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Woolworths Money Single Load Prepaid MasterCard

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card is not what you want

I was given 2 cards $100 and $50 have only managed to spend $25 (masters) partner of woolworths just spent 1 hour at Bunnings store declined of course (am aware of 10cents charge )sent email to woolworths of course email failed ??? Yes i will never ask for these cards again
Shame on you Woolworths you .have lost me will look at othet cards

Woolworths rip off card!

Do not purchase these for gifts. Lovely idea however gets charged for every transaction and then once the balance goes under a certain amount. Unable to use the rest of the funds. Absolute rip off. Very disappointed in Woolworths. Also. No staff can answer any of my questions about the card. See ya later woolies HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!

Ripped Off by Woolworths

Had a Woolworths Prepaid Card given as a gift. It had $60 on it.

I did shopping of approximately $47.95 and at the time was unsure of the remaining balance as really did not take too much notice of it. I went to use the card again to get some bread and milk, thinking that there would be enough on there for that, only to find that it was declined. No-one in the store knew anything about it or how much was remaining on the card. The 6th person who I spoke to in Woollies told me to check online. I have just checked online only to find that you cannot use your card with less than $20 loaded on it and you cannot top this up as it states its a single load card.

I am being ripped off and will be going to fair trading. Woolworths you have just tried to get my $11.95 - i dont think so. And all the other people complaining should complain to fair trading too.

This is nothing but daylight robbery by woolies. Will not be shopping there again and will be letting everyone i know about this.

Inconvenient ripoff

Not accepted anywhere I've tried (Coles, JB Hi-Fi, BP to name the most recent 3 failed attempts) and I still have $45 loaded on. Only time it worked was at Woolworths - which is pointless to only work in one store if it also carries MasterCard backing. Absolute rubbish, don't waste your time

Dont' waste your time or money there are better cards out there

I got given a $40 card for christmas and I tried to use it knowing that was the amount I could spend, but it came up declined at Woolworths. So I rang up to find out what is going on and was told I could only spend 39.90 in one transaction because it has a 10 cent fee on it. No doubt they charged the person who gave me the card to put money on it, so they are definately making sure they screw the money out of you with this card. I would recommend everyone to avoid getting this card for someone as there are so many better gift cards out there. This card is an absolute joke!

Woolworths prepaid master card

Only problem is some Woolworths Staff no nothing about them. I had $100 given to me at Christmas and decided to put it on my Opal Card at Woollies they said it has been used at Randwick. Went home and rang up and they said you have to pay a 10c fee that is the problem. Went back and told them no worries it went through. Same at Bondi Junction last week got $60 one for Easter. Paid $50 off the Opal Card again. Went this morning to Wollies at Bondi Junction man knew nothing about them I said I have to pay 10 cent he said you have nothing on in it. Went home and rang up have the balance of $9.90. Checked my previous transaction to make sure and it comes up with I had two transactions of $2015 on 2 day in April plus the $50 off Opal. Impossible it was only for $60. Do not know what is going on. I have emailed Customer Service and Wollies Master Card about the $9.90 balance and I asked them I want to make sure the rude man is on when I go back and use my card. I asked them to check what is going with two lots of $2015 be added and used on a $60 card. Give me Coles and Bunnings
gift cards anytime never a problem. I never use credit cards. Lack of Staff knowledge is problem.

a total sham

i paid 4.95 in actual tangible cash for the privilege of being able to exchange further actual tangible 40.00 cash to said card to make a purchase online. my two online purchases were for 14.90 each, total 29.80, then minus two 10c "transaction fees" leave an apparent total of 9.60 (?) well according to the online balance check service advice. 10 minutes later im at my local woolies to purchase some bread and milk with the apparent 9.60 balance on card. to my disgust the card declined and the operator could not tell me why except for "we can only go on what the screen tells us" You sold me the card woolworths, you screwed me out of 15.05 as far as im concerned. appalling. hello coles!

Excellent and cheap for buying online!

Woolworths prepaid mastercards are fantastic for buying online and not having any personal details attached to the card. Do not pay attention to these other reviews of course you cant spend more than the prepaid amount! That's the entire idea behind the concept of prepaid! Only like 4 bucks to activate and can be used immediately. Highly recommended!

Not very good waisted a lot of my time still don't have pin number,

I received a $50.00 gift prepaid master card for my birthday and just trying to buy something out of it and was decline, I must have pin number and not signature. went to the nearest woolworth nothing anyone can do about it. rang the number provided with the card waited for so long then service had close for the day it says try again tomorrow during business hour.very disappointed wasted a lot of time.just not worth it.

OMG how terrible!

Yes received one and could not read the small print. This site has told me that I will not be buying another one of these. Bad bad bad Woolworths, no wonder you have huge profits!!!!

Wool'ies should stick to selling groceries!

We are going overseas soon and purchased both a wool'es prepaid mastercard and also one of their global roaming sims - when we reloaded the sim card account by using their Wool'ies prepaid mastercard online (AU$30) we noted the recharge of $30 was debited through Ireland in Irish pounds incurring a fee of 0.75cents to us, Indeed, I bought 3 ebooks online through Amazon and paid for them by my woolies mastercard - another 2 bucks in fees... So far Ive credited the account with $500 and spent $22,74 of which had all up $11.95 debited in fees... Maybe Wooll'ies should stick to selling veg'ies and leave the banking and phone business to the professionals!!!!

Buyer beware - woolworths money card - be wary

This card is a total scam as others have said. Be aware you cannot spend over the prepaid amount and you also have to take into account that each transaction costs you 10 cents. Therefore if you have a $100.00 card you must spend $99.90 to allocate the 10 cent transaction fee. You cannot add another card / cash to the transaction it will not accept it. Your prepaid card is extremely limited. I wonder what woolworths do with the 'excess' cash that we as consumers do not spend - lets face it who goes to the shops and spends $99.90 or $49.90. I would like to know what happens when you purchase something for $89.99 for example, add the 10 cents transaction fee - $90.09 and the card is left with $9.91 to spend on it. Where does this go? I bet most shoppers would just 'throw it away'. Great marketing woolworths - remember consumers its only $9.91 on your card but how many cards are we talking about! No wonder they make billions in profit each year! It is at the expense of our friends and family who buy us a prepaid card in good faith - scammers

worst gift ever received

Believe it or not, you cannot buy goods over the stated amount as you can with other gift cards and pay the difference in cash or with another form of plastic. At the checkout you get the message "transaction declined" and either have to pay for your goods some other way or leave them in the shop - I advise leaving the goods. Woolworths staff appear to not know why the transaction has been declined. Poor form Woolworths and as a result of learning more about your inflexible card I am now transferring all my shopping to Coles. Hello Coles ....


Ditto to what all others have said. How embarrassing to have the cards declined at busy checkouts and then having to fumble around to find your own funds because of this sham! Even at Woolworths they were declined. Stupidly you go home and check the balance on the computer - yes the money is definitely on there??? I was given four for christmas - lucky me! So thanks to this website I have learnt that for e.g. if you have a $50 card - the teller must enter $49.90 so that there is 10cents available for the transaction fee. No shop would ever know to do this - even Woolworths themselves. I will not even shop at Woolies ever again I am so disgusted. All my Coles gift cards worked perfectly.


Received as single loaded Woolworths MasterCard as a gift. Can't believe my Grandmother paid $4.95 for this plus I was charged 10c per transaction. Didn't realise until the last transaction when I tried so many times at so many places and it came back denied. I wasn't factoring in the last 10c transaction fee. The guy at woolworths didn't even know why it wasn't working.

So the card actually cost 10% of the value of the card if I factor the card fee and the transaction fees.

So disappointed.

Won't do this again

Buyer and Giftee beware..........will not Ever purchase a Wollworths single load debit card....$4.95 for Card cost, .10c fee for every transaction, $4 fee to get phone support to tell you the balance as purchase wasn't able to be completed...This was a gift for an 86 year old....the fine print is quite a strain took awhile for even me to read....phone call is no help unless you want to pay for assistance.....I am quite disgusted at the blatant robbery!!!!!!! one very disappointed pensioner and shopper. I am going to fore warn anyone who is thinking of purchasing a Woolworths debit card?..no disclosure on front of card pack.....the poor woman tried to purchase $100 product , the card value and couldn't ....then felt embarrassed and worried that perhaps the $100 disappeared.........all for 10 cents......I am so angry Woolworths... that she had to go through all this...it was supposed to be a happy shopping experience ......Shame Shame Shame...

This card is a waste of money

This card is difficult to use. Cannot use it if the total cost exceeds the amount on the card! The fees are hidden in small print and no one in the Woolworth store knows anything about them. Poor set up. Not recommended at all!

Read the fine print ....... Oh, you will need a magnifying glass to do it

I was very happy to receive a prepaid MasterCard for Christmas for what I thought was $150.00. Rushed off to JB HiFi to buy a Seagate HDD with a value of $175.00. Handed the MasterCard to the checkout lady and told her $150.00 on this and the balance on my Visa (Cheque) The MasterCard for $150.00 was declined. Dissappointed, I paid for the product on my Visa as I had just driven from Noosaville to Maroochydore to purchase the product on sale.
I rang Woolworths and after being on hold for 15 minutes was politely told that there is a $0.10 transaction fee. So my $150.0.00 gift card is actually worth $149.90! I checked the card packaging and there in fine print is written Transaction Fee + $0.10 per transaction.
This and all other conditions should be in larger print on the front of the packaging so everyone can read it and make and informed decision on whether to buy the product. The user will then be properly informed on how best to use the product.
This is yet another Woolworths scam ... always out to trick and deceive the customer. All those small amounts of money not used add up to a great deal on their bottom line. Think again if you think they give their customers great value. The Head Office Buyers are out to deceive you at every turn.

Lack od Disclosure

The purchaser or the receiver of the gift card is not made aware of how it operates and the associated fees.
For example if you receive a $50 gift card you are charged 10c for each transaction. Therefore the user needs to allow for this in every transaction otherwise the transaction action is rejected.
Woolworths has failed to advise the staff of these conditions as I attempted to use the card at a number of stores where it was rejected and the staff were not aware of the transaction fee and why it was rejected.
So if you wish to purchase a gift card for someone use a different card that doesn't have these issues.

This card is not worth the effort!!!!

Like others, tried to use the card at locations who accept MasterCard, imagine our embarrassment when the card didn't work all in front of other shoppers at the register. This didn't happen just once, but FIVE times. I'm giving the card back to the person who gave it to me. Woolworths, not happy, won't be recommending or purchasing this card as a gift!!!!!

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Yes, for starters... just avoid buying it in the first place. It is rubbish and you will loose your money... take care.

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