Woolworths Select Alpha 5 Razor

Woolworths Select Alpha 5 Razor

2.9 from 8 reviews

Nightmare product

I went through about four of these razors. Having never been prone to cutting before. I noticed from the outset I started getting cuts using these razors, but naively put this down to a possible skin change rather than the tool at hand. This came to a head when I seriously cut myself using this razor. Left a massive scab for weeks & subsequently months on, has left a scar. So thank you Woolies for scarring my face. In short, I feel I should be somoensated for using this product.

Rubbish. Do not buy.

Bought these just to try out. Very cheap compared to top shelf blades but still not worth the money. Had been using my gillette blades for months and they were obviously getting blunt. On the first use I had several cuts despite being more careful than usual. 5 blades don't give a better shave than 2, and they're too close together and stubble gets stuck between them and is difficult to remove even with running water and tapping the blade. Left me with several cuts and significant skin irritation. Half a day later my skin is still burning. Will not use again due to being utter rubbish. I know most quality blades are overpriced but buying a cheap blade which is basically useless is not a better alternative. To top it off the suction cup wall holder falls off after a few minutes. Don't waste your money.

Great till falls off the wall!

The wall hanger provided with this razor is a good idea except that it does not attach well to the wall. Because of the weight of the razor, after a couple of falls the razor completely shattered, leaving me with a bin quality razor and 5 blades still unused! Will I purchase another? No. Sorry!

Best budget razor

I'm poor so always on the prowl for the cheapest stuff (especially when it comes to razors). I used to use Mach 3 and buy generic razors to fit them off ebay (from Kogan) which were extremely blunt- even brand new. I was so used to shaving hard with cheap razors the first time I used the alpha razor I nearly shaved my face off. It's been nearly a month and I am still on the cartridge that came with the shaver. You need to be careful to let this one do its work and not press hard (at all). I just leave the tap running because hair does have trouble washing out. Filling the sink and swishing it in water doesn't remove the hair as good as a running tap - but it does wash out. i bought the shaver, which came with a spare cartridge for $6 and a pack of 4 razors for another $6. Today I bought another spare/travel razor and 16 cartridges. $30 and will last me a year at this rate of wear

Great razor. They have fixed the clogging issue.

Earlier reviews noted that the back of the razor is sealed preventing you from cleaning the blades.
This is no longer the case so no problem cleaning the blades.
The shave was as close and smooth as my Gillette 5 blade fusion.
Great shave at a small fraction of the price of other comparable blades.

Best razor

My husband and I use this razor (separate ones ofcourse) and it's the only one that doesn't cut a certain part of his face and I can do my whole legs with ease and gives Mr a soft silky finish everytime. $6.99 well spent everytime


The rear of the cartridge is completely sealed!!!You cannot flush the hair from the blades under running water & thrashing it about in a basin full of water is equally useless. Each time I attempted to clear the blades, they broke away from the rest of the cartridge & were unable to be reattached
It did not complete 1 shave.
@ $6.99 the ”woolworth's select alpha 5 blade razor is a third of price of the gillette fusion flexi-ball proglide power, which is unarguably the best product in this category. The alpha is dysfunctional & most likely the worst.

Price is what you pay - value is what you get...

The Select Range from Woolworths are copies of branded products, with the same quality - at cheaper prices. As the website itself says "products are stringently tested and perfected by a panel of qualified professionals and Woolworths shoppers, just like you. Woolworths is the only retailer in the world with a NATA certified onsite laboratory designed specifically for product testing"

However, don't bother with this razor system - it is cheap, but the value isn't there. The razor gums up on the first use, and never clears. The blades don't last half as long as the branded products such a Shick/Gilette - and the shave while adequate, takes twice as long due to the gumming up of the blades.

In short - don't bother. Use that branded product and pay a bit extra.
As for me, I'll be testing the money back guarantee on all the Woolworths products.

Questions & Answers

Who makes the alpha 5 razor blades for Woolworths?
1 answer
The short answer is I don't know. Typically it is made by smaller manufacturers overseas.