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Hi I'm Hanum, a Malaysian. I'm going to Australia for holiday while pregnant. My question is am I eligible to buy World Nomads travel insurance? Does the World Nomads cover pregnancy complication? Thank you.
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I need to file a claim, and I need a password tom proceed. Will you please notify me with a password? Barbara Moore ID 622070
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Hi Barbara, Just to make sure I'm resetting the correct password on the correct account, could you please send me a quick email on help@worldnomads.com? Looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah World Nomads

Hello, I am Sumeet Gupta, an Indian passport holder. Have moved to UK on 17th Feb 2018 along with my family and living here since then. Now i am a resident of UK, and planning a trip to Europe which will start and end in UK. Need a travel insurance for my Schengen Visa but most of insurance companies does not provide insurance to people moved to UK recently (before 6 months). Can I buy Nomad policy as UK resident?
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Hi Sumeet, Thanks very much for you question. In order to take a policy as a UK resident, you need to be able to fulfil the resident requirements outlined here: https://helpdesk.worldnomads.com/customer/en_gb/portal/articles/2403556-travel-insurance-what-is-my-country-of-residence-?b_id=12919 Note, you can switch between Indian and UK resident to see which suits you. We don't have the 6 month rule, you just need to fulfil that requirement. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

My parents are 69 & 67 years of age and live in Papua New Guinea. I would like to organize travel insurance for a single trip to Israel via Philippines, Bangkok, Israel and return the same way for 21-days trip What travel cover is available from a World Nomads?
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Hi Nuni, Thanks for getting in touch. We can insure residence of Papua New Guinea up to 66 years. Unfortunately we can't insure them beyond that However, you may wish to try our insurance partners Bupa Global: https://www.bupaglobal.com/en All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

Hi, I'm going trekking in Nepal next week. I know that World Nomads covers helicopter evacuation but I've also read in the policy terms and conditions that it's first necessary to call the World Nomads assistance number or otherwise the evacuation does not have to be covered. But how does that work when it is not possible to make a call abroad, for example due to bad telephone connection? Thanks for your reply Lea
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Hi Lea, Thanks for your question. You need to contact the team as soon as possible so that they can support you from the time you need assistance. There are times where it's understandable that you can't contact us - if were severely injured for example. Most if not all of the guides on the mountains will have satellite phones. And if you're trekking alone, you'll certainly come across a lot of them. I hope you enjoy your time in Nepal. Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Do you still cover permanent residents of the USA? I have purchased several policies for traveling abroad over the year but now I don't see the US on the list.... please advise.
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Hey Allison. Yes we do still cover permanent residents of the USA. Please contact the customer service team serviceUSA@worldnomads.com, and they'll be able to help you out. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

I decided to look up reviews before i made my purchase and now I'm so disturbed. How bad it is?
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Hi Sonia, I purchased insurance with these guys back in May 2017. Had an accident that should be covered under their policy. It is currently July 12th. They still haven't gotten back to me. All I get from them are: "We've received your documents/messages. We will review and get back to you." They try and drag this out as long as they can so you lose interest and give up. Don't bother purchasing insurance from Travel Nomads. They're scammers who only want your money but won't cover anything should you have an accident or a delay. Most major reward credit cards will cover trip cancellation. As for medical insurance, I'd strongly suggest going with another insurance company.Hi Sonia, Thanks for your question. It's great to hear that you're doing your research on World Nomads. It's also a good idea to read through the policy wording while you're doing your research, so you know what you're covered for and what's not covered. The World Nomads travelling community is large and for good reason. It is true that occasionally our travellers are unhappy with the outcome of their claim because it's not covered, or the service levels aren't what they expected - usually because we've not received all the supporting documentation we need for a claim to be processed. Unfortunately we don't have any control over that. We cover everything that's mentioned in the policy, and nothing that isn't. All the best, Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.Hi Sonia, Don't trust what Matt said. I've provided the company with all the documentation that they asked for, but they try to delay the process by asking for additional documents (such as a doctor's report from a physician in your home country. Why would I need a medical report after the fact? The medical report that you get from the country you were traveling in where you were treated is apparently not sufficient for them.) Look at all the reviews. There's a reason this insurance is rated as a 3 out of 5 star.

I have insurance with you for my trip to the UK. in 3 weeks time. I live in Qatar and have booked tickets with Emirates. Emirates may not fly into Qatar anymore. I will have to rebook much more expensive tickets to get to London. Am I covered for the difference?
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Hey Elsa, Thanks for getting in touch. As World Nomads has different policies dependent on country of residence, I'm not able to answer your question. If you can please email service@worldnomads.com, I'll get the team to help. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

in terms of Ëxplorer" plan what do you actually mean by excluding travel in jamaica. im skiing in france for a week...but i live in jamaica and am irish by birth if i need to be repatriated to Jamaica is this covered...as a result of a skiing accident where say i break my leg
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Hi Johno, Thanks for getting in touch. If you want to buy a policy as a Jamaican resident, you need to fit this definition of resident: 'Your country of permanent residence is the country where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return.This is the country you may be repatriated back to if you are unfit to continue your trip or if you require long term medical care after a medical emergency while travelling. Your policy can’t cover any expenses incurred within your country of permanent residence'. Note: this definition doesn't apply to all countries of residence. If you fit this definition and you've got the Explorer policy, you can be covered for overseas medical and repatriation if you injure yourself in France while skiing. However, we won't cover any ongoing medical assistance in Jamaica if you're repatriated. If you've got any further question, email service@worldnomads.com and the team will be able to help you out. Enjoy your trip, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

hello do you guys cover things like xrays and cat scans if requested by a medical doctor ?
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Hi Drada, Thanks for getting in touch. Medical coverage varies depending on your country of residence; however, most policies do cover xrays and cat scans, if they're medically necessary and are as a result of an accident or unexpected illness overseas. If you send an email across to service@worldnomads.com with your country of residence and question, they'll be able to give you a more accurate answer. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

If we are two parents from different families each bring a child with us on our trip to Japan, can we buy a family policy together?
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Hi Kitty, Thanks for your question. World Nomads has different definitions for family depending on your country of residence. This is because we have different insurance partners across the globe. To get help, please contact the Customer Service team on service@worldnomads.com. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

If I need to make a claim, do I get those 70 euros back? or is the amount removed from the expense. (I don't make sense!) For example, in case of a medical emergency, lets say the "simplest" one, in case I lose a tooth filling or you brake a tooth, I pay the 70 euros for the claim, but do I pay the dentist as well? Do I get the money I paid the dentist back? the money for the claim? how does this work? And one more thing, is a tooth filling considered pre-existing medical issue? Thank you in advance.
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Hey Ariana, Thanks for your question. If you've got a policy underwritten by our insurance partners Bupa Global, there is a 70 excess for a medical claim (among others). On the Standard plan you're covered up to €250 and on the Explorer plan you're covered up to €350. This means that if you went to the dentist because you accidentally broke a tooth and claimed for the maximum amount, you could be covered for that amount minus €70. As an example: if you claimed €350 or a covered event, you'd get €280 transferred into your account. Please email the team at service@worldnomads.com for any questions about pre-existing conditions, as they'll be able to provide further information particular to your country of residence. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

I am considering taking out travel insurance with WN. After reading extensively the customer reviews I am concerned that in the event of an accident WN will not cover medical expenses to someone like myself as I have already embarked on my trip. The advertising materials suggest one is covered even if taking insurance out while travelling. Can one get a guarantee of coverage in writing when taking out the policy while travelling outside one's resident country?
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Hello! I'm not so sure if there's any guarantee..I didn't get any. What they did to me after putting my claim is sending me a list of reasons why they wouldn't cover my stolen Gopro although I was robbed and according to the policy I should be covered. But they still find reason to decline it and this is how they run there business and make there money. If i was you I would certainly not trust them. Just be super careful..There's better insurance company than Worldnomads such as 1Cover travel insurance..Hi Skyisle, Thanks for getting in touch. One of our points of difference, is that we allow our travellers to purchase a policy even if they're already travelling (unless they're a UK resident (UK citizens are fine)). If you're an Aussie, it's a good idea to contact the team at infoAUS@worldnomads.com. They'll be able to help you with any further info you may need. If your country of residence is from anywhere else across the globe, shoot a message through to service@worldnomads.com, and they'll do the same! Merry Christmas. Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

My daughters age 12 and 8 are traveling from San Salvador to Chile with their grand parents form December 26 to January 6, 2017. What would be the cost of medical insurance? Best Regards Andrés
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Hi Andres, Thanks for getting in touch. It's great to hear you're daughters are traveling to Chile with their grandparents. All of our quote are done online through www.worldnomads.com. If you go online and type in your trip details, you'll be able to get a price straight away. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

I am travelling to Costa Rica from the Turks and Caicos Islands (not listed on you site) via Miami in the United States. I see that the policy does not cover the USA. Can I pay extra for the time I spend in Miami? My policy number is WNTCA1600070
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Hi Ruth, Thanks for getting in touch. Once a policy has been purchased, you're not able to upgrade it to include cover for countries you've not listed. If you could please email infoRTW@worldnomads.com with your policy number and details about your time in the USA, the team will be able to advise you further. Enjoy your time in Costa Rica. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Hello World Nomads. We are currently in Vietnam and have unfortunately had over $1000 AUD stolen. We subleased an apartment, with a contract in place and (receipts are available - payment via credit card) and unfortunately the lessor did a runner along with our bond. In addition, the owners of the apartment asked us to vacate 2 weeks early so consequently we are also losing 2 weeks rent. If we obtain a police report, would it be possible to lodge a claim for stolen money?
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Hi Browny65, I'm sorry to hear that you've had over $1000AUD stolen and that the lessor did a runner with your bond! You're welcome to lodge a claim for the money that was stolen, however be aware that there are limits in the policy. You can lodge the claim through your online membership. If you're still travelling, that's not a problem - you can still claim. If you contact our team on infoAUS@worldnomads.com with your policy number and any questions you may have, they'll be able to help you further. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

My only insurance coverage is Medicare which covers me in the U.S. Only. Would Worldnomad then cover me on my travels outside the U.S.as my primary insurer? Also, can I purchase valid coverage if I am already traveling outside the U.S.?
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Hi Susan, Thanks for getting in touch. As I'm unsure from your message whether you're an Australian or U.S citizen, it's difficult for me to give an accurate answer. It's best to get in touch with the service team at service@worldnomads.com who'll be able to help you further. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World NomadsI am a US citizen as I stated in my application form.

Hi I'm travelling to Bali oct 31st if I get comprehensive travel insurance today will I be covered for delays cancellations etc from Bali ash clouds and volcanos?
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Hi cbull92, Thanks for getting in touch. The Australian World Nomads product can cover cancellations due to the Bali ash cloud should another one occur. It's a condition that you've purchased a policy before it becomes a known event. If you have any further questions, please contact our team at infoAUS@worldnomads.com Enjoy your time in Bali and have a few sticks of sate for me! All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

hi I'm a 24 year old female travelling to South america for 3 months, I'm doing the machu picchu trek and a volunteer program in Ecuador and i was wondering what type of insurance and coverage i can get Thanks Lizzy
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Hey Lizzy, Thanks for getting in touch. Nice work with the volunteering and I'm sure you'll also love the Machu Picchu trek. For Aussies, World Nomads can cover trekking up to 6,000m and can also cover volunteering (depending on what you're doing). If you contact the team at service@worldnomads.com, they'll be able to give you further details. Alternatively, if you got to https://helpdesk.worldnomads.com/ and select your country of residence, you'll be able to search both volunteering and hiking. Enjoy your time in South America! All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

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