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Great Price, Quick and Efficient

Had been with my previous insurer for over 10 years. Premium kept going up and the insured car value down. Rang Youi and for an increase in the car's value, with all the same important benefits, saved over $200.
Then looked into House and Contents, which was with the same company as the car. For the same cover, saved $500. Looks like staying with the same company long term might not be a good idea. Access to the Youi App and its benefits is an additional bonus.

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Saved over 600 AUD per year

Went shopping for insurance. Ended up saving 600 AUD with Youi. They were very helpful and I feel like I made the right choice.

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New Insurer instead of renewing with current insurer

Great customer service, highlighting some great additional coverage from Youi over my current insurer so it is always a good start when first dealing with a company that the person is very imformative

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We signed up for a B&C insurance last year, as they offered cover for AirBnB, which we wanted to try out. Very expensive by comparison to our previous insurance, but we couldn't find any other.
A month before renewal they emailed a lot of documents, which I must admit I didn't read properly, because we knew we wouldn't use them again (no more AirBnB). Normally, I get they renewal offers from the insurances and then I make up my mind whether I stay with them or not. If I decide to stay with them I pay otherwise I find another one. Easy!
Little did I know, that YOUI doesn't ask for permission to deduct the premium! No email was sent informing us of the renewal (and deduction!)!
5 weeks later my next CC statement arrives and I finally realize that they took the liberty to deduct the premium. That in itself I consider a violation of my right to choose.(Remember 'competition'... free market?)
If they would have just repaid the money when I called to rectify this, fine. BUT on top, they are charging us for the period plus a cancellation fee (never wanted the insurance for a second time!). If this isn't treating customers badly, then I don't know!
I feel violated by them accessing my CC, I feel cheated out of my right to choose (without lengthy 'good byes') and I feel outraged by their impudence to charge me for the period. Seriously bad customer service - on top of everything else.
So, buyer beware, stay clear of youi, their lies and cheating ways!

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It’s true, we auto renew if we haven’t heard otherwise & we let you know this in the recorded call, docs sent & remind you once more in the renewal advise emailed prior to the due date. With the busy lives we lead, differences between companies & your mention that you hadn’t properly read through the docs sent, I can see how the renewal could have been missed & I’m sorry to see you’re in this situation. The choice is always yours & you have the opportunity to let us know you’re not wanting to continue if the renewal offer doesn’t work for you. Price all comes down to risk & this is calculated differently between Insurers, still, we aim to remain competitive where possible. With no request to cancel, we’ve continued to provide the insurance which comes at a cost. By cancelling mid-term a fee of up to $33 is retained from any refunds owing & the remainder of unused premium would then be returned. Your feedback is important to me & I’d like to see if I can help. Please email me your policy number/details & I’ll call to discuss. Thanks, Lauren, laurenj@youi.com.

Amazing customer service and I saved so much money!

I have only just joined Youi as the insurance amount was too good to pass on. It saved me equivilent to one entire insurance policy with another insurer.

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Policy change

Saw my policy was up for renewal was been charged a lot more than the rest of the market. Spoke to you over the phone who changed by policy over to not only match but beat all the other quotes.

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Customer service was awesome

I hate the best custom service I have ever had and I was more then happy with the price of my insurance

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Fantastic, genuine service!

I have just joined YOUI after being with another 'affordable' insurer for years. In switching my two policies to YOUI I'll be saving approx. $450/year! The sales person was wonderful, genuine and made me feel very comfortable and informed. What a great experience!

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What a joke

customer service is a joke rude and unprofessional, cheap yeah not really BUT repairers they use total disaster! Never again I’d rather pay the $60 difference and have peace of mind and no arrogance or headaches if I need to make a claim! cheap my back side only $60 between them and QBE

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I’m sorry to hear of your experience Nikki. We provide a quality guarantee on the repairs we authorise & pride ourselves on our customer service, so I’d like to investigate further. Please message me your policy or claim number & I’ll take a look. Regards Michelle

Customer service

Just signed up with youi. Amazing customer service and awsome perks come with being a youi customer. Think ill be with them for a long time! Really helpful and nice aswell.

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very good to talk to

looking for new policy checked a few insurance company and were all to high when I rang youi very easy to talk to and explain my problem the may it easy

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Setting up new policy 1 2 3 done easy pezy

Tj and Mitch set up my policy quick smart fast friendly people, makes your day when you have good customer service people on the end of the line hate talking to machines they never understand what your saying

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Professional advertising, unprofessional motor vehicle repairs

My first time to insure with YOUI. What an experience. The advertising sounds great but you must remember when you take out motor vehicle insurance, its not about a small man running around telling you how much you are going to save - Its about the quality of service you are going to receive when that time comes and you have to claim!
My situation - My Honda required a new front spoiler resprayed and fitted. Simple repair. First off YOUI send me to a repairer way over on the other side of town, not a good idea. The vehicle was repaired promptly, and thats when I suspected a poor job. Further investigation found that the front spoiler was actually painted the wrong colour, and also the fitment of the spoiler was not correct. The LH side had a large gap due to incorrect fitment, against the front LH guard. Even my partner noticed it.
Here is the big question you have to ask - Why did the repairer, a YOUI repairer release the vehicle in such a poor state. I called YOUI and advised that I wanted it corrected. Returning the vehicle to the same repairer on the other side of town, and yes wasting my time, as this repair should have been done correctly the first time.
Fixed right this time, and the correct colour match.
Its not what you save - its the professionalism of the repair.
I have not re insured with YOUI .

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Sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with the repairer’s location or the repairs. An important part of our selection process for our repairers is based on your feedback. I’m happy to hear your car was rectified, we do have a quality guarantee for the repairs as long as you own the car. I would like to see if I can help & learn more from your experience. Can you please PM your details so I can review your claim. Thanks Greer.

Great customer Service

Have been with YOUI for over 2 years. Called to obtain a third policy with Youi today. Ebony was amazing - friendly, professional and understanding. This is what makes the difference - how the customer is treated. Will always use Youi.

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Terrible, not good customer service, don't have good qualified repairers

The first year we got a great discount to get us as clients. Very BAD if you have a claim regardless of whose fault it is!!! We had a claim that other party was at fault. Sent us to some dodgy car repairer, Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs Preston. Had to return the car 3 times to fix it properly and finally when we realized they cannot fix the car, we requested to go somewhere else to which they reluctantly agreed.
The second year they doubled the price, couldn't match any other lower genuine quote, after which we were forced to switch to another insurance, APIA. We re still with APIA.

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I’m sorry to hear about your experience Marianna, we guarantee all repairs we do & have a lot of faith in our providers, so I’d like to investigate this further. I’d also like to review the renewal we offered as it is unusual for the premium to double, even if there was a claim on the policy. Please message me the policy number & I’ll take a look. Cheers Josh

First time with Youi but so far it’s been great

First time with Youi but so far it’s been great. The Youi staff were most friendly & obliging. Looking at swapping my other car insurance over to Youi .

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car insurance went from $1664 to $863 so very happy and I received extras like road side assist and hire car due to theft.

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Easy as

Nice and easy process with great service. Wouldn’t go elsewhere. Very helpful and knowledgeable also. Would and will recommend to friends amd family.

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Couldn’t have asked for better

My partner has been with youu for 6mnths and now I’ve moved my car Insurance to youi. My quote compared to others came in a lot cheaper

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Could have been better

I had my car insurance with youi for 9+ years. I noticed the price has been going up every year but that was ok as all insurance put their prices up every year as well. But recently I've moved into my new house. The area was better than my previous area, my car was kept in a locked garage so more safe and secure but youi decided to put the price significantly up for no reason. Spoke to few different ppl over the phone but they couldn't even tell me the reason for higher price, apparently system generated price, so couldn't do anything. Sadly I had no other choice but to cancel my 9 years relationship with youi. Customer service 5 star, guys are awesome every time I use to call them. I have my home insurance with youi at the moment though but wish they were bit less money hungry on car insurance. I'm paying now half of what I was paying to youi on my car insurance.

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Questions & Answers

I have received a letter from a legal firm claiming to represent me on behalf of Youi in an accident that happened over 7 months ago. The other driver was at fault and we have two witnesses that he ran a red light. The claim was paid out over 6 months ago. The letter looks suspicious- they want me to make an appointment to see one their solicitors. I lost about $6000 on the car as it was written off- I am not prepared to lose a days wages to travel to the city. Has anyone ever had this happen??
1 answer
Hi Jen, check out the legal firm's reputation, get them to Skype with you and do record the meeting. Take a second opinion from another legal firm. Be cautious about fees under all circumstances. Do not commit to any upfront fees or future fees. Find out what will be the final potential outcome and how it would work for you. All the best and good luck.

can you choose your own repairers?
1 answer
Great question Nigel. We have a selected network of repairers on board who we have complete faith in, still we have an optional cover where you can choose your own. If you have any further queries I’d be happy to chat, email robynf@youi.com. Look forward to speaking with you, Robyn :)

I would to know I have a 98 Mitsubishi lancer Coupe and was going get Youi insurance till I was told right or wrong in an accident I would have to come up with $500 and mind you have only ever had one accident not my fault so I wonder how does that work $500
1 answer
Great question rae65. I’m assuming the $500 is the “excess”. It’s not always exactly $500, it can be higher & something you agree on before starting the policy. To claim, an excess is payable but it can waived, if for example; another party is clearly at-fault & we have enough information to enable an attempt to recover costs. This is all in our PDS & I can discuss in more detail if you wish? My direct line is 0731563531 – Jeremy

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