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fantastic price excellent service

Youi insurance could not have been more helpful and the customer service level was excellent. The savings i now make on home and contents and car insurance is of a substantial amount. Thanks YOUI

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Awesome customer service

This time Youi insurance has excelled in the customer service the talk through and he ending of a good result I come s this service to be upright and professional with a twist of good faith and humour it was an excellent experience the staff member had aided me and gave me all appropriate assistance as required and most thankful for

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Youi caravan insurance

Have been with Youi five years for caravan insurance. Caravan smashed by overwidth truck on highway. Fortunately no injuries, but Youi paid out full amount in less than two weeks. Have re-insured with Youi for our new caravan. Highly recommended.

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Not that impressed

Only stayed with Youi for 1 year. They took money from my credit card to keep my insurance from lapsing, not happy about that, if they truly get me they would’ve phoned me prior to see if my circumstances had changed, they had, canceled my policy straight away. Their excess is higher than most companies if you need to make a claim. To sneaky a company for my liking.

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It’s true Gogs, we keep cover rolling as a service to you if we haven’t heard otherwise to ensure you don’t fall into a period of no cover. We let you know Youi policies automatically renew in the documents we send, in the recorded call & remind you once more in the renewal advice emailed prior to this happening. Excess can be adjusted in most cases to suit depending on the policy & this can differ between insurers, so it’s always good to check it’s right for you. If you’d welcome a chat, I’d be happy to discuss/explain further, please DM me details & I’ll call. - Lauren

Worst! Stay away

I’ve been hold up for an hour for all the questions for my car comprehensive insurance, and been advised that they need to refer to another person and may get back to me couple days later. Reason of the delay is because of the car’s value. So hassle to get the quote and buy insurance, I can’t imagine how ridiculous it will be when need to claim.

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Yes, it’s detailed, our policies are tailored individually & priced based on risk, though car quotes wouldn’t normally take this long Steve. Occasionally our underwriting team may require additional screening/checks prior to accepting cover. The vehicle value is one of many considerations though cover acceptance is based on the policy & risk profile as a whole. Rest assured our claims team work exceptionally hard to get the right outcome for our customers Steve, looking for every opportunity to pay/settle a claim. If you’d like to discuss, please DM me your details & I’ll call. Thanks - Lauren

Your customer service operator Alicia was excellent and deserves to be employer of the month. Your v

Excellent customer service. Alicia was just great and patience, clarity and absolutely loves her job. She deserves employer of the month.

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Impeccable service

My car recently suffered hail damage. I phoned YOUI to start the claim process and was immediately reassured I chose the right company. I received a direct phone line to one person who would manage my claim from start to finish. When my advisor wasn't available I received outstanding assistance from another advisor and a call back from my original one to ensure I was happy. My car was deemed a Total Loss and YOUI very patiently explained the entire process to me, including how Market Value is decided upon. It was more of a negotiation than YOUI deciding a price which was a pleasant surprise. As an added bonus, I even received the remainder of my Premium back.
My bit of advice is to make sure you understand what the Market Value of your car is with the Insurance Company as Banks and Insurance Companies don't just use Red Book and Car Sales. Very happy customer!

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Very expensive

I tried to get quotes at least 8 times for 3 different cars over last 5 years. I got the most expensive insurance after holding the phone over 30 minutes. I will never recommend.

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While we save many on their premiums everyday Lalith, sadly we can’t guarantee this for all. It all comes down to risk & every company will assess this differently & charge different prices for it. I’m sorry we haven’t been competitive for you Lilith, still we greatly appreciate you giving us a go. Cheers Josh

Best Customer Service

Customer Service is A1 and price is very competitive. The service I received was impeccable, very quick and reliable timing of phone calls, all my queries were answered to my satisfaction in a very personable fashion. Thank you for making my experience a pleasant one. It is great to talk to a human being and in the same country is a plus. This is my first time with Youi and I am confident that I will be happy with them for many years to come.

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Ridiculously expensive, Not competitive at all.

Review on Youi Price and Processes.
After watching numerous annoying ads for years, I have tried several times to insure my cars with Youi. Each time they have been ridiculously expensive. Over $1000 more for a Volvo, $1200 for a Holden Captiva.
There is no on-line provision to price and buy policies because they rely on a salesperson to close the deal. They add extra coverage that you don't need and sell it as "value" - which I believe is how they make their outlandish "savings" claims in their advertising.
The whole process just to get a quote is frustrating - you need to wait for a call back from their sales people. They rely on inexperienced insurance buyers.
Stick with the big insurers, they will always be cheaper.
Do yourself a favour, don't waste your time and money.

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I’m sorry we weren’t more competitive for you Gerry, while calling & getting to know you better may save you $$ on your premium, it all comes down to risk which every provider will interpret differently. Every company will have different inclusions in their product, & while they may not suit all, there are options to add & remove some of these covers to match your requirements. Still we get everyone is different which is why it’s great to have a large market where you can shop for a cover & price that suits you. Cheers Josh

Good so far

First time with Youi the delightful lady I dealt with was obviously new at Youi, however in saying that she tried her very best to answer all my questions and provide all the necessary information for me to make an informed decision on what Youi product was best for me including all Youi offers I believe she was a dedicated individual and she is striving to be the best she can, I don't think it will take her long to become one of your best telephonists and believe she will be an asset to your company, delightful to deal with.
I was with TIO In Darwin before who were a ridiculously overpriced organisation living in the back pocket of the Territory Government totally dissatisfied with the entire experience and very happy im no longer with them.
Kind Regards
Glen Roberts

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Youi and Buying Your Car Insurance Policy

Compared to every other insurance company
Youi will beat them hands down on price
Customer Service is excellent and they are contactable.
I have not needed to claim anything to date so thats for another review should it ever happen.

Always check product review for the latest interactions between Policy Holders and Youi
This way you will always find the most reviews enabling you to make informed decisions!

Overall a good experience buying a car insurance policy from Youi and customer service will win Youi the market share , providing Youi dont begin to over analyse claims looking for an excuse or escape clause to not pay out on something legitimate they will grow exponentially.

We all know from people and reviewers that this behaviour is something others in the insurance industry are growing famous for.
In saying that its also important to note that people who lie or scam are really the big problem for all policy holders, people do make mistakes and Youi is aware of that ,we wouldn’t be human if we didnt, but dont scam with lies and fake claims. Dont do it , its insulting to say the least.

So do the right thing when buying insurance by bringing honesty and integrity to the table when either purchasing or claiming then I am certain Youi will honour their part of the deal.

Overall Youi is definitely worth looking at !

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Rip off will be moving all policies elsewhere

Paid $1300 the first year and because of a minor claim they decide to bump up premiums to $2000 I'll be moving all policies to someone who actually values my business.

Insurance claim madeYes
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I get it Adam, increases aren't on the wish-list when you contact us & we try to keep these to a minimum. We'll have different statistics for claims, severe weather etc. for each area & sometimes even when the difference isn't obvious from the outside we might see it as a slightly higher risk, I’m sorry for the surprise. I’d be happy to look further into this for you, email robynf@youi.com your details & I’ll be in touch. Robyn.

Very helpful consultants

Youi was able to beat the comprehensive car insurance price I had received from all the other companies I spoke to. Great customer service so far, thank you!

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Youi are great! Highly recommended!

Such a great customer service team. Easy to work with and understand. Very polite and professional and know what they are doing! Never had an issue. They were the only car insurers that I could find that would insure me on my turbo charged car (at the time I was 24 and classed as a young driver). So very happy that I insured with them.

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Comprehensive tip off

I would give a no star rating if I could. Paying ridiculous amount of money for comprehensive car insurance. Rear passenger window got smashed and kids Christmas presents stolen out of car 3 days before Christmas. Call youi with police event number to begin claim process only to be told that the break in is not covered as there is no third party to pay the costs. Absolute RIP offs. What's the point of having comprehensive car insurance.

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Hi Jason, I called you to chat but missed you. I understand at Christmas time this is a horrible experience. We do cover items in your car but yes there is a limit & an excess will apply. I see your claim this time was under excess, you do have the option to reduce your excess which may assist in the future. Sorry we were unable to help you this time. Greer.

Quote $400 over all others

Not a review of service but of their price. Both car and home insurance $150 or more over other companies. When I asked the operator why they couldn’t answer me as the product was offering the same. Their car insurance comprehensive was $400 (!!) over the same product with another insurer. I will say the call staff for Youi are always very friendly though and easy to talk to compared to other companies so I would give higher stars if not for being overpriced. I can’t help but laugh though when I see their ad on tv about saving people money.

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I was surprised after seeing all your adds, that youi is actually dearer than the last insurance company. I only switched because my wife. or ex wife is associated with a competitor, and we didn't get any special deals from them either.

Insurance claim madeNo

Good professional service

6 years Good professional service. Claim for hail damage handled very quickly and easily.
Also, Tyson very comprehensive in his explanations of conditions for a new policy 27/12/18.

Insurance claim madeYes

Sneaky charges

Updating my review from 5 star to three.

Appears to be cheaper than few competitors but have sneaky charges as I tried to list another driver (3rd) and they charge you and excess is so high even you list the driver.
Ending up cancelling my both cars and guess what they sting you with a cancelling fee which no one told me when I was joining. Very bad policies to rip off.
Now with better company no charges for adding driver and access is much lesser.

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Our policies are tailored to risk Pranav & the underwriting is all about statistics. Divers age, licence, demerits, to name a few, are all considerations when reassessing risk & price. The excess is dependent on the age of driver at the time & also if listed or unlisted when claiming. It’s true, insurers all differ with products, cover & service. In terms of cancellation fees, this is common within the insurance industry Pranav. Ours is retained from any refund owing up to $33 per policy when cancelling mid-term. We advise you of this in the documents sent, be assured, we’re not about sneaky charges. Your feedback is important to me & if you’d welcome a call, I’m here to help. Please DM me your details/policy number & I’ll review & call. Thanks - Lauren

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Contact phone number
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Record of insurance on Rover WM3616
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Contact phone no for Youi

I have received a letter from a legal firm claiming to represent me on behalf of Youi in an accident that happened over 7 months ago. The other driver was at fault and we have two witnesses that he ran a red light. The claim was paid out over 6 months ago. The letter looks suspicious- they want me to make an appointment to see one their solicitors. I lost about $6000 on the car as it was written off- I am not prepared to lose a days wages to travel to the city. Has anyone ever had this happen??
2 answers
Hi Jen, check out the legal firm's reputation, get them to Skype with you and do record the meeting. Take a second opinion from another legal firm. Be cautious about fees under all circumstances. Do not commit to any upfront fees or future fees. Find out what will be the final potential outcome and how it would work for you. All the best and good luck.Thanks for reaching out Jenni. I’d like to look into this further, please forward any policy, claim details to robynf@youi.com & I’ll be in touch to put your mind at ease. Look forward to hearing from you. Robyn.

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