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116 reviews
SamSouth West, WA

We should have moved to Xpress Super sooner

We have been with Xpress Super now for 3 years and can highly recommend them. We previously used a Financial Adviser with high fees, poor returns and very slow administration. Show reply
Herman K
Herman KLower Chittering, Western Australia3 posts

Excellent service right from the start. Best thing we ever did with our super

We have been with XpressSuper since 2013. Before we joined, we always had problems with administration and audits. On top of that we paid thousands for it. Now with Xpresssuper it's all streamlined, cost effective and easy. The performance of the fund is often better than the All Ords.  Show reply
Attila N.
Attila N.2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Fantastic excellent service

Fantastic Exceptional, well done Xpress Super! Over 3 years ago
I switched to Xpress Super seeking well priced, SMSF Administration fund Simple and easy! I have been extremely impressed. Switching over to Xpress Super was easy and support is very professional, clear and prompt communication.. I highly recommended Xpress Super! Well done Karl and everyone at Xpress super ! Show reply
Ric Ward
Ric Ward2 posts

Exceptional, well done Karl and Xpress Super!

I switched to Xpress Super seeking well priced, online SMSF Administration. Simple and easy! I have been extremely impressed. Switching over to Xpress Super was easy and support is very professional, clear and prompt! I highly recommended Xpress Super! Well done Karl and team ! Show reply
John C
John CGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC3 posts

The BEST SMSF solution!

I rollovered all my industry super funds to Xpress Super over 5 years ago. And I'm very happy I did.

The Xpress Super team are, well, SUPER!

Special thank you to Karl and Emma for their outstanding service and responsiveness.

I get reliability, SMSF made easy and flexible investment options, at a great price. I highly recommend anyone considering a SMSF to call Xpress Super today. Show reply

Suzi3 posts

Super SUPER!

I joined Xpress Super a year ago after huge dissatisfaction with expensive SMSF managers who managed my funds. I was wondering why it was called self managed as I didn't really get a look in! I'm slow with technology and Karl my Supervisor is incredibly patient and helpful. Carefully choosing stocks myself is fun but knowing tech help is a phone call away was what sold me. I have been very satisfied. Costs are down and compliance is done without me. SUPER
SUPER I call it. Show reply
wandbeckSydney, NSW2 posts

what was I thinking? SMSF is Easy Peasy :-)

I have been with one of the big managed Super fund for many years. I decided to switch to a SMSF as I wanted to get into precious metals as well as property. I got cold feet each time I looked at this due to what I perceived as a costly and complex process of setting this up. This all changed recently when I came across Xpress Super. They explained the process in simple terms, answered all my questions and were totally transparent throughout.

A big thanks to the team at XpressSuper & particularly Cameron who introduced the service to us. We have had a seamless switchover to the SMSF and its been done in super quick time as we had hoped.

Would recommend your company and services to any of my friends who were looking to do as we have done. Show reply

InsightSydney Surrounds, NSW
lisahb3 posts

Delivery beyond my expectations

I joined after becoming discontent with our previous providers - we had been passed from one person to another to another as the accounting companies were swallowed up by corporates and the fees were extremely expensive for an uncomplicated (cash and shares) SMSF.

The changeover has not been seamless due to factors outside Xpress Super's control but now that we are through the details, we are very happy. The fees charged are much less than our old accountant and the online reports on performance are an added bonus. I wish we'd switched to Xpress Super years ago. Show reply

Ben McIlwain
Ben McIlwain

Great experience My wife and I switched to Xpress Super a year ago and couldn't be happier with the move

From the transfer of our existing funds into a new account created by Xpress Super to the new investment s we made with advice from the staff, the experience couldn't have been more pleasant and easier

August 30th 2019 Update: Great experience
Just want to reiterate that my wife and I chose all our investment strategies on our own. The only advice Xpress Super gave us was how to go about it. Their professionalism was unparalleled. Show reply

Unhappy3 posts


Been with xpress super for couple of years, had trouble right from the start which only compounded further when dealing with an incompetant employee "[Name Removed]"
Do not use xpress super!
Xpress Super
Xpress Super   DM   
Stuart Palmer
Stuart Palmer

Great onboarding

I've just switched my existing SMSF to Xpress Super, and the process has been very smooth, with clear communication and responsive staff. The online access I have to view up to the minute details of the SMSF and its investments looks clear with helpful information for managing the fund. Competitive fees and great experience so far. Show reply
MummabearMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts

No regrets

GREAT. Can always get someone on the phone. Actual helpful and intelligent English speaking staff - seems too good to be true I know. smoothly run company. Do NOT sign up with other sketchy online funds. They do not take calls and you will have a $hit time dealing with them. I know this from experience. Xpress on the other hand aee the right price and the service is legit A+ Show reply
BrianIllawarra, NSW11 posts

Fantastic company to manage your SMSF

I have dealt with Xpresssuper for 5 years and have found them to be truly tremendous in every way. My Xpressuper manager and supporrt staff are very friendly, courteous, do everything in a professional manner and everything in a timely fashion. Communication is predominately carried out by email, but you can phone as well. They handle all the administration of my SMSF, from setup, accounting, auditing, compliance with ATO, everything. Costs are about $1000 pa for everything, it does not depend upon value of portfolio. They don't advise but they do have a related company that can do this. Truly I have never had an issue with them or any conflict whatsoever.
I thoroughly recommend them to manager your SMSF Show reply
JockNorth Queensland, QLD

Does exactly what it says on the packet

I've been with Xpress Super for almost a year now and they've given me a great set of tools and personalised service to effectively manage my SMSF.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. Show reply


New client

I have recently moved to Xpress Super after my previous accountant decided to retire. The information provided is extremely comprehensive and the service is competitively priced.

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KateMelbourne2 posts

Outstanding Team

I joined Xpress Super in January 2018 and would highly reccomend them to anyone looking for a professional dedicated team. Cameron, Emma and the team have always provided me with prompt service. I am glad I made the decision to change to Xpress Super, I will always remain with them as a loyal customer. They are very deserving of the five out of five star rating. Well done Xpress Super and a huge thank you to Cameron for his never ending patience and support. If you are thinking of a Super Fund to join or change to then look no further than this amazing team and Company.

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M Taylor
M TaylorSydney

I recommend

Cameron and Emma provide a great service. I have never had a bad experience with Xpress Super, thank you very much!

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Doug G
Doug GQueensland4 posts

Absolutely delighted

Been with these guys 5 years now and they just keep getting better.

Dealing the same staff over that time has been good for continuity.

"Surprise and Delight The Customer" seems to be their mantra.

Have saved me 10's of 1000 in tax by correcting previous expensive bad advice, they are great value for money.

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GarryMount Gambier

I am really happy I transferred my SMSF management to Express Super

I recently transferred the management of my SMSF from an accounting practice to Express Super. The transfer was efficiently done with a minimum of fuss by Cameron & Emma. For the first time in 10 years, with Class Super, I am now able to check the status of my SMSF on a daily basis, all for significantly less $ I had been charged in the past. The integration of share buying/selling and the purchase of fixed interest products is great for people like myself who are hands-on. Would thoroughly recommend Xpress Super to anyone for the management of their SMSF.

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RussQueensland4 posts
AdvocateSydney, NSW5 posts

Excellent product and service

Very happy with the quality of this product and service.

One item of feedback would be to improve the data feeds for international stocks so they can be viewed online.

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Thank you Xpress

Excellent customer service from Cameron and the staff. It was easier than I thought. Step by step setup. Thank you express super, I would recommend cameron and he's team to others.

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Very happy with Xpress Super

Xpress Super have been excellent to deal with. Cameron is very professional and very efficient in getting back to me with all my queries, be they simple or complex. It's been a massive task to move our super to SMSF but Xpress Super helped us navigate through the steps and made the process manageable. I would be very happy to recommend this business to my friends or anyone looking to establish SMSF.

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TrevorCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

Totally satisfied

I cannot find fault with the responsiveness and professionalism of both Emma and Cameron. They have made the transition from the use of an accountant to Xpress Super easy. In addition the up to date reporting system is very impressive and allows for more educated decisions to be made.

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JudeDarwin, NT6 posts

Fantastic so glad I swapped to Xpress Super

Having struggled for a few years with a local accounting company and having to wait almost 12 months to get the previous years accounts finalised. This is so much simpler, can see exactly where I am at any given point in time. They ensure I am compliant with all aspects and up to date with forms etc. Great work you guys please keep it up.

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Great and detailed service

Thanks to people of Xpress Super ... superb attention to detail and easy to work with.

Would be more than happy to refer.

The portal is a little thin on functionality thou.

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thanh ha phan
thanh ha phanFairfield

excellent service by emma and cameron

been searching around for some help with smsf, seek help with the big 4 banks each of them wanted a fee of $400

if not more no one was willing to help unless payment made first fair enough but based on exchanged emails between these 4 banks no one was really interested in setting up my smsf correctly, i searched and search only if i knew about xpress super earlier, they applied instant help paid a establishment fee of $99 by the next day i had paperwork set up for my super fund.

these guys are the real deal, emma and cameron seek in your best interest.

cheers guys.

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Great Service

Emma and the team were very patient in helping me transition to Xpress. They did a lot of work to get my somewhat complicated SMSF moved across and I was very satisfied with the service

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Professional and efficient

Xpress Super is a professional and very efficient organisation. Emma and Cameron were very helpful and supportive in transferring our SMSF account. Xpress Super has made the transition drama free. I will also like to thank the team for their continous outstanding support.

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Adrian Ong
Adrian OngCanberra2 posts

Professional and efficient

Despite a fairly complicated setup with multiple trading and banking accounts, multiple trustees and incomplete documentation, my SMSF transfer to XpressSuper went pretty well and eventually was given the online access to be able to view and verify my setup and balances. Thanks to the X team and especially Cam for his responsive assistance, Emma's timely update on progress.

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Absolutely Happy

Totally recommend XPress Super - Have spent the lat 20 years under serviced & overcharged by a respected accounting Firm - did a stack of research for alternatives & Xpress Super has delivered in spades making it as painless as possible to make the switch. Nowhere near the drama I anticipated to do it. Plenty of speedy responses & once up & running, a very informative platform that is easy to understand. Importantly, also plenty of easy links to information & questions regarding all things SMSF. up to date rules, retirement issues, its all there. Absolutely Happy

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Exceeded expectations

Xpress Super has been incredibly responsive and efficient; so easy to work with. We are a small financial planning firm that has so far referred about 10 Funds and we hope to eventually migrate all of our SMSFs to XS. Thank you Emma for being so very helpful; both the product and service have exceeded expectations.

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Perfect for our Clients

We are an accounting and financial planning firm with about 200 SMSF clients. We have been trying to find a simple online solution for our SMSF clients, to free up our time to concentrate on offering advice without all the hassle of administration and compliance. Xpress Super have delivered all of this and above. Our clients now have daily online reporting and allows us planners to have accurate up to date reports to deliver advice to our clients. The service is second to none.

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SimoneGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts

Great service

The team have been most attentive and nothing is too hard for them. Thanks for your patience with all the paper work.

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KBSSydney, NSW4 posts

Xpress Super- the best team ever!

Xpress Super are managing my SMSF. They have a very good team. They deal with me with that personal touch such that I feel as if I am a part of them.

They are available all the times to assist with any issues that I might have. To be with them is the best choice that I ever made.

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Ronald van Riet
Ronald van RietMelbourne2 posts

Excellent service and communication

Emma and team are extremely efficient and fast. Nothing is too difficult and I would also thank Cameron for his patience with me as I am new to SMSF. Keep it up!

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Great platform

Xpress were very thorough in taking in my information and and setting up the online platform. Will be a great deal easier going forward.

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Wayne and Fran
Wayne and Fran

Xpress Super review

We transferred the administration and returns for our fund and updated our trust deed over the last year and have been very pleased with our decision. We have found the team at Xpress Super to have been very professional and amiable in our dealings. We look forward to many years of dealings with Xpress Super.

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Shane at Brighton
Shane at Brighton3 posts

Couldn't be happier!!

We crossed over to express 1 year ago from a big financial superfund and couldn't be happier.

The cost to have Super Guardian administer our SMSF is great value as is the help & assistance from Emma & Olivia and all the team there.

Great Company & Great Product

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