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Accommodating team!

I've got panic over my expired SIM card and most of my important people I've known knows that number. And which i haven't been travel for so long. There global SIM card provide 24/7 customer service help by Ethan. Ethan helped my to ease the tension. Even though the process he eager to guided and advise... Thank you to Ethan & Cathy, Keep up the good work team!!

Purchased .

Nancy was helpful

Nancy! was very helpful today, if all discussed is actioned I will be happy, moderately hoping, did have issues last time.

Online help with top-up service

Great online help with my top-up by DANIEL who suggested the best available offer for the day! I was not sure which is the right product for keeping my service number active until DANIEL from online chat offer to help & gave me the advice to use the best top-up for 12 months service activation.

Worldsim is good

They have great customer care online who will be ready to solve all problem with you online. Great bonus too. I will be happy to tell more people about your website. This is done by Nancy

Awesome customer service

Nancy from Worldsim was incredibly quick to respond to my query to buy a data bundle for the first time. She even gave me a discount and did it all for me. Also gave me info on how to activate the bundle once I arrive at my destination. Very nice, I will be using worldsim for all my upcoming travels.

My first WorldSIM - great experience!

I have just purchased my first WorldSIM card and the product is exactly what I am looking for. A real must for any world traveler. Daniel from customer support has been extremely helpful and supportive. A great experience!

Online Support - Super

On line support during the purchase process is great. Quick and helpful. I haven't received SIM yet, but this is a good start indeed and I'm sure that they will support further, if needed

ZTE MF65 Mobile WIFI Hot Spot - An excellent product

Very good service from WorldSIM when I purchased the unit, by following the set up instructions on the WoldSIM web page faq section it was very straight forward to get working.

The World Sim Live Chat Support is Amazing

The World Sim Live Chat Support was amazing and Daniel helped me out every step of the way with much patience! Thank you so much. I love how I can buy a data sim for France and the same data can be used Italy, Romania and the UK plus more.

An excellent product..necessity for travelers

The world sim was very useful, it was very instrumental in letting me, be in touch with my near and dear ones while i was travelling abroad. thank you for this wonderful product.

Works well

Phone is functioning with most services but my text/SMS service is working with only a couple of friends. Its not really a problem since I am using FB messenger and whatsapp for these services. Everything else is fine. My texting issue has been resolved and is reflected in my new rating

Useful product to buy for travelers

I bought this for my parents traveling from India to USA and it is working well for them for their overseas usage. I wish I knew about this product earlier so that i could have made my previous travels hassle free.

Very good service

They are always available for service and find a solution. I've chat with them and they are there to help. I will continue doing business with WorldSIM in the future

Perfect over Europe, USA, Japan, could become expensive in some countries

In 2014 I got attracted by the add in airplane magazine and the fact that with the UK number also comes a US number.
The US number cannot get text message and may change if you don't use it out of the US after two months but you can always get a new one immediately. Very reasonable pricing in most large and economically strong countries. In other countries it can still be a very useful back-up. I was surprised to discover that Chile was about 1 USD/mn, that the only place whee I decided to use a local SIM card. Only country where I didn't get a connection at all was Mali. Data, even with purchasing a bundle, can turn out to be expensive but just for a back-up when there is no free Wifi available, it is useful. I got a dual-sim phone now and the Worldsim number is always in slot 2.
You cam manage your account on-line quite well. I had to call support a few times, sometimes it takes several tries over a few days to get to talk to a person but they have always answered my question and solved my problem. Over the years I judge Worldsim to be consistent, fairly useful, often fairly priced and it seems that they keep trying to improve the quality of service. Suits me fine!

Daniel provided great on-line support

Great service, stayed with the issue through to resolution, even when there was a few challenges! Much appreciated for the effort - which all too often is missing these days!

Truely WorldClass

WorldSim is truly world class and can be easily installed on any mobile phone without much hassle.
The Prepaid plans for voice as well as data are quite reasonable and you can access your account online anywhere.

Time of Need

While in Panama, someone broke into my car. They took a book bag which had my technology including a portable wifi device with my Claro SIM (local). I found WorldSIM through a Google search. I ordered a new device on a Sunday, even though I was a bit skeptical. Product delivered on Thursday from Europe! Amazing. In the interim, I received a new SIM. Took the Sim, put it in and Vuala! It worked. Being I need portable wifi working down here, this was an amazing turnaround. Local malls are not helpful for these sort of things.

travellers best friend

Very interesting product ! ! The virtual number that can be associated with the SIM card brings many benefits. Much money spared with this card. Keep up the good idea.

Best Sim in the world

This is very useful for traveler like me, i can take it with me anywhere around the world. It helps me in day to day life. I am recommending anyone who wish to purchase it.

Excellent Product

I used WorldSIM for my travel to Greece and France and it very conveniently connected to the local network even before the airplane stopped. Additionally, i do not faced any problems in network signals or calls. I like the feature of free incoming messages and calls in many countries. I hope they will launch a phone app as well to manage account on the phone.

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Hi Dear, I'm looking for a Multi-Operator Sim Card for my smart Watch "Kospet Hope 4G-LTE", Compatible Network Frequency : GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz WCDMA: 850 / 1900 / 2100MHz, TD-SCDMA: B34 / 39 FDD-LTE: B1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 12 / 17 / 20, TDD-LTE: B38 / 39 / 40 / 41. My phone Samsung S9 Plus is locked by my Vodafone provider So I plan to use my smart Watch occasionally as phone during my travels in France, Spain, Thailand, (Canada This summer) etc. I'm living in Ireland, does it works in theses countries? Does this Sim Card comes with a new phone number? Call ID? That will really help me to have a second phone number... Advanced Thanks for your help. Best regards. Alex.
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Why I can’t paired the WorldSIM with iPhone X?
1 answer
Hello Umesh, The failure of pairing your WorldSIM with the iPhone X could be due to numerous reasons. Kindly join us on our 24/7 LIVE CHAT on our website www.worldsim.com. Sending your Ticket Number along with the World SIM number to our email id customerservice@worldsim.com will also speed up this process. Hope you have a great day ahead! WorldSIM Support Team

I have the worldsim but don't know how to set it up and use it. Any help?
1 answer
Hello Bhindu, Weren't you assisted after failing to use our SIM Card from our customer care? Kindly join us on our 24/7 LIVE CHAT on our website www.worldsim.com. Sending your Ticket Number along with the World SIM number to our email id customerservice@worldsim.com will also hasten your resolution. Hope you have a great day ahead! WorldSIM Support Team

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