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What is the price to call world sim from Australia, UK and Bulgaria?
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Hi Dear, I'm looking for a Multi-Operator Sim Card for my smart Watch "Kospet Hope 4G-LTE", Compatible Network Frequency : GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz WCDMA: 850 / 1900 / 2100MHz, TD-SCDMA: B34 / 39 FDD-LTE: B1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 12 / 17 / 20, TDD-LTE: B38 / 39 / 40 / 41. My phone Samsung S9 Plus is locked by my Vodafone provider So I plan to use my smart Watch occasionally as phone during my travels in France, Spain, Thailand, (Canada This summer) etc. I'm living in Ireland, does it works in theses countries? Does this Sim Card comes with a new phone number? Call ID? That will really help me to have a second phone number... Advanced Thanks for your help. Best regards. Alex.
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Why I can’t paired the WorldSIM with iPhone X?
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Hello Umesh, The failure of pairing your WorldSIM with the iPhone X could be due to numerous reasons. Kindly join us on our 24/7 LIVE CHAT on our website www.worldsim.com. Sending your Ticket Number along with the World SIM number to our email id customerservice@worldsim.com will also speed up this process. Hope you have a great day ahead! WorldSIM Support Team

How much cost for world sim card?
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Hello Mr. Shetty, Our SIM Card is available for FREE. You pay only for the usage. Kindly visit our website https://www.worldsim.com/international-sim-cards to buy our product online. Have a great day ahead! WorldSIM Support

(1) In which countries can the SIM card be used? and (2) which countries can we telephone using this SIM card?
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Dear, Please follow the link to check coverage : https://www.worldsim.com/roaming-partners?___store=gb Thanks, WorldSIM Support

When one buys the WORLDSIM INTERNATIONAL SIM CARD then one receives two numbers with it: UK number which is automatically the primary number and a US number: Question 1) When one receives the SIM card and because the SIM card comes with the CLI set to the UK number, Will all calls made be charged in 2 minute increments in Europe, North America? If one changes the CLI number to the USA number - Question 2) Will all calls made in North America be charged in 1 minute increments? Regards Bruce
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From what I understand and have experience the "master" number is the UK number. You can always have people call your US number (or any other virtual local number you purchase to add to your SIM.) Now for calling while in the US (or any country) I never had to select UK or US number I just called that's all. I just tried in Europe and the number identifying me is the UK number. I have not been in the US for a long time but it is possible that in the US your US number might be the one identifying you. (Or maybe it is possible to parameter your phone to display your US "virtual" number.) Regarding the charge, when you make a call your are charged two (2) minutes even if your call is shorter than that. Call above 2 minutes are than charged by the minute (or even by the second it seems, (again not 100% sure of that) but definitely not charged by two minutes increments after the first 2 minutes of call. I am pretty sure that the 2-mn flat charge rule is applicable for all calls you place using your WorldSIM, whether you are in the US or anywhere else.

We are travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand , Laos and Cambodia does it cover these areas? How can I get one before 14 th October? Live in YK
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I'm from the Philippines and I'm interested in buying your product (sim card). I just wan't to know do I need to put load every month to use it?
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Can I used this sim in the Falklands?
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Not sure. Can’t see it listed on website. Here is the list. https://www.worldsim.com/international-sim-card

Can I use my own SIM cards in this phone? Thanks.
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Hello Franco, Our all products are unlocked. You can use any sim card.

I am waiting to receive the Worldsim card I ordered online. Although I live in the UK, I will be using the phone in the US and will need a US number. When I activate the SIM card on the UK number, will I then need to activate it again when using the US number on arrival in America?
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The WorldSim card comes with a UK and US number on the same card. The UK number is the primary number. To know your US number, simply dial 160 and the number will automatically be sent to you via SMS. You just have to subscribe to a US calling bundle (+ data) according to the number of days you plan to use the same in US. Credits valid for 1 year, but bundles are normally valid for one week to a month.

I am travelling to UK ,then to USA . is my data loaded in Uk going to work in USA.How quick is the delivery of Sim card.
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I am about to purchase a Sim Card from Maxroam and was wondering if I will get a specific phone number? I need to know if I will have an individual number in order to make online registrations etc. Thank you Rebecca
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Hello, Thank you for your query. With WorldSIM SIM card you would receive a UK, which is the default number and a USA number. You can register your WorldSIM online account using the UK number. Thanks.

I bought a worldsimcard and insert it in my smartphone,how can I get the number when someone call me,or give it out to someone,like, for example using a local telephone carrier like Swisscom,Vodaphone etc...
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Hello, Thank you for your query. Once the SIM card is registered with a partner provider your SIM card is ready or make / receive calls. To know your WorldSIM number simply dial 133, and you would receive flash message showing your number. In order to dial out dial as +COUNTRYCODE&NUMBERS. Thanks.

If I buy the device and the world sim, will I still need a cellular plan with the local carriers such as AT&T, Verizon ETC?
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Hello, Thank you for your query. No, you do not require any other plan from any local providers when you have a WorldSIM card. The SIM card is unlocked, means it works in any unlocked handset. You can use the SIM as “Pay As You Go” or enjoy various packs/bundles it comes with. Thanks !

How Will my purchased phone be delivered to me in Ghana?
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Hello, Thank you for your query. When placing the order you would be asked to mention your shipping address. After successful completion of the order we would deliver the order via courier services. Many of our valued customers from Ghana are happily using WorldSIM. Thanks!

How long does it take to fully charge?
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Hello, Thank you for your query. I assume you want to know the recharge period of a WorldSIM phone? Well, it depends on its input current and capacity. Generally, a 2200mAh battery may take only 2-3 hours to charge, whereas a 6600mAh power bank may take 3-5 hours to charge. Thanks.

Hi, does the sim work with this tablet supplied along with it ?
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Sorry, don't know, I used this card in my phone.Hi , I used a Worldsim-chip, latest version with +447452 .....and it works here in the Netherlands, so Europe is fine. No adjustments necessary. The tablet runs G3, but who needs more? In may-2018 I visit Canada and check te combination Worldsim /Philco-tablet again, and use it also as hotspot. The mentioned sim worked in USA-east in an IPhone 6 last year 2017. Advisable is to use the latest version sim as worldsim offers? regards,

Hi, I have not used my Worldsim for more than 2 Year’s now. It’s giving me authentication problem when I try to connect. Please advise? It has a balance of more than 40usd
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Hi Sandy, my experience is that you check if your sim should be replaced by a new version as Worldsim offers. In my case the sim of 2 years ago gave problems too, regards

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