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World Nomads
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If anyone needs me, I’ll be emailing World Nomads. Again.

Since the last outdated review, this company is still standing on ceremony... unceremoniously.

First time experience. I filed a claim six weeks ago. One-line emails from the claims department failing to explain the process efficiently and professionally. Chasing after staff and management continuously from nearly 10,000 miles away, with no reply from management and often times, 3-4 days in between email replies from claims department. No updated information on the portal. I ask questions and they go unanswered. I'm in the same time zone as Australia, but their "system" forces me to deal with offices in America. When it comes to conflict resolution and informing their customers on their services, they are clearly nomads themselves.

Since I could not get a proper, timely response, this seems to be the best way to get their attention: your service needs work. My experience leads me to believe the following: this company, with their trendy branding, hip website and utter lack of substance, could not care less about the people they are supposed to serve.

Insurance claim madeYes

Did not cover flight cancellation due to fine print

My flight for tomorrow got cancelled by the airline for operational reasons. Not my fault. The airline couldn’t provide another flight the same day, so will give me a refund, and I have now booked a different flight. However I’m out of pocket by $450aud as the new flight was more expensive. World Nomads said they won’t cover as they say it’s the airlines fault and they should provide me with an alternative flight (which they did but it was a whole day later, so too late for me to fly). They will only cover me if the flight is cancelled due to reasons outside of the airlines control (eg hijack/ weather). Overall, not paying out when needed really sums up my view of insurance companies. Only positive is that the lady on the phone was nice and I did speak to someone quickly.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Mkss, Sorry to hear that the airline cancelled your flight. If you want me to look at the outcome of your claim to ensure that it's in line with the policy, flick an email through to help@worldnomads.com with your policy details and I'll get on to it. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist.

NEVER AGAIN! Not worth the money.

I would not recommend this travel insurance for ANYONE. I understand they have policies and have to detail everything but I have been working on my claim for 6 MONTHS! I had missed flights, medical reports, and accommodation totaling to about $1200. They only gave me $220 of that back. It has taken them the 6 months to finally send me a detailed letter explaining why they can and cannot cover me for certain things. I completely understand why they can't cover certain aspects of my claim but for it to take 6 months, multiple emails, constant scanning of documents, and just a down right awful communication process is ridiculous. On top of everything, their claim form SUCKS! Half the information I added in didn't show up which is why I had to file the claim for the second time, and it is not well explained on the website or when I received my printed document of my filed claim. For me to pay $500 for this insurance and only get a small amount back really blows. Before I had insurance through this company I had paid $30 for basic travel insurance through a small company and they helped 10X more than this one. I also got EVERYTHING I claimed back.

Not worth the money.

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Hi Jessie, We've replied to your other review. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Extremely difficult to make a claim

I had to make a claim as I fell sick in Lombok, Indonesia. I was advised by the doctor there to return to Singapore for further treatment. It was like blood from a stone first of all getting World Nomads to accept the claims for treatment both in Lombok and Singapore, and they then took an extremely long time - requiring persistent chasing up - to get my claim finalised.

I was challenged by World Nomads when I presented them with my doctors written medical report, and they said they did not agree with his conclusion for me to terminate my vacation early. Like they could judge my condition via a phone call better than the doctor I had been to see in Indonesia. I was shocked that they would challenge the doctors written advice.

Eventually I did get my claim processed, but when they had deducted the excess I may as well have paid it myself in entirety for all the trouble I had been through with phone calls, emails and chasing up the processing of my claim. However if you are applying for travel insurance after having already left your home country as I was, you have limited options. I would not have used them otherwise.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Greg, Thanks for reaching out and letting me know. I'm sorry to read that you fell sick in Indonesia. Can you please send your policy number to help@worldnomads.com so that I can look into what happened? I'd like to review your case and identify any opportunities for training. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Not there when they are needed

Similar to the many other bad reviews, I had a bad experience with WN. Fell ill during my travels in Canada and after collecting all the information they needed from the doctors, including the doctor's diagnosis, the complete showstopper was them not being able to confirm my claim had similar history or previous diagnosis in Australia. When questioned whether this was fair, to have the complete claim process for 3 months over this, they stated this is procedure, which is reasonable, but not fair. My claim was for $600. I've been waiting to hear their response for my asthma claim for over 5 weeks, but my hopes are not up. Wouldn't recommend WN to my friends and family. Pricing may be competitive, but why waste all your money to save some if their level of service is severely lacking?

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Mario, Thank for reaching out and letting me know. It is standard procedure for the team to check up on pre-existing medical conditions. Often the hold up can be getting info from doctors. The teams themselves work to strict turnaround times if they've got all of the information they need. Please send me your policy number to help@worldnomads.com and reference this review, so that I can follow up with the team. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Dodgy; uninterested in insuring you. Take my advice or leave it.

I purchased their top plan. The first night of my trip, bad weather cancelled the flight out, I was left with no other choice but to arrive later than I originally planned. I missed one day of a hotel reservation and car rental.

This company went out of their way to craft a lovely letter about how they were grateful for my purchase, but when I inquired about how to file expenses lost due to cancellation of a flight, they weren't interested in helping me. They explicitly stated at the end of their letter that their service excludes rental car costs, and hotel cost losses in the event of a flight delay. Funny, since the fine print in the letter upon purchasing their plan did state that expenses would be reimbursed in the event of cancellations..

And then they had the audacity to write another letter to me, reminding me that my policy would be expiring, and that I should renew the policy, etc., give them more money, essentially.

No thanks. World Nomads, you guys are dodgy.. I will not be purchasing a plan through you again and I hope this review dissuades others from doing business with you in the future.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Jacob, Thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear that your flight was cancelled and you missed a day of your trip. It is difficult for me to comment on cover without knowing your policy number. If you can please send it through to me at help@worldnomads.com, I'll be happy to look further into this for you to ensure that the outcome of your claim is in line with the policy you purchased. The letter you would have received is automatic communications that go out and act as an aid to our travellers if they wish to continue travelling or wish to make a claim. I'm sorry about the timing of them in your instance. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.


I have been a loyal World Nomad customer for years and travel at least 4 or 5 times a year on trips which include hiking and scuba diving. On my last trip I had a medical emergency which required immediate care (within 24 hours). I called their doctor and asked for a second opinion. That doctor gave me the complete wrong advise!! Later I found out from a specialist hospital that I should have taken an extra vaccination which was not recommended by the Nomad doctor, even when I asked for it specifically. Then when I put the claim as I came back the claim was denied because they said that I bought the insurance after I travelled. Well: first of all: I bought the insurance one day before and second they say on the website that serious medical emergencies are covered even if you buy the insurance after you left already. Anyway, I had to actually email them my flight ticket to prove that I had left after I bought the claim and only then I was reimbursed. I am still waiting to see what they will say about the doctor's advise. I am embarrassed to admit that I recommended this company to my friends and am looking now for a different insurance company for my next trips.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Jacky, Thanks for taking the time to leave your review. I'm sorry to hear that the service did not live up to your expectations, particularly as you've been a loyal World Nomads customer for years. I'd like the opportunity to address the concerns that you've outlined in your feedback. If you could please email me at help@worldnomads.com, with your full name and policy number, I will look into it for you as a priority. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

This Business Has Recently Been Taken Over So Expect Less.

Matters not that you supply all requirements when making a claim this mob can and will point to a clause that gets then out of responsibility to pay up, when you persist you will be passed off to another avenue of appeal just not worth it. This was my third and final policy.

Cerebus save your breath you can't explain it all away.

Insurance claim madeYes
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HI Mick Thanks for your feedback and on behalf of World Nomads we are really sorry you feel this way as this is never our intention. If you have been through the appeal process then I am sorry it hasn't worked out but there will be good reason for this and all decisions will have been supported. At the end of the day, travel insurance can not cover everything which is why we can't reiterate enough that reading the policy wording and understanding the policy and how it works is so important before buying. And while World Nomads has recently been sold (not taken over), this means that our World Nomads can expect so much more as there are many exciting plans to create an even better World Nomads experience in the future. Kind regards Kellie - Customer Experience Specialist

good until you need to make a claim

Well, I trusted World Nomad as lonely planet suggests it.
Very easy to actually buy the insurance, friendly website.
But.. of course the most important thing you want to know about an insurance is how they treat you once you actually need to make a claim.
During my last holiday my flight was cancelled (I travelled with a low cost - but that's is another story), and I knew I was covered by world nomads for any extra expenses incurred because of the flight being cancelled (of course I knew the flight itself should be refunded by the airline, so no claim for the flight itself).
So I claimed the extra night I did paid before being able to flight again the following morning.
Well.. the website become suddenly not so friendly, and for example, you got message only on the website and not on email. Then you can reply on the website to their message, but when you need to actually send them the documentation you can't do that on the website and back to email. Anyway, of course these things are just annoying but not crucial. I'm now waiting as I' exchanging message and apparently they can't refund me for that night (who knows why?!). I'll update more once (if) they possible give me the last word on this.
Long story short.. I would look for another insurance next holiday!!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Clepps I'm sorry to hear that you feel the claims process is 'not so friendly'. But there is a process that must be followed in order to assess and finalise claims as with any other type of insurance company. So I can investigate and see what is happening with your claim, can you please email help@worldnomads.com with your policy number and I will see what I can do to help. Kind regards Kellie- Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

Very Frustrating

In all fairness, my complaint isn't completely directed at WN, it's more directed at their Canadian insurance partner Travel Guard/AIG. To begin with, the only policy I could get as a Canadian at the start of our trip had far less coverage than my Australian boyfriend. I was shocked to hear that he could pay for several upgrades that were completely non-existent. This is due to the insurance companies in each country so either WN needs a MUCH better partner, or Canada needs some MUCH better insurance companies.

When I first used WN on a trip to Australia, they were very quick in processing my minor Doctor's visit and medication fees, I received my $63 with relatively little fuss. This time though...
About a week after I had submitted my claim (for an $83 doctor visit) through the WN website and mailed all the original paperwork and forms as directed by their website, I had no less than three emails from three different people at Travel Guard/AIG all requesting the same info I had sent plus a few other completely redundant forms and information...with no one actually confirming that they had received anything from me. I took the time from my vacation to sort through all the attachments and match it to what I had sent only to find out there was actually only ONE form that they now needed. I explained that I was no longer near a printer and could not give them their requested claim form immediately. I also lodged a complaint with WN about the unprofessionalism of this email flurry...

To which I received three more emails from Travel Guard/AIG: One from my actual analyst, again requesting all the same duplicate and redundant info; one from what I assumed to be a manager, apologizing; and another from a random person who didn't sign their name but explained they were in the call centre and sometimes they replied to emails...Talk about a sh*t show.

Now for the final straw: I am finally able to access a printer and while I'm in the middle of writing an email to my analyst, letting them know the form will be mailed soon, I received an email from him/her stressing that this was (oh my god!) their THIRD request for this information. Really?? I wonder how much time they think I've spent trying to do their job and filter through the crap to find out what they ACTUALLY need from me in addition to running around trying to find a printer?? Much more than three emails worth, I can tell you.

Really appalling customer service and I may just be looking for different options the next time I need travel insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Claire I really am sorry to hear of your negative experiences with the claims team based in Canada who deal with the policies for Canadian residents. I did forward your message on to the claims team in Canada so they could assess the processes used when a claim is submitted as I can understand your frustration.I was advised that you were sent an email from the claims department on April 20th and that your claim cannot proceed until certain documents are signed by you and returned. I am sorry that this is so frustrating and do hope that things will now get sorted once the requested documentation is received. Kind regards Kellie Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads SydneyHi Kellie, Yes, I had received multiple "form" emails (no personalized emails of course, that's too much work) from Terri, my claims analyst, none of which answered my question of whether or not he'd received the Claim Form A he had asked me to complete...Australia post is notoriously slow. The last email I got as of May 4th still didn't answer this question however it did seem to be actually written by a person and surprise, surprise, there is yet ANOTHER form that needs to be completed. And of course I have no access to a printer yet again. I would strongly suggest to you that as a rep of WN you speak with Travel Guard/AIG regarding their terrible customer service as it unfortunately reflects on your company. This could have all been a much smoother process if they had taken the time to write a personal email, acknowledging the receipt of and taking into account the info I had already sent them when I first submitted my claim and only attaching the forms they had subsequently needed all in ONE email. If this had been done, this entire two month ridiculous process would've taken a total of two emails and two postal mailings. It's a huge waste of time and effort for a measly $86 but it makes one wonder if that is, in fact, the intent.

Read the policy! Extension are problematic, leaving me with the medical cost.

One of the reasons I chose Nomads travel insurance was that you can extend your policy during travels. Towards the End of my policy i had an kiteboard accident and hurt my hip. Since i had upgraded my policy to include kiteboarding i knew if shouldn't be a problem. I was also staying at my chosen location a bit longer, so I extended my policy. The follow-up treatment of the injury dragged on a bit (1 month) as the Radiological clinics in Australia are flat out and I was referred to specialists. When forwarding my claim to World Nomads however I was told they will not cover any injuries from previous policies in the extended policies. This leaves me with about $800 worth of bills. I would say that this defeats all the pro's you get from having the flexibility of extending your insurance. It is to say that this is stated in the policy text. I was also wrongly told by their staff to wait with the claims until the treatment had finished as I would then only have to pay for the excess $70 once. I was later told that that is in fact not the case and claims can be made at any time with the excess be payable once per related injury/treatment.
I will not extend my insurance with Nomads and switch to the competition.
fexibility if trip is extended
Policy extensions not covering injuries from previous policy periods.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hello Chris Firstly, I am very sorry that the policy didn't live up to your expectations. Your feedback is important and we take any complaints about our service extremely seriously. Even though you were advised to wait until all treatment is complete before submitting your claim, this does not influence what is covered and what is not covered under your policy. If you had claimed your expenses after each treatment, your claim would still be assessed against the terms and conditions of the policy you bought, as follows: - You were covered for the medical treatment you received before you extended your stay and bought more cover. These medical expenses were paid by the insurer. - The other expenses were not covered as these expenses were excluded on your policy. This exclusion to cover is explained on our website when you bought the policy and when you bought each extended period: "any illness or injury which has come into existence, or has shown symptoms, or has been diagnosed in the previous insurance period(s) shall not be covered in the extended insurance period." For others reading this: If you’re in a similar situation, please contact your insurer first before you agree to a course of medical treatment. That way you can be advised on what cover is available based on your individual situation. All of the plans we offer are different. Each policy has different terms and conditions of cover, limits and exclusions. The information provide here relates to the specific policy Chris purchased, which may be different to any policy you buy. Please do read your policy wording for the full description of coverage. That way you’ll understand what’s covered and not covered and won’t be disappointed if you do need to use it. Chris, as we won’t share personal details about your claim here in a public forum, I will write to you separately with further details. Kind regards, Katrina Greeves Product Marketing Manager WorldNomads.com Katrina (at) Worldnomads.comYes I agree. The way the polices are written there is a loophole to get out of most costly cases. Reading through the other reviews, they seem to pay where low value items are stolen or small medical costs were incurred but get out of many high value claims.

Booking page not clear whether skiing was included

I confirmed a policy for a ski trip but then realised on confirmation that skiing was not included - I had missed it.

I emailed and asked what to do and was unhelpfully told to buy a new policy:

Hi Julian,

Thanks for your reply.

We can't change the activity level on the policy which you have at the moment, so you would need to buy a new policy, for the same duration and change the activity level on the quote page.

You can find this option if you scroll past the summary of benefits on the quote summary page and it is under the section called 'options- upgrade your cover'.

If you do this, let us know the new policy number so we can let the underwriter know you have purchased a replacement policy for your cancellation request.

Poor website, not obvious when booking

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi JoolianP Thanks for your feedback about our service and website. I am very sorry to hear that our service team wasn't that helpful. Unfortunately it's not possible for them to add cover for certain adventure sports after you buy the policy - that's why they asked you to buy a new one and arranged a refund on your old one. We're in the process of switching to a new website platform to improve how you buy the policy. We hope to show a separate section so you can tell us which adventure sports you want to cover, so there is no confusion. It might take a while for our techies to make this change, but when it happens we really hope you like it. Thanks again for the feedback - I hope you had an amazing ski trip! Kind regards, Katrina Greeves Product Marketing Manager WorldNomads.com Katrina (at) Worldnomads.com

Affordable but read the fine print!

I have been using World Nomads for my insurance cover for the past 10 years for all of my overseas travel. Because of the affordability and convenience of signing up online I referred friends and family also, who were also using it long term. After all these years none of us ever had to make a claim until last week when my jewellery was stolen on a flight and my flights were cancelled and I was forced to reroute them due to Hurricane Sandy. I lost over 1000 dollars which was not able to be claimed back because they do not cover these scenarios. My friend who went with another insurer alternatively received her money back. From now on I will pay more for my insurance and make sure I get one that actually insures you for something.
easy to sign up, affordable
doesn't cover barely anything

Insurance claim madeYes

Cheap and sometimes nasty

I lost two fillings when cruising the South Atlantic in mid 2012. On claiming from this Insurance company the claim was denied since fillings were not part of my natural teeth. Quite frankly, this is not good enough. However, since I have not died, nor become ill, nor lost documents, nor been robbed, nor had my travel disrupted or any other incident, I am unable to comment further.

However I continue to insure with this company purely because of the cheap price charged. I guess you get what you pay for.

Update - after reading other reviews from other people who were sufficiently unwise to deal with this company, I have now cancelled my latest policy. Readers will note that they can cancel a policy within 14 days of taking it out. My cancellation alone will not change this company"s attitude, but if there are sufficient cancellations, attitudes may change.
Inexpensive, easy to negotiate website
Pedantic definitions - it is the role of insurance companies to minimise payouts - but deciding a filling is not part of natural teeth is not customer focus.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hello Ronald, I am very sorry that the policy didn't lived up to your expectations and that the definition of "sound and natural teeth" was not what you expected. Not all of our plans have the same definitions or cover for dental incidents, so for others reading this, it's best to review the policy wording carefully to make sure you understand what's covered and not covered. In general, there is always a limited cover on pain stilling dental treatment while overseas and major dental work (e.g restorations and replacement of teeth) is excluded. Yes, we do offer a 14 day money back guarantee period (as long as you haven't started your trip or made a claim) to take a look at the policy to decide if the cover is right for you. Thanks for the feedback Ronald. KatrinaKatrina is "very sorry" that the policy didn't live(d) (sic) up to .... expectations" Being sorry in this instance is completely useless.. What I wanted and thought I had, was complete coverage. Indeed I was led to believe this to be the case.Being sorry didn't fix my teeth. Being sorry didnt give me the insurance I was led to believe I had. Being sorry cost me the price of 2 fillings as well as the insurance premium. Well Katrina - I am NOT sorry when I advise readers to steer clear of your shonky companyHello Greg (and Roland), our insurers can only pay your claims when what happens to you is covered under the policy you buy. Unfortunately, even though you expect it to, the policy cannot cover everything (otherwise it would be really expensive). It can only cover what is expressly stated in the policy wording. Like any policy, it is up to you to read and understand it when you buy it so you won't be disappointed when you need to use it. You can always get your claim reviewed if you're unhappy. Contact us if you'd like details on how to do this. Regards Katrina

Shafted by their excessive depreciation values

Got robbed of around $4,500 worth of stuff, including $1,500 cash unfortunately (not covered), waited 2 months to find out they depreciate hue amounts on all items, even things that most people would expect to last 5 to 10 years or more. So much so that basically if anything is 4 years old it has zero value. So think about it: My previous backpack purchased for $500 lasted for 20 years. World Nomads would have valued that backpack as worth basically nothing after 4 years. Pathetic response to someone suffering a serious robbery, am now looking for an alternative, and will make sure everyone knows about their huge depreciation deductions.
Easy to buy online, but that just sucked me in.
Excessive depreciation values on non-electronic, as new items.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Dave Sorry to hear you're upset with the outcome of your claim. I know it must have been stressful to have all of your gear stolen, yet the policy you bought never promised old for new replacement value. If the insurer did offer this, the price of the policy would be substantially higher than what you paid. There's also a section in the policy wording explaining that depreciation would be applied when you make a claim, which is common on many insurance plans, not just World Nomads. If you do choose another insurer, please read the policy wording carefully to make sure you understand their terms fully. Finally, if you are unhappy, you are most welcome to dispute the outcome of your claim with Cerberus by simply replying to the last email from your Case Manager. If I can help, please let me know. Safe travels, Katrina Product Marketing Manager WorldNomads.com katrina (at) worldnomads.com


Way too hard to get my money out of them! Every time i send them new information it takes them 2 weeks to look and it and then they just write back saying "we need some more information which we didnt ask for last time".
Easy, all online. Can extend your policy easily (although expensive)
Has taken a LONG time to resolve my claims, still not paid. Not happy!

Insurance claim madeYes

Questions & Answers

Hi I'm Hanum, a Malaysian. I'm going to Australia for holiday while pregnant. My question is am I eligible to buy World Nomads travel insurance? Does the World Nomads cover pregnancy complication? Thank you.
No answers

I need to file a claim, and I need a password tom proceed. Will you please notify me with a password? Barbara Moore ID 622070
1 answer
Hi Barbara, Just to make sure I'm resetting the correct password on the correct account, could you please send me a quick email on help@worldnomads.com? Looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah World Nomads

Hello, I am Sumeet Gupta, an Indian passport holder. Have moved to UK on 17th Feb 2018 along with my family and living here since then. Now i am a resident of UK, and planning a trip to Europe which will start and end in UK. Need a travel insurance for my Schengen Visa but most of insurance companies does not provide insurance to people moved to UK recently (before 6 months). Can I buy Nomad policy as UK resident?
1 answer
Hi Sumeet, Thanks very much for you question. In order to take a policy as a UK resident, you need to be able to fulfil the resident requirements outlined here: https://helpdesk.worldnomads.com/customer/en_gb/portal/articles/2403556-travel-insurance-what-is-my-country-of-residence-?b_id=12919 Note, you can switch between Indian and UK resident to see which suits you. We don't have the 6 month rule, you just need to fulfil that requirement. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

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