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This company is very reluctant to honor a claim. Their online form is very restrictive and you must be very careful to read the fine print. A bag containing my medication disappeared and I was not sure exactly when it went missing...at the hotel I departed in the morning or when my bags were being taken to my room at the next hotel. I called WorldNomads and the lady told me to go to a doctor for a prescription and then to send them the receipts. I followed her instructions and then filled out the online claim form. There was no provision to add any attachments. I assumed that they would get back to me asking for them. Instead I received an email saying that they refused my claim. I was told to call someone at an insurance company called 'Cerberus' which appears to be the real insurance company behind WorldNomads. The 'supervisor' told me that they would not be honoring the claim because the bag had to be 'damaged' or 'stolen'...not 'lost'. I got the feeling that they will use any tactic to avoid paying a claim. I have been traveling a lot over the past 20 years for my work. That was the first time I used these people and I would never use them again.

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Hi MC I'm sorry to hear about your claim issue and how it has made you feel. The policy available to Australian and New Zealand residents does have an exclusion whereby there is no cover for 'accidental loss' of personal items and this is stated in the policy wording. Theft and damage (under specific circumstances) is covered however. If you would like me to follow this up, could you please email help@worldnomads.com with your name and policy number so I can investigate and discuss your case with the claims team for clarity. Thanks and regards Kellie - Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

Extremely Disappointed. $2,000 claimed and only $48 offered.

My wife and I had a disaster of a vacation. On our way to Nepal, a plane crashed and completely shut down the airport! This happened on 3/4/15 - the very day we were supposed to fly in. What terrible luck right?

As a result, we were stranded in Kunming, China for 3 nights and 4 days. It was a horrible experience. We were stuck in a dingy hotel with people smoking in the hallways. Everyday we returned to the airport, only to find that our flight was cancelled yet again. So we would return to our sketchy hotel with no wi-fi.

Our airline refused to re-route our flight. They told us to contact our booking agent. Our booking agent told us they couldn't help, only the airline could. So both companies blamed the other and we received zero help. The only option was to WAIT in China for an unknown amount of days or even weeks until the kathmandu airport re-opened.

Our vacation was dwindling away and we didn't want to be stuck in China for one more second let alone another week. So finally AFTER FOUR DAYS of stress and sickness, we gave in. We bought new plane tickets and completely re-routed our vacation.

We turned to World Nomads, hoping they would be our safety net. Well after a month and a half of phone calls, emails, receipts, documents, and waiting around for a decision (and then for an appeal decision) we are still out of luck. We claimed over $2,000 worth of expenses. World Nomads only offered $48 of assistance.

The most frustrating part is - they said our circumstances did not qualify as a "trip interruption"! I understand that they have to stick to the policies, but it felt ridiculous. What my wife and I experienced was most certainly a trip interruption. If it wasn't, I don't know what is. But because it didn't fit perfectly into the policy, we received absolutely 0 help for all of the costly plane tickets that it took to re-route our vacation.

I had hoped World Nomads travel insurance would be different than other insurance carriers, as their online presence and website portrays them to be. I definitely will not be using their services again.

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Drugged and robbed...no coverage despite police report

On a sleeper bus from Nah Trang to Saigon I was drugged and slept for 7 hours straight, and was shakey and off-balance all day. During my drug induced sleep my phone, wallet, and contents, as well as my headphones were stolen. After going through the hassle of dealing with corrupt police in Vietnam, I was contacted by World Nomads after a week. Your claim was denied as "my stuff was not actively monitored, supervised or stored away". Ehhh they stole the phone from my pocket, the headphones from my EARS and the wallet from my backpack which was in between my legs. I am terribly sorry but I wonder why I even have travel insurance if it does not cover me being drugged and robbed. Thanks World Nomads you portray yourself exactly as any other insurance company.

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Hi Roel. On behalf of World Nomads I am sorry that your claims experience was not as you expected. Your policy , underwritten by Bupa Global ( not Lloyds who underwrite the Australian policy) does have specific conditions applied where the theft of belongings occurs as you are aware and it is unfortunate that your situation was not covered due to a number of factors as per the policy exclusions. You are of course welcome to request a reveiw of your claim with the complaints team at travel-complaints@ihi-bupa.com. I will also send this feedback to the relevant department so that they can investigate your case. Kind regards Kellie Customer Experience SpecialistGood afternoon Kellie, Thank you for your feedback. I am well aware of the appeal process and have submitted it unsuccessful on the same basis. This is not a case of policy and fine print but interpretation of definitions. I certainly understand the decision. Is it ethical or conform social code expected from travel insurance? Highly doubtful. Just my two cents...do with that what you want. A generic reply which I've seen commented to other cases is not going to change my opinion or review. Kind regards, Roel van Ark

Stay away from World Nomads!

Apparently, theft from your checked-in luggage is not covered as it is 'unattended'. It also seems that they are able to avoid paying a claim by defining items as 'valuables', which they do not cover without an additional premium. Unfortunately for us, that definition is left to World Nomads so could include anything.

I had high hopes for World Nomads, but they refused my claim when my sunnies were stolen from my luggage en-route from Bangkok to Kathmandu via Mumbai. Sadly they are just another profit driven insurance company and are not interested in being fair to their customers.

Happy travels!

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Hi Mzungu Phil, Thanks for taking the time to write us a review. I'm sorry to hear that your sunnies were stolen from your luggage en-route from Bangkok to Kathmandu via Mumbai. If you'd like me to look further into this for you to ensure that all processes were followed correctly, please email me at help@worldnomads.com with both your full name and policy number. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.Readers may be interested to know that I replied to Matt at World Nomads and informed him that I Would like to take him up in his offer to review my claim. That was 3 weeks ago and I have heard nothing back. While it may appear that they take criticism seriously by posting a response to my review, there is no substance to it. It does however reiterate my warning over the quality of service you can expect from World Nomads.Hi Mzungu Phil, Thanks for your follow up post. Unfortunately there was an error with the help@worldnomads.com email address which has since been fixed. We take customer service very seriously at World Nomads and I am very sorry about the delay in addressing your concern which you emailed to me. I am looking into this for you as a priority and will reply to the email which you sent to me and which I have now thankfully received. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

No meal refund at all

The worst insurance ever not only every claim got an excess of $100 but in case of illness not even a meal allowance or a bottle of water just hospital food! What about the other family members expect to be out of pocket with this insurance!

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Hi Shade. The policy has never covered meal expenses for family members who travel to or are already with a family member who is covered by the policy and who is hospitalised. A meal is part of any normal expense whether travelling or not so such expenses have never been covered and are not mentioned anywhere in the policy benefits or policy wording. Not every claim has the excess applied as it is not applicable to some policy benefits. Kind regards Kellie Customer Experience Specialist Exactly- I wish you could have explained to me when I rang instead, you are lurking forums... Please, I am not interested in your comments anymore I was when I rang so please refrain yourself from replying.

One star is one star too many!!

I took out a policy with World Nomads as I was going to an area that was isolated and needed the reassurance of emergency evacuation if things went wrong. I had used them in the past, but never needed any assistance during those trips. I received a serious injury to my foot while surfing in Indonesia. I knew as soon as it occurred that I was in need of urgent medical assistance. My friend phoned the assistance line for me as I was in no state to do so. They were of little help and advised us that it was best if I made my own way to the nearest hospital. This was six hours away, so I organised my own transport to get there.

Upon my arrival, the hospital had not even been notified that I would be coming (they did have 6 hours to do this and knew what hospital I was going to!!) Once again, more phone calls were made in attempt to get World Nomads to help me. It wasn't until I forked out my own money that I received an X-ray. It came back as a lisfranc fracture/ dislocation which required immediate surgery.Even after receiving this information, World Nomads gave me the run around. I had to once again pay up my money before anything would happen. It ended up being 10 hours before I received any pain killers for my injury and only because I payed up.

Following surgery in a third world country, I just wanted to get home. Here the trouble started again. It took my sister in excess of 10 phone calls to get anything happening. At one point my sister was told that my accident didn't warrant repatriation because it was only a dislocated toe. I now have major surgery coming up in Australia with pins, plates and screws; not to mention a 12 month recovery.

After multiple calls between London and Australia, all of a sudden they were worried about my health and the risk of DVT if I was flown out. Their suggestion was another 2-3 days in hospital (my guess is that they could then get me on a cheap economy flight home). Finally flights were granted for later in the day, but my sister had to fight so hard to make it happen.

I've been home now for two weeks waiting for swelling to subside before further surgery. I put forward my complaints to World Nomads, who told me that this was not the way they generally ran their business. I was promised a phone call back following investigation into my complaint. That was due a week ago and I still haven't heard back from them. No surprise really, given the care I've been given so far.

Never again! Find yourself another insurer because World Nomads will not help you!!
Website sold their product well
Emergency evacuation promoted but not provided, service providers giving clients the run around while in emergency situation, rude care providers, World Nomads don't know the Countries they are offering insurance to, failure to follow through on promises during and after injury.

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Hello BB, I am so sorry that you have been so unhappy with the service you have received. This is certainly not the experience we expect for our travellers (or your family). Please send me confirmation of your policy number and I will investigate your case as a priority. You can reach me by email katrina (at) worldnomads.com. Katrina Greeves WorldNomads.com

Absolutely atrocious customer service

After dislocating and breaking my shoulder and damaging my rotator cuff in Australia, I began to submit a claim status for my injuries. The customer service was absolutely horrible - the after hours help line for their American subsidiary/partner, TripMate, was useless. They couldn't provide any information or help. Their emergency line hung up on me when I asked who I could contact regarding questions about the claims forum as well. Rude & incompetent staff, not to mention that their online claim process isn't even online. They require you to print out numerous forms, assume international call costs, and provide non existent customer service during hours reasonable for someone living in Australia. It's like they've designed it to deter people from having the patience to actually submit a claim. It's pretty crappy having to wake up at ungodly hours with serious injuries just to get hung up on by some rude woman who doesn't feel like doing her job.

Would not ever recommend this company again. Unprofessional, poorly organized, and overly complicated claims process.

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Hi Spencer, I'm sorry to hear that you broke your shoulder in Australia. We take your feedback very seriously. The last thing we want for our travelers is a bad customer service experience, especially when it comes to claiming. Can you please send me your policy details to help@worlnomads.com, so that I can speak to Trip Mate management? All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.Update: 6 weeks later, I haven't seen a dime. 10k+ in impending bills for surgery, ambulance, hospital, physio, etc. World Nomads subsidiary, Trip Mates is quite literally a hive of villainy, and I don't use that phrase lightly. Half of the time I call I get put on hold for 20 minutes until it automatically disconnects me, while the other half I'm hung up on. Their claims process is equally inefficient and horrendous. It took me 5 weeks for a person to even reply to my claims, despite World Nomads claiming to address them in 10. Trip Mates said it takes 30 days maximum - so both companies failed in their ability to adequately respond. In addition, upon finally receiving a response from Trip Mate, I was told that they cannot "verify my residency", despite the fact that I'm a US citizen (excuse me?). Apparently their logic is that because I received an Australian work visa in Canada (Australia being where I am now, and where I was injured) that I'm therefor "maybe not a US resident". Please, explain how that's possible - my tax return and all official documents disagree. Another equally absurd and shameless action - upon asking for my itinerary to Australia (one month before I even purchased World Nomads insurance), they managed to find a $4.80 surcharge for flight cancellation protection a month before my policy was purchased. They're actually having me "prove" that this one day, expired, completely irrelevant insurance policy doesn't cover my present medical expenses (hint, the only insurance that would cover me is the insurance you were supposed to provide). Basically, I'm apparently not a US resident despite my passport sitting here in front of me, and despite my bank statement and driver's license. It's absolutely disgusting for humans to treat each other like this. I will, like many others in these comments, most likely resort to legal action. Meanwhile, I'll sit here thousands of dollars in debt unable to work, telling every single person I know how disgraceful and unethical this is. Having your entire 1 year abroad in Australia go down the drain because your travel insurance refuses to pay up, thus leaving you injured, broke and in debt, and essentially stranded, is a rough situation. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. And guess what? World Nomads and Trip Mates will lose money. When you've worked at 5 hostels, have a big social outreach, and have been to 50+ countries, travel insurance comes up in conversation A LOT. Hopefully I can prevent enough money from reaching this company just by telling people not to purchase it, and then I can in some small regard do something to protest this situation and right a wrong.

Very Frustrating

In all fairness, my complaint isn't completely directed at WN, it's more directed at their Canadian insurance partner Travel Guard/AIG. To begin with, the only policy I could get as a Canadian at the start of our trip had far less coverage than my Australian boyfriend. I was shocked to hear that he could pay for several upgrades that were completely non-existent. This is due to the insurance companies in each country so either WN needs a MUCH better partner, or Canada needs some MUCH better insurance companies.

When I first used WN on a trip to Australia, they were very quick in processing my minor Doctor's visit and medication fees, I received my $63 with relatively little fuss. This time though...
About a week after I had submitted my claim (for an $83 doctor visit) through the WN website and mailed all the original paperwork and forms as directed by their website, I had no less than three emails from three different people at Travel Guard/AIG all requesting the same info I had sent plus a few other completely redundant forms and information...with no one actually confirming that they had received anything from me. I took the time from my vacation to sort through all the attachments and match it to what I had sent only to find out there was actually only ONE form that they now needed. I explained that I was no longer near a printer and could not give them their requested claim form immediately. I also lodged a complaint with WN about the unprofessionalism of this email flurry...

To which I received three more emails from Travel Guard/AIG: One from my actual analyst, again requesting all the same duplicate and redundant info; one from what I assumed to be a manager, apologizing; and another from a random person who didn't sign their name but explained they were in the call centre and sometimes they replied to emails...Talk about a sh*t show.

Now for the final straw: I am finally able to access a printer and while I'm in the middle of writing an email to my analyst, letting them know the form will be mailed soon, I received an email from him/her stressing that this was (oh my god!) their THIRD request for this information. Really?? I wonder how much time they think I've spent trying to do their job and filter through the crap to find out what they ACTUALLY need from me in addition to running around trying to find a printer?? Much more than three emails worth, I can tell you.

Really appalling customer service and I may just be looking for different options the next time I need travel insurance.

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Hi Claire I really am sorry to hear of your negative experiences with the claims team based in Canada who deal with the policies for Canadian residents. I did forward your message on to the claims team in Canada so they could assess the processes used when a claim is submitted as I can understand your frustration.I was advised that you were sent an email from the claims department on April 20th and that your claim cannot proceed until certain documents are signed by you and returned. I am sorry that this is so frustrating and do hope that things will now get sorted once the requested documentation is received. Kind regards Kellie Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads SydneyHi Kellie, Yes, I had received multiple "form" emails (no personalized emails of course, that's too much work) from Terri, my claims analyst, none of which answered my question of whether or not he'd received the Claim Form A he had asked me to complete...Australia post is notoriously slow. The last email I got as of May 4th still didn't answer this question however it did seem to be actually written by a person and surprise, surprise, there is yet ANOTHER form that needs to be completed. And of course I have no access to a printer yet again. I would strongly suggest to you that as a rep of WN you speak with Travel Guard/AIG regarding their terrible customer service as it unfortunately reflects on your company. This could have all been a much smoother process if they had taken the time to write a personal email, acknowledging the receipt of and taking into account the info I had already sent them when I first submitted my claim and only attaching the forms they had subsequently needed all in ONE email. If this had been done, this entire two month ridiculous process would've taken a total of two emails and two postal mailings. It's a huge waste of time and effort for a measly $86 but it makes one wonder if that is, in fact, the intent.

A complete waste of $700

World Nomads is a joke. I have no idea how they have so many positive reviews?! I went backpacking in SE Asia for 6 months- bought the more expensive package bc I was going to be scuba diving. I fell ill twice- once with typhoid and once with a blood infection. I called in first thing from Cambodia to make sure that I had everything necessary for a claim. I was told to get receipts- that's it. Then in the Philippines, my phone and iPad were broken by our jeepney driver. I immediately contacted WN again to find out what was needed- I was told documentation of items (pics that they were broken) and documentation of cost. I even sent pics from the Philippines that showed it happened while I was there, and they couldn't claim it happened upon return. My pics of my iPad had the date displayed on the iPad. When I got home and started to file, I saw that I needed a whole lot more documentation Pathan what was told to me. So, I spent many hours printing out my bank statements, travel itinerary, and getting a form signed that said my iPhone was not repairable. I was told I'd hear back 7-10 days later--- they did not say business days. Almost 2 weeks later, I was told I provided insufficient information for both claims and that they needed a report from the jeepney driver in the Philippines that the electronics were broken by its employees. It also said I had to provide proof of medical insurance, when I already stated on the form that I did not have insurance! I don't know if anyone has been to the Philippines, but requesting a loss report from the jeepney company is a joke! He works for himself and does not speak English. There is no company. When I explained this to my claims rep Kathy- she said to get a report from the "resort"- hello! I'm a backpacker. I stayed in a hut on the beach with locals who also did not speak English let alone have a reception desk or anyone who would type up a loss report. Again, none of this was asked for when I called in from the Philippines. In my reply, I sent a picture of the actual jeepney to show how basic it is and clearly does not work for any company. I also sent Kathy the name of my last doctor I had seen when I did have insurance, per her request. I received word today that my electronics claim is denied, because there is no report! A. I couldn't get one and B. When I asked what I needed, I was never told to get one or I would have hunted someone, anyone, down to write one up or at least sign it for me. Case closed- no reimbursement. For the health claim, I was told they needed the name of my last doctor- which I sent to Kathy and even got a response from her, but they said they never received. This is truly a nightmare . I am moving to Cambodia next month and will not only not use World Nomads, but will literally warn any traveler I come across (which will be a lot bc I am working in a guest house). Shame on you, World Nomads. I basically handed over $700 to you for nothing.

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Lying, cheating claims department

After my rental car was broken into during the day in France I did everything right. Reported it to Police, contacted the insurer and submitted my claim when I got home.

I was required to pay for a translator to translate the police report into English otherwise they wouldn't accept the claim.

After several weeks I was informed that I couldn't claim the loss of my passports or high value items as they do not cover for those items stolen from cars. They gave me a measly few hundred dollars for the clothes that were stolen and wouldn't pay the rest of the claim.

When I pointed out the Policy refers to 'non-daylight hours' they said there was another clause excluding high value items and passports at ANY TIME.

The Policy document is 68 pages long and the clause they rely on is two lines long. The policy effectively covers nothing and is inconsistent with itself.

What is the point of insurance when you do everything right, pay huge fees and ask for help in an emergency?
You get nothing.

Do not insure yourselves with this company

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Hi Ben, While the policy document is 68 pages long, all of the baggage cover in the Australian policy is listed across 6 pages. These pages also include including tables. The reason why the tables are there is to try and make the cover as clear as we can. When it comes to high value items and travel documents, there are a few reasons why we have an exclusion around these items and cars. However, the main one is because cars are easy to break into, and those items are usually the prime target for thieves. If you want me to look into anything about your claim to ensure that it's in line with the policy, please email me at help@worldnomads.com. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Exasperating and futile attempts to communicate when making a claim.

I developed high altitude sickness at a course given at 12,000 feet in Ladakh, India and needed to fly immediately to a lower elevation to recover. In Delhi I made my claim because I could not return to the 10 day course I paid for and had only been there 2 days. The TripMate website that WorldNomads uses for claims quickly demonstrated that there was no intention to sincerely communicate with me. Questions and answers from the TripMate 'agents' did not demonstrate any knowledge of my case; they were generic questions that were asked over and over again. I answered over and over again but never felt that any individual was actually helping me or that any effort was made to read the information packet I sent them which contained all of the requested receipts and letters to back up my claim. NEVER did anyone call me; NEVER was I able to contact an agent in person though I spent hours on a phone line trying to contact a person. TripMate handles claims only using email; very controlled without direct contact with a person. The agents names-first name only- change with every question posted.

My husband was fully reimbursed as my traveling partner within 2 weeks of making his claim using a different trip insurance company. I would never recommend this company and am writing this review to steer others away from making the mistake I did. ABSOLUTELY NO to TripMate/World Nomads.

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How is a car’s trunk not separate from the passenger compartment?

Do not waste your Money and Time!

The higher price that World Nomads charges for its policies, compared with other insurers, leads people to believe that World Nomads offers wider coverage than other insurers; however, it does not. Even basic coverage, such as stolen items, is not offered through this insurance, for what I view as ridiculous reasons (I asked for valid reasons and an explanation for my lack of coverage, but the company provided nothing beyond their own vaguely worded policy descriptions. I now regret not having read the numerous negative reviews of World Nomads’ service that I later found.

During our trip, we parked our (locked) rental car in a pay parking lot, with our luggage locked in the trunk. Thieves smashed the car’s windows and took our luggage from the trunk by pulling down the back seats. We provided photographic proof, a police report, and a receipt from the parking lot. However, the company told us: “Since your baggage was not in a baggage compartment separate from the passenger compartment, we will not be able to meet your request for compensation”.

How is a car’s trunk not separate from the passenger compartment? Where else would we put our luggage, then?

I have since read a number of reviews related to stolen items during travel and could only a handful of claims being rejected (no damage on the car). However, I was able to find a significant number of cases where similar claims were covered.

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Hi Sara, Thanks for providing such extensive feedback and I'm sorry to hear thieves smashed your car windows. So that I can walk over to the claims department and get further info on your claim, can you please email me at help@worldnomads.com with your full name and policy number? All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Don't buy it if you want to cover your valuables

When my car got broken into on a road trip in the US and all my bags were stolen, I had comforted myself with the fact that I had bought travel insurance and it would all be covered. I had purchased World Nomads for all of my travel for years up to this point and this was my first claim, and I thought the years of loyalty would be paid off. Unfortunately, this was far from the case. I filed a claim (with photos, a police report, and list of stolen items) and it got rejected because according to the fine print in the policy, all valuables must be kept "within reach and view at all times". I appealed the decision and it was rejected again. I filed an objection with their lawyers (a free process if you get this far), and again it was rejected. I'm currently filing a complaint with the ombudsman but have little hope for this to succeed.

Although their insurance is relatively inexpensive, unless you sleep with your eyes open, cradling your valuables in your arms, don't buy this insurance if you wish for your valuables to be covered. I surely will never be buying this insurance again.

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Hi Natasha, Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your car was broken into and that the claims outcome was not what you were expecting - particularly as you're a loyal Nomad. For Australian policies, unfortunately there is an exclusion for claims arising from the theft of laptops and cash whilst left unsupervised in a motorised vehicle at any time. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Worst travel insurance excess on every claims

I was misleading With the layout of the page and took the more expensive option thinking I choose the one with no excess none of my medical claims were taken all fall under the excess waste of time...

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Soraya. I am sorry to hear that you felt mislead by the page layout as this is never our intention. If you let me know what country you are from (email help@worldnomads,com with these details) we'll look into this to see what can be improved to avoid such confusion in the future. The policy excess is applied per event so had your medical expenses come to more than the excess amount for the one medical condition then this would have been claimable. Kind regards Kellie World Nomads Customer Experience SpecialistThank you, I did let you know, and it still the same! No change... Also, everyone should read the tiny prints as the food is not included in case of an emergency, only the hospital one, so if one family member is sick- expect to pay for food because its not covered for the rest of the family.Hi Soraya. You are absolutely right in that everyone should read the small print and we always ask that you do before buying a policy (we even ask you to tick a box to say you have read it before you can buy the policy). This way, when you buy a policy you know exactly what is and isn't covered so there are no disappointments. I am sorry that you are upset that food for family members was not covered by the policy. This is not mentioned anywhere in the list of policy benefits or in the policy wording as a covered expense! Kind regards Kellie Customer Experience Specialist

Unethical company, read the very small letters of your policy

While traveling through Europe with my wife, our passports were stolen from the room. A week was spent dealing with our hosts, the police and the embassy - making us lose our pre booked trip through Spain.

A few months later, we were very surprised to discover that World Nomads travel insurance didn't cover the kind of theft that happened to us.

According to the World Nomads travel insurance policy, a passport is considered stolen only if the thieves did enough collateral damage while stealing it. A Passport is considered damaged only if its damaged by nothing less than a natural disaster. And its considered lost only if there is another company responsible for the loss, so there will be someone else to pay the claim.

On their web site World Nomads are quick to promise: "If your passport is stolen, lost or damaged while on your travels overseas, there’s cover to claim for the replacement costs to get you back on the road and back to your adventures" http://service.worldnomads.com/customer/portal/articles/962317--my-passport-s-been-stolen-lost but when you read the fine print, you discover that in reality their policy applies for less than 5% of the stolen/lost/damaged cases.

How convenient. If thats not unethical conduct, I don't know what is

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Hi Pasha Thanks for your feedback and I am sorry to hear that your passports were stolen under these circumstances and that you are less than satisfied with the outcome to your claim. We have tried to make the conditions of cover as clear as possible by relaying information in articles in the 'Help Desk' section of our website, one of which is the the very article you refer to. The information that follows the first sentence of this article as you have quoted is the following: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stolen? There’s cover if your passport has been stolen from your person (ie while you were carrying it) or when supervised and within your reach and view at all times. You’ll need to show visible evidence of damage and forced entry to support your claim if your passport has been stolen from any of the following: a locked safe, locked safety box or locked compartment (which is out of public view and public access) or your private, locked accommodation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, you are welcome to request a review of your claim. All you will need to do is email your policy number to help@worldnomads.com with a request for a claim review and we can pass this on to the relevant department who will contact you. Kind regards Kellie Customer Experience Specialist

Bad company, a disgrace do not waste your money!

My daughter had a skiing accident in Canada and was carried off the mountain.Nomads deemed that her injury was not an emergency, so refused to cover her,although she could not walk. The policy we purchased, actually used snow boarding as an example for sale of the policy,have a fall on the mountain we have got you covered! I looked at policy detail,no where did it say you had to be dying. So a major ACL injury the refused and chose not cover even when ad's and even in the fine print it stated this is included, as portrayed themselves as a snow boarders one stop cover,however it is only when go to the second company, difficult to access,however these companies on sell their policy to. Lloyd's is the insurance underwritter for them,or others they chose from, this excursion is put in print and states the cover injures.This is so poor form!
I contacted the CEO and asked him if he would like his child left in agony and no surgery. He agreed to do an MRI,they stated that the do not pay for anything,like this as you must be dying and anything the pay for must be for an emergency.the MRI showed major damage and surgery was required.she had to get to London which was hard,no help given to get there,but had a friend was in London, to at least care for her whilst we arranged major surgery with nomads I behind the scenes was trying to get this claim accepted,went to a lawyer,who felt we had a case but it would take time and money. When we asked them to arrange it,the refused saying they were considering it but said now she was in the uk they don't have to and said she can access the NHS in the uk and not insurance. This would take at least 2years plus. Even though a specialist said if the surgery was left the knee's recovery and long term function would be poor if left. I promise you the ads all said knee injures were covered,small print as well,it was just when you look at the 2nd underwriter you see any variance but it still said she was covered. The company was hard to contact and David the case manager took weeks to come back,so terrible. If I could sue them I would for the trauma this caused. we bought her home at our expense$ 5,000. Nothing back from Nomads.we did everything by the book,it then took 6 months to get the 800 for the MRI back,lots of email,time put in, a lot pain.paid top dollar for nothing.
please do not risk these people

The will do anything not to payout

Insurance claim madeYes
Dear Concerned Mother From all of us at World Nomads, we are very sorry to hear about your daughter's injury and your concerns about the level of service you received during this traumatic time. This is certainly not the experience we expect for our travellers. So we can conduct a full review of your daughters case, can you please write to us directly to help@worldnomads.com, confirming your daughter's policy number and any other details you wish to share relating to her case. This will allow us to verify the details of your daughter's case, escalate your concerns with the underwriter involved and also contact you directly with additional information (as we will not share any personal details here in a public forum). Kind regards, Kellie WorldNomads.com help@worldnomads.com For others reading this: We work with 5 insurers around the world and all of the plans are different, depending on your country of residence. There is cover within these policies for emergency medical treatment for sudden and serious, accidental injuries/illnesses, which cannot wait until your return home. Medical repatriation coverage is usually available for serious illness/injuries where medically required when you're unable to continue travelling (or if you die). In both cases, treatment overseas and repatriation must be agreed as medically necessary by the underwriter's medical director and covered under the terms of the policy you buy. Also, travel insurance is not designed to offer coverage once you return home to replace private or national health cover in your usual country of residence/citizenship. Please read your policy terms and conditions carefully for full details, including the limits and exclusions to cover for full details. If in doubt: please ask us.This is concerned mother, Nomads is trying to imply that my daughter wanted treatment when she returned home, or that she did not have the right cover. I work in injury insurance, so no,this is NOT about having chosen the wrong cover,this is about insurance doing everything to get out of paying for what people have paid for. The cover chosen was appropriate,expensive, so do not think this is about us not buying the right cover. I have the policy,emails and medical report and the emergency team that carried my girl off the mountain,then emails where slowly they ensured they walked away,without any mortality to a young girl in trouble providing no cover,in what she paid for. She was in agony in the Canada they made sure that they did avoid any form of help, taking days to reply to emails,calls and requests for surgery was needed,then and there. Surgery asked for in Canada,USA, that is what they refused over there! I kept hundreds of emails I sent begging two people who held her pain in their hands,these being to the CEO Chris and David the claims person,that treated us so badly.that is what the true is. Emails to prove proof above Nomads trying twice to get away with this claim!

Policy wording creates a policy that does not cover anything!

First, before my trip even started, I noticed my policy ended two days before my trip was to be over. I called and asked for my policy to be extended because they do not allow you to edit your policy until it starts...

That makes no sense! I called and talked to a lady that told me that she would extend my policy for me. Anyways, I left for my trip and was trekking in Southern Chile. While in trekking around, they called and left me a message telling me that I needed to extend my policy online. Well, I didn't get this message until the end of my trip and I was under the assumption that they extended my policy!

The day before I flew home, my hostel informed me that they were going to fumigate the hostel and we would be unable to enter the hostel between 10am to 2pm. My flight was leaving at 10pm and so I left early in the morning and explored the city of Santiago knowing that I could head back to the hostel around 2pm to grab my bags and head towards the Airport with plenty of time to spare.

Well, the hostel locked us out until about 6:30pm and by this time, I had very little time to grab my bags and get to the airport. I ended up missing my flight.

After arriving home, I heard the voice mail that the World Nomads left. They told me that I needed to extend my policy online, which was Completely different then what the lady on the phone said. This caused hours of frustrating phone calls. They told me that they would get back to me with-in a couple of days, but would end up calling me about a week later, sometimes longer!

One conversations I had with one of the employees was unbelievable, she told me to change the dates on when I missed my flight. This is very suspicious. She wanted me to falsify my claim to make it invalid!

They ended up accepting to extend those days because they did misinform me (this took several weeks and several rude employees that doubted my claim). However, they then told me that I would have to pay for their mistake!

In the end they didn't even cover my missed flight even though it was completely out of my control. Digging deeper into their policy wording, this company really does not cover anything realistic. Their policy makes it seem like they cover a lot but when you read the wording they exclude everything or they limit it to a Very few extreme cases.

Being an international traveler and having a major in tourism, I will make it a mission to spread the word about this company. They are not a trustworthy company and they have bad ethics!

Unethical, misleading policy wording, horrible customer service, untimely

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Jcking, I am really sorry to hear that your experience with your policy was not up to the standards you expected. Firstly, regarding the confusion over the extension of your policy: This is certainly not the service we expect for our travellers, so please send me an email confirming your policy details and I will arrange a reimbursement for the extra days you had to pay. You can reach me on katrina (at) worldnomads.com. Secondly, travel insurance is not made to cover everything, and the policy you bought never provided the cover you expected for travel delays/missed flights (even if your policy had been extended for the dates you needed). We always review the policy coverage our insurers provide and launch new plans when we know travellers want certain cover. For example, we're about to launch some new plans for Australians and New Zealanders on February 14, which provide more cover for cancellation and interruption due to certain events that happen while travelling. The policy wording always contains all the details on what's covered and not covered and any limits which may apply. For everyone else reading this: you should read the policy wording carefully before you buy a policy, so you know if it suits you and all the things that may happen. That way there are no surprises if you need to use it. Send me a message and any other details you'd like to share about the service you received, and I can escalate this to our management team. Best regards, Katrina Greeves Product Marketing Manager WorldNomads.com katrina (at) worldnomads.com

Very poor, stay away

Easy to sign up, impossible to discuss a claim. No response to email after 8 days. Hopeless, rip off, stay away

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Rob, Thanks for reaching out. I've checked the inbox and can see that all emails are under 24 hours. Can you please send your email through to help@worldnomads.com? All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.Matt, 9 days, no reply. check 23.06. sorry. nothing here. It's just been a rubbish experience and talk of depriciating my lost items.

Did not cover flight cancellation due to fine print

My flight for tomorrow got cancelled by the airline for operational reasons. Not my fault. The airline couldn’t provide another flight the same day, so will give me a refund, and I have now booked a different flight. However I’m out of pocket by $450aud as the new flight was more expensive. World Nomads said they won’t cover as they say it’s the airlines fault and they should provide me with an alternative flight (which they did but it was a whole day later, so too late for me to fly). They will only cover me if the flight is cancelled due to reasons outside of the airlines control (eg hijack/ weather). Overall, not paying out when needed really sums up my view of insurance companies. Only positive is that the lady on the phone was nice and I did speak to someone quickly.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Mkss, Sorry to hear that the airline cancelled your flight. If you want me to look at the outcome of your claim to ensure that it's in line with the policy, flick an email through to help@worldnomads.com with your policy details and I'll get on to it. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist.

Don't expect support when you need it!

Purchased the Explorer plan (Most Expensive) and when I had a Injury and had to go to 2 different hospitals (very poor one available on the village in and big one after in the city) there was no support before or after the claim. The insurance always asked me to pay up front and never helped with any support (either information on where to go or how to proceed). I spent more than 400 Eur between Doctor Appointment fees and transportation to go on the city and do the necessary exams. When you presented the exhausting list of documents required they ask you 2 weeks to analyse the case and with good lawyers find a way to interpret the insurance contract and escape from paying anything.
In my case they told: I did not get their prior approval for traveling to a better hospital in the city.
Although I reported the accident and told them I was in a Indonesian Island with a very poor hospital (smaller then a house) with no equipment and might need to do exams in a bigger hospital.
The insurance replied: We hope you feel better and please pay up front and make the claim after on our web site form.
I would like to mention I did send pictures bleeding a lot on my chest and later medical reports about the dislocated shoulder injury together with all the paper work requested on the exhausting Online Claim section of the World Nomads.
Totally a Scam!!!!!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Filipe, Can you please email your details through to help@worldnomads.com so I can look into this for you? All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

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Hi I'm Hanum, a Malaysian. I'm going to Australia for holiday while pregnant. My question is am I eligible to buy World Nomads travel insurance? Does the World Nomads cover pregnancy complication? Thank you.
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I need to file a claim, and I need a password tom proceed. Will you please notify me with a password? Barbara Moore ID 622070
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Hi Barbara, Just to make sure I'm resetting the correct password on the correct account, could you please send me a quick email on help@worldnomads.com? Looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah World Nomads

Hello, I am Sumeet Gupta, an Indian passport holder. Have moved to UK on 17th Feb 2018 along with my family and living here since then. Now i am a resident of UK, and planning a trip to Europe which will start and end in UK. Need a travel insurance for my Schengen Visa but most of insurance companies does not provide insurance to people moved to UK recently (before 6 months). Can I buy Nomad policy as UK resident?
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Hi Sumeet, Thanks very much for you question. In order to take a policy as a UK resident, you need to be able to fulfil the resident requirements outlined here: https://helpdesk.worldnomads.com/customer/en_gb/portal/articles/2403556-travel-insurance-what-is-my-country-of-residence-?b_id=12919 Note, you can switch between Indian and UK resident to see which suits you. We don't have the 6 month rule, you just need to fulfil that requirement. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

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