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Yamaha V-Star XVS650 Custom

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Xvs650 custom. \m/

I own a 2010 custom. Vance and Hines short shots. 4inch risers 6 inch risen bars. Dyno tuned and re jet. These bikes are brilliant. Couldn't ask for anything better. Handling is awesome and the power is there. Has no trouble blowing a hd 883 iron from start to finish. With almost 50hp at the rear wheel who could complain. Never had a drama with it and parts and upgrades are cheap and well made. Yamaha you did a mint job.
Everything about it is great handling. Pricing fuel consumption. A+++++++++

first cruiser

picked up my brand new xvs650 custom last week. I had after market pipes, mirrors with indicators, white wall tyres and took the rear seat off to make it look nice. kept the original handle bars as they were more comfortable than some of the others.The bike looks and sounds great and I haven't done the 1000kms yet so no oil change or opened it right up. the bike handles very well and turns heads. clutch was very sticky to start with but seems fine now. stalled all too easily and went back to the shop. it's new out of the crate and these things happen though. LED indicators in the mirror blink too fast for my liking and can be difficult for other road users to see during the day. but at $180 for a relay to slow them down they can stay flashing fast. all in all a great bike though and I think I will get a large chunk of my outlay back when I finally sell it.
ride comfort, looks and sound with V & H pipes
no clutch at first and fast flashing indicators

650 v-star custom

I have a 2011 v-star 650 custom bought new in April of 2012. I use my bike mostly to ride to and from work 100 mile round trip. I love my v-star. It's easy to handle and is a fun bike to ride. I believe that it is an excellent first bike because it is inexpensive, handles well and has a good suspension.
Furthermore, it's a very good looking bike that has more then enough power for the beginner rider. I took my bikers class in June of 2012 and rode 4000 miles. I hope to ride 6000 miles this year. I can't wait to start riding. Have a great day and have fun riding.

November 21st 2016 Update: Very good all around bike for the buck

Hello from (USA).
I didn't start riding until I was 50 years old. My v-star now has over 44,000 miles. I ride mostly to work and to my cottage in ski country both 100 mile round trips. My v-star handles quite well and has a really good suspension for such a low costing machine.
In conclusion, it's a great bike for a new rider, a woman, short guy (like myself) or also like myself a person who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a motorcycle when money can be spend elsewhere.

UPDATE 07/26/17
I just traded in my v-star 650 custom it had over 50,000 miles. I bought a new 2015 Yamaha v-star 950 toruer. I loved my 650 custom great bike. I bought the 950 mostly because I wanted fuel injection, a little more power and the ability to ride two up longer and with more comfort. I hope I don't regret this. Will keep you posted.
inexpensive, handles well and is great looking
I wish the bike was fuel injected

Date PurchasedApr 2012
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8/12/17- I loved my v-star 650 custom and I love my v-star 950. I have had the v-star 950 for around 10 days (800) miles and just finished breaking it in, It's everything the v-star 650 is but more. It handles very well and is really smooth. It doesn't feel heavy. It actually feels quite light and very nimble. The bike handles the southern tier ski country roads of western New York with no problem. The best thing that I liked about the 650 custom was the bikes excellent suspension. The best thing about the 950 is the bikes balance and stability. It has plenty of power and will do 85 miles per hour all day. Remember the speed limit is 65 in western New York so I usually keep it under 75. Hope to put about 70,000 miles on this bike in the next 5-6 years. Happy riding. Go Bills.

Absolutely Fantastic -My dream machine.

Smooth,Great on highway,Handles well with plenty of grunt- Quick accelerating, Great looking- Nice + low to ground, easy to mount. Great for the ladies. Just perfect. Great for cruising as well as round town.
Had lots of Bikes but this has to be the best.- I cant find a fault in it. Very Happy.

Hi there, would this bike be a good first bike for a learner who is only 5"4?Shaz I've just bought the classic and love it. I'm a learner too and only 5 foot 3, and have no trouble with handling the bike. The only thing I needis a windshield as I find it very windy ..

Great LAMS cruiser!

Being a larger male 6'6 I found this bike to be a great investment for a LAMS cruiser.
Comfortable ride, nice big bike with a decent bit of power.
Sound is better with baffles removed.
Average fuel consumption is around 280km - 300km per tank depending on how you ride it.
The clutch might need some adjusting as I some troubles with the bite point.
Size, price, looks great with all the chrome polished, rides great,
Clutch cable may need some tightening, the bite point for the clutch is very late, N can be a bit sticky at times, front tyre is annoying to check

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How did you go about removing the baffles - sounds like an old 2 stroke trick.

Comfy Ride

The xvs650 is perfect for for a easy ride up the highway. Economy is good, once you get moving she's very stable,though not that confident around twisty bends: its a cruiser. Breaks are right for this bike. Power is good for this level of bike. The seat is comfy and the handle bars are well placed. I do about 200ks a week which cost me about $15 a week; great value.
Great value at around $10,000 au. And the dealer gave me a quality leather jacket!
The speedo is out by around 9ks


I have owned my 09 custom since new and have enjoyed expirience very much.I ride to work (78kms round trip) and also on longer trips on weekends.Through the city traffic it's fantastic, being so light and well balanced it makes it nimble. Though if you like to lane split be warned, with the wide handle bars it's not hard to clip the occasional side mirror of large 4x4s. Down the highway it will easily sit on 130kpm and even though its a light bike, with a low centre of gravity it's not affected too much by the wind, making it feel steady and safe at 100+ speeds.The only things I will change is to get handle bar lifters and a gel seat
cheap, looks good, great balance ,great roll on speed, very reliable
exposed wiring connections(poorly terminated)on handle bars,clutch grab point annoyingly late. seat a bit hard on the bum after about 100+ks

Great Bike for LAMS

Bought this bike in May 2011 to use on my L's and restrictions. My first bike and have been very happy with it. I will upgrade to a larger bike when my restriction period is over, but could easily keep it if all my friends didn't have Harley's. Yes, I will buy a ME TOO bike.

Perfect bike to start out on and re-sale value is excellent. I don't think I'll drop more then $500 for a years use...now thats great value.

I highly recommend the V-Star to anyone wanting a LAMS bike or even a great cruiser when off LAMS.
Great beginners cruiser.
The very average star thing on side....Yamaha, if your reading this....Leave it Black, and also a matt black option would be good.

What oil we need for xvs650?can't decide if I should buy this or the honda vt 400.And what's the fuel consumption like on the yamaha


a great bike to get your twowheeled wings on. well built comfy sporty looks great and best of all reliable.
Still gets street cred, a great alternative to starting on a 250 sport bike. Able to commute/cruise long distances and still be rather comfortable and most of all enjoyable. handles and responds well for a cruiser with its relativley light weight in its category
once you get used to the power of this LAMS approved cruiser, you just need/want MORE


Great bike. Rides well. Excellent cruiser for the low price. Love the 2009 xvs 650 and would recommend to anybody!
Great handling. Good speed from lights. Looks great. Gets plenty of sideways glances.
Clutch tension is a little off.

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What year carbs will inter change with a 2007 vstar 650?
No answers

How much does the Yamaha VSTAR 650 weigh with windshield and bags? Aprox.of course.
1 answer
I owned a v-star 650 custom and it weighted 515 lbs and with side bags, windshield, sissy bar and rear rack it weighted about 540 lbs. The 650 classic weights about 540 lbs and with the above mentioned additions would likely total about 565 lbs or around there. Hopefully this information is helpful. Remember to always ride safely.

I'm trying to see what front end parts are interchangeable on my 2004 Yamaha v-star 1100 custom. I need new front forks and I found some from an 2006 650. Will it work?
1 answer
The XVS650 only has a single front disc, the 1100 had twin discs so 650 forks only have a caliper mounting on one side.


Yamaha V-Star XVS650 Custom
Engine Capacity649cc
Release dateJan 2007

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