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Please do not use World Remit - Transactions cancelled without proper explanation

I have been a loyal customer of world remit until this week.

Please do not use world remit. I made a transaction which was cancelled by them without any explanation, I am in australia and understand npp would mean funds can be returned immediately.

I am being told it will need to be 2-3 days before my funds, which they at world remit have kept from me will be returned. No explanation apart from their criteria was not met, but I have changed none of my details from all prior transactions.

If they can cancel, they should return the funds as quickly as it was cancelled or within 24hrs.

Something does not appear right.

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Hello Rachel, We sincerely apologise that your account was disabled. We would be more than happy to have a supervisor reach out to you and provide some additional assistance or information. To locate your account, please reply or edit your review to include your WorldRemit customer ID or a recent transaction number. We will then make sure a supervisor reaches out to you. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Account suspended & closed with no clarification.

I used World Remit several times until I was suddenly hit with an account suspension out of the blue. There was no consultation regarding their action nor any explanation, beyond a blanket "Internal review & refer to terms & conditions" Even after several enquiries they just repeated the same thing, completely disregarding me as an honest customer:

"As a financially regulated company, we perform checks before we can fully authorize a transaction and after reviewing your transfer, we have discovered that the details have not meet our selection and approval criteria therefore we have suspended your account in accordance with our terms and conditions.

To uphold the integrity of our internal procedures, we are unable to disclose the specifics as it would violate our security policies."

They are an absolute disgrace and show no value to those that use their services. Avoid like the plague.

Hi Angry H, Thanks for your feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience. Accounts are reviewed by a variety of factors. You can give us a call at any time to see if your account can be re-opened or if you reply with your customer ID/a recent transaction number we can reach out to you. Warm regards, WorldRemitJust so everyone knows, this is a standard response that WorldRemit send. They are in no way apologetic or willing to treat customers with any respect. Every attempt to get to the bottom of why account suspension / deletion occurred was met with similarly obsfucated nonsense as described by this, which I received multiple times from multiple different agents regarding the same case: "As a financially regulated company, we perform checks before we can fully authorize a transaction and after reviewing your transfer, we have discovered that the details have not meet our selection and approval criteria therefore we have suspended your account in accordance with our terms and conditions. To uphold the integrity of our internal procedures, we are unable to disclose the specifics as it would violate our security policies" They are absolutely shameful. Do not risk your money or time using this service.Hi Angry H, we are sorry that the explanation we have provided did not meet your expectations. Please provide us with your customer number, so we can locate your account and assist you further. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Transaction number 33219611 Case number 07743989

I transferred £3,367.95 to Nigeria on 18/12/2018 but unfortunately for me i transferred the money to first bank instead of UBA, immediately I found out that the money was sent to a different bank I contacted the world remit and they said they will get in touched with their local agent and get back to me and later asked me to send the recipient statement of account which I sent immediately. Since December 20th I have been calling the world remit and they have been pulling me around saying their local agent did not reply their email nor answering their calls. I persuaded them to give me the agent number in Nigeria but they refused one of their constumer service officer even gave me a fake number.
Apart from world remit poor customer services they are very heartless and seems not to care at all, i used to call them at least 10 good times daily but up till now they have no update for me they keep saying they are unable to get in touch with their local agent. I have gone through lots because of this money am very depressed and my blood pressure keep rising every day, i can't even concentrate on my job nor my family anymore. Reviews with their past customers shows how wicked and heartless they can be in a situation like this.
I need a serious help and assistance to get my refund this scam people call world remit please,

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Hello Bea, We're sorry to hear that your issue has not yet been resolved. Unfortunately, recalls can be very lengthy processes. I can see that our agents have been chasing for an update almost every day as have you. We're sorry that we have not been able to reach a conclusion on your case yet but we can assure you that we are actively following up on this situation. We will reach out to you again as soon as we have an update. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Awful and really dejected

I am writing to expresss my disgust and to say I am disappointed beyond believe with the way I was treated by WR.

I was a regular user of WR, and it is sad that I will have to take my very first resolution for 2019, to never use this service again in my life.
We did trust WR and used their service by paying the fees and also complying (if need be), for any requests made at the time of the transfer and especially if the transfer in question, is a large amount of money.

It is just unbelievable that on Monday 7th of January, I sent money to Cameroun and after 6 days ( Saturday 12th), none of the 5 transfers made were not collected by my family.

The real issue with all this is that during the course of 6 days (Monday to Saturday), I have called WR customer service, before making the first transfer and just to give them a head up and also to check what will be required to be provided for a large amount of money. Then after sending the money, I did call at every opportunity to get the Customer Service to assist us to collect the money.
In the end we have lost the business transaction for which the money was sent for and worse we have lost also the deposit made for the transaction.
I am unimpressed and it is abysmal that their correspondences in Cameroun claimed that they couldn’t pay the transfers as they did not have enough money to pay out my family such a large amount of money. My family was made to wait in the bank for 5 hrs and for two consecutives days. Without any explanation, she was just told that the money could not be release and that we will have to wait the following week.

At this juncture and although I have tried to consider other options, my transactions will be cancelled by WR by Monday 14th and then I will be seeking legal advice. From this point this matter will not be resolved anymore, because even at the moment I am writing this feedback, my money is still held by WR and it’s subsidiaries in Cameroun (Express Union, UBA Bank and Credit Populaire). I have exhausted all the means and I had to call London at least 9 times and sometimes at odd hours of the morning in Australia (3:00Am and twice over midnight, I was still awake) arguing for something I did not have to.
All the justification and documentation requested by WR were provided to the review team (on Monday 7th and after the first transfer was made), and all the transfers were released 48hrs later, but the Cameroonian correspondents have been unable to make the payments because they did not have enough money to honour their commitments.
What was more irritating is the fact that, I did call WR to make sure that their local correspondents in Cameroun will be able to pay out this large amount of money and before sending it. However and even when in Australia I was confronted by another issue (daily limit transaction), I did adhere strictly to the regulation/ policy and by sending the amount In 5 transfers. Still WR and their correspondents were not able to honour their promise. So this matter at this junction will be referred to legal advice as for the prejudice caused by loosing the opportunity with the transaction to be about to be cancelled and with that the deposit made for the house.

Finally and in my last conversation, I was referred to speak to Ms Charlotte in Cameroun (from UBA Bank), just to understand what was holding the payment of any of the 5 transfers. Charlotte was utterly rude and lacked any empathy or consideration for the difficulties encountered by me and my family (visiting Express Union and UBA Bank and sitting in for 2 days and 5 hours) during my dealing over the past 6 days.
Charlotte said that she was home and not at work and that UBA could only pay the transfers on Monday 14th.
So she didn't know what else can she could do and although the Bank was still open (it was about 2pm in Cameroun and the UBA Bank closes at 3PM).
Charlotte phone number which was given to me by WR staff, is available and Charlotte works in a back office of UBA.

Really and terribly disappointed, as WR is or should be an express service and that is the reasons clients like myself send money to be cashed out. I had to explain each time I was on the phone with their staff that some of the issues clients trust the system and send money could be a life and death matters. In the end, WR should consider scrapping their partners in some places like Cameron. This includes: Expresss Union, UBA Bank, and Credit Populaire. They are all incapable partners and they could not be relied upon.

A very disatisfied customer
Osman Boubakari
WR Customer number: 977886

Hello Osman, We are very sorry to hear about all the difficulties you are having with your transactions. I have looked at your transactions and I will be sending you a direct email to further discuss this situation. Kind Regards, WorldremitAfter more than a month. I am still waiting for your call after my above complaint and rant. That goes to demonstrate how much care you have with genuine feedbacks of your customers. I was really outraged and now I feel more betrayed with all of this. Not just I have lost a significant amount of money, but also the trust beacuse of your services. Anyway this is all behind me now. I have deleted your App on my phone and computer. Good luck and adios.

Company with bad customer policys

After have been customer by World Remit Ldt. for more than one year , I asked them about a possible recall of one transfer made by mistake. They instead closed this my customer case and requested me to send them photo identification proof and to answer a long questionnaire about all my transactions and receivers- which I answered. After a long silence - at Christmas Eve(!!!) 24 December as a bad insulting Christmas gift they sent me message of closure of my World Remit account and disabled me from their site. Their message were : my account does not meet their approval criteria and they have therefore suspended my account  When I asked for the reasons for this they answer  no detailed reason available as to why my account was closed, this is to maintain the integrity of their approval checks.
As disabled from site-I lose all my contact information to any the receivers. I lose all my transaction history of all sent transfers. They closed my recall case without any result and without any answer. As a trustworthy citizen and customer this is an offence policy.
So if you use World Remit- you are at the very risk they will suspend-disable your account by some secret reason and you will also probably lose all the amount you send.

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Hi Percy, We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please let us know a suitable time to contact you by telephone to discuss this further. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Suspended and Canceled With No Explanation

World Remit Case Number 07854359
I tried to send $120 to a friend in Ghana. Set up an account and got confirmation of the transfer. But the next day I got a notice that my "account does not meet our approval criteria." They canceled the transfer and told me to call for information on how to get "approved." So I called and spoke to someone who could not tell me why the account was not approved. She said they would send me an email with information on how to reactivate. But instead I got an email repeating only that I didn't meet their "approval criteria" and saying "Your account remains suspended." I am an international trade lawyer; my bank accounts have been in place for many years; I have excellent credit; there is nothing unusual about my accounts. And yet I don't meet their unidentified "approval criteria"??? That's crazy and very disappointing. I've been sending money via Western Union and I hate paying their high fees. I thought WorldRemit would be quicker and have lower fees. But it looks like I'll be stuck with the inferior and more expensive Western Union - because WorldRemit refuses to explain why they incorrectly believe I'm not a credible or reliable customer or allow me to address whatever defect they think exists. That is not a successful business model and WorldRemit is doomed to failure unless problems like mine are addressed and resolved quickly!

Hi Marco, Thanks for your feedback. Please let me know a suitable time to contact you by telephone to discuss this further. Kind regards, WorldRemitI’ve already spoken by phone and via email to three WorldRemit representatives who all repeated the same unhelpful (and certainly unjustified) statement that “Your account does not meet our approval criteria therefore it will remain suspended in accordance with our terms and conditions.” If you only wish to repeat this same meaningless phrase there’s no point in calling. And if you’re pretending to be willing to contact me just to look good for the ProductReview audience then that’s highly disingenuous. However if you really can tell me what you need from me to qualify under your mysterious “terms and conditions” I would be very happy to have your call. Any time between 7:30am and 9pm US pacific standard time. Thank you very much.

No problems at all

I did a transfer on the 31st of December from AU to US- it was noted in the US account by the 2nd. All went smoothly.

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Hi Boswella! Thank you for using WorldRemit! We are happy to hear that you had a good experience with us. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Poor customer service. Transaction cancelled but money was taken.

I have made a transaction last Dec 26, 2018 to pay bills due on Dec 27. The money is supposed to be sent to my Philippine bank account. The reason why I chose world remit because of the urgency of my transaction.
Unfortunately, the transaction failed but deducted the huge amount from my bank account. Then I received an email that my transaction is bound to be cancelled. Now the money is gone. I cannot even make another transaction because I'm out of funds. My money just vanished in thin air.

I called customer service (was a very long wait) but she was of no help. She only informed me that they've forwarded my screenshot to their finance for investigation to sort out the refund. She couldn't give me a guarantee when or will I ever get my refund. This transaction was very crucial to me so I demanded for urgency. I wanted to talk to the manager or directly to finance but she claims they have no direct connection to finance and all managers are all busy talking to someone. She promised me that a manager will call me within the day. I've waited for the call but received no call. At one point, she even shifted the blame to me for choosing POLI as the payment medium and claiming that it is POLI's fault, not theirs and advised me to just call POLI. I'll let you ponder about the kind of service you are giving your customer. Is this part of their script?

It's been 2 days since I made the transaction. Where has my money gone? Even world remit cannot give me an answer. I was in great distress the past few days. Hard earned money gone. And I still have to face the repercussions missing to pay bills in due time. And that is all because I trusted world remit's service.

I am now resorting to a public platform hoping that my concern will get attended urgently. My case number is 07791435. I need my money back immediately.

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Hi Karen, Thank you for taking the time to get in touch and for providing your case number. We're really sorry to hear that you've not had a good experience using our services.We will ensure to contact you to discuss and address all of the concerns you've raised via the case number you have provided. Kind Regards, Worldremit.

I am not really impressed

Someone told me about how efficient the world remit platform was and I tried it out with my friend in the United States. She sent money to me here in Nigeria using the platform online, her account was debited right away, account disabled right away, no credit deposit. She sent an email and no response gotten after the first one saying y'll take 24 hours to respond ro customer, this was suppose to be a christmas gift and you prefer to hold back that money and not offer services you were paid for? It's preposterous and not fair.
Transaction Number : 33448766
Case number: 07771175

I would like to believe that was some sort of technical glitch which would be resolved as I am %100 sure your services are efficient and legitimate. Please kindly enable her account and initiate an immediate refund back to her or execute the credit to my Account as transacted. I would appreciate your honest attention to this matter So I could continue using the worldremit platform for subsequent transactions

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Hi Emeka, I apologize for any inconvenience and I will have the account reviewed for eligibility per our Terms and Services. Please note that we can only discus specifics on a transaction and account with the sender so if you can check back with them for future inquiries. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Don't understand the Negative Feedback

If have send a relative low amount ($100) to my sponsor family in Uganda because of the poor feedback. My experience turned out surprising positive. Lowe fees, fast transaction, even during peak Christmas Season to a country that is normally considered risk territory attracting large fees from competitors. I guess people are likely to report good experiences as less than bad once and get biased picture.

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Hi, Thank you for your positive feedback. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Wack company wack service

World remit is wack you do a transaction and they disable your account for no damn reason, I will advise no one to use their services I sent money from the USA to a friend is South Africa only to wake up and my account deactivated. My case number is 33232543 I want my money back. Or am going to take strong legal actions.

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Hi Maria. Thanks for getting in touch. We're sorry to hear that you've not had a good experience. We will contact you shortly to resolve this. Best wishes, WorldRemit.

Shocking service and lack of communication.

Transaction 32888917 and Case Number 07670849.
I sent money at Noon on 11 December to go to Philippines, no response so later that night I waited on the phone for 45+ minutes where I was eventually told my transaction was being reviewed, asked for a Manager, another long wait then eventually told they would ring me back, which they did, both calltakers seemed to be reading a script and said it was being reviewed.
I eventually received an email request seeking personal details which I scanned and sent back immediately, when I again queried what was happening some 33 hours are the money left my bank they told me they hadn't received my emails, I have the email log which shows when they were sent. Unbelievable incompetence. Interestingly they sent a smaller transaction through that was sent 7 hours after this one, apparently only like to hold larger sums of money. How about it WR I would like to hear your response? I did get an email response finally saying they had received the documents and this morning 13/12/18 I received a message saying review was complete but I am still waiting for the money to be released, approaching 48 hours since the money was taken from my account. A request for a manager to ring me this morning was ignored.

After yet another email sent and then a phone call the money was finally paid thanks to a helpful call taker, shame on you WR for how you treat your customers, I have closed my account.

Hello Neil, Thank you for you feedback. We are sorry to hear about your experience. As a highly regulated money transfer company, we do have to perform our due diligence and review all of the transactions that we process. There are times when we need further documentation in order to process a transaction. Our review process is usually very fast but sometimes it could take a little longer than usual. Kind Regards, WorldremitI am quite aware of your due diligence as a financial institution and have no problem with that, my issues as outlined were the lack of communication about the process, the excessive wait times on the phone, the lack of assistance from some call takers, the failure of a manager to ring me when twice requested and the supposed loss of emails with the documents you requested which were sent back immediately. I had used you for quite some time but not any more, I urge people to Google “World Remit Complaints” but don’t fall for the WR site that they control and don’t allow negative feedback.Hello Neil, Thank you for your feedback again. We will contact you to discuss and address all of the concerns you've raised. Kind Regards, Worldremit

Terrible experience stay away from world remit

It’s nearly been a week now money still hasn’t been transferred to India. No one is answering the phone calls. They are not even giving my money back. Stay away from this fraud app.

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Hi Harinder, We're sorry to hear about your poor experience with WorldRemit. We do staff our phones 24/7, and all calls are answered in the order in which they are received. At the time of writing this reply, our wait hold time is 11 minutes and 31 seconds, but if you hang up or disconnect you will go to the back of the line and have to wait again. If you'll provide us with your transaction reference number or email address, we'd be more than happy to have a case manager investigate for you. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Worst customer service Do NOT send money through them. E

The service WorldRemit provides is terrible. I was charged 3 times a transaction and it has been a nightmare to get my money back. After weeks I haven’t received it and the call center is a minimum 30-40 minute wait- EVERY TIME. Do not send your money with WorldRemit.

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Hi Nicolas, We're sorry to hear you had a poor experience with WorldRemit. We'd be more than happy to investigate this for you and have a case manager reach out to you. Can you please provide us with your transaction or customer account number so that we can locate your transaction and reach out to you directly to resolve this to your satisfaction? For your security we aren't able to discuss sensitive financial matters on a public-facing reviews website. Kind Regards, WorldRemit


The most awful company I’ve ever come across I have never ever been this disappointed use worldremit at your own risk

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Hi Ivy. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We're really sorry to hear that you've not had a good experience. Please provide your transaction number or customer number so we can assist you directly. Best wishes, WorldRemit.

Call centre wait times pathetic!!

Trying to get through to the call centre is just plain ridiculous. Wait has been 30mins all the time that I have had to ring in. Review this as it’s a pain and just not worth the wait.

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Hi Skyler, We're sorry to hear you had a poor experience with our call times. As we enter Holiday season, the unfortunate truth is that the wait times will tend to get a little longer. We opened a brand new call center this year just to help keep those wait times low for our customer, and the wait hold time frequently drops into the single digits throughout the day. We're doing everything we can to keep those hold times down, and you're also more than welcome to send us an email at CustomerService@WorldRemit.com! Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Cancell payment


Does anyone know how to cancel a payment.I cant see any option on the website to do that.
I just find it awkward that your payment is deducted 1st then only do you go through the approval process

Hi Jessica, thank you for getting in touch. Our customer service will be happy to assist you with a cancellation - please contact us via email, or if urgent, via call. Unfortunately, we cannot locate your account as no information was provided. We are looking forward to hear back from you. Kind regards, WorldRemithi,please provide me with you contact numberHi Jessica, All of our contact details are available on our website if you go to the Contact Us page. The number you will need to call will depend on the country you are calling from. You can also use the Help and Support option in our App. Hope this helps! Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Kind regards, WorldRemit

World Remit is a Fraudulent organisation.

I have sent money to my mum on the 9/11/2018 and according to World Remit, the transaction failed because the Account number was incorrect.

1.) I called World Remit and explained that this is the same account I have been sending money to in the past and nothing has changed. The first excuse They gave us they no longer send money to the bank. And World Remit tried to refund my money but it didn’t go through because my bank refused transaction and asked me to contact my bank for my money (unbelievable)

2.) World Remit requested for a new bank account to pay the money into. I provided the account as requested yet no money was paid.

3.) I contacted World Remit and I was given another flimsy excuse that I have chosen a wrong account when transferring money to the bank. At this time, there was no mention of the new bank account anymore, so I requested to speak to a manager but a person came on the phone and acted like a supervisor.

4.) I emphasised how disappointing this has been to send money and going through all the stress and requested my money be refunded. I have given them a new account as requested so that the money could refund my money and I was told it will take 2 business working day for the money to be refunded. Now it’s taken 4 business working days and I have not received my money back.

5.) I received email there is a delay and their account department will process my money but I have not received payment and they are requesting to close my case without confirming if I have received my money.

6.) I called World Remit again I was given a fake ARN number to take to my bank for my refund. I went to my bank and my bank checked and confirmed no transaction was made to refund the money and investigated the case. My bank finally confirmed this is a fraudulent transaction and have raised a case with the Bank fraudulent team who have also confirmed this is fraudulent. Bank has confirmed they have flagged World Remit as a fraudulent organisation and all transactions to world Remit would be flagged and withhold.

My bank also confirmed they will raise a case with the Attorney Generals Department in Australia for fraudulent actions and a general notice will be placed on news and to the General Public to avoid transactions with World Remit in Australia.

Finally, Bank fraud department also will be flagging World Remit under the National Banks of Australia as a fraudulent Organisation so that all banks in Australia will withhold any transactions made by unaware Customers.

My next action plan
1.) Going forward with evidence of my transaction. World Remit will be reported to National Fraud Authorities, United Kingdom. Australian criminal intelligence. Ombudsman Australia, Tribunal Uk. and other fraud organisation committee World Remit resides in.

2.) More reviews will be spread on the internet and via News Media about World Remit fraudulent transaction to inform the Population en mass about the fraudulent activities of world remit.

This is an awareness to the general public not to send money via WORLD REMIT!!!

My Australian Bank has raised a Fraudulent case with Australian Federal Government and more actions are in progress.


Hello Ola. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We're really sorry to hear that you've not enjoyed your experience. Please provide your transaction number or customer number so we can look into your case, and get in touch. Best wishes, WorldRemit.I have received my money back just yesterday to the account that World Remit said was rejecting transaction and I have informed my bank to stop all legal proceedings. My bank have however noted this is an intention to fraud as falsified information has been provided initially as my bank has been accused of refusing refund when no refunds have been made by world Remit. Transaction ref: 31596608. Nonetheless, it’s a terrible experience and am sorry I can’t trust World Remit anymore for future transfers.Ola, We are happy to hear that funds have successfully reached your account after being delayed. We have sent an email to your further clarifying the situation. Please accept our apologies, and thank you for using WorldRemit! WorldRemit

Not secure

I used this company to send money for funeral. Because of the hurry, I interchanged the last two numbers. I call them, they say the money was already paid. I thought money is only released when the name and telephone number matches with the one registered. I am very disappointed.

November 26th 2018 Update: Poor security

I am totally disappointed with worldremit. How can you pay money to an account that the name doesn’t match with the person I am sending money. I have requested recall but I am told they can’t. Never ever use this stupid company.

Hi Mimi, If a payment is made to the incorrect details, it is up to the receiving bank to determine what checks they wish to carry out to complete a payment. We understand that mistakes can happen, so we will always do our very best to try and get money back, but we are unable to guarantee it will be possible. Please send a private message with the transaction number so we can contact you directly to help. Kind regards, WorldRemitI don’t understand this. Like any other services I have used,before the money is released to the receiver, the name and the number the sender has written has to match first. If this is how you guys operate, you are the worst service ever. It’s your responsibility to protect your clients. I want my money back.

Don’t trust this thing

It’s a scam, they first get the money, and then “unapproved” your account. Why? Well, they like your money.
Also they said I will get my money back in 3 days, now? 6 days, I have to go through all that dispute lodgement by my bank.
What a terrible experience.

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Hi Adam, Thanks for your feedback, we're sorry you've experienced issues with your account and refund. Please send us a private message with your transaction number so we can locate your details and contact you directly to help. Kind regards, WorldRemit

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how can i change a recipient name when the transfer is ready to be picked but i made a mistake with it
1 answer
Hi Mary, We can certainly look into amending the name on the transaction. Kindly email this request into customerservice@worldremit.com. Or alternatively contact us over the phone, our toll free phone numbers can be found at the following link: worldremit.com/en/contact-us Regards, WorldRemit

can i pick up a transfer at other banks that have world remit even though the sender chose a bank when sending
1 answer
Hi Mary, Thank you for your message. This is dependent on the country and what was selected by your sender. Please have them email us at customerservice@worldremit.com with the transaction number so we check the transaction itself. Regards, WorldRemit.

My aunt sent me money and she missed one letter of my family. How she can fix it? Please let me know the number what she able to call because shes old already
1 answer
Hello Aila, We can certainly look into amending the name on the transaction for your Aunt. Kindly request that she contact us over the phone or email this request into customerservice@worldremit.com. Our toll free phone numbers can be found at the following link: https://www.worldremit.com/en/contact-us Regards, WorldRemit

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