Woolworths Malty Crunchies

Woolworths Malty Crunchies

4.5 from 2 reviews

I have been waiting for these for years

These cereals are on my shopping list every week. The family choice. They are similar to a brand available overseas and were extremely popular. An excellent move Selling them here.

Let's be honest - Woolworths

In my opinion this product description is deceptive and misleading. The implication is that it is 99% whole grains, yet it contains 13.9% sugars, almost all of which would have to be added, since wholegrain wheat contains no more than 2% sugar. The packet also claims that 40g of cereal supplies 81% of 48 grams of wholegrain (ie. 38.88 g). ) Once again not true, as that only leaves 1.12g for all of the other ingredients.
Dispite the sugar, which we are stuck with in most cereals, this is still a good product. It is known as "Shreddies" in the UK where it comes from, but please Woolworths - lets have a bit of honesty.

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