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Woolworths Select Dishwash Cleaner

Woolworths Select Dishwash Cleaner

1.5 from 8 reviews

Won’t desolve

Put this product through the dishwasher cycle and it doesn’t desolve, waste of water and power.
Will return it to the shop tomorrow and buy a more reputable brand. Would not recommend this product.
Didn’t take a receipt when I was asked if I wanted one.

Wouldn’t dissolve

Put it through at the recommended 60 degree cycle and it didn’t dissolve. Tried it on the intensive 70 degree cycle and it still hasn’t dissolved. Probably shouldn’t have cheaped out and brought an actual brand name cleaner

Dangerous fumes

If you use this, open all doors and windows while using. I did not, and the whole two-storey house was full of horrid chemical fumes that stayed around throughout the night (I ran the cleaner in the evening). I opened the dishwasher this morning to inspect it and the fumes were still in there. Traces of the blue liquid were still in the filter, so I cleaned the filter and ran the dishwasher again. Make sure you wear rubber gloves to handle the parts and the empty bottle because the miniscule remains of the fluid, even after repeated rinsing, are so slimy that it must be really alkaline stuff. I have never experienced any of these problems with brand-name dishwasher cleaning fluids, so I will return to those in future (if I live, after these fumes).

Twice and still won't dissolve

I guess it's true the saying goes you get what you paid for. Cheap and you have been warned! Running the machine TWICE thinking the 2nd time it'll dissolve, it doesn't!

Woolworths dishwasher cleaner liquid

Didnt even work
Ran two washer loads and the bottle was still full!
Never even dissolved the top for it to dispense. Crap

Cheap and good clean

Does it create some smell? Yes. As you would expect for a strong cleaning product. It was cheap, and cleaned my dishwasher much better then other brands.

Be careful with this stuff

My wife accidentally purchased this stuff as Rinse Aid because the liquid is the same colour. Took me quite a while to remove it from the dispenser. I had to use a spray pump. Like the previous reviewer the fumes were overpowering and I felt quite ill with a sore throat (make sure youuse a mask!). This product should be more clearly labelled and the colour changed to differ from Rinse Aid.

Poor labelling and colour same as Rinse Aid.

Overpowering Fumes

I tried this product to save some money and the outcome was shocking. The overpowering fumes smelt like the work area of a dry cleaning shop and caused my eyes to sting and water. I also got a thumping headache for 24 hours which was then triggered again each time I opened the dishwasher to try and get the stench out. It took 4 days to get the stench out of my kitchen and dishwasher. I've never had this happen with my usual brand. I ended up buying my usual brand of dishwasher cleaner to run in a vain attempt to get the oppressive chemical stink out of the dishwasher. It helped a bit after trying bi-carb soda and also running a cycle with 2 cups of white vinegar. This product might be cheap but is totally unsatisfactory and, in my opinion, it is dangerous. "Buyer Beware" is my advice.
Toxic fumes and stench

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My wife bought the stuff accidentally thinking it was Rinse Aid because the liquid is the same colour. Took me quite a while to remove from the dispenser by sucking it out with a spray pump. Like the previous consumer the fumes were overpowering and made me feel quite ill and a sore throat (make sure you wear a mask!). This product should be labelled better and the colour changed to differ from Rinse Aid.

Questions & Answers

How often do you think we should run this product in our machine we are a 2 person family most or the time
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Why is it not recommended for two drawer machines?
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The bottle didnt even empty into one drawer through its cycleThe drawers are half size so it would need a half size bottle. Also need to ensure the temp will reach 60 degrees so the heaviest wash cycle not Eco etc

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