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Terrible doesnt even describe them

Coles brand nappies cheap and nasty. Gave my daughter chemical rash, aswell as they dont hold. anything at all-No absorbancy. Not only are they cheap they feel cheap and barely meet the size labelled on the packaging. Never again will I buy these!! For a mum on a budget nappies are one thing that nees to be ticking boxes. Absorbancy, cost effective, but more so hyper-allergenic for them sensitive baby bottoms.


I love the nappy, good value for money its worth more than what it cost,
and gentle on baby skin no nappy rash, i love new prints its look like an expensive nappy, and its australian made good quality and its ultra dry and breathable, my fave nappy so far

Don’t use CUB nappies!

We have always used Coles previous brand ‘Comfy Bots’ for our oldest daughter and they did the job perfectly. Upon bringing our newborn daughter home, we were disappointed to learn that Coles had replaced Comfy Bots with CUB nappies. We thought we would give them a go. Big mistake! Our newborn was screaming in pain every nappy change as the nappies stuck to her bottom. Her bottom was also red raw despite applying cream at every change. We switched to the ‘Little Ones’ brand at Woolworths and have not had a problem.

Coles you have lost our business!! Please bring back comfy bots.

New Coles nappies stained my childs skin!

I have used coles nappies for over a year as daytime nappies and loved them. Recently coles changed their nappies, including the new yellowish print. The dye in these nappies stained my childs skin! Only after 2-3 hours my childs entire hip area and buttock was stained the same yellowish colour. It has been a few weeks since and the stain is nearly finally gone... Unimpressed!!! I have switched to huggies Ultimates!

I'd use over Huggies anyday!!

My son (now 2.5yrs) has been in Coles Comfy Bots nappies since he was 6mths old. I first tried Huggies. Hopeless..leaked all the time, fit was never right. You're paying for the brand, nothing else. Then tired ThankYou. Good, but too expensive and not enough in the box for the $.
Then comfy bots. Wow! Awesome nappies. No rashes, no leaks, great value for $. I found the trick was to get the right size. If you don't get the right size they will leak. Once my son hit 2 and a bit i had to put him in BabyLove nappy pants at night due to better absorbancy but no biggie.


Worst nappies in world history! Every morning since i bought this pack i have had to strip the bed soaked through absolutely everything! Plus the amount of times he has woken though the night to be changed. Back to huggies in the morning. Would not recommend these nappies. Such a shame coles as they were a perfect price.

The best AND cheapest option

We tried premium nappies thinking they would be better at containing poonamis and mega wees. They weren't. We gave the Coles brand a go on the basis that we should at least try them out given they're the lowest cost option. Amazingly (and much to the relief of the house beancounter), the Coles nappies are actually the best we've tried. The fact they're the most affordable means we don't really use other options. Sometimes we buy the Aldi product, which we've found to be just as good (when we shop there).

Best nappies

Amazing nappies! I was a true Huggies supporter but thought I'd give these a shot for the price it was worth a go. I'm glad I didn't cause we haven't used anything since. Greatest nappies we've used. They hold so much liquid and contain everything. For $11 a bag you cannot go wrong! Quality is great!

New nappies exactly the same as Aldi nappies

I have tried a few cheap brands and discovered that Aldi Mamia & Coles Comfy are the same. Everything down to the code on one of the side straps. Its just the picture design that changes. The quality for my son have worked with not many leakages however still use Huggies for night only but great during the day.


These nappies were wonderful quality and sizing but the new one are terrible. No elastic at the back of the new nap. That stretchy part was one of the perfect element to avoid leaking and now it’s gone which is so disappointing. No I switch back to Woolworths brand. Will not buy anymore.

New and Improved Version suck!!

Your nappies used to be the best but I am going to have to look elsewhere now since your 'new and improved' version are so thin. We never used to have leaks and this week I have had 5 - we cant even make it through the night anymore without everything getting soaked. Very dissapointed

New and improved more like cheap and nasty!

So disappointed Coles, have been using your nappies for the last 2yrs and used to love them, however since this "new and improved" nappies came out I hate them!!! So much thinner then before. No stretchy part at the back anymore either. Feel like I go through so many more nappies now as they just aren't doing the job!! Bring back the old better style nappies please. Will have to look at other brands now!


The new nappies have no stretchy part along the back, are much thinner and I'm noticing I am going to through a third more nappies than usual through the week because the new nappies just don't hold much in them at all. The sizes have also changed. Very cheap!i will not buy anymore

perfect for my kids

i tried because of their big size (kids are high build like hubby)... very good quality and no rash at all plus huge savings... baby love more frequently leaks....coles nappy hardly leaks so I prefer now..I would recommend if someone want to save money ................they are not good in quality like huggies but better in size then buggies and baby love I recon

Very poor ...

Our daughter wore the newborn Coles nappies for one day, and broke out in a shocking nappy rash - she'd never had one before then. Also, the nappies did not hold one of her three poos in, and were sopping after a wee. We normally buy Huggies, and we've also brought Mamia. Both are infinitely better.

Little explorer coles nappies

I tried these because I was very low on cash last week, and they make my 7 month old baby smell awful, it actually smells like he has done number 2 when it's just a wee. And they aren't too great for holding a number 2 without leaking. I won't be buying them again. I will stick to Huggies and babylove. The un scented little explorer wipes are good though, similar to the Johnson and Johnson unscented which i usually buy.

Cost effective replacement for a previous brand

We decided to try ComfyBots after a 19-month relationship with BabyLove Driwave that ceased after they changed their nappies (notable difference was the absence of the Wiggles imagery which is not a cause of anything) resulting in our little one having bad nappy rash.

Admittedly, we used Naty brand to get the rash under control and cannot recommend them highly enough but we thought we will give ComfyBots a go as they were considerably cheaper. We found that with ComfyBots nappy rash was not as much of an issue relative to BabyLove but a flare up every now and again is making us re-think our nappy strategy in the sense that we may go with a more expensive brand over cost effectiveness.

Our conclusion is that we would not necessarily solely rely on Coles ComfyBots without another more expensive brand i.e. Naty because of the occasional flare up but they are definitely a step up on BabyLove at the moment.

We are now trialing Huggies.

Feels like paper

The homebrand Coles nappies are horrible i have only used one and pretty much still have a full packet! They feel like paper i felt terrible putting them on my little baby's bottom! I felt like it would give her paper cuts!! The tags look frayed but overall just generally look uncomfortable :(
Only the colour deign
The feel off the nappy

Coles comfy bots nappies

What has happened to these nappies following in babylove footsteps these nappies now are the worst dont 't try to fix what isnt broke is all i have to say massive mistake .. I had changed over from babylove as i found comfy bots to be the only brand that worked for us but to my dissapointment not anymore lost loyal customer..

The cut is too long doesnt hold very much due to leaks from sides and leaves wet damp feeling on clothes

Useless for night times

I bought these nappies for my 4 year old to use overnight. He is somewhat of a heavy wetter and most other brands (except ALDI) have been useless for him. I couldn't believe it but these are even worse than Huggies! Three out of four nights he's used them he has wet through his nappy. I may as well not put a nappy on him at all...
Leaked more often than not, better off not using a nappy

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Can anyone compare the size of the 16kg+ Cub Nappies? I find the Huggies too small, the Baby love 15 - 25kg are much larger are the Cub a similar size?
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What country are they made
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