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135 reviews
  • Value for Money
    4.6 (10)
  • Breastfed Child Yes (17%) · No (83%)
  • Easy to PrepareYes (92%) · No (8%)
  • Caused Unease / Sickness Yes (25%) · No (75%)
Jai M

Jai MWestern Australia, 6035

  • 2 reviews

My baby loves it


I have an 11 month old baby girl and she's been on this formula since being born. At first in conjunction with breast milk however due to medical reasons I had to stop breastfeeding at 3 months and she's loved this formula. My daughter was born 8 weeks early so she's still on it even at 11 months. I did a comparison of the vitamins and minerals with other formulas and this one beats them all. Highly recommend!



CarrieRoss81Perth, Western Australia

  • 2 reviews

Most affordable and most liked formula


This formula is not only one of the most affordable formulas on the market ranging from $9.99 -$15.00 depending on sales. I have tried more expensive formulas and SMA came out leagues ahead of the others in terms of it being enjoyed by my baby, also tolerated by a reflux prone baby after 3 months and is easy to prepare.

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Feeling jibbed

Feeling jibbedCobden, Victoria

  • 2 reviews

Best formula


I have used this with all 4 of my children and they sleep fantastic. It's thicker than alot on the market. So easy to make and my children have loved it. Never had constipation or spew ups while they have been on it. I can't recommend this formula enough. I have tried others that didn't sit to well with my Bubbas.


candiceSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

I found the one help stop vomiting


So SMA helped my son stop vomiting he was on the aldi baby mamia but constantly vomited and a friend suggested SMA was good and was fuller on the tummy and I mean he use to vomit a lot and sma stopped it in its tracks so bubs is happy


Missamie92Illawarra, NSW

  • 3 reviews



Easy to use but needs a edge to even the formula like others have
Baby liked it not fussy
Good consistency.
Make baby constipated

Had to switch to another brand due to making my daughter constipated. Also didn't make her full. She now used the Coles gold which works better.



  • 2 reviews



We tried serval different(far more expensive) formulas for a little one and found by far his one to be the best. I was hesitant to try this at first due to the cheap price, but after talking to the midwife, she said that they all must met a certain standard so thought it was worth a try! He loved the taste and didn't cause any other problems (wind, constipation, diahree and vomiting) like the other ones we tried. Def worth a try if ur not sure!



  • 4 reviews

I had this formula when i was a baby, now feeding it to my son


I started off breast feeding my son but 4 months later I had to return to work and he was waking up every 2hrs for a feed so I changed over to formula to see if maybe he wasn't full enough to sleep through the night, It was amazing the first night giving it to him he slept for 9hrs straight, my son and I both haven't had any problems with using SMA, its easy to prepare, cheaper option and my son loves it.

Baby chose nothing else


Baby couldn't tolerate other formulas. As soon as we switched to sma we had no more problems and finally she kept down a meal! Saved us! How many others are out there like me?! So gentle on little tummies and not harsh like the ones that contain every other little thing.

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  • 5 reviews

Very good


Easy to prepare
Smells nice
Easy to digest
Have found it to be more readily avakaibe than other brands. I like the formula to water ratio as being hot I know baby is getting more fluids.
Have also found it less likely to clump up as well compared with other brands


AKBQLD, 4500

  • 22 reviews

SMA is definitely the best option for a happy, healthy baby


SMA is one of the cheapest baby formulas and one of the best. It is easy to prepare and baby had no side effects. When baby turned 6 months we decided to try various other brands as a follow-on formula. Mamia gold 2 gave her diarrhoea, as did A2 Platinum premium follow on, Then we decided to try NAN Gold 2 which gave her diarrhoea and severe nappy rash. As soon as the tin was empty we went back to SMA and the rash cleared up very quickly. No more diarrhoea, 10 hour sleep overnight, no nappy rash and a happy, healthy baby.


rachealm689Mid West, WA

  • 8 reviews

Baby loved this formula


I found this formula to be one of the cheapest ones that still settled well with bub.
It was really filling for him (longer sleeps) and easy to make without breaking the budget. I used this formula until he grew out of it. Really happy with the product for bub.



  • 2 reviews



Used many of formulas over the years but this one would have to be the best one. Great value for money always in stock can get it from coles and woolworths easily. Easy to prepare. Baby enjoys it and is always full. Have had no side effects over all very impressed.


boggerspeak crossing

  • 2 reviews

Great product for price


Very easy to prepare bottles with a nice size handle on the scoop. I have used SMA for 7 of my children with no problems even one being very fussy still loved it all put on weight and I would and have recommended it to many people. I will be using again once I have bubs in feb17 can't beat the quality and the great price...

Thank you SMA, my child is now settled

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I would recommend this formula for newborns- it's safe and works well their belly, doesn't cause the


I a a new mom and my mother recommended to use SMA as she used it with me when I was a infant, as a new mom,I am Mix feeding my child. formul works great with my child and it's easy to make and even my husband can easily make milk for our child and feed her, my child enjoys it and fills her belly up and there's no side effect, great for traveling also. I would recommend this formula for newborns.

We love it


Mixes in well with hot and cold water
Used it with my daughter 3 yrs ago and no my second child
Agreed with both my kids bellies :)
It is fabulous value for money (even though I'd pay whatever I had to for my babies) and the scoop size is good for travel containers
We are happy woth it :)



  • 2 reviews
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I highly rate it!


My mum bought this formula for me as I was fed it as a child. My daughter is 6 weeks old today, and will take anything I give her so I'm super thankful for that. I've given her s26 gold and the brand new blackmores formula that was nearly 30 dollars. S26 gold I'm sure gave her constipation and gas. The blackmores newborn gave her really bad gas as she didn't stop farting and her poops were very runny. SMA really works with the gas, I notice she's a lot calmer and doest fart so must. I haven't looked at the nutrition side of things but this works for my daughter.



After breastfeeding and ages trying to finding the right formula. I think this is it! I picked it Up by mistake! My dd has a major reflux issue after many doctors opinions they all said she's healthy and gaining weight ie. Happy chucker. I wanted to find a formula that settled her chucks a little AR didn't work! So I was trying lactose free. But picked this up with my mummy brain. This is working down to 1-4 chucks a day :) it does froth once shaken but. If you give it 20-30 sec to settle its perfect! And its cheap!!!


MissB123Gold Coast

  • 2 reviews

I wasn't happy with it.

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Questions & Answers

Caitlin J.

Caitlin J.asked

What's the best formula for babies? Ive been using SMA for mine but few weeks ago had to change to Nan's comfort as no stores had SMA. Which formula is best for gentle stomachs?

1 answer
Sanulac Nutritionals
Careline T.Sanulac Nutritionals

Hi Caitlin,

Thank you for your query.

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulty in locating stock. We are diligently working together with the retailers and pharmacies to create better accessibility of our products.

To help you choose a suitable product for your little one, we highly recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional, who are experienced in paediatric nutrition and are better able to assess your individual situation.

Please contact our Careline on 1800 552 229 (Mon- Fri 9am-5pm AEST) with any further queries that you may have and one of our friendly Careline team member would be happy to assist you.

Warmest regards,

Careline team.



Is this formula cow milk based

1 answer
Sanulac Nutritionals
Careline T.Sanulac Nutritionals

Hi Rosemary,

Thank you for your query.

Yes, the product is a cow's milk based.

If you have any further queries, please give us a call on 1800 552 229 (Mon- Fri 9am-5pm AEDST) and one of our Careline team member would be happy to assist you. Or visit our website http://www.bubbahood.com.au. <http://www.bubbahood.com.au>

Warmest regards,
Careline Team



My daughter drank Aspen S26 gold milk for 4 months from the day she was born. Unable to find the Aspen S26 gold milk powder, however, I had to use the wyeth S26 gold SMA. Is there any difference between the two types of milk? Please explain.
Ganga Dissanayaka

1 answer
Sanulac Nutritionals
Careline T.Sanulac Nutritionals

Dear Ganga,
The website you have accessed is intended for Australian consumers and this section is occasionally monitored by Sanulac Nutritionals Australia (formerly known as Aspen Nutritionals Australia).
Thank you for your enquiry.
Countries other than Australia may have different formula brands, regulatory requirements or medical practices.
Please contact your local S-26 supplier, pharmacy or chemist in Sri Lanka that may assist you with your enquiry. Alternatively, please speak to your healthcare professional for advice regarding your individual situation.
Warmest regards,
Careline team

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