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Xtreme Earth XE250

Xtreme Earth XE250

4.5 from 2 reviews


Great value for money - kept me warm camping in some fairly cold apline areas. Great nights sleep and easy to maintain - highly recommended.
For the quality you get the xtreme earth sleeping bag represents great value of money. Really kept me very warm and snug. But easy to get into and out. Also the bag got a bit dirty - but followed the instructions - put it in the washing machine - and it is back - as new!
Always looking for the smallest - perhaps could pack a little bit smaller or tighter but wouldn't want to give up comfort or warmth.


Recently bought a couple of these and really rate them! Exceptional value. Nice soft feeling and lightweight to sleep in but still really warm and comfortable. It can also compress to a very small ball which is great.
Lightweight, soft feeling, warm.
Compression sack could maybe be smaller?

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