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Good bike, Good Ride

Bought a 2013 650 Classic from new, liked the style of bike from the start and always wanted a cruiser. Did ride bikes a long time and said when the kids leave home I would get another bike. Like a lot of people.

I have put 5000 kms on the bike now without a problem at all. The bike feels like its just starting to loosen up, getting more responsive when you turn the throttle.

I did change the seat on the bike, just me. A little bit old school and like sitting in the bike and not feeling like your sitting on top of the bike. I'm 182cm and not so young.
Man what a difference it made, the bike was good before but its excellent now. Can throw the bike around and took the bike ride to another level.

Fuel, I do around 300 kms before I look to fuel up and have not gone anywhere near the reserve.

In town, the bike handles well and out on the road can sit comfortable at 100-110 kph. Do agree with most post, top gear could be a little higher or maybe a 6th gear to just pull those revs back a bit.

Originally I was just going to keep this bike for a couple of years and then get a bigger bike. However this bike really dose all I need and I've decided this bike will do what I want.

I have a couple of long trips planed and I'm sure this bike will do the job with ease.

Probably will change the exhaust tho just to give it a note at the next service.

great and stylish machine.

I bought this Yamaha xvs 650cc classic motor cycle about a week ago and I had an after market exhaust system installed on it and now its just like riding a Harley sounds exactly like it and performs just as well. Its candy apple red metallic and is in great condition it is so comfortable to ride unlike a lot of other bikes.
Has more than enough horse power to get you where you want to go.

even better now ive added the chrome spike airfilter got more power and better fuel economy. Had this bike now for about 6 months still goes like a dream starts every time. I thought about selling it a while ago for a bigger bike but ive put to much time and spent to much on chrome to sell it plus its more than enough power for what i want. Its nice going for a ride and having people at the lights go nice bike mate.got a new twin mufflers system put on last weeks noe it sounds better than a harley.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you are looking for your first bike (LAMS) or something to go for a rewarding day cruises on, then the VSTAR 650 is your baby. With a very low centre of gravity, plenty of torque to get and keep you moving and a great riding position, you'll find the VSTAR 650 is an easy and enjoyable bike to ride. At just 165cm, I can put both feet flat on the ground or balance bike with just the left foot down when stopped at lights.

The VSTAR 650 has lots of chrome and classic cruiser styling that will turns heads while you are on the road or in the car park - when I park somewhere, it's not uncommon for people to give it a good look over! Throw on some short stack pipes to improve the sound and you have heaps of street cred.

Around town it's a delight to ride - it's light and very easy to manoeuvre. (see my comments below) OK, it's not a street racer but a small twist of the wrist will see you pull away from the lights with plenty of pace.

Out on the highway you can sit on 100 kph easy, although you do get the sense a 6th gear would come in handy as those v-twins are doing some serious revving. Despite that, you'll still plenty in reserve to do a fast overtake.

Fuel economy is pretty good - I've been getting under 4.7l/100k (50 mpg+). At around 230 kms it's time for a refill but there's still 3 litres in reserve tank.

In short; you get big bang for your bucks! Easy to ride, great styling, Yamaha reliability, excellent resale value and all without the jacked up prices of some well known cruisers (most people can't tell the difference between them anyway).

Myth buster time;
It's a cruiser with a longer than normal wheelbase so manoeuvring and u-turning can be a problem. Wrong. With a bit of practice and developing some skills anyone, big or small, can easily do a u-turn (or full circle) in under 6 mtrs (24') diameter on the VSTAR 650 (or any bike for that matter) - that's easily within a narrow two car side street. Heck, i've never ridden before and i can do it - just took a few practice sessions to hone some slow speed manoeuvring techniques.
Styling, reliability, low centre of gravity, excellent resale value
Needs a sixth gear for highways??

UPDATE: I recently put a set of V&H pipes on the VSTAR and really impressed with the results. First up is noticeable improvement in performance; a LOT more get up & go off the mark and much less throttle needed especially from 80 kph / 50 mph onward. Second is a big improvement in fuel economy. Now getting 4.7 Ltr / 100 kms (60 mpg) on highway and marginally less around town. Third is the sound - hot as! Sure it turns heads but I have noticed a huge reduction in cars cutting in front of me and many move out of the way or give extra space, especially at the lights. That's gotta be a good thing safety wise! PS. Mechanic did do a minor tune to carby mixture and suspects the original owner had it rejetted (had the pipes taken off for RWC) but couldn't confirm without performing some "surgery". His advice is if you change pipes alway retune / rejet because if your moto runs lean it will destroy the piston head. Another update. Now done over 15,000kms without a single glitch or hitch. They say Yamaha know how to build a bike and it's true. I reckon they really got this model right and so do plenty of other very happy owners. If you are looking for a great looking, fun, trouble free ride with great resale value you'd be hard pressed to find a better ride than the VStar 650.

Great Get Around Suburbia Bike

After letting riders license lapse in the early nineties, I recently had to re sit my L's. Bought this Classic model after looking at the Honda Shadow 400, and the Hyosung 650. There really isn't a whole lot of choice when it comes to learner cruisers, but I have to say this one is a winner. The reason for this bike purely over the other two for me was, Yamaha have a 5year warranty, so put their money where their mouth is. This bike holds its value better especially compared to the Hyosung. The Honda motors output is alot smaller. And despite that from what I was told by a Honda salesman (whether it is true or not), Honda apparently have not made a bike since 09 in the VT400 model and have only changed colours to make it look different. Yamahas build date is just that, an 2013model has been built in 2013, so that sealed the deal for me.

About the bike now. As an experienced rider, but a lomg time ago, I have had this bike now for 6 months and find it an absolute blast around suburbian streets, city, long windey country roads, but on highway, myself weighing in at 115kg, I find it, or feel that it could do with a sixth gear when constantly sitting on 100kms. It could be the power to weight ratio, or it could be that it has too much concentrated bottom to mid range torque (and it does have some), and not enough top end, that really is its only negative. Get up and go off the lights it leaves cars and other bikes away if you want to ride it hard and quick flick gears. Cornering it has a large turning circle, as does most long cruisers, but if you move your butt and your body, you can half this circle again.

Weight wise I don't find it an issue at all, and height wise, it is a true low rider. Feet touch the ground and can bend my knees at 5foot9. You can also easily grind 20mm off the hard foam on the seat to drop it some more.

Seat was a buttache, but I resculptured it to suit my body, added 4inches thick of soft memory foam, and it is not much of an issue anymore, especially with a sheepskin.
I ran the engine in nice and careful, and noticed after around 2.5K that everything was bedded nicely, and I find the higher I go with kilometres, the better the engine response is. I reckon I could get 50,000kms out of this bike.

The bike itself is built well, and I have owned Harleys in the past, and find it way more comfortable. The Harley riders tend to rag on jap bikes quality, but apart from a few plastic chromed things, it is quality built. I had looked at a few 2009 models and the chrome was not peeling off on those, so shouldnt be a problem.

As Yamaha put "to me" bad looking stickers under a clear coat on the tank, the tank needed to be stripped back and re sprayed. Problem is, yamaha will not give out the colour code for raven, so it took my spray painter some time to get the pearl right in the paint. (turned out to be white pearl, rather than blue pearl as others have stated). Definately one of the nicer shades of black I have seen.

Debadged most would not know it is even a Yamaha. Constant nice bike mate comments. And can be customised alot as there are many parts available.

Fuel, I normally fill it at 200kms on the Odo, and it takes around 8litres, so at 16 litre tank, im guessing it should go close to 400kms.

Brakes are perfectly adequate.

Tyres are good.

Ive never ridden a bike with floor boards and heel toe gear changer, love it, and am now looking at buying my next bike soon purely for a larger engined tourer, and it must have these two features.

Exhaust is poor sounding, but did the 8 x 10mm hole trick in each muffler, and then sounds great, and noticed a change for the better in running as well, although it pops a little when backing off downhill.

There are a few engine mods you can do to this bike to gain extra HP, but it really dosnt need the extra for my style of riding while im doing my time again. I will upgrade to the Suzuki C109, Indian Vintage or the new Triumph Commander when it finally comes out. But id be keeping it if this exact model had even a 1500cc engine in it.

Overall great bike! Apart from the 6th gear highway thing, I cannot fault it.

Excellent bike for learners, or if all you are going to do is travel in the burbs, then there is not even a reason why you'd need another bike, as power is plenty sufficient.
The whole package
needs 6th gear for me, dosn't come when whistled.

Great bike

I found the bike a little hard to handle at first. This is my first bike at age 50, I wished to join my church's motorcycle ministry. I find it a great bike though have nothing to compare it too. It handles well and I do tend to take corners a little slow. There is a nice refined pulse through the frame. Had it up to 140klms/hr overtaking a semi following another rider on a Nija 300.

I purchased the Yamaha small windshield for the bike and would recommend this for highway travelling. I am less intimidated at travelling at high speed with the windshield. The lack of pressure on the chest is good. My only gripe is the range. 220 klms before switching to reserve. I was hoping for more. I told myself I would not modify it though I am going too with a set of Vance and Hines pipes. Saw and heard a set on another 650 V Star.

When I pull up at a country service staions, people comment favourably on it.

I did have reservations about a manual choke as I was after a fuel injected bike, though the choke setup works fine. No issues at all.

May 5th 2018 Update: Great bike but?

This is an update after owning this bike for about five years. It is a great cruiser for 95$ of occasions. Though does run out of steam on steep inclines when overtaking traffic. I cannot afford to upgrade at the moment. I now have 25,000 klms on the clock and with an Airhawk 2 she is a comfortable ride. My next step up will be the 1300 XVS with hard panniers and all the blitz and zing. I did a test ride today and clocked up 320 kilometres on one tank. Refilled at the bowser and put in 15.77 litres. So I would say that is about its maximum. This was all riding in the speed limits here in Oz. When chasing my Harley mates I find fuel economy drops from 20 kilometres per litre down to 16 kilometres per litre. So it pays to obey the speed limit. I am hoping the 1300 will have the extra power I require for overtaking bubble cars up long steep inclines. You must have a windshield and cruise control would be a nice option one day. This is my first bike ever and satisfies me 95 to 99% of the time. Though there are those odd occasions where more ponies are needed. I have not regretted one step in purchasing this bike second hand. A 2009 XVS Classic.
Comfortable and feet touch the ground flat. I am 5'9"
Range. Wish it could go further before switching to reserve.

That fuel economy doesn't sound too good, I filled up yesterday on my 650 classic at 255km and it took 12.4 litres. Still hadn't switched to reserve yet. You may need a tune. You said the short windscreen was good for keeping wind off the chest. How about the helmet? Do you get knocked about by the wind on your helmet still? Did you notice a difference with the accelerator position on the highway with a strong headwind? Ray.The helmet was fine. The only inconvenience was that I like to ride with the visor open one click at 80 klms and below, With air being deflected off the windshield the visor shuts some where just over 60. I can live with that. No buffeting. On the first day out of the Black Dog Ride from Melbourne this year the was one hell of a blow side -ways passing from Geelong to Colac. If anything I found the short windshield a blessing. It did take two hours to instal and this was with a mate that is a fitter and turner. He rolled up with his tool kit, I had mine though he went to it like a duck to water. He made one mistake taking the handle bars off. Not needed. Do not do this step. I hope to have another fours years of pleasure from this motorcycle before upgrading to a bigger V-Star or Harley. Hope this answers your questions. Please let me know other wise. Just home from a three week stay in hospital. Not due to the bike. Sorry for the late response. Kind regards, Mitch.I consistently get around 300km before I refill and not needing to switch to reserve. I have a 2011 XVS650A with V&H short shorts, hypercharger, and re-jet. Goes like a rocket for the engine size.


I have 2011 model red in color, I am 56 yrs old just come back into bikes was looking at bigger bike but said no. I am am happy with my choice, it has 3000 km on the clock now only ride it on weekend if weather is good. I changed the air filter to a k &m big difference in power and response. Next step have ordered vance & hines crusers not the short shots to load attract attention dont need that. I am also looking for a wind shield but having trouble finding the right one.

I have now purchased the exhaust vance and hines taken a while to get here and wind shield waiting to have them fitted. Bike is going really well around 4000 k on clock more top end speed available now working well.Would you be able to tell me the difference between the Classic and the Custom? I am trying to find something about it but nothing is showing up when googled. Would I have to go to my local bike store and ask this when looking at bikes?Classic has front foot-boards, wrap around mudguards front and back and the stock seat is a little higher than the Custom. Apart from the cosmetics essentially the same bike, I bought a 5 year old Classic to return to bikes after a 25 year absence, 6 weeks later I am pleased with the way it handles. I am using it to get my road experience back before trading up to a larger cruiser.


For a man who rode a lot as a kid, and always wanted a road bike, the 2013 Yamaha XVS650 classic is to me, just about as good as it gets. @
Upon purchase I added a set of Vance & Hines Cruzer pipes to make it sound more Harley and less sewing machine, and it has just been a joy.
Plenty of highway power (as long as you remember it is after all...a Cruiser). Awesome balance, fantastic looks, and as far as value goes, I've had comments that if it was badged "HARLEY", it would be worth twice the price.
If you're after a mid sized cruiser, and not wanting to mortgage the house, do yourself a favour and check this bike out! You wont be disappointed!
Looks, ease of ride, ride height,road presence
Perhaps a 6th gear.

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I bought my 2013 YAMAHA XVS650A STAR CLASSIC early this year. I absolutely love it... it is a head turner, everybody comments how nice it is. When I took it for its 1000 km service, the Five Star Yamaha in Hamilton Hill Western Australia lent me one of theirs - that was when I found out that it could be more powerful if its exhaust pipe changed - because theirs has the exhaust changed, sounded thunderingly pleasant, and more powerful. However, Vance and Hines do not have exhaust for 2013 model. Where did you find yours? I will much appreciate the information. Thanks

Grat bike and price!

I had been looking for something for not too much and used bikes were what I was coming up with. Then I found the new V Star 650 at a local dealer and couldn't believe the looks and price. I bought the 2009 Classic in 2010 and got a fantastic deal at $4500. After purchase the first thing I did was order a windshield. I got the Star brand windshield from the dealer and installed myself. Next I bought some Willie & Max saddle bags, they are the same size as the Yamaha bags that come on the Silverado model of the 650, but at half the price. I like the hard mount style bags, just look better than the small throw over cheap ones I see a lot. I also got a Cobra brand engine gaurd and installed that, makes the bike look wider and adds some chrome to it as well. As far as looks I couldn't be happier. Most have no idea it's just a 650. But, with a 650cc engine you are going to notice it's not too quick and things like highway riding start to get old sooner than later.

I've put about 14000 miles on my bike in just under 3 years and love it but I can certainly understand why people trade up for a larger cc bike after a while. It's absolutely fantastic for around town, backroads and shorter trips on the highway but extended periods at speeds of 65mph or more it starts to wear on me. Also, I'm 6'3" and about 220lbs and honestly the bike really isn't set up for taller riders. I get back aches after about 60 miles or so and usually need a break. I have to stretch my legs too. I've been told numerous times that I look too big for my bike but it's a full size bike so what am I going to do? But back to the highway riding. It'll go 70mph or more for as long as you can take it but for me it burns me out. I feel like the bike is revving and I really have to concentrate on staying in the throttle.

Not to mention the faster you go the worse the wind gets but that's on any bike. Plus once you get it to 70mph+ it will still excelerate but slowly, you're not going to shoot past anyone to pass if you need to hurry. I've heard a lot of people complain about its 5th gear and it needs a 6th which I agree with but it is a 650 so that's not a huge surprise. Since it's a shaft drive I'm not sure there is any solution to drop the RPM's any while riding at higher speeds, it is what it is.

I didn't buy the bike to make long trips but after owning a bike for a few years I can see the appeal of taking it on a road trip. Only problem is, this probably isn't the bike to do that, at least not for me. If I were to just ride mostly back roads and only use the highway now and then it would travel well enough. But the other problem for me is the comfort. I think a bike with a higher seat height would suit me better being taller.

Maintanence on the bike is simple enough. Oil and filter changes can be done at home with no real skill involved, the gear oil and air filter are very easy too. Did the spark plugs at 12000 miles as well, easy peasy. Had to get a new rear tire put on at about 10000 miles, ran me about $250 which I wasn't prepared for but now I know what to expect for next time. Overall it's been a great bike for the money I paid for it. It serves it's purpose as it's just for fun and a way to enjoy myself when I feel like getting out. If I ever get more serious about travleing on a bike I'm certain I'll look to upgrade to a larger cc bike. But like I said, it'll pound the highway all day long and 70+ if you're up to it. So, it's something you could travel with. I give the looks and price an A+, comfort (for me at 6'3") I give a C. Highway use for extended periods I give it another C, of course these are just my experiences and opinions. Ride safe
Inexpensive for what you get
Needs a wider gear ratio for highway use

Vstar 2013 650 classic

After not ridding for two years and wandering to my local Yamaha dealer I was very surprised to see this years bike. I bought my bike that week and hadnt test rode one.best buy I've made in years very happy with the ride comfort and looks. Turns heads at traffic lights.
Ridding position, the look ,handling is superb
Does need fuel indicator only fault

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Amazing bike this was/is my first bike never rode one before and picked her up about an hour away rode back all highway throught the bay bridge tunnel and had no issues what so ever i have never rode before this, and still have not been on another bike but i can say this has to be up there as far as handling its like this bike drives it self and your just along for the ride 2006 xvs650 classic

Cruising in style

Bought the 2013 vstar 650 classic and it is amazing. Got the looks, power and style. Added new exhausts for sound and carbs to boost power. What a bike. Harley looks at a fraction of the harley price. Best bike ever. Handling is like a more expensive bike, all black and chrome shows real appeal. Gets the looks everywhere you go. Sweet looking bike.
Looks, power, quality, ride, handling, price

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I'm looking into buying a bike again soon, I've been riding bikes all my life but 5 years ago lost my licence in Ireland due to high speed on my GSXR600. Now I'm on Oz and going for my learners permit I'm looking to get the best bike possible for an L plater again. This bike looks to be great value and also as its a cruiser I want have the danger of wanting to speed too much etc, is there anything I need to be looking out for if buying second hand? I was thinking about trying to get a 2009 for around $8000 with not too high miles, does it have much mechanical issues? Thanks is advance for any help Dave

Nicest bike I've owned

In more than four decades of riding I've owned everything from big, old British clunkers through to nippy Italian scooters ... from 50cc mopeds through 1000cc bone rattlers. My 2010 XVS650A Classic is without doubt the nicest bike I've owned. It has perfectly adequate speed and power for it's role as a cruiser. I can sit at highway speeds (100 to 110 KPH in Australia) all day with enough in reserve to pass slower vehicles if I need to. The bike is comfortable, stable, economical and extremely reliable. I do not experience vibrations at any speed despite what others have said. It's easy to do my own basic maintenance and beyond that I get great support from my local Yamaha dealer. The bike looks brilliant and always attracts admirers. I've ridden the smaller 250cc Yamaha cruisers as well as the larger 1100cc bikes. I can't imagine wanting anything more than the 650.
Comfortable, stable, economical, extremely reliable and looks fantastic.


Every device or machine has its failures but you need a company who will back you up when things go wrong; Yamaha Dont.
Beautiful looking bike, mine is the two tone silver and does handle great. I was originally looking at black Honda shadows but this bike blew me away in appearance, unfortunately sitting there and looking good is not enough.
My machine has a massive vibration that virtually rattles the bike to submission, it is a disaster to ride and is only capable of a few km's around town, it is a real teeth rattler. It only has 600km's on the clock. The problem is my local dealer and Yamaha dont want to acknowledge the problem and have repeatively told me the vibe is normal, if it is, its by far the biggest heap of junk ive ever ridden and ive ridden a few (i had a 30year old suzuki that was smoother)it has an obvious bearing issue (you can hear it let alone feel it!) squeeking brakes and a dodgy clutch but apparently its all normal! sorry but take heed, Stay away. I have no doubt that most of these bikes are ok but when one go's wrong they dont want to know, its not worh the risk.

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Sleek, fast and all the way quality. It gets the looks and it performs. The best bike I have owned by far. This is the cruiser to own when you do not have the harley dollars to pay for a brand. Amazing bike

Great LAMS approved Cruiser

I bought this bike brand new is Jan 2011 and represented excellent value for money. I have sinces travelled 1,200 klms and it runs very well. Good riding position, easy to manouvre, economical, looks the part and has adequate power for city and highway riding. It is LAMS approved and the best cruiser bike on the market for newbies.

I have read other reviews noting vibrations however this is not the case with my bike. It's extremely smooth with good torque and you need to be mindful it's only a 650cc motor so you need to be realistic about the performance. I have not found it to be unresponsive but perhaps this has more to do with how I ride it... After all, it is a cruiser.

Resale value is excellent and this bike was Australia's largest selling cruiser in 2010 so there is plenty of demand when you are wanting to sell.

Aftermarket trims, accessories are abundant and I have bought most of mine from the US purely because of the better range available and prices are much cheaper too.

Overall, I am very happy with this bike and have no real reason to upgrade anytime soon.
Great looking bike. Rides very well and unsure why other reviews note vibration as my bike doesn't have this problem at all. Adequate power and extremely reliable. I really can't fault the ride nor looks.
A fuel tank indicator would be nice but apart from that, it's a great bike to ride.

Great bike looks and rides great but it does need a fuel indicator.i have just bought my 650A Classic and want to take the running boards off and replace with forward mounted gear and brake levers, has anyone done this and if so do you have any helpful suggestions as to where to start as the Yamaha dealer where i got the bike were useless. look forward to some help out thereDoes anyone know if you can have the custom brake and gear pedals put on the Classic


The best valued bike on the market, When you put on Cobr aPipes and k & N filter even better, I love the Sound of my new pipes,Very Visible in Pearl White.They done a wonderful Job, easy to Ride, ppl stare in traffic, well done Yamaha!!!I see more and mor eon Road even younger guy sRide them, I am 46 I just got my Bike Licence and I will have this bike for Life!!!
Looks, Style, Sex Appeal, Colour Peal White .
Wish for a fuel gauge, and Wish it came with White wall tyres as standard.


Having the opportunity to take one for an extended test ride I found: The bike vibrated from foot boards all the way through to the handle bars at all speeds in all gears, and specially near the limit of each gear. During a slow speed U-turn, I could not turn the handle bars all the way because they were hitting my knees. Accelerating was pitiful. So pitiful that I would NOT want to try any overtaking maneuver on this bike. Whether I dropped down a gear or not, when up near 100kph - 85, 90, etc. - the bike went to WOT (wide open throttle) quickly and yet the bike's speed failed to respond. It took way to long to get up to 120kph. So any overtaking of a car doing 90 in a 100 zone, would take too long. A small model car would have more Oomph at this speed. I don't know where the power from the 650cc engine is going, but it ain't the rear wheel.

If all you want to do is ride it around town and you truly don't want to go above 100 - even doing 110 is pushing this thing - and you don't mind constant vibration no matter the speed, then this bike could suit you. Even if you're a learner. Otherwise, look elsewhere. BTW, I am 6'2" and found myself too constricted on the bike and constantly trying to adjust my position on the seat. But I did like the way it handled the faster bends - slower twisties might be an issue, but faster paced bends are fine and quite enjoyable on the bike.
Easy cornering in bends
No power, excessive vibration, congested riding position, handle bars interfere with legs in slow speed turning.

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Can some tell me how to tell if you have a classic 11 or classic 14 I’m trying to get insurance but I don’t understand what it means I have xvs650a classic 2013 mod
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I have a 2017 Yamaha v Star custom While polishing the chrome today I noticed that the brake lights have condensation in both of them Is this coveted under the warranty please ?
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what is the standard length of clutch cable on 650A vstar?
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Yamaha V-Star XVS650A Classic
Engine Capacity649cc
Release dateJan 2007

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