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Shocking service and lack of communication.

Transaction 32888917 and Case Number 07670849.
I sent money at Noon on 11 December to go to Philippines, no response so later that night I waited on the phone for 45+ minutes where I was eventually told my transaction was being reviewed, asked for a Manager, another long wait then eventually told they would ring me back, which they did, both calltakers seemed to be reading a script and said it was being reviewed.
I eventually received an email request seeking personal details which I scanned and sent back immediately, when I again queried what was happening some 33 hours are the money left my bank they told me they hadn't received my emails, I have the email log which shows when they were sent. Unbelievable incompetence. Interestingly they sent a smaller transaction through that was sent 7 hours after this one, apparently only like to hold larger sums of money. How about it WR I would like to hear your response? I did get an email response finally saying they had received the documents and this morning 13/12/18 I received a message saying review was complete but I am still waiting for the money to be released, approaching 48 hours since the money was taken from my account. A request for a manager to ring me this morning was ignored.

After yet another email sent and then a phone call the money was finally paid thanks to a helpful call taker, shame on you WR for how you treat your customers, I have closed my account.

Hello Neil, Thank you for you feedback. We are sorry to hear about your experience. As a highly regulated money transfer company, we do have to perform our due diligence and review all of the transactions that we process. There are times when we need further documentation in order to process a transaction. Our review process is usually very fast but sometimes it could take a little longer than usual. Kind Regards, WorldremitI am quite aware of your due diligence as a financial institution and have no problem with that, my issues as outlined were the lack of communication about the process, the excessive wait times on the phone, the lack of assistance from some call takers, the failure of a manager to ring me when twice requested and the supposed loss of emails with the documents you requested which were sent back immediately. I had used you for quite some time but not any more, I urge people to Google “World Remit Complaints” but don’t fall for the WR site that they control and don’t allow negative feedback.Hello Neil, Thank you for your feedback again. We will contact you to discuss and address all of the concerns you've raised. Kind Regards, Worldremit

Terrible experience stay away from world remit

It’s nearly been a week now money still hasn’t been transferred to India. No one is answering the phone calls. They are not even giving my money back. Stay away from this fraud app.

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Hi Harinder, We're sorry to hear about your poor experience with WorldRemit. We do staff our phones 24/7, and all calls are answered in the order in which they are received. At the time of writing this reply, our wait hold time is 11 minutes and 31 seconds, but if you hang up or disconnect you will go to the back of the line and have to wait again. If you'll provide us with your transaction reference number or email address, we'd be more than happy to have a case manager investigate for you. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Worst customer service Do NOT send money through them. E

The service WorldRemit provides is terrible. I was charged 3 times a transaction and it has been a nightmare to get my money back. After weeks I haven’t received it and the call center is a minimum 30-40 minute wait- EVERY TIME. Do not send your money with WorldRemit.

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Hi Nicolas, We're sorry to hear you had a poor experience with WorldRemit. We'd be more than happy to investigate this for you and have a case manager reach out to you. Can you please provide us with your transaction or customer account number so that we can locate your transaction and reach out to you directly to resolve this to your satisfaction? For your security we aren't able to discuss sensitive financial matters on a public-facing reviews website. Kind Regards, WorldRemit


The most awful company I’ve ever come across I have never ever been this disappointed use worldremit at your own risk

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Hi Ivy. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We're really sorry to hear that you've not had a good experience. Please provide your transaction number or customer number so we can assist you directly. Best wishes, WorldRemit.

Call centre wait times pathetic!!

Trying to get through to the call centre is just plain ridiculous. Wait has been 30mins all the time that I have had to ring in. Review this as it’s a pain and just not worth the wait.

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Hi Skyler, We're sorry to hear you had a poor experience with our call times. As we enter Holiday season, the unfortunate truth is that the wait times will tend to get a little longer. We opened a brand new call center this year just to help keep those wait times low for our customer, and the wait hold time frequently drops into the single digits throughout the day. We're doing everything we can to keep those hold times down, and you're also more than welcome to send us an email at CustomerService@WorldRemit.com! Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Cancell payment


Does anyone know how to cancel a payment.I cant see any option on the website to do that.
I just find it awkward that your payment is deducted 1st then only do you go through the approval process

Hi Jessica, thank you for getting in touch. Our customer service will be happy to assist you with a cancellation - please contact us via email, or if urgent, via call. Unfortunately, we cannot locate your account as no information was provided. We are looking forward to hear back from you. Kind regards, WorldRemithi,please provide me with you contact numberHi Jessica, All of our contact details are available on our website if you go to the Contact Us page. The number you will need to call will depend on the country you are calling from. You can also use the Help and Support option in our App. Hope this helps! Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Kind regards, WorldRemit

World Remit is a Fraudulent organisation.

I have sent money to my mum on the 9/11/2018 and according to World Remit, the transaction failed because the Account number was incorrect.

1.) I called World Remit and explained that this is the same account I have been sending money to in the past and nothing has changed. The first excuse They gave us they no longer send money to the bank. And World Remit tried to refund my money but it didn’t go through because my bank refused transaction and asked me to contact my bank for my money (unbelievable)

2.) World Remit requested for a new bank account to pay the money into. I provided the account as requested yet no money was paid.

3.) I contacted World Remit and I was given another flimsy excuse that I have chosen a wrong account when transferring money to the bank. At this time, there was no mention of the new bank account anymore, so I requested to speak to a manager but a person came on the phone and acted like a supervisor.

4.) I emphasised how disappointing this has been to send money and going through all the stress and requested my money be refunded. I have given them a new account as requested so that the money could refund my money and I was told it will take 2 business working day for the money to be refunded. Now it’s taken 4 business working days and I have not received my money back.

5.) I received email there is a delay and their account department will process my money but I have not received payment and they are requesting to close my case without confirming if I have received my money.

6.) I called World Remit again I was given a fake ARN number to take to my bank for my refund. I went to my bank and my bank checked and confirmed no transaction was made to refund the money and investigated the case. My bank finally confirmed this is a fraudulent transaction and have raised a case with the Bank fraudulent team who have also confirmed this is fraudulent. Bank has confirmed they have flagged World Remit as a fraudulent organisation and all transactions to world Remit would be flagged and withhold.

My bank also confirmed they will raise a case with the Attorney Generals Department in Australia for fraudulent actions and a general notice will be placed on news and to the General Public to avoid transactions with World Remit in Australia.

Finally, Bank fraud department also will be flagging World Remit under the National Banks of Australia as a fraudulent Organisation so that all banks in Australia will withhold any transactions made by unaware Customers.

My next action plan
1.) Going forward with evidence of my transaction. World Remit will be reported to National Fraud Authorities, United Kingdom. Australian criminal intelligence. Ombudsman Australia, Tribunal Uk. and other fraud organisation committee World Remit resides in.

2.) More reviews will be spread on the internet and via News Media about World Remit fraudulent transaction to inform the Population en mass about the fraudulent activities of world remit.

This is an awareness to the general public not to send money via WORLD REMIT!!!

My Australian Bank has raised a Fraudulent case with Australian Federal Government and more actions are in progress.


Hello Ola. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We're really sorry to hear that you've not enjoyed your experience. Please provide your transaction number or customer number so we can look into your case, and get in touch. Best wishes, WorldRemit.I have received my money back just yesterday to the account that World Remit said was rejecting transaction and I have informed my bank to stop all legal proceedings. My bank have however noted this is an intention to fraud as falsified information has been provided initially as my bank has been accused of refusing refund when no refunds have been made by world Remit. Transaction ref: 31596608. Nonetheless, it’s a terrible experience and am sorry I can’t trust World Remit anymore for future transfers.Ola, We are happy to hear that funds have successfully reached your account after being delayed. We have sent an email to your further clarifying the situation. Please accept our apologies, and thank you for using WorldRemit! WorldRemit

Not secure

I used this company to send money for funeral. Because of the hurry, I interchanged the last two numbers. I call them, they say the money was already paid. I thought money is only released when the name and telephone number matches with the one registered. I am very disappointed.

November 26th 2018 Update: Poor security

I am totally disappointed with worldremit. How can you pay money to an account that the name doesn’t match with the person I am sending money. I have requested recall but I am told they can’t. Never ever use this stupid company.

Hi Mimi, If a payment is made to the incorrect details, it is up to the receiving bank to determine what checks they wish to carry out to complete a payment. We understand that mistakes can happen, so we will always do our very best to try and get money back, but we are unable to guarantee it will be possible. Please send a private message with the transaction number so we can contact you directly to help. Kind regards, WorldRemitI don’t understand this. Like any other services I have used,before the money is released to the receiver, the name and the number the sender has written has to match first. If this is how you guys operate, you are the worst service ever. It’s your responsibility to protect your clients. I want my money back.

Don’t trust this thing

It’s a scam, they first get the money, and then “unapproved” your account. Why? Well, they like your money.
Also they said I will get my money back in 3 days, now? 6 days, I have to go through all that dispute lodgement by my bank.
What a terrible experience.

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Hi Adam, Thanks for your feedback, we're sorry you've experienced issues with your account and refund. Please send us a private message with your transaction number so we can locate your details and contact you directly to help. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Shame is taken 12+ days and still nothing!

My Father tried to send me some money to Australia, I had received a text message saying it will shortly be accounted, still nothing my father also received an email, I then tried to speak to customer service and they were telling me in a rude manor we need to speak to the person who sending and threaten by putting the phone down, dose matter who I am a customer and I wanted some assistance. In case of an emergency I wouldn't recommend WorldRemit.

I have sent an email with all my details and bank Details to show whats in my account.

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Hi Mahir, Thank you for your feedback. For security reasons, we are only able to discuss transactions with the senders. For us to assist in checking this transaction, kindly provide the transaction reference number or your father's WorldRemit customer number. Once received, we can locate his account and begin investigating into the case to assist in locating funds. Best regards, WorldRemit

Account Disabled after deducting money from my account

Due to some family emergency I used Worldremit for the first time to send money to India. I registered my account and initiated the transfer as Worldremit promised that the money will be in my Indian account in 1 hour. Immediately after transferring the money, my account was disabled. Now my money is struck and with an emergency situation back home you guys have cheated me. One of the worst money transfer service I have ever come across.

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Thank you for your message Dave. We would like to look into this for you and see if there is anything that we can resolve. If you would like, please let us know what transaction number or account number you are referring to so we can investigate. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Worst service till date

World remit terrible service I have seen in recent times. I have transferred money to Indian account on 1st November, no transaction history, no confirmation email but amount is deducted from my account. What is this ?

When I spoke to customer service each of them are giving different responses. I will definitely not recommend world remit to any of my friends and family members. I want my money back ASAP. Very very terrible service and pathetic customer service.

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Hi Pratheen, Thanks for contacting and we apologize for any inconvenience. We are more than happy to help you resolve your funds. Please reply or send us a private message with your transaction number so we can look into this and assist you. Warm regards, WorldRemit

Worst Money Sending Company.

I Signed Up in order to send just a hundred dollars to Mexico and after I provided all information requested including my bank information, they cancel my transaction and my account for no reason, whit out giving me any explanation why. I do not recommend this company at all.

Hi Graciela, Thanks for your feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience. Accounts are judged by a variety of factors. You can give us a call at any time to see if your account can be re--opened or if you reply with your customer ID/a recent transaction number we can reach out to you. Warm regards, WorldRemitI already did that, and you agent knew nothing about my case and had no idea why you refused to open my account. I was just trying to send 100.00 and I gave you ALL information that you requested. The worst thing if that you don't even explained why you refused my business. If you can't even do that, you are useless.Hi Graciela, Our agents are very well-informed, but as a highly regulated financial institution, we do need to keep the specifics of our approval criteria confidential in order to preserve the security of the process, and in order to remain in compliance with a variety of rules, regulations, and company policies. The agents you spoke with on the phone will not be able to disclose the specific reason your account was disabled, the only thing we are authorized to disclose to customers is whether or not they meet our approval criteria. You are more than welcome to take a look at our terms and conditions to try to gain some insight into our approval criteria. If you provide us with your customer ID, a recent transaction number, or your email address, we would be happy to take another look at your account, but please do be aware that no agent of WorldRemit is able to disclose the specifics of our approval criteria to you. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Hold my money

Hello friends,
Last time I send my money from WorldRemit and they hold my money a long time. Every one five free transaction but WorldRemit charge for transactions as well as they transfer money after long time. They can’t replay. I hold around 20 minutes on line. Also I send mail more then 2 times but they can’t replay me.

Hi Kripal, We apologize for any inconvenience. We have been a lot busier this week. Please update your review to include your transaction number so we can reach out to your to help resolve any issues. Warm regards, WorldRemitHello dear, My Deatail send you. So you can easy to reach me and you can solve my problem. Please I need money there can you please solve my problem. Thank you, KripalHello Kripal, Unfortunately, we are unable to locate those details in this review. Please kindly respond including any transaction number so we can locate your account and investigate this further. We look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, World Remit

Completely disappointed

Absolutely shocking, I’m not sure where to even start. Sent money using remit on the 31st, money was deducted from my account, didn’t receive a transaction number, there’s no trace of the transaction at all , called remit more than five times and problem still not resolved. Remit says card payments aren’t working for Australia and they are working on it. The sad thing is remit didn’t even have the decency of letting its customers know that they are experiencing some issues. There’s no follow up, no notifications or anything. I’m completely disappointed in your service and have immediately gone back to WesternUnion

Hi Lynn, We're sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with WorldRemit. We did experience an extremely brief technical glitch at that time for our Australian customers which resulted in pre-authorized transactions. Customers weren't notified because we were able to resolve the technical issue extremely quickly and only a few customers were affected. All customers who have contacted us about this issue have been advised accurately that the money may have left their account, but remains with their bank and was not delivered to WorldRemit. Any funds taken as a part of this specific technical issue should be returned to the customer's bank account or original method of payment by the payment's institution by 2 November, 2018. If this is not the case, please contact us directly at CustomerService@WorldRemit.com, or provide us with your WorldRemit account number or email address so that we can reach out to you to resolve this or any other issue you experience. Kind Regards, WorldRemitI just got off with one of your staff members and they said it hasn’t been resolved so who’s telling the truthLynn, We would like to check your account directly to confirm the exact status and provide you with the most accurate information available. Please provide your WorldRemit customer number, transaction reference number, case number, or registered email address so we can contact you. Best regards, WorldRemit

Unprofessional staff

I have used this service for years and its been a great service. Transaction 31251753. Very rude and abusive staff member, she kept talking and refused to listen to my enquiry and I ended up hanging up. Called to complain to manager, phone kept ringing and ended up hanging up Thinking of finding another provider. I am a busy person and chose this service for convenience to avoid disruptions to my work schedule but today it caused so much anxiety. I wasted an hour at work because of this staff member. Thinking of finding another provider.

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Hello William. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We're really sorry to hear that you've not had a good experience. A supervisor did attempt to call you, but we were unable to get through. We will attempt to call you again at a suitable time to ensure that this matter is resolved. Best wishes, WorldRemit.

Scam took my money

I was trying to send my wife money to Ghana I sent her money and then I received the email that said we working on processing your request and then I received another email that said we sorry your account has been closed, didn't make any sense it asked for all my personal information it took all my card information and it took my money and then I called the 1-800 number I was left on hold for a long time, someone and came back and said they going to refer me to another team that will help me. 3 days later I got another email and it said sorry yeah count don't meet all criteria for approval don't make any sense. This site is 100% of scam. Do not use it whatever money you send this site you would not get that money back I promise you and whoever you sending the money to will not receive it I promise you I had another friend try and use the site thus in a little money just to see if it was just me is 100% scam whoever send it fake site. Please do not lose your money you will lose it if you use it.

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Hi Joseph, We're sorry to hear that you've has a negative experience with us. Please provide your customer ID number or transaction number and we will take a look into your case. Best wishes, WorldRemit

Account disabled without any reason

Sent money to a friend only to receive a reply email back that transaction has been cancelled any my account has been disabled without any tangible reason.

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Hello Frank, We apologize sincerely that your account was disabled. We would be more than happy to look into this situation and have a supervisor reach out to you and provide some additional assistance and information. Please reply with your WorldRemit customer ID or transaction number so we can locate your account. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Change of policy and lower rates.

Hi had really bad experience with this company using them more then six years. I just find out they don't except payment from third party why don't you tell same time when we filling the details to make payment that we can't proceed your payment because its different name. When I called the customer care after 6days haven't received payment back she just hang up. Updat your system so customers don't have tribal time. It's ok for me now I am not using them again thanks god.

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Hi. We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the recent service received. Please note that we do not permit the use of 3rd party funds to pay for a transaction and this has always been the case as outlined in our terms and conditions. We have not changed any policies regarding payments. We're happy to look into your query further but to do this, we will need your customer number and/or transaction number so please could you provide this? Kind regards, WorldRemit

Using them again

Had great service and support the 1st time will stick with them.And hopefully we'll into the future.. Thank you so much WorldRemit

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Hi Louj, Thank you for your review! We are happy that you are happy with our service and support. Please let us know if you need help in the future. Kind regards, WorldRemit

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Money was sent to me from USA to Nigeria Wema Bank I haven’t seen the alert for the past 5 hours, what is the problem?
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can an error in bank name affect a transaction...every other detail is correct, just the bank name?
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Please my details was given to my friend for a bank transfer and when the money was sent and showed paid on the senders end. It was figured out that the wrong bank account number and along with wrong matching account name was inputed. What can be done for a call-back of that funds because it's an important money?
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Hello Blessed, Thank you for reaching out to us. Please have your sender call or email us to get in direct contact with us so that we may be able to discuss options with them regarding the transaction to attempt to recover the funds. Kind regards, WorldRemitWhat's the call up number to contact your service...sender is from slovakia

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