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Woolworths Select Comfort Fit

Woolworths Select Comfort Fit

3.4 from 34 reviews

Junior nappy pants

I purchased these for the first time to try but they only just fit my son when other brands in this size fit him with plenty of room so really not happy with this will be the first and last time i get these i recomend you check the mesurments and remake these or you wont sell many at all as ill never bye again

Way too small for the size they say they are

Have served us well!

After experiencing leaks with Huggies, we then moved to Aldi nappies which were better but again after some time we experienced leaks with those too at which point I remembered someone recommending the Woolworths Select as being very good - well after using these for the past 3 months now I am quite happy with these nappies the only other nappies I buy are BabyLove but they are much more expensive and not any better than the Woolworths Select for us. Highly recommend these.
No leaks, economical, nice print design

Not bad for cheap nappy

As title suggested, it does the job, no problem with it. Material is not as soft as other nappies I've used previously. Baby doesn't mind this brand, seems pretty happy with it. Didn't notice any leaks, which some other cheap nappies might do. Will continue to buy this product, but I normally use this as spares.
Material not very soft

Brilliant product

I definitely wouldn't go past Woolies nappies! They are perfect for my baby. I was assured that Huggies were the best (and they certainly are popular) so I always stuck with them until a friend told me about Woolworth disposables. I tried them and found that they are a much better fit for my baby than Huggies (or BabyLove or that Swedish eco brand - Naty or something I think they are called).

I have a strapping baby boy with solid thighs and torso and the woolworths nappies fit really well around the tops of his legs and tummy without being too tight as I've found other brands are (for the Huggies to fit around his legs and tummy, I had to buy a larger size that went all the way up to his chest!). I've never had a leak and they have lasted all night from early evening until seven in the morning and believe me, I've removed some very, very full nappies without any problems with leaks.

I don't consider my baby to have especially sensitive skin or otherwise, but I've not noticed any irritation at all. He seems perfectly comfortable. The price is good, but to be honest even if it wasn't, I'd still buy them as they fit much better than other nappies on the market.
Perfect fit. No leaks even when very, very full. Great price.

Ok. better don't use for long hours or if the skin is sensitive

I bought it when it was discounted. For my 9 weeks old baby girl. My baby's skin is not sensitive. She doesn't get any rash after i used it after 24 hours,,,,,but I felt her skin is very sticky (sweaty) when i opened and changed the nappy after 3 hours wearing. With pampers, huggies and babylove, her skin just very dry and smooth when i touched. I felt it is a high risk of getting rash if i don't put zinc cream / or let her wearing it for a long sleep ( 4 hours). the best thing it doesn't leak. the elastic band is really good. Compare to Baby love, it's very easy to put on by my unskilful husband, and it will not too loose. Babylove is bad design of not having elastic band for infant size(not sure crawler size tho). Now, I just use woolworths one during feeding time. other better brand for sleeping time. ( i always change nappy striaght after she wake up, and change a fresh one soon before she fall asleep. i will make sure my baby wears it less than 2 hours.
inexpensive, no leak, easy to put on
make skin sticky and sweaty, felt like higher risk of getting rash

Not great

I have used these nappies several times over two years. My daughter gets a rash every time. Initially I thought it was just coincidence and would buy another brand next time. However after 3 seperate occasions over a large period of time i am convinced the rash is caused by these nappies. otherwise of good quality and does not leak for a girl (I find boys have more issues)

Absolutely horrible.

Used huggies at the hospital, didn't even have to use nappy rash cream and she didn't get a rash. When i came home we decided to use the Newborn of the woolworths select brand, we are now on infant and it is absolutely horrible.

Horrible absorbency, after 2 hours it leaked, and my daughter has a horrible nappy rash that just won't go away no matter what we try.

Taking the pack back thursday, getting a refund and buying huggies.
Horrible absorbency, leaks, leaves a terrible nappy rash.

Initially sceptical, but pleasantly surprised ...

I was a little sceptical when I bought these as I do prefer baby love or huggies due to quality. But these are well priced and so far, my 5.5 month old hasn't had any leaks or discomfort. I would definitely recommend these nappies to any other mums who are considering the Woolworths Comfort Fit nappies.
Good quality, well priced, easily available, absorbant
The only down side - the side tabs are a little sticky to pull, but so far none have actually come apart.

Great! Cheap and good!

I started using this as a friend told me she liked them. I was quite skeptical at first but I'm so glad that she told me about these! My son has explosive poos and these have never leaked unless he was having a wedgie. They last throughout the night so this holds lots of pee. It's got a cute pattern on it. The best part is that it's cheap and soft!
I was using Babylove and now I might have just found a cheaper option!
Soft, cheap, reliable, lasts throughout the night, stretchy tabs

Woolworths Select Comfort Fit are...OK

These nappies fit my son well and generally held everything in. We had a few leaks even when the nappy wasn't full, but also had some where the nappy was full but hadn't leaked. This may be dependant on how tight I did up the tabs, or whether the nappy was put on before or after a feed. And I suppose that is true of any nappy. I was happy with the price, but don't think I will buy them again.

Soft comfy nappy .. but leaks

I find the select nappies ok. Changed from huggies as the crawler nappies looked very rough and uncomfy. These nappies are soft and look much more comfortable, however my little man leaks everytime he wees and I have to change his clothes everytime. It doesnt absorb as well as huggies. I love the softness and quality of select nappies it is a shame they leak.
soft & comfortable

Great nappy at a great price

I've tried a couple of different brands in order to find a nappy to fit my baby properly. These ones are fantastic! they are soft and stretchy, so you can pull them tighter across the belly without making the leg holes gape open (which Ive found in a few other brands). They are a lot softer than other brands and Ive never had any leaks, even using them for 12hrs overnight. They are nice and cheap too, i think on special you can find them down to about 22cents per nappy.

The only thing I don't like is the design - i know they are unisex, but they are a bit dull, some bright colours or new patterns would be nice.
Soft, stretchy, cheap
Plain design

Nor Good Nappie

compare with Bambini brand,woolworth nappie is leaking when first time using.stop give free examples at baby show.For cheap nappie, people looking for a better quality, woolworth one is not the best choice I think.Don't waste money on this brand and not worth even trying for one time.Parents need to remember

Great affordable nappy!

I was an avid Huggies user until I looked at alternatives because of price. I tried some alternatives and then discovered Woolworths Select. The nappies were quite thin and lightweight and fitted both of my boys perfectly. I never had any leaks or accidents with them and never experienced tabs falling off. These are a fantastic value for money nappy, especially when you can buy them on special.
Affordable, lightweight and no leaks!
I found the back a little long/high, so I usually just fold it over once.

ok.....just look cheap n nasty

Ok.... I have always used huggies, but my boy has a different shape, all belly and no bum. So huggies just don't sit right on him and cause leaks every night. So last night I tried these. Wow. Didn't even fill the nappy. I am surprised. I know these seem ok so far. The real stretchy tabs are so brilliant. Stops the nappy from moving on him. I can tell the quality isn't there. But they just seem better for my babies shape. The price is ok, not really a lot cheaper than huggies. I usually go to cheap brands around toilet training. But seems these are good so far.
The stretchy tags. The shape.
Ugly nappies.

Save your money

A terrible nappy! I purchased the infant size on a whim when they were on special and the first one we used leaked within about 5 minutes. They are incredibly thin, with next to no absorbency.

I persevered but each time we have had leakage, and I found myself having to change nappies much more frequently than with other brands.

Will not be purchasing these again, nor using the rest of the packet.
Leaky, Rough, Thin. An all round terrible nappy!

Cheap and easy

These are quite easy to find and I was worried they would be of a lesser quality because they are Woolworths brand (ex-Home Brand), but my baby has no complaints and either do /i. They are easy to fit on and my baby does not seem uncomfortable.
Packaging isn't very attractive?


I use these nappies as well as Aldis and I've never had a problem with them. They are inexpensive, they fit great and they only have the occasional leak expected with a poop explosion!
Inexpensive, Easy to find, Reliable.

Not what I thought they would be..

I was given a bag of Woolworths select babies nappies in the 4kg+ size, I had such high hopes for them because family and friends had told me how wonderful they were... I was extremely disappointed with them and I would never buy them .. They leaked both Wee and Poo and didn't seem to fix right , I tried the cheaper woolworths brand and they were 100% better..
Leaked and didn't fit right

Fantastic Nappy

Tried a couple of nappies and these are the best. Great price and found them better than huggies (girls) and they have a high back to prevent leaks (which still do happen occasionally).
Absorbent, low price, nice design
nothing really, the occasional leaks from 'explosions' but it happens with any

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