jockey wheel
roof of bed ends is noisy in heavy rain


I love my rapid!! Our decor is gorgeous. The kids can snuggle in comfortably to watch a movie WITH friends and there is plenty of room for all. Just fold down the table and you have extra room for kids to sprawl. The awning is huge and gives us a brilliant outdoor room.
Travels beautifully on dual axle. We have 19 foot rapid that is about 26 or so with beds folded out. So much space! For a family of 5 we all fit so well. Beautifully made with quality products. Couldn't be happier. Sold our Jayco camper to buy one of these and the ease of packing up to go is fantastic. Shower works well - good pressure.
That I can't live in it all the time!


All the same I do like the van it tows well, stays dry when on the road, packed away, and all set up.I also beleive there re sale value is quite high compared to similar vans.
I like the large fridge, A/C even so it's a bit noisy, and the interior design, compact for towing, and roomy when extended. So far water tight, and my 3 kids love it.
The Alko drop down legs are 50mm too long so they slide along the ground rather than hold the corners of the van up. The clearance lights are of poor quality just a snap on fitting for the cover and they wear out and come off in time.
With the wingard T.V aerial fitted there is a big indent in the roof, making a pool of water where the aerial is mounted.
I hate the way the screws in the door frame on the lower step are pointing up, but the screw heads on the top of the frame are pointing down. Why can't the fitter sit on a box for puting in the lower screws, and stand on it, for the higher ones. Not impressed with the weld spatter under neath. I would have liked one electric element on the stove top aswell. Better or more lush back rest cushioning for the table.
Maybe a roof liner for the inside of metal top of the pull out bed ends. To reduce noise and maybe prevent some condensation when the heater is on.
The water pump is way to noisy and vibrates through the sink.
No light in the fridge, and howcome it doesnt have a fan in there to circulate the cold air.


The quality of finish on the van is good, it is relatively light (Tare 1475 kg with Ball weight of 109 kg) for it's size (15'4" internal) and tows exceptionally well. Our Nissan X-Trail handles this van with ease.
Windsor Rapid RA501 with RV Upgrade (off road pack) is well built and well finished. The independent suspension and larger tyres of the RV pack makes this van a dream to tow. Since the beds fold out on each end there is loads of living space in the van.
For us, we do not like the fold out beds as you have to climb over one another if you get up during the night. Otherwise a great van.

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What price is a outside fold up table on Windsor caravan? Need to replace our
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Does anybody know the weight, the tare weight, and the tow ball weight, of a 1988 Windsor/Windcheater caravan?
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Hi, Could you tell me what type of suspension (brand) does a rapid Windsor 2013 549 have?
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HI KELLY I cant help you with brand name. All I can say is they are as good as all the others & are probable imported???? Mine is 7 leaf springs { no shocks} I took them off my self & took them to a spring works in BRISBANE were they reset them & add 2 extra full length leaves. This raised them by around 50 mm. I haven't used it much since but it tows very well. I would have no issues taking it off road in medium conditions. The main thing in off road towing is who's doing the driving. Hope this helps you. BILLHi Kelly I’ve got no idea but if you put your question to the Windsor Rapid and Coromal caravan enthusiasts FB GROUP I and sure they would know.


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