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As useful as a dropped pie

I am a TAC client, and in the middle of rehabilitation.

I had my first meeting, then I gave the "Senior Rehabilitation Consultant" my availability and locations of providers to gain some certificates later that day.
I wanted 2 at the time. It took 5 weeks to book the 2nd, and that was with me following up with her.
She was eventually replaced by another "Team Leader".
We agreed on another certificate I wanted.
She said she would help me get that and also with resume writing.
She rings me almost 2 weeks later, a few days before our next meeting, to tell me I needed medical approval and asked me if I was sure.
I was sure.
Monday, we had a meeting. It was the phone call on repeat and some forms for my doctor.
I got the forms signed and sent back by the end of the week.
We were scheduled for another meeting, but after 3.5 weeks. I have no resume, no job prospects and no certificate booked. The appointment is pointless yet definitely wanted me there but nothing was gained from the previous.
A week later I get authority, but for a provider that doesn't have any availability for over 3 weeks. So i have to get it amended.
I then question her efforts as to actually helping me job search. She googles gym near South Melbourne and gives me 5 of those and calls it "Cold Canvasing".
I was handed over again to another person and he was told to help with my resume, because I had still not seen one of these. He sent me one within the day, fast, but it was well below par, you would not want it let alone pay for that. Then he went ahead and multiplied that into different job roles. Multiplying the charges no doubt.
Everytime I would come to my appointments, there would be a 5-10 minute wait, past the time agreed.
Fortunately for me the new person had a desk close enough for me to see his screen while waiting, and was able to confirm why I wait.
He literally opened up Seek after hearing I was there. Quickly searched for a few jobs, saved them and closed the window.
It was perfect timing though, that after this meeting, our first without someone watching over him, that my funding had run out.
I asked for a list of costing out of curiousity, which wasnt allowed to be given to me.
I emailed my concerns and did not even get an email back.

Definitely explore other options.

Stay Clear if you can

I tried to work with these people on several different occasions with several different people and found they were just terrible. They have dodgy practices and are incompetent. I have no Idea how some of them are even allowed to deal with the public. The worse problem is there is no one who you can complain to and they certainly do not offer resolution to problems. Watch out they also send things to businesses on your behalf without your knowing or permission, yes it is illegal but who can you complain to about it, you can pay for your own lawyer to sort it out?
Just stay clear.


Have found them to be completely untrustworthy. Promise the the world and deliver nothing. No work trials no help in finding work. All jobs they promised where over my work capacity. The job i wanted them to pursue they wouldn't because it didn't fit with the direction they wanted to push me. They have been detrimental to my recovery process, so much so they have been suspended from my case.

Excellent service and smooth management of my case.

The support and service I received after my work injury was nothing short of excellent. My liaison with WorkFocus was professional, approachable and very knowledgeable, allowing me to focus on my recovery from surgeries, and on the rehabilitation process without stress. I would have no hesitation recommending WorkFocus to anyone in need of their services.

Getting back to work.

My case worker was very professional and caring in all her dealings with me. We communicated regularly and kept each other up to date with any happenings. My case worker attended sessions with my doctor and specialist and helped set the return to work programme for me.

Extremely disappointed, and let down

No following up, did not help me to find a job and put me forward unsuitable jobs.
Do not return your call, and did not give me any advice!!!

Outstanding 5 Star customer service

The outstanding 5 star service I received from work focus Australia was filled with professionalism, integrity, positivity and one that helped me through an extremely difficult time. Without their guidance, support and encouragement I would not have overcome the difficulties I was facing at that time. Thank you to Jemima (case worker) and the team at work focus Australia you guys are amazing. Highly recommend this organisation......Fantastic

Not helpful at all

They do not return phone calls and do nothing to help need to look at their policies and help those that need it did nothing for me.

Stay Away

100% agree with previous review. Don't go near these people. They are not sympathetic towards you at all and only care about getting you back to work as soon as possible. 95% of my dealings with the OT that I was unfortunate enough to be assigned too was horrible and a big fat liar. At the start she pulled the whole I'm your friend business but believe me that's how they play this game. She use to push my buttons so much that we had a number of screaming matches on the phone because all she cared about was when am I returning to work.

Her reports were full of lies and she would twist what my treating doctors would say to her. After getting sent to one of the insurers IMEs 2 months after hurting myself I was cleared to RTW. How quickly workfocus and the rest of them jumped in order to force me back when I actual wasn't ready physically or mentally according to the certificate of capacity I had from my normal treating doctor.

It took a massive panic attack and another one of my treating doctors to put their foot down and say no she is not returning back to work. Having suffered a panic attack on my supposed day of returning to work it was like talking to a brick wall when I told my OT what had happened. Her words still ring loud in my head. "So when will you be going back to work then".

It has now been 10 months since I hurt myself and I still haven't returned as I am fighting these workcover bullies. And my injury is still no better. But hey they all believe it's actually in my head and that I'm imagining all this pain. I just got a third opinion today and surprise surprise my injury is not in my head and its quite possible it's caused more damage. Having it further investigated in 2 weeks.

Do not under any circumstance think your OT is your friend and on your side. Because trust me they don't care about you whatsoever. Your just another number to them to help reach their monthly figures.

If you are unfortunate enough to be on workcover be extremely weary of your dealings with the whole workcover process. Don't trust anyone. You have to stay as strong as you can even though at times you want to give up. Don't ever give up. We need to stand up to these bullies.

The insurers, these so called occupational therapists and whoever else is involved in this poisonous workcover process are not medically qualified to make these decisions to force your return back to work way before you are ready. Only listen to your treating doctors.

If you have a choice of which OT to choose do choose your own but stay well away from workfocus. I could go on all night about workfocus but hopefully this is enough for you to make a wise decision if you are in this system. Just remember stay strong and stand up to them. Don't be bullied. We all need to stick together. My advice get a lawyer! Good luck.

This is one Rehab provider to avoid

If you want professional, accurate and independent rehabilitation assistance - please do not choose this provider. Their reports are highly questionable, they misrepesent the facts and are definitely working within a culture where it is all about getting injured workers back to work at all costs - even if this is to the detriment of that person's health.

WorkFocus staff seem to believe they know better than the treating specialist what is actually wrong with their clients. They produce reports which contain inaccurate diagnosis and then proceed to seek ways to prove their position.

Holding a Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling or a psychology degree does't make someone infallible. This is why it is critical to check information prior to producing a report that can have major consequences for an injured worker. After reviewing a number of reports by WorkFocus staff and noting a significant number of errors we tried to communicate these errors to the authors and the manager of the relevant site. After repeated instances of such errors, it became increasingly clear that WorkFocus staff are not interested in ensuring the veracity of their reports, nor do they readily act on client feedback and complaints.

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