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Very fast delivery, great value-for-money

I placed an order on late Tuesday night for a dozen bottles of red. They arrived on Friday morning, delivered to a regional area. I paid about $9.80 per bottle for a dozen that included some very good reds all from the Barossa -- including 6 bottles that retail for $25-30.

Very impressed by the speed of delivery and value for money! There are many bad reviews here, but that is the opposite of my experience.

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Hi fugazied, Thanks very much for posting your review. It's great to hear you received your wine promptly, and we hope you enjoy them. We aim to provide a product and service that is enjoyed by all of our customers. When our service or product isn't 100% satisfactory, we rectify the issue as quickly as possible. If you ever need our assistance, please contact us on 1300 289 946 or enquiries@winemarket.com.au. Kind regards, WineMarket Customer Care

8 years strong..

Have been buying wine from these guys for years. Never had an issue.. That Simpatico was the bomb..
Favourite over the years. Timely.. Maybe I have been lucky as the other reviews reflect something different. 5/5

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Hi Aaron, Thanks for taking the time to send your review. It's great to hear you've been enjoying our service. We aim to please all of our customers, and if we ever miss the mark, we resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Kind regards, WineMarket Customer Care

Very poor customer service

I made an error by not revising my address from a previous order.
I called them within 2 minutes and the order was cancelled
I re ordered with the correct address but had to pay a second time...?
I was promised a refund within 2 days
It has been 7 days already and I am told by my bank that they are yet to be advised to refund me the money
It will take at least another 5 days so I am told.
Are they that desperate for money ?

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Hi Gary, We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused by your cancelled order. Although your order was cancelled shortly after being placed, there was an automatic payment authorisation made against the charge for it, which is a standard process when placing internet orders. Following the cancellation of the order, we also withdrew our request for its payment. And although we removed the transaction request, banks do not release payment authorisations instantly. Banks can take between two to ten business days to release held funds. Unfortunately, we are unable to override this banking process. Please let us know if you are still waiting for your transaction to be reversed to you. And if there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know. We are always happy to help our customers in any way we can at WineMarket. Kind regards, WineMarket Customer Care

Never again!

They took my order and payment for a dozen bottles of wine on 23/12/2018. Mysteriously I get a refund on 24/1/2019 with no explanation. They never contacted me once from the time I placed my order to when I got the refund. Fortunately I wasn't relying on this mob to supply wine for a party. Never again will I place an order with WineMarket and I certainly won't recommend them.

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Hi David, We apologise that you received a refund instead of the wine you had ordered from us at WineMarket. It is never our practice to refund someone without their prior notice should there be an issue with the product purchased. So we are sorry if this has happened to you. We have tried to investigate your issue, but require some further information to locate your order. Could you please contact us on 1300 289 946, or email us with your order details at enquiries@winemarket.com.au, and we will happily pursue this matter. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, WineMarket Customer Care

Sparkling mixed wines

We have had our Christmas bubbly cases for last 3 years. Just waiting on this years offer. Liked every single bottle.

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Hi Vicki, Great to hear that you have enjoyed our sparkling mixes for Christmas over the last few years. We should have a new Christmas sparkling mix ready and on sale next week. If you have any queries, please contact us on 1300 289 946. Kind regards, WineMarket Customer Care

Where is the wine I paid for

I ordered wine from Wine Market and paid for it on 8th August and the site said it would take 14 days for delivery. No delivery yet ( 18th September). I can not find an email address to send an email to, the phone number on the website diverted to a recruitment company who obviously don’t know anything about my wine. Can someone please reply to this.

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Hi Rachael, We are sorry to hear that you have not received your order from us yet. And our apologies that contacting WineMarket has been so difficult. Thank you for reaching out to us via Product Review. Our email address is enquiries@winemarket.com.au, and our phone number is 1300 289 946. WineMarket Customer service operates from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday EST. Please contact us via email or phone, and we will happily rectify the issue with your missing wine. Kind regards, WineMarket Customer Care

Ordered and paid immediately on Ebay. Then told it would be at least 14 days for delivery

Asked for a refund ,,been stuffed around by these fools for weeks and still no refund!
My advice....avoid like the plague

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Hi Carmel, Thanks for posting your review, and sorry that you have not had the best experience with your order from WineMarket. We understand your refund request was in regards to the time it would take for your order to be delivered, and we hope you have since received your refund and the case of complimentary wine from us. We apologise that your order was not delivered within a timeframe suitable for you. Because we offer complimentary delivery on all of our products, our deliveries can at times take a little longer than some other carriers. But we are working to improve delivery time frames for all of our customers, no matter if they are close to a city centre, or in a regional area. So, hopefully, we will have wine delivered to you much quicker in the future. We hope we can have you back as a customer soon, and trust you enjoyed your case of wine from WineMarket. If we can be of any further assistance, or if there is anything we can do to help you with your WineMarket experience, please contact us on enquiries@winemarket.com.au or 1300 289 946, and we will be happy to help. Kind regards, WineMarket Customer Care


There is nothing nicer than enjoying a glass of with dinner, friends or for no reason at all. But so many of us get caught up in the myth "the more expensive it is the better it must be" Wrong. When one buys wine through Winemarket. the wine comes in boxes usually containing 12 but occasionally 6 and usually a mix of all whites, all reds or a mix of both. Now and again there is the odd bottle which is almost undrinkable BUT this is very uncommon. The quality is excellent as is the service eg: delivery is free! Sometimes I will lay down some reds and let them mature. Trust their tasting notes and descriptions they are honest and accurate. I have been a customer with them for many years and have never had a bad experience with them. And that says a lot for online shopping especially when it has a very user friendly website.
PS: By mix I refer to vintage, wineries and location. It is also possible to buy a carton or 2 of just a specific favourite wine.

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Hi Bacchus, Thanks for your review. And great to hear you have been enjoying our wine. We always try to offer our customers the best possible wine deals we can. And please remember, if you ever get an unsatisfactory bottle, we will happily help with our customer satisfaction guarantee. We hope we continue to be part of your wine-loving experiences. Kind regards, WineMarket Customer Care

Incompetent marketing and liars

I ordered 12 bottles of Grant Burge Chardonnay that was advised by email to have been sent out on 30th November - Never arrived. By 17th December I emailed through EBay non delivery. Eventually a reply came that I needed to advise my street address (Note!) this was NOT on the Ebay transaction as a must be. After replying to Winemarket how I had been to the post office every day for a fortnight expecting the delivery (we live out of town) eventually I had to phone them to talk to someone who was as vague as and couldn't find my order. This was 20th December by now. He would call me back. He stated that my order had been returned by the couriers and there was NO MORE STOCK. Yet!!! On EBay 22nd December, the same wine was advertised with 98 sold but still 10 crates available. ??? Go figure???

Useless flogs

Ordered a box of wine. Waited and got nothing. Emailed to check where it was and they said it was not in stock. Appalling as it was on the first page of the website and no one contacted me to let me know they did not have it. Warning others not to use them as they have no idea what they're doing. Could run a business better with my butt. Rant over.

Always excellent wine at a great price

I have purchased wine from WineMarket over a number of years, and have always found the quality to be first class and the prices - especially when they have 20% off sales - to be excellence value.

Service and delivery excellent

First time using winemarket. Seamless process, excellent customer service and amazing prices. Easy and informative online experience.


Will definitely use again.

Beware of this company's honesty!

I ordered a case of wine via the phone. It was confirmed that it was in stock. Several days later someone phoned to say it was out of stock but they would send me something of equal or greater value. My order was for a case costing $121 the value of the case sent was $89. I spent time on the phone trying to sort it out and I felt as though I had done something wrong! Their customer relations people lack skills in dealing with customers

Appalling service

Ordered wines as a Christmas gift on 12/12/16 for Business client and am appalled to know that it is still not delivered even after 20 days. Very poor customer service

Top notch customer service and prices

As a long time customer of this business I have nothing bad to say, their customer service is exceptional, pricing is great and delivery is always on time.

Freaking WOW

I ordered a $90 box of 12 reds including a Johnny Walker Red and it arrived 2 days later. I haven't tried the wines yet but I'm as happy as a pig in mud.

Newer Customer - 2016 onwards

It would appear that by reading older reviews of WINEMARKET that their biggest downfall was delivery time. I would like to state that as a new customer, I generally receive an order within a week (I do not reside in Metro Adelaide) and I think that this is reasonable.

As with all online shopping, check with other retailers before ordering. WINEMARKET sells goods not readily available through other outlets (Read: Generally EXPORT only wine) to consumers. Some of those products are quite enjoyable, others are utter rubbish.

The realistic truth of WINEMARKET is that they sell their wares to a market. That market is generally not looking to spend $200-$300 on a dozen wines and therefore accept that the quality of the product that receive is likely to fluctuate.

The bottom line is this:
*You will receive export labeled wines.(deal with it)
*Large retailers generally do sell popular labels cheaper (Read: Penfolds, Hardy's etc)
*You are not getting world class wines for stupid prices (be realistic)
*What you are getting is a good price on Quaffers
*You won't find what they sell in retail outlets bar a few popular labels

At the end of the day you are generally buying export bottled wine that WINEMARKET have picked up cheap to sell cheap. Go into the transaction with this in mind and you are unlikely to be disappointed. If you are - they offer a 100% refund on your purchase.

Just keep in mind that the reviews on their website are canned. Overly negative reviews miraculously don't get posted.

2018 - 2.5 stars. Palette has improved. Winemarket has not. Still offering the stuff no one else will sell. Have found much of it to be rebranded megaswill that Aussie customers won't recognise from overseas. Some highlights but mostly bargain bin at your local type stuff.

Generic and wines leftovers from known wineries sold by Wine Market

Rarely have I got a bargain and not often value for money for wines I bought online from Wine Market. It appears that Wine Market flogs left over wines from well known and reputed wineries, bottled especially from them. It is close to buying a Rolex watch made in Hong Kong from an online shop with praises for the item being from the genuine supplier. Thus the wine is not quite to the mark that the first cut of the wine from the reputed winery.

Delivery Is the Issue

WineMarket has bargains to be sure - it's just getting them delivered that's the issue. Just got off the phone to the courier, Nexday, who told me my scheduled delivery (Tuesday) could not be delivered until Wednesday. I explained I had spoke to them 4 times in the last 2 weeks after the wine did not turn up on the agreed day, but I got a text telling it would be delivered the following day! This happened twice (now 3 times) with me calling Nexday customer service to arrange/rearrange deliveries. We aren't home except Tuesday or Thursday. Sorry, our trucks don't deliver to your area on those days. What? Her final suggestion was that I have it delivered to my work, but when I explained I walked to work, carrying a case of wine home might be an issue. She helpfully suggested I could take it home a bottle at a time! Save me! called WineMarket and told them to sort their couriers out or I'll be looking for another supplier.

Never had a bad experience with Winemarket

I like WineMarket. I subscribe to WineSelectors for a 3 monthly premium mix and buy the quaffers off WineMarket. I have never really had a delay in delivery although sometimes slow or a real stinker of a wine even when I have purchased some of the bottom end wines like 12 for $69.00 delivered. For $5.75 a bottle you cannot expect Grange but you will still get drunk and some of the friends I have around and they way they put it down you can't afford to be paying $20.00 a bottle from the bottle o. The only complaint I have is that they call me a bit often trying to sell me wines.

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