Casa dolce casa!

Thanks Darren and thanks to all Wow homes group. Excellent service and a professional team make an easy way to get your own home. In my case my first property in Australia.

Customer Service
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Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateFebruary 2018

Really a WoW Home

I cannot thank Omar and his team enough for the excellent and professional service from day 1 till the day I collected my keys. I experienced no problems or issues pre or during construction and the house is really stunning and there is definitely the WOW factor. From the beginning Omar told me exactly what to expect in costs and duration. Every member of the team was friendly and professional and kept me posted on every step. The house was finished about 1 month earlier then I expected. If I build again, it will definitely be with WOW Homes. Thank you again.

Construction End DateJan 2019

Our first home dream now a reality!

We built our first home with WOW and we were amazed with the quality and support during our first home journey. Our consultant at WOW helped us through our house and land selections and assisted us in understanding all the processes that come with building a new home. We were guided through our finance applications with Maxon Finance and found that we could live in our own home for the same amount that we paid in rent!
We were continually updated throughout the entire build from slab down through to key handover, and our contact Jess was always available to answer all our questions. Our house was due for completion at one of the most difficult times of the year – December – and WOW supervisor Jim pushed hard to get the house to completion and to have us into our new home before Christmas. When we tell everyone how our house was built in 4 months, the quality of our home and that our whole experience was relatively stress free they are blown away. Thanks WOW for helping make our first home dream a reality!

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Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateDecember 2018

Amazing team and awesome quality

The build was well managed and we received regular updates for each step of the building process. The team also helped to make everything as easy as possible for us and things were very easy to understand. The workmanship and build is fanstastic and everything is to the standard we expected. Our consultant (Zac Diamond) was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process and worked hard to make sure everything stayed within our budget whilst still getting the home we dreamed of

Construction End DateNov 2018

Building a Great Home!

What a fantastic experience building my first home with Wow! From the first initial contact with Danny who made sure everything I was looking for in my property was made possible to completing pre start with Nina who was patient and professional. To key handover with Jess was a very proud moment! Also a big shout out to Maxon Finance especially to Kristin, Fiona and Maxine who were amazing the whole way through the process.

Construction End DateDec 2018

Our very First Home

There are not enough words to Express how thankful we are to the entire WOW Homes team. We never thought we would ever be able to build our own home, but WOW Homes made that possible for us. Andrew, Maxine & Nina you have all been great to us with helping get us to construction stage. Your knowledge, advice and professionalism made the process a breeze. Jess and Steve I can never thank you both enough, your both so wonderful and great at your jobs. Construction stage has been a breeze with constant updates and outstanding workmanship. You have built us a beautiful home that we can finally call our own. Your consideration and generosity is something we will never forget, we will forever be grateful we choose WOW Homes and never be able to praise your amazing company enough. Our beautiful home came in on budget and built within the time frame specified, at high standards. Thank you again.

Construction End DateNov 2018

Perfect home

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone from the wow home team for helping us build our first home for our little family. It was a absolute pleasure building with wow homes. Although it took us some time to get all our paperwork sorted the team from wow and the ladies at Maxon finance were very understanding. Even though we were on a very tight budget they did everything they could to get us the house we wanted at the price we could afford. We did come across a few extra costs that weren’t planned and not covered by the home loan so unfortunately had to be paid for out of our savings. Everything else was well explained to us along the way and we were constantly updated with the progress. All in all we are very pleased with our completed house, the build was fast and the quality was exceptional. Thank you all again!

Construction End DateNov 2018

What an amazing home WOW Homes has built me

What an amazing team at WOW Homes from first contact with Nic to key handover in November with Jess. A massive shout out to Nic from the start then Maxine Finance and her amazing team then Nina Young through the prestart period and Jessica during construction with ongoing updates. I can not thank you all enough for the amazing job you did helping me along the journey to my new home. I never thought I'd ever Own my own home.

Construction End DateNov 2018

Great Service, Very Pleased!

Very satisfied with WOW Homes on helping us build our first brand new home. As someone who is a first time home owner, the entire process was very smooth and easy to go through and shouldn't be a hassle. I would like to give a big thank you to everyone involved at WOW Homes as everyone was kind and helpful. I would strongly recommend going with WOW Homes if you are interested in building a new home or if it is your first time being a home owner. WOW Homes makes every process understandable and are certainly the ideal company to go with for first time home owners. Amazing service and I am very pleased with the result.

Construction End DateOct 2018

Customer service all the way!

We are really satisfied with WOW Homes. This was our first ever home and our first building project. We came to WOW not having much of an idea of building houses or how it all works and they were with us every step of the way. We were most impressed with the honesty right from the start, where they didn't hesitate to advise us which kind of things would be cheaper to have done ourselves afterwards than done through them. That frankness gave us even more comfort that they have our best interest in mind too, and left us feeling that we can then trust that everything else they will do for us would be the best quality and price. A lot of people commented on how stressful a build is, we don't really understand what they mean by that, with WOW homes taking care of everything it all went relatively smoothly.

But it's through some trouble that they really showed their character. Somehow it happened that our retic wasn't laid to the back yard as was planned. When we finally realised this after moving in, we were sure this would be a too bad so sad situation. But WOW homes called in the artillery and got it retrofitted within 24 hours! We are absolutely blown away and even more impressed with the continued customer service even long after they had received their final payment from us.

First home builders - just get WOW Homes on board, they will take care of everything for you :)

Construction End DateSep 2018

WOW HOMES - Awesome Service and Great Team

First of all we would like to give our special thanks to WOW HOMES and the awesome team specially Jessica and Zoey. Even though the paperworks takes so long, and our house plan was not the original as we went through and waiting for council approvals to start building. It went smoothly, we only check on weekends to see what's the progress every week. Since my husband and I work on weekdays. Our Onsite Project Manager Steve and his team did a great job finishing any last minute and final check in any damages in the house that needs to be fix, before we move in and get our keys, in a week or so. And thanks to our Agent Jay, whose the one who introduce this place to us. While we are searching for a place to build our first home. Our location is breath taking and very friendly neighbors. And to the Finance Department Maxine and Fiona was very helpful through our difficulties in our finance and paperworks. We encounter some problems and unaware of the do and dont's in our estate. Which is mainly our fault, we unable to read the whole manual or contract. So I would suggest reading it again. But overall we are very Satisfied with our First Home with WOW HOMES. ^_^

Construction End DateSep 2018


We honestly could not be happier with our new home! Greg, Maxine, Nina, Jess, Spencer & team have been amazing right from day one.. we felt totally supported as first home owners & were happily within budget. During the build family/friends would comment saying how stressed we must feel but it has honestly been such a nice process & so exciting watching it all unfold... in only 15 weeks! No issues during construction & minimal things promptly followed up post build. Thank you again. We would 110% recommend!

Construction End DateSep 2018

Brilliant company with outstanding finish

Wow homes from the beginning catered to our needs. Their initial meeting with us was informative, friendly and they were happy to discuss many options to make our dream home come true. The building process was quick, easy and the communication throughout was great. Our new home is finished beautifully and the quality of products and appliances used is fantastic. We want to thank the staff at Wow Homes for making our dream home a reality!

Construction End DateJul 2018


15000-20000 LESS! woo hoo
so happy with the end result making our mortags repayments less!
overall 4 month build, couldnt be happier.
if we ever want to build again will definitely use wow homes as was so quick and convenient
Greg and Nina where so amazing to deal with and always happy to answer questions when needed.
Thanks heaps Guys :)

Construction End DateOct 2018

My new home

The wow team were fantastic from signup with Nic to prestart with nina and the building process with jessica,
The build was very well managed, with regular fortnightly updates.
There were some issues with a breakin after lock up stage. The damage was reported to me the same day and rectified prior to the. 1st PCI meeting.
The issues at the final inspection were rectified promptly within 1 week and the cost came in on budget as expected.

Construction End DateSep 2018

It worth every cent and time

I cant believe how fast and reliable this builder operates. From the first day i met with Jay, then Maxine taking me through my finance, they never stop assisting. This builder have a great team of experience individual and I & my wife will like to say thank you to Jay, Maxine, Zoe, Jessica who were working to make sure I have my first home even if it means scheduling a meeting on weekend. You guys are the best.

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hello Prince, Thank you so much for your 5 Star Review, we feel honoured to have taken you through this journey. Your praises have been shared and well received. The Team at WOW would like to wish you and your family all the very best in your new home.

My own Home

My first ever home and I love it. My partner is a builder and he was impressed with the workmanship too. Great communication between all parties involved and everyone responded very quickly to any queries I had. Customer service was fantastic and always answered all my questions in a timely manner. Even after the build everyone offered any assistance they could possibly provide. Very helpful team. Thank you.

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hello Amy, How lovely to share your positive feedback. The team at WOW strive to make every experience outstanding and your 5 star review acknowledges our efforts. Thank you. From All of the staff at WOW Homes, we wish you and your partner many happy days in your new home.

Made one of our dreams come true!

We will very clear what we wanted for our small budget from the start. Joe never tried to increase our budget and give us a lot more than we ask for in our home! The whole process was made enjoyable thanks to Zoe & Jessica & Maxon finance. As any concerns or questions we had were quickly answered and /or action. Our finish product was awesome and our friends are astonished at what we got for our money. 6 months later wow is still helpful with any questions we have and our home is solid as a rock. We would absolutely build with wow again!

Construction End DateFeb 2018
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One Dream accomplished many more to go Annette!!!! We are so proud to have been a part of such a milestone with you. Your praises to the team have been shared and should you go through the process again we would love to be a part of the journey!! From all of the WOW Team, we wish you many happy days in your new home!!

I love my new home

- the workmanship was good, no ongoing issues. I love the design it is perfect for me and my lifestyle. Everything is well built.
- it was well managed, there were a few small issues which were noted at the first inspection but they were rectified very quickly before the final inspection
- the customer service was good, my questions and queries were always answered promptly.

Construction End DateJul 2018
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Hi Haydn, Thank you so much for the time you took out to give us a 5 star review. It is so great hear that we made your experience so pleasant. Thanks again Haydn, from the WOW Team, we wish you all the very best in your new home!!

Our beautiful new home!

We had Wow homes build our home. The whole experience was great from Jay who was happy to answer all our questions no matter what time of the day, nothing was too much trouble for him. The whole team were supportive and approachable. Maxine from Maxon finance and her team were absolutely knowledgeable and helpful with helping the financial aspect of it. We love our new home, close to the ocean( our happy place.)

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Your Happy Place, close to ocean, sounds so tranquil. Thank you for your kind words. The positive praise for Jay and Maxine have been shared. We at WOW Homes would like to wish you all the best for years to come.

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, I am looking to build my first home with my other half (his first home as well) so we would be eligible for the first home owners grant. A few questions: (May seem silly but I just want to know) 1. The $45,000 promotion going on at the moment - how does that fit into the costing of the house? Can it be used as part of the deposit? 2. I have bad credit history (Bad decisions made in the past) and my other half has a great credit history - has anyone have any experience dealing with WOW Homes in this situation and had much issues get a low deposit loan? Thank you :)
1 answer
Hi, Thank you for your question. Would you like me to get one of our sales reps to give you a call to answer all your questions and discuss your options? Many thanks Wow Homes

How many weeks/months has it taken to build your WOw homes?
9 answers
It took longer then others because we had finansual issuse, with the issuse it took over a year but once we had everything we needed to qualify it took roughly 7 month, the house itself was built quickly,the paper work was a head ache but worth it.Ours took 7-8 months for the build8 monthsssss, I built with b1 homes my house was completed from brickwork stage in 15 weeks

Are Wow homes actually serious about all their legal comments? It is kind of put off as I was thinking to look at their designs and I see these standard comments in every post. Looks to me over protective and probably your customers were right.
8 answers
An interesting insight into the business perhaps?I don't think they'd put comments like that unless they really had to. People can write anything on these forums. Tall poppy syndrome. I've built with them twice and been really happy. I'll build with them again as soon as I can afford to. Building in new development areas I've had chats with others building around me. Lots have had bad experiences. Same builders names come up. I haven't heard anything bad from people also building with Wow.They have just included a ban on social media in their contracts with a 25k fee if broken looks like they have a lot to hide.


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