Woolworths Select Peanuts Roasted and Salted

Woolworths Select Peanuts Roasted and Salted

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They used to be good.... Now pathetic.

The Macadamias used to be great. Some months ago the packaging changed and they're now labelled Australian Macadamias. They're packed in NZ. Lowsy carbon footprint too. Now they're stale and woody. We used to buy lots of Woolworths nuts, but now don't bother. All have now gone down the drain. The nut shop is now the place to go.

Far better than Nobbies' imported, tasteless peanuts

I haven't seen these Woolworths select Australian peanuts on the shelves at Australia's best supermarket for long but they are a welcome sight.

The foreign-owned Nobbys Nuts (part of Smiths Snackfood Company) now uses oily, almost rancid Argentianian peanuts that have been almost universally condemned by multiple contributors on www.productreview.com.au

In contrast, the Woolworths peanuts are pretty consistent in size and taste, and nicely salted.

The only deficiency is that unfortunately they don't seem to be manufacturing these in a Virginia (husks on) line, which I prefer.

Congratulations to Woolworths for listening to consumers. Now they might consider withdrawing ('deleting') the Nobbys Nuts lines that are an insult to our palates.

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