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Yamaha MCR-B020

Yamaha MCR-B020

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This is the perfect bedroom sound system & clock radio !

I stumbled upon this great little micro system form Yamaha. Turned out to be what I have been looking for, for a very long time. I have gone through a large number of portable players and clock radios to find something that satisfies my wants. The Yamaha MCR-B020 looks like it does! Lets start with design. It has a sleek modern layout which is clean, yet simple and elegant. It is small enough for small rooms as it can be setup with speakers next to the main unit, or separated from the main unit. Now functionality. Remember, for me, this is for use in the bedroom, so the criteria is as follows: Needs a large clear display for the clock function-it has it. Needs an alarm function-it has it. Needs to save all settings- it can hold all settings without power for around 1 hours. Needs Bluetooth-it has it. Needs a USB port for charging-it has it. Needs a remote controller-it has it. Needs a FM radio with a 75 ohm antenna socket-it has it. And for other handy features that I like but are not critical for me. It has a single CD deck, an AUX input on the rear, simple clip type connections for the speaker wires, headphone jack and USB storage device playback, and charging. The MCR-B020 also has a calendar with the clock display and two alarm functions, built in sound and the audio source you set. For a small unit it has very good sound, and there is a good array of sound settings for the Low, Mid & High ranges. It will also allow you to setup "repeat" & "shuffle" settings with data music CD's and USB storage. The MCR-B020 also features an array of interesting additional features such as: ECO mode, Standby mode, 3 adjustable EQ settings, Balance, Dimmer, Power Saving & Auto Power Standby. All these are easily accessed and adjusted. The instruction booklet is clear, simple and comprehensive. You can play music at low volumes and there is no hissing sound from the speakers, and the CD mechanism is quiet when operating. Tuning radio stations is simple, as is setting up the unit itself. The overall quality and finish is very good, as is the overall sound, considering it's size. I highly recommend this unit if your wanting something compact, yet capable of delivering decent sound, and doubling as a clock radio. It is from a very reputable company, so I don't expect any issues.

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