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Good company, a bit overpriced if you don't do adventure sports

Good company, a bit overpriced if you don't do adventure sports. If do you adventure sports while traveling, they are pretty much the best. Not sure sure why so many people complaint below, I have 2 friends I was traveling with who had to claim with World nomads and they got paid no problems. I used to use World nomads but never had to claim anything. Now I don't do adventure sports anymore so I prefer to buy my travel insurance with Safety wing, relatively new service but cheaper than World nomads. It depends what style of traveler you are.

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Hi Rogeraussieboy, Thanks for sharing your review with the travel community and I'm glad we where there when your friends needed cover. I hope you continue to have amazing adventures! Safe travels, Sarah - World Nomads

Submit, Wait, Submit, Wait, and so on....

I tore my MCL (grade II) while snowboarding in Niseko, Japan. Thankfully, I purchased traveler's insurance, and made my way to see a physiotherapist. Soon afterwards, I submitted my claim to World Nomads.

What I like about World Nomads: generally...they're pretty good about replying to emails, and they even reply personally.

What I didn't like: when submitting a claim, you're told to submit a form and receipts. Then you get this message: "We received your claim information....we will update you with the status of your claim within 10 days of receipt of receiving your most recent submission." Sometimes they do, but more often than not, you need to contact THEM after the 10 days, and around the 14th day, you receive an update. And that update? Usually...it's something else they need in order to process your claim; but they basically only tell you one thing at a time, delaying the process.

If you live in the U.S., here is what I was asked in order for them to process my claim (and again, I wasn't told this all at once):
~ Initial Claim and Receipts (first step)
~ Copy of Round Trip Air Itinerary
~ Proof of Current Residence in the U.S.
~ Copies of Services rendered (including charges, diagnosis, etc. This is usually done
in step one, but they asked me for it again)
~ Medical Report (which could be copy of services rendered)
~ Authorization for Release of Information (signed)
~ Address for Payment (i.e. mailed check if approved for payment; they don't do EFT if
you live in the States...which is weird because they ask me for bank details so they
can do an EFT.)
~ Credit Card Statement (showing proof of expenses)
~ Name and Contact of personal physician (or last one seen within past 2 years)

Again....World Nomads asked me for all of this information not all at once, but virtually one at a time, significantly delaying the processing of my claim. But...I finally got my claim approved, and was reimbursed the full amount of all my expenses.

Can I recommend them? I suppose so. But perhaps I was one of the lucky few who had a "positive" experience with them.

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Hi, Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I hope that your torn MCL is on the mend and didn't cause you too much discomfort. I'm glad to hear that your claim was approved and that you were reimbursed the full amount of your expenses. If you would like me to look further into the turnaround times with our insurer, Tripmate, can you please email me both your full name and your policy number to help@worldnomads.com? Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Very important detail for backpackers:

They do not have an option to send you money electronically.

I repeat - they will send you a check to your "home" address.

I have moved out of my "home address" to travel. This is why sending a check "home" is the most inconvenient way to send me money short of lighting it aflame and blowing the ashes in my general, easterly direction.

It is unfathomable to me that a Travel Insurance company is incapable of transferring funds electronically. They sure do accept money electronically.

They sell this insurance to backpackers. They should therefore have a modicum of awareness about the nature of this kind of travel: frequent city changes, border crossings, a different hostel every few days.. How on earth could they reasonably expect to send a check in the mail to someone on the road? Particularly when many of these countries have inadequate/unreliable post systems? The majority of Nicaragua literally doesn't even have an address!

To be fair, though, they did process my claim quickly and I have no complaints there. I would be pretty pleased overall, if they didn't make it next to impossible for me to receive the actual funds.

So probably good for short trips, maybe not so much for longer trips.

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Hi Hannah, I’m so sorry to hear you were inconvenienced by our claims payment process. At this time, policy holders in the US can only receive claim payments via check. We realise this isn't very convenient for our long-term travellers and are working on introducing electronic payments ASAP. For anyone reading this review, this only applies to US policy holders. Customers with countries of residence outside of the US can already have claim payments paid electronically. Apologies again for the inconvenience, I hope you had a great time on your trip Hannah. Kind regards, Pearse World Nomads


I went to Europe for nearly 12 months and I thought the price was pretty reasonable. Good price, secure - happy
Didn't fill my emails with marketing!
No issues wiht them

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Questions & Answers

Hi I'm Hanum, a Malaysian. I'm going to Australia for holiday while pregnant. My question is am I eligible to buy World Nomads travel insurance? Does the World Nomads cover pregnancy complication? Thank you.
No answers

I need to file a claim, and I need a password tom proceed. Will you please notify me with a password? Barbara Moore ID 622070
1 answer
Hi Barbara, Just to make sure I'm resetting the correct password on the correct account, could you please send me a quick email on help@worldnomads.com? Looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah World Nomads

Hello, I am Sumeet Gupta, an Indian passport holder. Have moved to UK on 17th Feb 2018 along with my family and living here since then. Now i am a resident of UK, and planning a trip to Europe which will start and end in UK. Need a travel insurance for my Schengen Visa but most of insurance companies does not provide insurance to people moved to UK recently (before 6 months). Can I buy Nomad policy as UK resident?
1 answer
Hi Sumeet, Thanks very much for you question. In order to take a policy as a UK resident, you need to be able to fulfil the resident requirements outlined here: https://helpdesk.worldnomads.com/customer/en_gb/portal/articles/2403556-travel-insurance-what-is-my-country-of-residence-?b_id=12919 Note, you can switch between Indian and UK resident to see which suits you. We don't have the 6 month rule, you just need to fulfil that requirement. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

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