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World Nomads
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Never again will I use this company - waste of time and $$

Our Qanatas flight was delayed and we missed our transfers - World nomads wouldn’t accept our claim despite advertising being covered for out of pocket expenses due to delays. Never again will I use this company - waste of time and $$

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult
Insurance TypeSingle Trip
Claim Made:No

Insurance claim-not

Lost a whole lot of stuff overseas trusting that I had insurance. Took them 2 weeks to respond saying I hadn’t notified the right authorities in time to attempt a claim. They weren’t very helpful at all. Can see where they get a bad rep from. Would not recommend.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult
Claim Made:Yes
Type of ClaimLost/Stolen Property
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim ApprovedNo

Avoid it at all cost

Do not I repeat, do not spend money on the "insurance." Save yourself precious time headaches and finances. I purchased around a dozen times their travel insurance and only I did one claim (which obviously was not covered).. Once I claimed a delay baggage etc and they found anyway possible not to pay anything as advertised. This time I had a very bad accident, mauled by a monkey in Oct 2018. I sent receipts etc already six times and still being emailed back telling me either they don’t see it, they don’t understand the pic is unclear etc etc. The time and energy wasted is beyond unprofessional. Also they saved a lot of money because, as we all know in many developing countries, you can’t have receipts so the claim is a partial claim. I will never ever purchase insurance and worse yet, I will tell my many students studying abroad not to do it and I will definitely spread my story. Complete misrepresentation of the service they are all about marketing and young folks sponsored by this company LONELY PLANET you shold do your research (I am a researcher) and see the real reviews

Insurance claim madeYes

Phony travel insurers. Stay away for your own safety.


This company does not pay out on its claims. It is a false and fraudulent travel insurer.

They won't outright say "we won't pay you", because that would be illegal. Instead they:
* have a website with a massively long claim process
* the website barely works
* it keeps timing out in the middle of the claim process
* the claim process asks for mountains of details and paperwork that are unrelated to the claim (such as regarding accomodation and travel details, even when you're just making a small medical claim), takes over 2 hours to enter even a simple claim
* after you finally manage to submit the claim, they'll then email you asking for even more pages of paperwork which are impossible to fill in (such as asking for a report from your "family doctor", even when you state you don't have one, and even though such a person would be in another country and have nothing to do with a simple claim)

My claim was only between $100 and $200. Imagine how they'd treat you if it was something more serious? They'd probably stonewall you until you died in the hospital bed, so they don't have to pay out.

You'd be safer not having any insurance than buying their "insurance", since then at least you wouldn't be lulled into a false sense of security.

The directors of this company should be put on trial. Read the other reviews. It is unbelievable their company is still in business.


Insurance claim madeYes

Appalling and unprofessional

Only once and this will be the last time. Almost 6 weeks and still no resolution to a simple claim. If I could click no stars I would. Next time I shall go with icover who were excellent for travel insurance on a previous trip

Insurance claim madeYes


I had travel insurance organised with World Nomads for 1 year and 5 months, and luckily I didn't have to make any claims, so didn't have any issues as the initial process for signing up and giving them your money is streamlined. Until you need actual service is when you're wasting your time.

When the year and a half was almost up I wanted to buy an additional policy as I continued travelling, and asked if I could receive a small discount as I was on a tight budget and had already paid huge amounts to travel with them and was yet to claim. They obliged, however at the checkout I did not apply the discount, so contacted them on the same day asking if I could please amend it. They said they were unable to, so I asked to please cancel the insurance that I had booked the day prior. From here on in they proceeded to ignore my emails. I sent a follow up email 5 days later, no response. I emailed again 4 days later and they told me they didn't receive my other emails which I have clear records of, and sent screenshots of to confirm. This email was then also ignored. I sent another TWO follow up emails, and no reply. They left me completely in the dark. I was unable to call off my phone at the time and they provide only one email contact, so I was unable to reach them any other way while they blatantly ignored my emails.

Over this time I was asking to cancel the new insurance, I was also still covered by the previous policy I had bought from them as they overlapped. It could have been a simple process where the new policy was cancelled within the cooling off period, and I re-bought with the loyalty code. However the company had complete lack of care or accountability, and happily ignored my emails until I finally gave up.

When customers are travelling they should be able to rely on the insurance company for small administrative tasks. If they are unable to do this I can't imagine if you were in actual trouble and needed to claim or seek help while travelling.

I was planning to email this complaint directly now that I am back home, however realised it probably wouldn't be replied to anyway, and that they would take more accountability on a public platform.

I will never be using World Nomads again, and will ensure friends and family are warned to stay far away. Do not waste your time or money.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Anna, I'm sorry to hear of your recent experience with getting in touch with us whilst you were travelling, I hope you still managed to have a great trip regardless. I'd like to look into this further for you, so when you have a moment, could you please email me your policy number to me at help@worldnomads.com? All the best, Sarah World Nomads

Explorer doesnt cover what you would expect. Never using them again.

Airline (air france, never using them again either) failed to get me to my destination of tokyo for a ski tour. Stranded in charles degaulle airport without my luggage (they lost that too) for 16 hours. No hotel provided by air france. I gave up and flew home after being awake for over 36 hours.

Tried claiming for a trip cancellation- they said ‘nope, you’d left your country of origin’. I’d made it as far as my connecting airport.... that’s it. Then tried claiming for trip abandonment (i was going to miss my rendezvous with the tour and no snowboard gear means little point in carrying on). But I couldn’t claim for trip abandonment once i’d started my journey.

There is no provision for cover (even explorer cover) for the loss of gear that precludes the point of the trip in the first place. Marketed as for ‘explorers’, if the airline loses your ski, snowboard, scuba, surf gear etc what are you supposed to do? Rent gear in the backwoods of northern Honshu? Replace gear worth thousands in a foreign country with the hope you might be able to claim it back? You can’t claim for the total loss of the trip despite not having the gear needed for said trip.

I lost over £2k through this sham of ‘explorer cover’. Don’t do the same. Make provisions, do your research.

Insurance claim madeYes

Lack of integrity

I tried to resolve this in the most amicable way possible but their tone to me was just condescending and unempathetic. I can't even begin to imagine what would happen if I needed to make a claim with them.

My birthday was not captured correctly and I contacted World Nomads immediately to amend it. They could not do it and required that I cancel and repurchase the policy. I declined and said I wanted my money back because the process was too convoluted.

By the time they had a definite answer from the underwriters, my trip has concluded. In their email to me, they mentioned that I "have not been insured correctly" for my trip. And in their explanation to me regarding why they did not want to refund me, they said, "Policy WNAUS18518521 would have provided cover for your trip, and in the event of a claim, we would have reserved the right to obtain the additional premium from you for your correct age."

How shocking is this lack of integrity? My premium was less than $100 but it wasn't the lost of money which was disappointing but the sheer lack of empathy from them. I am disgusted.

It is true that little people will find it hard to get just recourse from big companies, but hopefully this review will shed some light on some of the issues which might arise if one chooses to go with them. Caveat emptor and safe travels

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi I.L, Thanks for your feedback on your recent experience. I apologise for the run-around you were given when trying to amend your DOB - we don't want to make things difficult when they don't have to be. I'll take a look into this process to make sure we're making this seamless and traveller focused. If you need anything further, please email me on help@worldnomads.com and I'll be happy to assist. All the best, Sarah World NomadsNo need for platitudes on social media if there is no sincerity to rectify. Simply posting your email address isn’t sufficient in this day and age but I wish your company all the best. If this lack of empathy persists, the rating will reflect that truth.

Save yourself!

I made the mistake of relying on travel bloggers' recommendations for travel insurance and not reading these reviews prior to purchasing. My experience has been similar to most of the 1-2 star reviews.

The original claim form only requested medical receipts, which I submitted May 29th. On June 14th, I received an email requesting more documentation. Had I known this information was needed, I would have submitted it with my original claim form instead of wasting two weeks waiting for the request. I responded to the email with all documentation on the 18th. On the 24th, I noticed my claim status online still reflected that they requested information and I had 21 days to respond, so I emailed back asking for confirmation that they received the info and asking for an approximate date that my claim will be processed.

By July 2nd, no one had responded to my emails so I attempted to call. I waited on hold for a long time (collecting international call fees) and could not even use their call back feature since I had an international number. I finally gave up and sent yet another email. Realizing this email address probably won't bother responding, I forwarded the email to another address I found online. The next day, I received an automated email stating the documentation I submitted had been received. What?? Where was it this whole time??

Today, July 6th, I receive an email (finally from a human) stating the attachments were not successfully sent in my email. Well yes, because I forwarded my original email to another address in hopes that someone would respond. I didn't realize the email address requesting the documents wouldn't bother sending the information to the email address that actually processes those documents.

So 5 weeks later, I have barely managed to get someone to ask me for my documentation again. All backpackers out there probably know what it would feel like to have no clue when/if a $2000+ claim will be processed. To add insult to injury, my travel insurance was going to expire soon after I originally submitted my claim, so I purchased another 3-month policy not knowing how terrible the experience was going to be. I don't know if I should be angry that I wasted more money on World Nomads, or hope I don't have another incident that I have to claim through them.

Update: it’s now July 27th, I had already submitted the last of what they requested from me, and I received an email stating I needed to resubmit my attachments. I was hoping to give them a chance and update my review, but I feel like I need to chop off the hand I got surgery on and mail it in to get just a tad bit closer to getting my claim processed.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolute Scam for Adventure Sports, AVOID

Although their Explorer policy appears to be the best travel insurance for adventure sports like back country skiing or snowboarding the moment you try and make a claim you realize that they are a complete scam.

I had to get helicopter rescued in Switzerland as I was stuck at the top of a 300 foot cliff, but they didn't pay as I didn't have a medical condition at the time of rescue. I was at risk of dying if I moved any direction, however as my leg was not broken I was not covered. I had thought this was the exact type of situation I was buying Explorer coverage for?!

Also, I had a trip cancelation due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances out of my control and they also did not cover this although I provided all documentation.

It sucks because I had purchased World Nomads many times before and I thought this was the best insurance for my travels and sporting interests.

I started to realize it was probably a scam when I was attempting to navigate their member's portal on their website. It seems to be intentionally buggy, requires you to login multiples times, the claim section is somewhat hidden, and then a lot of claims can't be made online anyhow. Even when you call them they can't look up your policy by being given your policy number. What?!

It really sucks that the difference between their website and sign-up process is so different to when you actually have to make a claim. If buy special adventure travel insurance for backcountry snowboarding and needs to be rescued literally to avoid death but it doesn't cover, why not just buy regular travel insurance?

Although their marketing makes them seem like the best choice for adventure activities they'll do their best to avoid paying any claims.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very poor, stay away

Easy to sign up, impossible to discuss a claim. No response to email after 8 days. Hopeless, rip off, stay away

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Rob, Thanks for reaching out. I've checked the inbox and can see that all emails are under 24 hours. Can you please send your email through to help@worldnomads.com? All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.Matt, 9 days, no reply. check 23.06. sorry. nothing here. It's just been a rubbish experience and talk of depriciating my lost items.

Don't expect support when you need it!

Purchased the Explorer plan (Most Expensive) and when I had a Injury and had to go to 2 different hospitals (very poor one available on the village in and big one after in the city) there was no support before or after the claim. The insurance always asked me to pay up front and never helped with any support (either information on where to go or how to proceed). I spent more than 400 Eur between Doctor Appointment fees and transportation to go on the city and do the necessary exams. When you presented the exhausting list of documents required they ask you 2 weeks to analyse the case and with good lawyers find a way to interpret the insurance contract and escape from paying anything.
In my case they told: I did not get their prior approval for traveling to a better hospital in the city.
Although I reported the accident and told them I was in a Indonesian Island with a very poor hospital (smaller then a house) with no equipment and might need to do exams in a bigger hospital.
The insurance replied: We hope you feel better and please pay up front and make the claim after on our web site form.
I would like to mention I did send pictures bleeding a lot on my chest and later medical reports about the dislocated shoulder injury together with all the paper work requested on the exhausting Online Claim section of the World Nomads.
Totally a Scam!!!!!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Filipe, Can you please email your details through to help@worldnomads.com so I can look into this for you? All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.


Claim form online extremely hard and annoying to fill up. Emergency number not working. I was on a car accident and found out they are not covering anything. Not even sunglasses for some funny reason? The first and the last time.

Insurance claim madeYes

Avoid at all costs

Pulling teeth is easier than making a claim with this company. From a terrible website that sends you through numerous dead ends when attempting to make a claim to a communications department that will make every attempt to ignore you and your claim. I have been absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of World Nomads and will never insure through them again.

Insurance claim madeYes

Lying, cheating claims department

After my rental car was broken into during the day in France I did everything right. Reported it to Police, contacted the insurer and submitted my claim when I got home.

I was required to pay for a translator to translate the police report into English otherwise they wouldn't accept the claim.

After several weeks I was informed that I couldn't claim the loss of my passports or high value items as they do not cover for those items stolen from cars. They gave me a measly few hundred dollars for the clothes that were stolen and wouldn't pay the rest of the claim.

When I pointed out the Policy refers to 'non-daylight hours' they said there was another clause excluding high value items and passports at ANY TIME.

The Policy document is 68 pages long and the clause they rely on is two lines long. The policy effectively covers nothing and is inconsistent with itself.

What is the point of insurance when you do everything right, pay huge fees and ask for help in an emergency?
You get nothing.

Do not insure yourselves with this company

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Ben, While the policy document is 68 pages long, all of the baggage cover in the Australian policy is listed across 6 pages. These pages also include including tables. The reason why the tables are there is to try and make the cover as clear as we can. When it comes to high value items and travel documents, there are a few reasons why we have an exclusion around these items and cars. However, the main one is because cars are easy to break into, and those items are usually the prime target for thieves. If you want me to look into anything about your claim to ensure that it's in line with the policy, please email me at help@worldnomads.com. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Absolutely atrocious customer service

After dislocating and breaking my shoulder and damaging my rotator cuff in Australia, I began to submit a claim status for my injuries. The customer service was absolutely horrible - the after hours help line for their American subsidiary/partner, TripMate, was useless. They couldn't provide any information or help. Their emergency line hung up on me when I asked who I could contact regarding questions about the claims forum as well. Rude & incompetent staff, not to mention that their online claim process isn't even online. They require you to print out numerous forms, assume international call costs, and provide non existent customer service during hours reasonable for someone living in Australia. It's like they've designed it to deter people from having the patience to actually submit a claim. It's pretty crappy having to wake up at ungodly hours with serious injuries just to get hung up on by some rude woman who doesn't feel like doing her job.

Would not ever recommend this company again. Unprofessional, poorly organized, and overly complicated claims process.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Spencer, I'm sorry to hear that you broke your shoulder in Australia. We take your feedback very seriously. The last thing we want for our travelers is a bad customer service experience, especially when it comes to claiming. Can you please send me your policy details to help@worlnomads.com, so that I can speak to Trip Mate management? All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.Update: 6 weeks later, I haven't seen a dime. 10k+ in impending bills for surgery, ambulance, hospital, physio, etc. World Nomads subsidiary, Trip Mates is quite literally a hive of villainy, and I don't use that phrase lightly. Half of the time I call I get put on hold for 20 minutes until it automatically disconnects me, while the other half I'm hung up on. Their claims process is equally inefficient and horrendous. It took me 5 weeks for a person to even reply to my claims, despite World Nomads claiming to address them in 10. Trip Mates said it takes 30 days maximum - so both companies failed in their ability to adequately respond. In addition, upon finally receiving a response from Trip Mate, I was told that they cannot "verify my residency", despite the fact that I'm a US citizen (excuse me?). Apparently their logic is that because I received an Australian work visa in Canada (Australia being where I am now, and where I was injured) that I'm therefor "maybe not a US resident". Please, explain how that's possible - my tax return and all official documents disagree. Another equally absurd and shameless action - upon asking for my itinerary to Australia (one month before I even purchased World Nomads insurance), they managed to find a $4.80 surcharge for flight cancellation protection a month before my policy was purchased. They're actually having me "prove" that this one day, expired, completely irrelevant insurance policy doesn't cover my present medical expenses (hint, the only insurance that would cover me is the insurance you were supposed to provide). Basically, I'm apparently not a US resident despite my passport sitting here in front of me, and despite my bank statement and driver's license. It's absolutely disgusting for humans to treat each other like this. I will, like many others in these comments, most likely resort to legal action. Meanwhile, I'll sit here thousands of dollars in debt unable to work, telling every single person I know how disgraceful and unethical this is. Having your entire 1 year abroad in Australia go down the drain because your travel insurance refuses to pay up, thus leaving you injured, broke and in debt, and essentially stranded, is a rough situation. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. And guess what? World Nomads and Trip Mates will lose money. When you've worked at 5 hostels, have a big social outreach, and have been to 50+ countries, travel insurance comes up in conversation A LOT. Hopefully I can prevent enough money from reaching this company just by telling people not to purchase it, and then I can in some small regard do something to protest this situation and right a wrong.

Phone got stolen and they say it's not covered

I used this company for over a year and only made a few medical claims, but a week before my trip ended, my bag which had my phone, credit card, and other ID in it was stolen on the beach in Barcelona. I was in the water but my friends were on the beach watching over our stuff and it was still stolen - they say they can't pay my claim because it wasn't being supervised, but it clearly was. Am I supposed to bring my belongings with me into the water every time I go to the beach or a pool? They keep telling me that it wasn't supervised, when I've made it very clear that it was. I made a police report in Barcelona and have all the receipts and documents showing what was stolen. This is ridiculous, people get travel insurance for situations like just this. I won't be using this company again if they can't even protect my belongings when they get stolen. My laptop also got damaged because someone spilt water on it and they won't do anything about that because "mechanical malfunctions" aren't covered, even though it isn't just a random malfunction but a result of damage. I'm so exhausted trying to talk to this company and explain my situation as I always get the same response back and no help at all.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi PaigeH, Thanks for getting in touch. Can you please send your policy number and details to help@worldnomads.com, and I'll look further into your claim to see what options you have. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

I won't use them again

Don't choose world nomads. They would not even refund me the remainder of my travel insurance when part way through a working holiday my travel companion/girlfriend had a family emergency. It was her immediate family and she was very upset. Most companies will refund a remainder of insurance if you cancel trip part way through for emergency. Insurance should help you in these unfortunate situations and usually does. But when I submitted a claim they gave me no money, not even refund for remainder of policy. My girlfriend's company had refund policy no questions asked. Please choose another company.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Andrew, We've replied to your other two reviews. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

Exasperating and futile attempts to communicate when making a claim.

I developed high altitude sickness at a course given at 12,000 feet in Ladakh, India and needed to fly immediately to a lower elevation to recover. In Delhi I made my claim because I could not return to the 10 day course I paid for and had only been there 2 days. The TripMate website that WorldNomads uses for claims quickly demonstrated that there was no intention to sincerely communicate with me. Questions and answers from the TripMate 'agents' did not demonstrate any knowledge of my case; they were generic questions that were asked over and over again. I answered over and over again but never felt that any individual was actually helping me or that any effort was made to read the information packet I sent them which contained all of the requested receipts and letters to back up my claim. NEVER did anyone call me; NEVER was I able to contact an agent in person though I spent hours on a phone line trying to contact a person. TripMate handles claims only using email; very controlled without direct contact with a person. The agents names-first name only- change with every question posted.

My husband was fully reimbursed as my traveling partner within 2 weeks of making his claim using a different trip insurance company. I would never recommend this company and am writing this review to steer others away from making the mistake I did. ABSOLUTELY NO to TripMate/World Nomads.

Insurance claim madeYes

Scam! They won't even acknowledge our claim

To whom it may concern,

It's been over 3 weeks since we filed our claim and no one has been in touch with us. We called trip mate USA and they gave us a fake email when we asked where to send our additional information. I have purchased this insurance more than once and recommended it to so many friends, yet this is the first time I actually need it and it seems like a huge scam.
Acknowledge your customers!! We will be posting this message as a review of your deserving one star, also will recommend everyone who is still on the roads to call their CC and cancel their insurance because it's non existent.

Here are pictures of documents you required a NOMAD to have while traveling in the middle of nowhere. RIDICULOUS!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Fiona, I've responded to your other review and will continue to email you. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads.

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Hi I'm Hanum, a Malaysian. I'm going to Australia for holiday while pregnant. My question is am I eligible to buy World Nomads travel insurance? Does the World Nomads cover pregnancy complication? Thank you.
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I need to file a claim, and I need a password tom proceed. Will you please notify me with a password? Barbara Moore ID 622070
1 answer
Hi Barbara, Just to make sure I'm resetting the correct password on the correct account, could you please send me a quick email on help@worldnomads.com? Looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah World Nomads

Hello, I am Sumeet Gupta, an Indian passport holder. Have moved to UK on 17th Feb 2018 along with my family and living here since then. Now i am a resident of UK, and planning a trip to Europe which will start and end in UK. Need a travel insurance for my Schengen Visa but most of insurance companies does not provide insurance to people moved to UK recently (before 6 months). Can I buy Nomad policy as UK resident?
1 answer
Hi Sumeet, Thanks very much for you question. In order to take a policy as a UK resident, you need to be able to fulfil the resident requirements outlined here: https://helpdesk.worldnomads.com/customer/en_gb/portal/articles/2403556-travel-insurance-what-is-my-country-of-residence-?b_id=12919 Note, you can switch between Indian and UK resident to see which suits you. We don't have the 6 month rule, you just need to fulfil that requirement. All the best, Matt Customer Experience Specialist World Nomads

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