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Coles Premium Clumping

Coles Premium Clumping

2.2 from 5 reviews

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Very good

This picture listed-isnt the one im using.
The coles cat clumping litter.
4.5 kilos for 2.65 as of July 2019
so i had to use this until i was waiting for my bulk brand kitty litter i buy on line.
I was sceptical but surprised.
Its a heavy mix. sort of stones and pebble like.
but it clumps really well. and i they both have used it, but i cant tell!
no smell and i dont need to change the tray yet. i honestly think if you dont want to spend big on litter and use this as daily for your cats it would be good.
Im surprised at its quality and will sure buy again for on standby when i run out of my usual brand.

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $2.65.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion
Clumping Ability

This used to be good

This was a very good litter a couple of years ago. The price was slightly cheaper and it was pleasantly scented and clumped very well. Then one week, we went to stock up as usual, there were none on the shelves apart from the home brand bags. Ever since then, the quality has gone downhill. It no longer has the pleasant smell, actually smells like it has been in a damp warehouse. It will no longer clump as it used to and more dusty than it used to be. Price wise, it's good, but that's about it.


No citrus scent at all. Not that I want an overpowering perfume, but just a nice subtle fragrance. This product definitely is misleading by saying it is scented - it's not scented in any way.

Now onto the clumping - appalling. After one night there were so many small urine clumps that had flaked off the bigger clumps that it contaminated the whole tray and it stank. Not to mention the gluey debris sticking to the bottom of the box and litter scoop. Also the particle size - certainly not fine-grained like most clumping litters are.

Extremely dusty as well.

Terrible litter - will avoid at all cost from now on.

Not as good as it used to be

I started buying this brand about 6 months ago, as I had noticed a deterioration in the quality of Coles Savings Brand clumping litter.
When I first bought it (at 2 * the cost of Savings brand), it was excellent. Very fine light brown granules, excellent clumpability, no urine odour, and a nice discrete scent.
However, about 3 months ago, I noticed the Savings brand disappeared off the shelves for a couple of weeks. Then, Premium brand deteriorated in quality; the granules became larger and changed to the same colour as the Savings brand (off-white and mottled), and the clumping ability deteriorated. Also, there is now no lemon scent.
I suspect that a switcheroo has occurred: Coles have replaced Savings brand product in the premium brand bags, and replaced Savings clumping with Savings non-clumping.
Better than Savings brand
Decline in product quality; expensive for what you get


I decided to try this is an alternative to Catsan Ultra but it doesn't stand up to it and I won't be repurchasing. I think Coles need to work on the clumping action as it's not up to standard yet.
It smells fine, there is no lingering odour when the cats toilet and they seem to like using it.
It's not as bad as the Homebrand clumping litter but not much better either. The clumps turn into like a sticky clay and can be hard to remove especially if one of the cats toilets near the side of the box - you pretty much need to scrape it off as it sticks like glue and is also hard to wash off.

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