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Crap terible custmer relation service 0 star


Terrible service from last 7 months for business phone & internet bundle sick & tired by calling customer service, cracking noise on landline internet badly slow dropping down regularly. They are unable to fix problem but never forgot to send bill on time. So please don't go with this crap ever & customer relation people they don't know how to speak with client or how to resolve the problem.


HARRY GILLSpringvale

OPTUS Very poor service


I had optus home phone and internet bundle, phone is alright but net service is very poor. its not playing video clips on social media like facebook & whatsapp , its buffering, buffering and buffering ,I talk to customer service so many times they said your are in congestion area , our technician putting note about that but do not when it gona to improve, what a service taking money but not providing service what they promise. I am writing review for community, be aware these type of greedy companies . I personally never go with them again



  • 4 reviews

Dead phone line not optus problem they claimed.

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Waiting for two full months to even have a dial tone on my home line

Maureen T

Maureen TMelbourne

Optus Performance has degraded to the dark ages!


Shocking Service


Landline out of service for a week, still trying to resolve after numerous long waits on the phone (35 - 45 mins on average) and being transferred to various people with no idea how to resolve this issue.



  • 11 reviews

Very poor and unkind customer service


Internet and land line services are good. Customer service is bad, arrogant, unprofessional.
After 1 hour of waiting, someone from overseas call centre told me: I cannot hear you and terminated the call.
How you can feel??
Nobody is anymore Australian in the customer service. They are just from overseas, where they get paid very low,
as almost everybody knows.
Many of them don't know the rules and specially the manners.
They are completely unkind, they don't know how to treat a customer.
Worst customer service and very poor.

shane m

shane mmareeba

  • 2 reviews

some optus representative believe they do not need to aheed to australian consumer laws


Worse than TPG and that's saying something!


About 2 weeks ago, I signed up with optus on a home phone and broadband bundle. The reason of switching was for the horrible service and lack of care by TPG. Now I regret making the switch as I find it easier to understand Filipino people than Indians, I cannot stand how rude they are as well.

I received a faulty modem, my telephone number was changed without permission and I was receiving speeds of 0-1 mbps. 2 weeks in, after several phone calls, multiple hours on hold listening to the crappy saxophone music my issue is still unresolved. I am contemplating cancelling this service.

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  • 3 reviews

1st reveiw I have ever written in my - How are Optus still in business?



never again


Optus is rubbish I wish we had gone somewhere else. I rate Optus as 2. they are greedy and don't care about their customers. you wait too long then you can hardly understand what there saying get real Optus

Not really worth rating


Never again


I have tried twice now to get connected to the home phone tv and phone bundle but have given up. They send countless emails telling me I am connected which of course I am not but when I call them over and over they just keep lying to me.
Can't get an Australian on the phone.
Optus you need a reality check.
I will not be trying a third time I guess it's just my luck I am stuck with super slow and overpriced iprimus.

Don't bother with home phone or broadband.


Don't waste your time or money. Connection dates one after the other, useless staff that can't (won't) do anything to help.


moonshinerunnerPilbara, WA

  • 8 reviews

The $115.00 with no Gotchas that cost $118.37 a month, but don't tell anyone!


So much for the no hidden fees, each month it goes up and up. How are companies able to lie on national television and the ombudsman said they can nothing as it is only a small amount? I even tried the media channels that advertises this lie and they don't care. A current affair, ABC etc but no one will run the story. It started at the advertised $115.00 but each month it goes up. At the third it is now $118.37.
It must mean we are all allowed to lie and there is no recall.
It does has hidden fees and charges

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Good Service All Round


Generally a Good Service. Internet never drops out. Definitely better then Telstra. They have up the prices so I'm considering changing over to TPG for a better deal. The sales department are not the best to deal with.
Over all no regrets.

Optus is a good product, has some flaws but go over yourselves!

A note to Optus - Get rid of the non English speaking phone operators, they are hurting your busness!
Reliable Service, has never let us down.
Non English speaking phone operators , expensive - they have up the prices.



Bad, bad,bad


6 weeks of trying to connect, countless phone calls $250 worth, hours of waiting on hold, explaining countless times to various people who don't understand and who i cant understand. Numerous times told they will cal back, never did. 2 technicians out still no service, 2 no shows after having day off work to wait, still not connected. I give up. Can it be that hard? I am sure people get connected all the time. Stay away from Optus. Telstra had me up n running in 3 days. Wish I just went to them in the first place, i know now y Telstra has the monopoly they deserve to, Optus can not even compare.

Worst customer service


Poor service very difficult to contact


Have been an Optus customer for a very long time. I just want to get our home line checked as we have no dial tone. We have our phone line, Internet and 2 mobiles. I have tried to contact Optus since last Saturday. We call and stay on hold for A long time. When we think we are just getting through they hang up. I just want someone to fix our phone line, surely it's not to difficult. If someone from Optus is reading this please contact me. Also our mobile reception is terrible at home.

Poor communication



  • 3 reviews

Cable modem went faulty. replaced next morning.


My elderly mums phone lost dial tone. A few times I fixed this with a power reboot. Last time I did not reboot but called optus ( 8pm ). After doing some checks they organized a technician to come early next day. Arrived at 7:20am. Modem replace with newer model. No charge. Very happy.
quick service. reliable.

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Questions & Answers



I made an overseas call on landline yesterday. How can I find out how much it cost?

1 answer

You can just call Optus and they can give you a time and a cost, don't let them tell you they can not as they can ok. But you will be suprised as I have mad calls to Croatia and it's been cheeper to phone by land line than these $10 overseas cards you can use from any phone and less numbers to enter.
Always remember if your bill is to high to ask for an extension,/ payment deal that have to honor your change in surcomstance.
Wishing you the best Bec xo



i joined the phone plan yesterday but i don't want this phone anymore,can i return it and change the tariff package?

3 answers

it's a mobile plan, iPhone6s, 86 dollars per month.

If I can change the plan, what should I do and how much should I pay.

Thank you


Are you talking about a home phone plan or mobile plan? There is a big difference between the 2, if you give me a bit more information I might be able to help you. You don't need to give any names/address/or any other details just plan type cost and what type of bundle plan you have got.


phone plan,iPhone6s,86 dollars per month

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