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Got paid eventually

I had to provide A LOT of information and proof, it took many weeks but eventually I did receive some money for my claim. Not all of it but enough to have justified the time spent. Make sure you keep as many of your travel documents and receipts as possible. I think I did okay compared to some of the reviews I have read here. I was surprised to receive a good response. One woman even called me on the phone to chat one day about my claim which was a pleasant surprise! I think they are fair but like all insurance companies expect to work for it.

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Hi Carly, I'm glad everything went smoothly for your claim. Depending on the type of claim submitted, certain docs are needed. However, I'll pass this back onto our claims department to see what we can do to make this easier for everyone when making a claim. Thank you for your feedback and sharing your story with the travel community. All the best, Sarah - World Nomads

Slightly adventurous trip for older couple

We travelled to Borneo to see Orang-utans in the jungle & also the caves at Mulu. Caught a train from Bangkok to Butterworth, then to KL & finally down to Singapore finishing up with family in Australia & then home.

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Definitely satisfied and do reccomend

For all travelers like me, I'd like to spend a few words on a travel insurance I I signed up for when I started my trip in August 2013. World Nomads.
I had only used it once for a dentist treatment and their speed in refunding me was pretty fast and without too many questions.
Then I ended up having breathing problems and went to a hospital in Bangkok. Many expensive exams were necessary and I was hospitalized for a week it is one of the best hospitals in the world. They did require letters from the hospital in advance before they would guarantee the direct payment, but everything went perfectly. I guess they covered over 2000 Euros costs in one week.
I was diagnosed lung cancer and had to return back to my home country (Italy) to be cured.
On my way back they said they wouldn't refund the return ticket as they are a travel insurance and usually people return from their travels with their own money.
But they did refund the upgrade to Business class which was more expensive than the ticket itself.
Overall I am very satisfied with their service and efficiency and speed and I do recommend them for long trips.

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Hi Melchiorre Thank you for your feedback which is greatly appreciated.It is always nice to hear when the emergency assistance team have done a great job and are recognised and also that your while claims experience was such a postive one. On behalf of World Nomads we wish you all the best with the treatment you need and hope that the outcome will be a positive one so you can get back on the road and back to your adventures around the world. Kellie Customer Experience Specialist

Will recommend

We had to make two claims with World Nomads after our recent trip to Europe, one for personal belongings and one for rental vehicle excess after a car accident. We would have no hesitation in using them again or recommending them to family and friends. We didn´t get everything back that we claimed for because our valuables weren´t covered from the theft (out of a rental car) but it was a fair settlement. We weren´t sure if the car rental admin fees or trip interruption costs would be covered, for example, but they were. All of the World Nomads staff we had contact with were professional, courteous and helpful. We dealt with one claims officer the whole time who was very understanding and reasonable, and put a lot of effort into processing our claim. All in all, out of the worst holiday experience we´ve had, we were very relieved we had the insurance cover and glad we´d gone with World Nomads.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Libby Thank you for taking the time to write such great feedback and we are so pleased that our staff were there for you when you needed them most and your experience with them was so positive. It sounds like your trip was quite traumatic in one way or another and we do hope things have settled down now. All the best and thank you once again. Best wishes Kellie Customer Experience Specialist

Claiming stolen item was quick and stress free. very happy

I had my phone stolen the day before my birthday whilst at dinner in the south of France. I was away on holiday the next day and wasn't able to claim for well over a week later. I was emailed back the very next day and informed of what papers i would need to complete the claim. Once i sent these in Nomads were quick and informing, i would also like to mention the reps i spoke with via email. Very polite, helpful and exactly what you need when these sort of things come up. They confirmed with me within 2 weeks that my claim was successful and that i would be covered and with an acceptable amount. I will be using again and recommending to my friends fellow and travellers in the future.

thanks alot
quick responses, informative and very helpful

Insurance claim madeYes
I'm not sure, there were people next to us and originally I thought one of them may have picked it up accidentally but I'm bit sure. Someone could have swiped it walking past I guess. It was to my right on the tableFor others reading this...World Nomads offers policies to residents in over 140 countries. Depending on where you are from in the world, the policy benefits, coverage amounts and policy conditions will vary. This is because different insurers are used depending on where you are from. For example, a resident of Australia or New Zealand will be covered by a policy that is considerably different to the policy available to residents of Europe or North America. In the above example, James had a policy that was different to the policy that covered 'CL' as they are residents of different countries. Thus, the policy conditions were different and James had his claim paid out. It is so important to read the policy wording so you know exactly what your policy can cover and can not cover and under what circumstances. This way, if you know exactly how your policy works, you can avoid disappointment. Kellie Customer Experience Specialist Worldnomads.comHi James ...and thank you so much for writing about your positive claims experience and for your kind words about our wonderful claims team. Having your phone stolen is not much fun, especially just before your birthday but we are pleased that your claim was sorted so efficiently. All the best and safe travels Kellie Customer Experience Specialist


Took out comprehensive travel insurance with Suresave for a five and a half week trip to the USA. A week before we were due to leave I tore the quadriceps in my left leg which required surgery to repair and had to cancel the trip. Took a while to get together all the required paperwork which I submitted on 15/11/2013 and the final settlement was provided on 3/12/2013. Everything I claimed was paid, just waiting now for taxes to be refunded on the airfares which will be provided by Qantas. All in all a very pleasant result.
Value for money

Insurance claim madeYes
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I just want to mention that I did not take this insurance policy out through World Nomads but through the travel agent I booked the majority of my trip with.


My family have travelled with Nomads and have not only found them to be good value, but have had no problems with their claims. Many other insurance companies also require for you to be in the country of origin when taking out a policy, but Nomads has made it easy to apply from anywhere in the world. We have found them simple to use and understand.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Nessa, Thank you so much for your comments. It's great to hear your positive feedback about making a claim and we're so pleased that you found it easy to apply for cover while travelling. Your 4 star rating really means a lot! Thanks. Safe travels, Katrina

Claim was smooth

I forgot to buy my travel insurance when I went overseas. When I arrived at my destination, I tried to buy it online but realized from the find print that the insurance from TID and SCI was only valid if I had purchased the insurance prior to leaving Australia.

Thankfully, I found World Nomads who could offer me the travel insurance even though I was already embarked on my overseas holidays. I'm glad I bought the insurance because on the last week of my holiday I sprained my back badly and had to see a physio, chiro and a accupressure masseur to get it fixed.

I collected all the receipts except for the masseur which i forgot. Worldnomads refunded me the cash quite quickly but there was an excess fee of $100 and of course not for the masseur because of the lack of a receipt.

But they also allowed me to claim for $30 off the taxi fare. My main gripe about WD is that they calculate the trip by the week and not per day. So if you have a trip which only lasts 8 days for example - you still have to purchase a 2 week (14 days) insurance policy. I find that annoying.
Smooth, easy, polite to claim for medical expenses
Weekly insurance

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Yauming Thanks for your feedback and for choosing World Nomads. So pleased to hear you had such a good experience with your claim. We love being able to offer insurance to travellers after they leave home - it's one of the things that set us apart from other providers. We're also in the process of upgrading our website so you can just buy the cover for the days you need, so stay tuned! Thanks again - hope we can help next time you travel too. Kind regards, Katrina Greeves WorldNomads.com

Awesome Deals

It's good to know that when you have no idea what you will need cover for and estimate a ball park figure of a cost that blows the roof off, that World Nomads meets your every need. Extra cover for personal belongings which believe it or not when you've been in the situation it can be of great assistance. Cost effective, multiple covers, a willing to work with you needs or requests and very easy to access.
Cost effective, covers a range of different things, easily accessible.
Some categories are marked as "included" but no price value is shown.

Insurance claim madeNo

fantastic company

I was really impressed by worldnomad in terms of their quick response to my emails and also providing really good advice. Thanks to the worldnomad team for making sure issues that came about during my holiday were sorted out quickly and easily. I would use worldnomad again for my next travel adventure
Quick responses to my email. Providing refunds.

Insurance claim madeYes

Easy and honest

I'm 13 and I am going to Canada skiing in December unaccompanied, my mother was shocked at the price of most policies that covered skiing but relieved to find World Nomads. It seems like the most reasonable and most friendly provider, the web site was easy to navigate and cool. I hope I won't need it but it's good to have!
Ttrustworthy, inexpensive,

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Birdi, thanks for the feedback. We're really pleased you and your mum liked our policy. Have an amazing trip skiing in Canada - the snow reports are looking good! Stay safe on the slopes. Katrina

Great when i was already travelling

I've bought insurance from World Nomads a few times before. It was the only insurance I found that I could buy after I had already left on my trip. It covers me for what I want and lets me add extra items like laptop and camera. I've never had to make a claim so far (touch wood!)
you can get it even though you are already away, covers you for what you need
bit expensive

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Sally - thanks for taking the time to tell us what you think of our plans. Glad to hear you like the upgrade for your laptop and camera. It's true, we might not be the cheapest out there, but we do give you the flexibility to buy what you want, when you want (even if you've left home) and buy more cover while travelling it so you can extend your trip and travel as long as you want. Safe travels. Katrina.

Simple and easy!

Haven't had to make a claim, however buying insurance (on several occasions) was very easy, especially as you can use these guys no matter where you are, where you're going, or where you are from! It was easy to navigate the website, and the advisory sections were interesting and helpful.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Nelle - so pleased to hear that you found our website easy and helpful. Thanks for the great feedback. Safe travels. Katrina

Simple, fast, and great price

When I was moving to Dhaka, Bangladesh to live for 6 months, it was a hectic time, and I completely forgot to get travel insurance. Two weeks after being in Dhaka it hit me that I didn't have insurance, so I got myself online and started searching! Every site I came to was very limited in what it could offer me as a traveller who had already started his journey. Then World Nomad was recommended to me and answered all my prayers. It was easy to find exactly what I was looking for on their site and even easier to make the decision to buy insurance from them.
Easy to navigate site, great prices.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi - thanks so much for your great feedback. We totally appreciate that sometimes travel insurance is the last thing on your mind, so we're really pleased our insurers can help you out. Hope you had a great time in Bangladesh. Thanks again, Katrina

For the young & young at heart.

Simple, easy & value for money. I no longer bother looking at other insurance companies, when I travel as I know that the price will be low enough to be worth taking out travel insurance, instead of "risking it" by not insuring because the cost is too much. The travel information available from the Nomads site is great & very useful. I have never had any problem with getting good cover that I need.
Easy to get what I need online without hassles or high cost.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Steve - thanks for the review. So pleased to hear you've been happy with what we offer. Safe travels.

Excellent prices!

World Nomad's prices are excellent and it's good that one can extend coverage while still overseas. It would be good if they could change their program so one could change residence location while still using the same email address (I signed up while I was working in Switzerland but I'm now back in Australia.
Price and ability to extend policy while overseas
It would be good if they could change their program so one could change residence location while still using the same email address (I signed up while I was working in Switzerland but I'm now back in Australia.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Marianne - thanks for the great comments - we're working on making our membership more flexible for this very reason. Happy to help with your current membership and set it up if you're having troubles. Send me a message to Katrina(at)worldnomads.com, with your membership details and preferred email address . Thanks again - Katrina

Insurance on the go...

My first time insuring with WN but so far so good. Such and easy to use website and the only affordable travel insurance I have found which will insure you after you have left your country of residence - and extend the insurance of the go. Ultimate flexibility and much appreciated for budget travelers who like to keep their options open until the last moment! Thank you WN, I would recommend them.
Extend insurance on the move
individual item limit rather low

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Heidi - thanks for the recommendation. Glad we could help you out if you're currently travelling. Safe trip. Katrina

Very helpful staff

I have used World Nomads twice and each time have been happy with their service. After my last trip to South America I had to make a claim which was handled quickly and efficiently.
This trip to London, once again the staff were very helpful in resolving an issue I had to deal with.
I would have no hesitation in recommending WN to anyone wishing to travel.
Reliable, quick response to situations

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi - Thanks so much for your recommendation. You've made our Friday! Safe travels.


I haven't had to make a claim yet (touch wood!) but I've heard World Nomads is good. They offer good coverage and are cheaper than all the alternatives I've looked in to.
Cheap compared to others and covers everything the other companies do and what I need. Quick transaction.
nothing yet!

Insurance claim madeNo


They offer a competitively priced insurance package that really works for people who like to travel for an extended period of time. It's the only company I know of where travel insurance can be purchased after you've left your country of origin/destination - this has been very useful for me.
easy to use & book online. Love the fact that you can apply for insurance if you've already left home. Fast response to questions online, helpful staff. Reminder notices about when your insurance expires
It's not possible to update all your information online. In fact I am now registered with two different countries of residency as I was unable to delete the first membership....not sure how that will work if I need to be repatriated!

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

Hi I'm Hanum, a Malaysian. I'm going to Australia for holiday while pregnant. My question is am I eligible to buy World Nomads travel insurance? Does the World Nomads cover pregnancy complication? Thank you.
No answers

I need to file a claim, and I need a password tom proceed. Will you please notify me with a password? Barbara Moore ID 622070
1 answer
Hi Barbara, Just to make sure I'm resetting the correct password on the correct account, could you please send me a quick email on help@worldnomads.com? Looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah World Nomads

Hello, I am Sumeet Gupta, an Indian passport holder. Have moved to UK on 17th Feb 2018 along with my family and living here since then. Now i am a resident of UK, and planning a trip to Europe which will start and end in UK. Need a travel insurance for my Schengen Visa but most of insurance companies does not provide insurance to people moved to UK recently (before 6 months). Can I buy Nomad policy as UK resident?
1 answer
Hi Sumeet, Thanks very much for you question. In order to take a policy as a UK resident, you need to be able to fulfil the resident requirements outlined here: https://helpdesk.worldnomads.com/customer/en_gb/portal/articles/2403556-travel-insurance-what-is-my-country-of-residence-?b_id=12919 Note, you can switch between Indian and UK resident to see which suits you. We don't have the 6 month rule, you just need to fulfil that requirement. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

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