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I sent mobile money to Ghana from Latvia, the first transaction was completed and the reciever had the money in account, the second was also completed but my reciever didnt get the money , its past 12 hours now... Why?
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My boyfriend send me money last Sunday and till today i still get nothing from worldremit. Why? Sender receive number is 402905xx
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Is it true that World Remit cannot be used by businesses?
1 answer
Hello Andres, It depends on the specific country you will be sending the money from. Please let us what country you will be initiating the transfer from so we can give you an answer. Kind regards, Worldremit

How long does it take for a transfer from Canada to Nigeria takes to reflect?
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Hi Logan, Most bank account transfers to Nigeria are completed within one working day. If your transaction is taking additional time, please contact our customer care team by phone or email with your transaction number and we can investigate further. Best, WorldRemit

What happened if I don't get a refund back after 3 working days?
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Hi Wilson, Please make sure to contact your bank if you do not receive your refund in 3 working days. If you need further assistance after that, please fees free to email or call us. Kind regards, Worldremit

I have writen a wrong last name to my recipent and she couldnt pick up the money, how can i correct the name and get a new transaction number to her?
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Hi Hassan, We cannot take beneficiary change requests through this platform. Can you please send an email to customerservice@worldremit.com from the email that's linked to your account or call us at our toll-free number for urgent assistance. We're open 24/7. https://www.worldremit.com/en/contact-us Kind regards, WorldRemit

How can I change my card number as I am with a different bank now and in a different state?
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Hello Patrick, To edit your card details, you need to get to the payment screen and click on "Update" on the card number. On the next screen, you will be given the option to delete you card or update your card. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Kind regards, Worldremit

My funds on my wallet already debited. I havent receive any confirmation. I click debit say { 0} missing what does mean? What i need to do
1 answer
Hello Ansley, We would love to look into this for you. Please contact us and provide your customer number so that we would be able to check into your account regarding your concern. You may contact us from your email registered on your account or call us. We hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Please I sent money to Ghana through MTN not knowing the number has been ported to Vodafone. The transaction is completed but after checking with both networks, none of them have it in thier system. But the same person has another MTN number on mobile money. Can you help me update the receipt's Mobile Money number? Or what are the possible options?
1 answer
Hello Edward, Thank you for question, if the funds have been sent to a wallet number that is not active the funds should return accordingly. We would like to look into this further and contact you directly to have this resolved. May you please provide your WorldRemit customer ID number or send us and email to customerservice@worldremit.com. Regards, WorldRemit

Money was sent to me by my friend Derrick from USA into my account in Nigeria but I'm not still seeing it and there's a message to show that the money is there. Any help?
1 answer
Hi Blessing. For security reasons we can only discuss transactions with the sender. Please consult your sender if you have any queries and they can contact us directly for further information if there are still questions. Best wishes, WorldRemit

A friend sent money to my account on the 22nd but I've not seen it in my account but theres a message saying the money was sent. Any help?
1 answer
Hi Blessing, For security reasons we can only discuss transactions with the sender. Please consult your sender if you have any queries and they can contact us directly for further information if there are still questions. Best wishes, WorldRemit

Why is my account disabled? How do l get it working again please and thankyou
1 answer
Hi Jam, Please provide your case or account number and we will contact you to discuss this further. Alternatively please give us a call. We're open 24/7. Best wishes, WorldRemit

What's the meaning of case number?
1 answer
Hi John D., Thanks for your question. When you contact us via email we send you an individual case number. We use this to locate and follow up on query you may have. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Good day, My friend from Australia send money to me but still processing since Saturday what could be the problem the number is 38488683 please do get back to me if there is any problem
1 answer
Hi George, For security reasons, we cannot discuss transaction information through Product review, or with the recipient of a transaction. The sender of that transaction will need to call our toll-free number, listed on our website under "Contact Us", or send an email to CustomerService@WorldRemit.com. Kind regards, WorldRemit

I made a transaction but wasn’t successful so I had to call customer care to cancel the transaction then the next day my account was disabled, when will my money be reversed to my account?
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Hi David, Thank you for your question. Standard refunds typically take 2-3 working days but this can also depend on your bank. If you provide us with the transaction number then we can have a look into this further. Many thanks, WorldRemit

Hi. I would like to ask how can i edit my recipients account number?
1 answer
Hello TWN, To edit a recipient, log into your account on our website. Under my account, click on my recipients, then you can simply click on edit my recipient and and you will be able edit your recipient. Kind regards, Worldremit

I sent money to my sister but she not get a SMS what should l do
2 answers
Call customer service, get behind it... or else you might never see that money in your accountHello Sheperd M, May you please either give us a call or drop us an email regarding your query to customersevice@worldremit.com so we may look into this further and contact you directly. Regards, WorldRemit

Hi . I was sent money from America. Then I dropped my phone. I am unable to retrieve the message with the code on it. Please advise how I can get the money out?
1 answer
Hi Tammy, Please have your sender contact us either via phone or at CustomerService@WorldRemit.com We can provide the retrieval code directly to them, and they can provide it to you through whichever communication method you find convenient. Kind Regards, Ben

The person sending money to me misspelled her name And could not have her id verified to credit my account, how can she correct her name?
1 answer
Hello Paul, Thank you for your question. Please have the sender of the funds contact us so we can assist her in correcting her name. Your sender can contact our 24/7 Customer Service via phone or email at: https://www.worldremit.com/en/contact-us Kind Regards, WorldRemit

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