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Woolworths Select Antibacterial

Woolworths Select Antibacterial

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about average

Our household bought the Woolworths select hand wash and found it to be about average as it lathers up well and has a pump container though decided to stop using it as I have dermatitis / I totally recommend this product to the budget conscious that have normal skin type

It might seem like a good idea to save some money, but you will waste more on moisturiser after!

As a new parent, I thought it very important to have an antibacterial handwash as an essentinal in our bathroom, laundry and kitchen. Having used other woolworths select products and found little difference, i thought that this product would be similar to that of detol or such a brand, i found the opposite in fact, with this it become nothing but a waste of money, after one week having dry skin,and a soap that didnt really wash much away.

Cheap and nasty, dryed out both mine and my husbands hands, and did not remove odors from our hands.

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I found the same with their regular hand wash. They should have labelled it "Homebrand"

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Select Antibacterial
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Release dateApr 2012

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