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Yamaha V-Star XVS650A Classic

Yamaha V-Star XVS650A Classic

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She’s my Harley Quinn

So...I have been motorcycles since I was 13 years old....I am now 55 years old. I have owned a CBR600
F4I a Vrod and a Sportster with a 1200
CC engine. I now own and ride my 650 VStar which I bought used. The bike has a windshield and after market pipes. I rode this thing from IL to CO in two days. The bike never missed a beat. 55 MPG but top speed......was 75 MPH. That’s enough on interstate 80. I stayed at 70 most of the time. The forks are too soft and the bike needs another gear. The power is ok and the clutch sucks. Other than that....she’s a great bike. Another gear more power and stiffer suspension and it’s a perfect bike. I am 55 and weigh 180 pounds. I love this bike.

Purchased in March 2017 at The CPAP Clinic Physical store for $1,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

Have owned Many -Great Bike

We have customized over 250 Yamaha XVS650 Classics and Customs. These bikes are the Toyota Corolla of the bike world. They are pretty much indestructible. Parts are easy to find and are cheap. There are also more and more custom parts and features becoming available for this model. Could do with an extra gear on the highway. But definately the best LAMS approved bike.

Date PurchasedOct 2018


got mine about 2 mths ago loving it..made a nice tank bib and sides for it..love it ride it ..great bike for learners nice ride, can anyone tell the difference in a 2009 classic vstar 650 to a 2017 classic star 650? have they changed much becouse they all look the same to me..

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great bike - not just for ladies or learners

Bought this as a near new second hand to replace the 250 Virago. The 650 is used as a daily driver to travel to work and back. Also used on weekend rides.
Excellent low centre of gravity and very stable in cross winds
Surprisingly good fuel economy
Comfy saddle - the whole bike is no frills, but oozes class.
I really really wish it had a sixth gear; the bike wants to keep pulling away in fifth but just starts getting too revvy.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Perfect for what it is.

As far as value for money goes, the XVS650A is awesome. Bike looks good and has a high quality finish. Comfortable ride with a relaxed riding position. Over time you may yearn for a bit more power - it is a LAMS bike after all, but is still more than adequate.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Just Picked Up My New Toy

I am a returning user to the motorcycle world after a 27 year absence, I just picket up my 2009 Yamaha V-Star XVS650 Classic, under 700 verified miles on the clock, condition is 99.99% perfect ( small scuff on front fender). The bike is stock and I have got my shopping list ordered and waiting for the postman or woman to drop of my goodies. Even stock it is getting some admiring looks. It looks much bigger than a 650 and handles like a kitten. Very happy to be back in the saddle.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

mixed feelings

riding this bike was a experience and fantastic to learn on however mine went through 3 clutches in 6 month period buying a brand new classic from the dealer which broke my heart I can fairly say I would be still riding that bike today as it's certainly a bike you feel badass on for a learner

Date PurchasedJan 2017

If you are going to M1, don't buy it

Bought a 2014 and I was extremely happy while using it on the Gold Coast at 80Kph max to do the home-work commute. As soon as I moved to Byron and started riding it much more on the M1 than in town the frustration started to happen. At 100Kph the rev was already high and then at 110kph I would say that it was screaming. Also, my hands would get numb after 15 minutes riding at that condition. Apart from that the bike was very stable and comfy to hide. Perfect bike for learners. Seating position was very relaxed, easy to do the corners and lots of power in low torque. Fuel economy was around 20Km/l. Anyway, I am happier with my scooter Aprilia Scarabeo 200ie for the M1 ride...believe or not.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Great Learners Bike

2013 VStar 650 I got this as my 1st ever bike, and can quite frankly say im glad i got the larger 650 over a 250, the bigger size makes you feel more confident and comfortable on the road, the larger engine gives enough power to keep up with others (sits nicely on 120kph in 5th gear, can go to 140 any more i would say is pushing the engine to much).
Have a Vance & Hines Custom pipe on it, sounds like a dream rev'ing at low rpm's, (my mate even has trouble hearing his own bike over mine). Converted it into a bobber recently and oh my is it gorgeous, a serious head turner to others, those who dont know the bike closely will think your on a Harley. The only downsides to the bike would be it not having a gear indicator and fuel gage which Yamaha could have added easily, just have to use the odometer which will give you around 220km per tank, and a remberance of what gear you in. Other than that a great bike to get

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great bike and cheap on parts.

I bought this bike 2 years ago in a decent state and now I've converted it to a bobber. It was cheap to do and easy to install new parts. There are a lot of options out there for making your bike different to others and get the heads turning. Couldn't be happier.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Can't be faulted

I purchased a 2010 Vstar as my first bike with the idea of it being my apprenticeship into the bigger cruisers, but I could quite easily have kept hold of it for many more years (I didn't however). Sitting towards the top of the Learner market price range it is certainly well worth the extra cash as it does give the feeling you are riding a bigger bike. I used this bike as a work commuter (City traffic), a run around to the shops, and a weekend tourer and it excelled in all 3. I was surprised how much get up and go it had and it could certainly keep the pace down the Old Pacific Hwy on a Sunday morning with 100's of other bikes. Reliability was fantastic and it never failed to start or give me the slightest bit of trouble. With no branding on it I have lost count how many times people (non riders) would ask if it was a Harley, I would say the aftermarket Vance and Hines short shorts certainly contributed to this......the sound was fantastic in the lo rev range.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a laid back classic looking bike or as I mentioned, an intro into the bigger cruiser market. Absolutely faultless.

Date PurchasedMay 2010

Second time around

I too am getting on a bit and am 77yo. My second bike ago was the same model and I was persuaded to buy the YamahaMT07 which is an excellent bike but due to health problems with my legs and ankles found it to difficult to ride easily. So taking advantage of the current price reduction, down from $12000 to 95 ride away which produced an acceptable change over and I returned to the XVS650 Classic which is also an excellent bike that I had such pleasure on previously. It is so comfortable to ride with its running boards and toe and heel pedals. It has a nice seat and handle bar relationship. very smooth gear shift and good rear brake. The front brake is a bit under done and needs plenty of pressure for rapid deceleration but used with a different balance, more back brake gets the job done without panic.The engine has a fair degree of vibration using a single crank pin but you soon get used to it. My previous XVS had straight through exhaust pipes which I loved and will most likely install on this one once its run in.
To sum up its a great machine and not only suited to LAM's riders but would satisfy anyone looking for a top bike of the cruiser style and the quality of production is second to none with its paintwork and chrome.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Absolutely love it!

I bought this bike after my husband passed away as a bit of therapy. It has outperformed anything I've owned before, runs on the smell of an oily rag, and is very low maintenance as well as being the most comfortable bike I've owned. This bike has been a gem, although a little on the heavy side - note to self don't park it on a boggy lawn because the side stand sinks in and you have to try to lift up a beast while you're slipping around! lol

Date PurchasedJan 2010

older riders

I have just bought my first bike a Yamaha xvs 650 perfect for a learner I love it I am 71 yrs old you are never too old.Ted. looking forward to getting on a Harley.dont know why I waited so long to ride I live in a retirement village and they think I am crazy.

There and back again.

I bought a 2007 vstar 650 classic with 8857 miles on it about a month ago for $2000. It looked very clean and sharp in the Pearl white, so I gave them an offer, and they took it. Shocked me, but no complaints. This is the 2nd vstar 650 I have owned. I had a 2001 custom I bought new and sold in 2008. Kinda regretted it after, but I'm back now. The 650 vstar is probably the best bike I have owned, and I've had alot. My other 650 I had made a few 1000 mile or so road trips to the smokies and back, and it never gave me any fits. I expect the same from this one. A 650 is plenty big enough to go anywhere you want. Anyone who says otherwise, needs a reality check. These bikes are VERY low maintenance, cheap to insure, and fun/easy to ride. It is not just a learners bike as I've seen said before. Sure, you can learn on it, but that doesn't mean it's only a learner bike. Technically, you can learn on a R1. would you call that a learners bike? The vstar 650 is an all around great bike. There are plenty of accessories. And they pretty much haven't changed the design since 1998, so plenty of new & used parts, and will be for a long time. Also, you can usually find a good used one for dang cheap. Get a 650 vstar, ride it like it was meant to be ridden, and you won't be disappointed.

Yamaha V Star 650 Classic

Bought this bike about 2 months ago. I haven't ridden for over 10 years, and was a little sceptical of the weight. Now close to 2000 km, and its been a dream. Great for a LAMS approved cruiser. Stock, its a quiet bike, plenty of low down toque gets you up and going quickly, though does run of out legs higher up, Will still easily cruise along at 100 and above, with plenty of go in it to overtake. Classic style with enough chrome and looks to turn heads. Recently put after market Vance and Hines Cruzers exhaust to add more depth and volume to the sound. Be advised, the Vance and Hines pipes exceed the legal sound limits, but not obnoxiously so. Lets other drivers know your there ! Bike has preformed flawlessly and is very forgiving for a newer rider. Comfortable riding position and easy to manoeuvre around. Very happy and will see this lasting me for many years to come.

Yamaha V Star 650 classic

I bought mine in early 2015. Its been fantastic. I replaced the pipes with V & H pipes to give it a better note and put a top of the range windshield on it. Its faultless and is the only bike in Australia to have a 5 year factory warranty. The seat is fine on 200 km trips. The bike length of 2.45 meters gives the impression it is a lot larger capacity. The 650 engine with a hyper-charger gets up and goes but its not going to do 200 km per/h and why would you want it too being a cruiser..The ride is gentle and smooth. Its a very stable and balanced bike. I had only planned to keep it for a couple of years but I have fallen in love with it. I wont be changing it anytime soon. I just invested in saddle bags as well. By the way I am a big boy. 183 cm in height and 142 Kilos in weight and the bike is not phased by my weight. It has the most torque in this class

I just added engine bars and highway pegs. Its amazing for long distance trips. By adjusting your feet position it changes your butt position. Long distance riding is awesome now.I have hit the 2 year mark of ownership. Faultless and stll looks brand new. Quality build. The V Star is a premium build and designed to last.I trust this bike and recommend you seriously consider it

Very Happy

I bought this bike a 2007 with 2700 miles on it, I have ridden this bike on an 80 mile long trip with the wife on the back on 70 mph highways and Ozark hills. The bike handles like a much bigger bike and It looks awesome, I couldn't be happier.

what a load of crap

mine is a 2014 model,only vibrated for about 50 ks during the ride home after purchase & not much at that,does not need a fuel gage,fill up at about 250ks still not on reserve,like better sound, drill some holes in muffler or change pipes,only 1 gripe and that is keeping it clean but worth the effort.I am 68 YO some say that is to old to ride but they are tin top drivers so they dont count.
stay upright

Good value, reliable, never had an issue

I bought this in May 2010 new and couldn't be happier. Originally I wanted a cruiser for long trips- wollongong to Sydney three times a week but found its just as good as a daily commuter (and a definite head turner with well polished chrome and the midnight blue paint). It's been up and down the east coast half a dozen times, just about to hit 50,000kms and it still runs as well as the day I bought it. Highly recommended!

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Can some tell me how to tell if you have a classic 11 or classic 14 I’m trying to get insurance but I don’t understand what it means I have xvs650a classic 2013 mod
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I have a 2017 Yamaha v Star custom While polishing the chrome today I noticed that the brake lights have condensation in both of them Is this coveted under the warranty please ?
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what is the standard length of clutch cable on 650A vstar?
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Yamaha V-Star XVS650A Classic
CategoryCruiser Bikes and Learner Approved Bikes
Engine Capacity649cc
Release dateJan 2007

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