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Woolworths Select Full Cream Milk

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moviemaker613Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 14 reviews

Woolworths milk compared with raw cold press


Even though cheap it wasn't worth the price. It just tastes so watery or like you're standing at the milk shed and breathing cow smells. Hard to describe. Lucky we used it quickly on other things like smoothies etc. So bought $5 milk cold pressed 750ml and that was absolutely divinely different you can just drink that milk alone. In fact it feels a waste to even put it in tea.

woolworths milk with cream on top? the cream has gone.


I've been using woolworths milk with the cream on top since it arrived in store.
I don't mind paying extra money for milk that actually tastes like milk,
though over late May 2016 until current June 10 2016 The cream on top has gone .
what's going on woolworths.


ChrisPheasant creek

I'm buying my own house cow


PollyannaDarling Downs, QLD

  • 7 reviews

UHT, Preservatives?


Until recently I had trouble with the in date milk being off when opened. For the last few months this milk now defies the use by date and doesn't sour, even when a carton is over a month past date! I shudder to think what might be causing this unaturally long life. Are there unlisted preservatives in Select milk or is it now UHT?

Worst Milk Out There


I truly believe it's the worst milk out there! Everyone is right, it tastes watered down and lacks thickness and taste.

Ruined my Coffee


For the past few times that I have purchased Woolworths brand milk, it has had a "funny" taste. It tastes and smells like it is off - even though it is not off. Not very nice at all. It does not taste right at all. I have gone back to buying Coles milk. I have always bought Woolworths milk so I am disappointed to say the least. I just don't want to risk ruining my coffee anymore. After all, teachers needs their coffee to get through the day :)



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Ok for the budget conscious


We buy woolies milk 2L. We go through it a lot maybe within 3 days it has gone. I admit the taste is not as good as brand milk and it does taste watered down. I always buy brand milk when it is on special (reaching it's expiry date) you can get it for as low as $1.70 for 2L in the quick sale section!

Richard H

Richard HBurbank

Lite milk also unsatisfactory


We buy Woolworths Lite 2L from the Capalaba store. For the last few months have noticed it tastes as if it has been left in the sun. Not actually off, just not right.



  • 21 reviews

Milk goes bad before expiry date


sick of being ripped off


Woolworths need to stop receiving frozen milk and start living up to there motto "the fresh food people". There is nothing fresh about drinking milk that has been frozen and then thored out. Thanks once again woolworst.

Barry T

Barry T

  • 3 reviews

No milk taste


I find Woolworths full cream milk lacks body, as if it is watered down, in Queensland I now use Maleny full cream milk sold through Coles. It is also non halal.

Lack of seal = awful milk and big mess



BumbleBeeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 66 reviews

Goes off very quickly


Like the reviewers below I have had the same problem with Woolworths milk... It doesn't last very long at all. It will go off usually 2 - 3 days before the use by date whereas most other milk brands will last up until, or even after the use by date. Not really sure what Woolworths is playing at here but I don't particularly like wasting milk, or drinking milk that doesn't exactly taste as fresh as it should.

I have had this happen about 4 times in a row with the 1 litre, 2 litre and skim, I wont buy their milk anymore, I now buy Foodland brand and they don't seem to have the same problem... (nor any other brand for that matter).

Don't buy it.
It is cheap
Goes off far too quickly

Vic King
Vic King

Same problem here in Victoria. Why put a used by date on the container.


That's the same story for all Coles and WOOLWORTHS milk! The short use by dates is due to their warehouse and stocking up on items!!! I will never buy milk from Coles!



Woolworths brand full cream milk


I also have found the last 4 (3L) milks I have purchased from Woolworths (Woolworths brand) went off before the useby date. Two of them were first time used. How are Woolworths storing their milk?
Pretty poor for the fresh food people. A total waste of money.
I have also found one of them leaked when laid down prior to the cap being opened.
Given they are going off early, besides the way Woolworths store it, it may also have something to do with their caps not sealing properly.

There can be no savings when they go off, on or before the useby date.

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  • 2 reviews

Just not up to standard.


Having young children we are frequent purchasers of milk. I find that the Woolworths brand milk often goes off before the use by date and I pour an awful lot of it down the sink. It is inexpensive which is great but on occasion the only milk on the shelf is due to expire within a few days which is less than ideal. I've had my fridge serviced of late and it isn't the issue as other products are fine.
Doesn't seem to last.

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I also have found the last 4 milks I have purchased from Woolworths (woolworths brand) went off before the useby date. Two of them were first time used.
How are Woolworths storing their milk.
Pretty poor for the fresh food people.

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Lord Chorf

Lord Chorfasked

Is there something wrong with your brand of milk you sell, tastes off.

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What is the question ??? It doesn’t make sense. I don’t sell milk, I’m a consumer.

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