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Woolworths Chicken BLT Roll With Avocado & Mayo

Woolworths Chicken BLT Roll With Avocado & Mayo

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Not Chicken to Try

New variety of pre-packed sandwich. Very tasty although bacon lost crispness by being with lettuce and tomatoes and no time of preparation given. Did not see or taste dill supposedly included in "stack", but not used to having dill with a BLT so did not miss it. Multigrain bread good choice.
Easy "lunch" when feet sore from shopping and unwilling to make anything at home that involves standing.
Even though in fridge, should have a "time made" like barbecue chickens in hot cabinet. Include an "eat by" label.

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Who would expect an excellent Reuben sandwich at a cafeteria attached to a nursery? Having lived in New York for my first 33 years and worked on Madison Avenue most of my adult working life, I certainly would not have. And yet Bonds Nursery, Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills, makes one that brings back memories of stuffed sandwiches with 1/4 lb of meat accompanied by a sour dill pickle. When you go for your nursery shopping, have an empty stomach and enjoy.

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