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Woolworths Clumping Cat Litter

Woolworths Clumping Cat Litter

1.6 from 7 reviews

Great product. Clean and best clumping effect I have seen. Must be new formula again.

Able to remove all residue simply as litter clumps absorbs all visible moisture.
I clear tray daily and absolutely no residue odour or dust issues.
I have been spending 5 times the money and not getting these results. Chino also seems to like this litter.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coolangatta for $2.67.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion

Bad lung infections after new formula

I have had bad lung infections with the new formula, it's very dusty, my cats have the same issue, a lot of sneezing etc. I think Woolworths should consider the health effects of the people who are purchasing this product, or you're going to have a lawsuit on your hands. Change the formula back. And yes I have medical evidence.

Purchased in March 2019 for $2.65.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion

Used to be good, not so anymore after their change

I used to love this litter - it clumped well and was easy to scoop off the tray. However I noticed that the last pack I bought is made of different quality materials, it's incredibly finer and VERY dusty on the floor. It sticks onto the tray and litter scoop, making it very hard to clean and fine powder flies everywhere. I'm concerned about the cats' well-being inhaling those dust particles. No doubt woolies changed the supplier/materials due to it being cheaper for them.

have to buy something else now

I have been using it for years, but it doesn't clump anymore, just sticks to the ground. I will buy something else now.

Was excellent now atrocious

This cat litter was perfect it would clump together and easy to get out. But the last couple bags I’ve brought seems to set like cement and is SO hard to get it out of the tray. My cat hates it. Won’t be buying it again

Litter sticks to paws

I have used this litter before with no problem but the last lot was different. Sets like cement and hard to get off the tray. Then I find it has stuck to my cats paws and he now seems sick and possible obstruction from licking at it. Not happy.

Product changed and is no longer useable

Have been using the Woolworths brand clumping cat litter for years and it was fantastic. In the last few months they have changed the formula and it now no longer clumps. It leaves a soggy mess that is impossible to scrape out of the tray. Really disappointing. Contacted Woolworths who replied with the usual "Sorry you had a bad experience etc" so looks like no plans to fix the problem. I guess they were hoping no one would notice. Misleading to continue to call the product clumping cat litter.

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