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Woolworths Money Single Load Prepaid MasterCard

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There is no name on the Woolworth prepaid master card and when trying to buy a Optus recharge it did not work ?
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After three calls to Woolworth money I found out that . 1. Press credit 2.leasve $1.00 for transaction fee 3. Press enter So if you have $50.00 in your visa prepaid card you can only spend $49.00.

Is there a pin for a single load prepaid Woolworths mastercard?
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Hi minivickp21, THer is no PIN for a single load prepaid Woolworths mastercard, You may however be prompted to enter a PIN but just ignore it and select OK. CHeers.... StevieD

hi everyone. I purchased a prepaid mastercard and put 67 dollars in to it. but when I got home and went to pay for something that cost 67 dollars exactly, my balance of my mastercard says $66.90c. So my purchase was cancelled for insufficient funds. Why is this. Where did my 10 cents go? ....lol
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Hi Jamtin, Not only do they charge the giver of the card $4.95 for the privilege, the user of the card is charges $0.10 per transaction. I was given what I thought was a $150.00 card for Christmas, and as I wanted to use the total in one transaction i.e. what I thought was $150.00 turned out to only be $140.90! The card was declined. It wasn't until I got home and read the fine print on the card packaging that I realised. I think it sucks and would not recommend the card to anyone. Imagine how much money Woolworths makes by having this in the fine print. So very typical. This condition should be in large writing on the front of the card. Hope this helps!

I have a Woolworths Money Single Load Prepaid Mastercard for online shopping. I was wondering if I were to sell items on eBay, via PayPal (as my card is registered on PayPal), how would the transaction work? Would it appear that someone has given me money onto my card or onto my PayPal account?
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Hi Hunryy, I know its late but this info may help someone else, You can sell items on ebay, the funds will go into your Paypal Account (minus any fees of course) you will not be able to transfer your funds to your Single Load PrePaid Card though they are available for use via paypal, you will need to add a reloadable credit card or use your bank account to withdraw your funds. Hope this helps!

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