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Woolworths Select Block Milk Chocolate

Woolworths Select Block Milk Chocolate

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"Because everyone should have a little square of happiness in their lives"

Well, I suppose they should. But it's not being provided by this chocolate.
Went to offer my friend some, I actually felt a little sorry for her for having to share in my pain that his sub-standard chocolate brought to a moment of our work lives. I want to eat it... so that I can then buy a better chocolate to purge my taste buds of the mediocrity of this morsel of average-ness.

Not good!

The so called Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate Woolies brand is a shocker. The emulsifier is all wrong, the whatever they put in it is so wrong. I have never sent, kept a bar of chocolate back to stay in the fridge, ever!

like to eat sand? had to give 1star to post,not worth that.

absolutely terrible,is grainy in texture,and the taste is shocking and nastily cheap.it is beyond me how this passed to be on the shelves.coles brand is beautiful,so is aldis.select block would be the worst "chocolate" block/bar ive tried.


The packaging is cheap n nasty and cant be opened with ease. The taste is nasty, grain n like eating mouth full of cocoa, competitors products are far superior


This chocolate is just wrong. Leaves a horrible after taste. How on earth did this pass product development taste testing is beyond me?


I have also bought the Coles brand chocolate and found it as delicious as any of the branded chocolate bars. I saw Woolworths select milk chocolate and expected it to be similar. I was mistaken, I cant eat this stuff it is vile and the taste doesn't resemble any chocolate I've ever eaten, its just sweet stuff, I don't even think kids would eat it. I cant get the foul taste out of my mouth, Ugh ... I feel violated.

How do you go wrong with chocolate?

Have bought Coles and aldi brand chocolate which I think is good value. Thought woolies would be similar. WRONG. Tastes cheap and nasty, awful mouth feel. I thought it must've been a bad block but the second block was the same. Such poor quality.

So bad

This chocolate tastes like so bad! It's gritty. I love the Coles brand and thought the Woolworths select would be as good, but it's worse. Definitely do NOT recommend.

Avoid it like the plague

I have tried LOTS of different types of chocolate, and this is the worst block of all. Any Select brand chocolate is bad. Coles brand was surprisingly good, so is Kmart. Woolworths are usually good with this sort of stuff, but avoid this like the plague. I could see the sugar crystals glistening in the light when I looked at it closely. Very low cocoa content. I literally can't eat it - it's going in the bin. What a let down :( I was looking forward to eating it.

So bad

I can barely taste cocoa; it is very sugary and has a gritty texture. I will probably throw this in the bin.

Not that cheap but very nasty!

I love the Coles brand so I thought I would give The "Select" Brand a go and it was awful, it had a weird taste, very nasty and poor quality chocolate. Maybe ok for cooking.

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