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Woolworths Select Comfort Fit

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3.4 from 34 reviews

The Best Nappy for My Baby

I started looking around for another brand of nappy when Huggies changed their design and they started to constantly leak. I started out with Aldi Nappies and found them really good... I received a sample of Woolworths Select at a baby show and haven't looked back. They fit really well, nice and high at the back and the leg elastic is great. Bonus is the slim fit and cute design!
reliable, fantastic price

Love them!

I have been using the Huggies crawler but wanted to try something different as the are expensive. These nappies are great, they are a great fit and they are just as good us Huggies :-)
Reliable, haven't had a leak yet!

Excellent for during the day

I thought I would try these nappies after failures with other cheaper nappies. I was shocked to discover these nappies are great! I Wouldn't use them overnight as they are on the thinner side but for use during the day they are very good nappies. No leaks or explosions and they fit so well!
No leaks, fit really nicely on bub, stretchy side tabs, cheap!
Wouldn't use them at night as they are a bit thin

Better than expected.

I was given a packet of these nappies a my baby shower and had not planned on using them. but Hubby opened them and put one on our newborn while I was tacking out toddler to playgroup. I have been pleasantly surprised by there performance, good absorbency, ok fit and not expensive.
Inexpensive, they work no leaks as yet.
Not so good for overnight use, but both my girls are heavy wetters of a night.

Average absorbency.

I tried these when they were on special with the aim of using them as a day nappy. I found that the absorbency for a toddler was not comparable to Huggies. I used more nappies than I do when using Huggies during the day as the nappy seemed to swell considerable when absorbing moisture. The outer part of the nappy would also immediately feel a little damp. I have not purchased these nappies since.
Price was good when they were on sale.
Compromised absorbency when compared to Huggies.

A brand I'll be sticking with.

First tried these nappies at the baby expo. They are great for day use, great fit. Absorbent level is good too. Good price.

I have used them at night as well however my daughter sleeps 14 hours so have had the occassional leak.
Good price. Great fit. Absorbent
The elastic around the legs comes away from the nappy as it isn't sewn in the material is just folded over.

The best isn't always the most expensive!

I've never been a brand name girl and strongly believe in trying all different brands before settling on the one that is best for you and even for your baby. I tried all the brands and honestly the Woolworths Select nappies came out on top for us and at such a great price. They rarely leak and they fit perfectly. What more could you ask for?
The design is nice and simple, somepictures around the top instead of all over (who exactly is going to be observing the pictures on your baby's bum lol). They fit really well and can be loosened easily enough and the tabs re stick even after a few adjustments. I have never had a leaking problem with these nappies so the absorbancy is great. And best of all the price is great, we can have a great product that is cheap.
I did experience a "bad" batch a while ago, I bought a whole box and the tabs would not stick but I returned them instore and they were replaced in 2 minutes with no fuss.

Perfect nappy for the right price

I started looking for a cheaper nappy when my husband lost his job and a friend had mentioned the woolworths select. I bought a box and immediately fell in love with them. No leaks and they lasted all night. This is now my number one nappy for both my kids
No leaks, perfect fit

Average nappy.

I was on a hunt to find the perfect nappy for our son (huggies were giving him tight red marks around his legs, the occasional nappy rash & a rash on his legs where the tabs rubbed)

We tried woolworths select & found them to be ok for during the day.

The price was $20 on special for a box of 99 nappies, i cant complain about that! (usually they are $30)

The only thing i didnt like about it was the fit - it seemed to fit awkwardly on our son, quite square in between his legs?.. The outer cover of the nappy wasnt soft (then again neither is huggies) and it was quite stiff.. it also didn't hold much urine (which is ok, we change our little one hourly during the day, but i don't feel that they would hold up well over night - 12 hours)

I ended up returning these nappies once our son broke out in a chemical rash (i had probably used 30-35 nappies?) woolworths refunded my money & were great about it.

If you want to trial them, give them a go.. you can always get your money back if you arent satisfied..

If you want a nappy that is super absorbent, fits well, has a soft cover & is great value for money i highly recommend pampers cruisers - they are only found at coles and for a box of 114 toddler size (size 3) they are $29 per box.
Cheap when on special, woolworths refunded my money because i wasn't satisfied.
Caused nappy rash, awkward fit.

Reliable nappies

My daughter is almost toilet trained now and we only use nappies at night time now, These are great so much cheaper then huggies and even though she still has a bottle before bed these hold up all night! Never had an issue with nappy rash or anything! a great fit and fairly strong grip tabs.
Reliable inexpensive great fit

Great cheapie option

I bought these while on special as I thought other homebrands deserve a go. I have used these right up until the 'Stage 2' and they have been great. They do seem a little thin, but they absorb urine well and my bubs bottom is always dry. I have had a couple of leaks, but that has only been since my bub has been sleeping on her tummy and they don't sit up as high on the front.
Cheaper, cute designs, very absorbant
Doesn't come in bulk packs like Huggies or other brands do

No better than Homebrand - both terrible

After returning my Homebrand pack because of leaks, I tried the next best value: Select. This was just as bad a Homebrand. It leaked almost as much and after a terrible night of sheet changing returned the unused left overs of the pack for a refund. I thought it may be better as it is priced higher but I was wrong. Such bad performance makes this a very expensive nappy.

Leaks, expensive.

Why bother

Thought id try it instead of babylove but its just as expensive as huggies and leaked twice in one night.

Leaks and is expensive

Great value for money

I usually use Huggies (night) or Babylove (day) nappies but saw this product on special on Woolworths catalogue. I bought a box which equates to 20c per nappy. So far can't fault this product. Prefer the prints on this nappy than babylove as I can't bear to look at same nappy prints all the time! (weird I know...)
Inexpensive, easy to find
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