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This method is great to apply!


Due to reading comments regarding problems using this with hose attachment, I decided to just apply it alternative method, by mixing ratio of 9 lit water mixed with 300 ml product in watering can, (or half both these amounts if too heavy to hold) with SPRINKLER BAR ON END. So easy to use & control this way & doesn't take long for average size lawns. Must TRY to be patient for results, as only used product first time today!

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Not sure


I also did quite a large area and not sure how big 200 sq m. is. Level on container hardly moved, when weed and feed exhausts is container empty or is it just water. There does not seem to be any odour. Had no problem with connection just not sure how mix work.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

StandardVictoria, Australia

  • 30 reviews

Not standard size


Like a lot of people here, I too had a lot of trouble getting a perfect connection. Talking to Yates, it turns out the nozzle actually requires a 15mm adapter which is why my 12mm wasn't working. Went to Bunnings, got an universal adapter and it fit perfectly! Very happy with product after I was able to use the product properly :)

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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First time user. Waiting on results


I connected the hose to the bottle. Lifted the black strip out of the way, and turned the hose to medium/high pressure. After doing my lawn there's still a third of a bottle left. I've only just done it, so I'm waiting to see how the lawn improves. Thats why i gave it 4/5

Date PurchasedSep 2016


  • 3 reviews

Works Great


Only a complete and utter mental midget would have trouble with this product. We use it on two properties with excellent results.

Read The Instructions


Great product! I will always have a container of this product in my gardening store. A lot of people complaining about the venturi metering system and yes the original was not good but still usable for a thinking person. Harder for dopes and whingers and it should just been plug and go but the later version works well for people who can read and follow instructions. This product will green the lawn with in 5 days and the weeds start to die in the same period. It works well because the lawn needs nitrogen to green up and weeds don't like a lot of nitrogen. Fantastic and I now don't sit out weeding instead waste my time reading all the comments.

Plastic lift lid


Same problem tried spraying product but bottle didn't go down The problem I had was when I lifted the black plastic cap the two plugs snapped off blocking the application once I had pulled these two broken out plugs away it went also found you really have two push hard to get the attachment on but it works once it snaps on

Magma Review

Magma ReviewMurrumbidgee Region, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Badly designed hose attachment

Chris Drake

Chris DrakeSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Bad experience - didn't work.


Used Yates Weed and Feed to no avail. Had problems with fitting. Even after checking and following instructions the hose fitting kept coming off the bottle and ten days later the weeds are still there. Wouldn't recommend. Have since heard on a radio programme that there is a better product so am investigating this.

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Easy to use, just click on the hose open the plastic front and away you go, Great results,

ps, It pays to read the instructions concerning the lid :) instead of getting mad and posting bad reviews lol


BruceHastings NZ

Rubbish applicator


The hose came of the fitting several times despite changing my hose fitting. Despite lifting the black flap on the front it only performed as it should do for several moments. Successfully wet lawn with most of the product still in the container which I had to painfully empty out into a normal spray unit.



  • 2 reviews

Frustrating and disappointing experience!


I have just spent 2 frustrating hours trying to spray "Weed and Feed" on my lawn.
The hose fitting fell off at least six times spraying fertilizer and water all over me.
After persevering for so long I gave up in disgust when the bottle was still only half empty. I came inside and after reading all the above reviews, went in search of "The little black bit" that I was supposed to have pulled off.
My half empty bottle, and another new one I had bought at the same time, do not have any bits to remove. I looked everywhere!!
I am left wondering what to do now!


SammcNew South Wales, Australia

Everyone your doing it wrong!


Yates weed n feed worked wonderfully, I regularly treat my lawns with the product.
I notice all the low rating comments all have the same theme, no liquid empties and water sprays everywhere, THIS IS BECAUSE YOU MUST REMOVE THE LITTLE BLACK BIT,
On the front of the nozzle their is a small ledge, place fingernail in and lift, the cap might only lift a little bit but force it off, plug hose into click and boom your watering like a champion, people would rather get angry online then use their heads

So disappointed, angry...weed feed connection is rubbish


I clicked 1 star just to get a rating and i want my money back plus some for frustration and waste of time. unbelievably useless connection to hose. i tried 4 hose connections and they all made me more wet than the lawn. what poison have i been spraying everywhere (in small part on myself i presume although contents havent shifted much, if at all). absolutely useless product. now have to empty contents into weed sprayer and who knows what the portions of product and water should be!!! Close this mob down immediately!!!



Fabulous.... Lawn looks great. Easier to apply now they have a new fitting!


I agree with previous comments as the same happened to me. Solution didn't appear to be reducing in the bottle. I initially thought it was my water pressure. Bought the product again (look for the new black fitting which just clips up.... User friendly)

Leave it on the ground until you have have attached the hose and only then turn the tap on.

Weeds will die but slowly and "hey presto" your lawns will look fabulous in 2 weeks.

I particularly like this product because it doesn't seem as poisonous as other solutions.

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Mama S

Mama SMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 7 reviews

Yates Weed n Feed has a dangerous badly designed fitting

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I have just sprayed my lawns with weed n feed and find that the bottle after application has no less liquid in it than before I started. Does this mean the bottle now has very diluted spray in it. Did I do something wrong?
Or are the instructions not clear?
Very easy to apply
Didn't seem to empty the container


I have bought it previously and again last week. Still the bottle does not empty, is it not supposed to or what?


JaejaePerth, WA

  • 72 reviews

Very effective. Easy to apply.


I used this product after trying an alternative brand. The first brand just did not attach to the hose properly and as a result, the container was just as full as it was to begin with!

Yates is such a trusted brand. This product lives up to the Yates reputation.
Reasonable price, very effective and easy to use.

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Questions & Answers

michael b.

michael b.asked

What if it rains the next day after a application of weed and feed , will it affect the outcome

2 answers

My weed n feed did not work at all no rain.

Honest Reviews
Honest Reviews

The obvious answer is that it has likely washed off the plants, and will be less effective if at all. One should pay special attention to the weather much the same way farmers have to be very careful about the days they spray crops. Weed and feed is effective against many weeds, be aware that some take over a week to see an outcome and some weeds will need a second spray regardless. Some weeds have waxy coatings and the water beads straight off them to begin with. An all rounder weed killer may not necessarily be the best solution to a very sick and infested lawn, but after years of use (Regular once every 2 months) it most definitely keeps a lawn more clear of various weeds - when compared to my neighbors same lawn, it is night and day. A re-application in a weeks time wouldn't go astray.

Also, keep in mind if you have very specific weeds, some can be VERY hard to get rid of, particularly in the middle of winter. Oxalis is a prime example. It has waxy leaves, very fragile (can't pull out the root) has "explosive" seed pods which help it spread, and loves the dew and low light of winter. There are specific weed killers to target said weed. But even then its waxy leaf gives it a significant amount of protection from sprays and its basically impossible to get rid of once established (without damaging the lawn itself). Consider identifying the weed types you have, and then check to see if a "cheat" all-rounder like "weed and feed' is actually the best solution. (In the case of most ignorant people hoping for the best but subsequently complaining - this is usually the problem).


Peggy C.

Peggy C.asked

Does Yates Weed &Feed kill sheep sorel and yarrow????

1 answer

Idont think it kills anything, my weeds are still looking healthy



I am not sure of the type of lawn/grass I have =-- maybe some buffalo and some kyikuya I need to feed and weed it but the Yates Feed and Weed says not to use on Buffalo.. Help. I also have drying circles developing which may be lawn grub or another pest. It seems there are little round lumps of dirt around the areas (bit like rabbit dropping size) but I'm not sure if that is just from worms of ???? Can you please give me some advice.


2 answers
Honest Reviews
Honest Reviews

Hi Sue.

When I used to use this product on my old lawn. It definitely had some form of buffalo in it - I don’t know exactly what it was. But it was buffalo like... It never hurt it. My advice is to take some of your lawn cutting to a nursery and see what they say - after all many of them have a degree in this field. And while your there, buy some of their product to support someone other then bunnings!

If your lawn has been very damp, you can get dirt mounds caused by earth worms. A sign of a healthy soil. If you have red wasps during the day, little brown moths at night, or the fluffy brown nests under your eves. Caterpillars on your driveway, or a small black beetle, You have grubs. You will need to treat for these ASAP. Army worm/beetle can devastate lawns within days.

Follow instructions, if you treat only once, you will fail to break the life cycle of the grub and they will be back in weeks. Multiple applications and preventative measures are critical for maintaining a healthy lawn.

All that being said. It can’t hurt to get a small bottle and spot spray a 2m squared section. Monitor it over a week and see how it goes. Failing that, there is a buffalo friendly version of weed and feed....

Patience is key with lawns. And remember. We are heading into cooler weather and therefore cooler soil temps. The time for lawn Reno’s is spring. A light fertilization now with some weed and grub control should get you through to spring.



Many Thanks. Very helpful.

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