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Woolworths Essentials Clay Cat Litter

Woolworths Essentials Clay Cat Litter

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Highly smell absorbent litter compared to pricey Breeder's Choice

I have one Burmese kitty and two jumbo trays in my bathroom/laundry for her. I used to buy expensive Breeder's Choice litter paper pellets for a few years - it just gets too stinky too quickly and you need to replace it too often. On a whim, I bought Woolworth's clay cat litter never having bought a clay form before. It looks like little rocks and they break down when wet and forms clay in the bottom of the trays. I place about 10cm depth of clay litter into the two trays. The clay rocks have a faint clay smell, you can't detect this smell.

Worst cat litter ever!

The big orange lightweight clay cat litter is horrible.....Smelly & messy, my 3 cats hate it... I would never recommend this product as it’s so bad & doesn’t absorbed into lumpy

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