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How hard can it be to change an existing policy from one car to my new car. Apparently it's just too hard.
Asked what is a garage and can you describe it. Is your brand new car sitting in the dealers yard damaged. I want comprehensive insurance so do you want cover for other items. Aren't they included in the comprehensive policy? Yes. Then why are you asking me if it's already included? Half an hour to change my existing policy to my new car when it could have been done in a few minutes.

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Insurance TypeComprehensive
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Need to take responsibility for their bad drivers

I am not actually insured with YOUI - thankfully but one of their insured on a motorbike ran into me as he was making a turn from a side street now they are not accepting liability for this claim it it my fault. So YOUI when you are travelling on the main thoroughfare thought you had right of way. No wonder your customers all appear to be happy when you refuse to accept any liability for their bad driving. I have been inconvenienced by your driver damaging my car now you won't accept liability. Very poor

Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeNo
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Claiming can be tough, especially when it's not your own insurer. It’s a debate that comes up often with insurance claims, as what seems logical, or even lawful, isn't always enough to wholly alleviate one party's liability. Still having said this if you email robynf@youi.com the claim details I’ll look further into it. Robyn.

No cheaper.

Checked with youi to save money on car insurance, I’m not sure what criteria they’re after but being over 25 with a clean driving record, I thought I was a good candidate, apparently not. Main stream insurers were cheaper.

Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeNo
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While being a more experienced driver with a clean record does hold weight, it’s still a combination of the various risk factors considered. Statistics help us understand; vehicle risk & damages you may cause to property/vehicles, potential storm risk, usage & parking to name a few, so we can price accordingly. With differences between Insurers, we won’t always be the cheapest option, still, we’re confident in the product & services we offer & aim to save where possible. I’m happy to discuss further & we sure are grateful for the feedback. If you’d email me your details, I’ll call. laurenj@youi.com - Lauren

No Online Quote until they have your phone no.

Time to renew my car insurance so I thought I would get a quote from Youi. Fill out the details on their website but at the end of it they ask for your phone number - but no quote. Other insurers don't ask for so why does Youi? I do not like handing out my phone number willy nilly and it seems form some of the reviews others have left that once you do give them your phone number you're pestered with calls.

Insurance claim madeNo
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We do call to ask a few more questions, finish off the quote & answer any questions you may have John. We get a great response from this & it generally allows to save you $$, but also understand it’s not for everyone. I’m sorry if this didn’t work for you, still we’re grateful you gave us a go. Cheers Josh

Not that impressed

Only stayed with Youi for 1 year. They took money from my credit card to keep my insurance from lapsing, not happy about that, if they truly get me they would’ve phoned me prior to see if my circumstances had changed, they had, canceled my policy straight away. Their excess is higher than most companies if you need to make a claim. To sneaky a company for my liking.

Insurance claim madeNo
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It’s true Gogs, we keep cover rolling as a service to you if we haven’t heard otherwise to ensure you don’t fall into a period of no cover. We let you know Youi policies automatically renew in the documents we send, in the recorded call & remind you once more in the renewal advice emailed prior to this happening. Excess can be adjusted in most cases to suit depending on the policy & this can differ between insurers, so it’s always good to check it’s right for you. If you’d welcome a chat, I’d be happy to discuss/explain further, please DM me details & I’ll call. - Lauren

Waste of Time

Called to get a quick quote for Home & Contents insurance - 50 mins later I was still on the phone somehow waiting for car insurance that I didn't need. I was on hold for a good 10 mins when I decided to hang up. An emailed quote came through later on that was approx $1000 more expensive than what I ended up paying with RACQ. A very disappointing experience and waste of my time. And for the record, Youi rewards aren't worth the hype. The girl on the phone was pleasant, but the conversation just seemed fake and I didn't need to hear the small talk where she pretended to be interested in what I had to say. I just wanted a quote. RACQ did my quote and got my money in 10 mins flat. Now that's how you do business!

Insurance claim madeNo
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Aww this is a real shame Bateup, we aim to offer a more personalised service & it sounds as though we’ve fallen short! 10mins on hold is too long & we need to be mindful of this especially on a call as lengthy as you say. We should be able to complete the quote in much less time so am keen to learn more about the delay. Our tailored policies do come down to risk though $1000 off track seems high. If you’d care to share your quote no/details in a DM, I’d welcome the opportunity to review. Thanks - Lauren

Screw you after a year

Had a high performance vehicle and they went out of their way to get the premium lower than what i had been quoted elsewhere only to triple it when the 1st year was up. I went to Shannons Insurance as soon as it happened and got better than what i was originally on as well as getting a higher agreed value none of which changed after the first year. Shop around after your first year if you go with Youi.

Insurance claim madeNo


They trick you into thinking your getting a quote online, instead force you into a phone call at the end...how can i trust an insurer that literally just tried to fool me into an unwanted phone call??

Insurance claim madeNo

I'll pay my own bills not have YOUI control them.

I've been with YOUI for 2 years, never had a claim, never used roadside assist. My biggest problem is their direct debiting your bank account when the renewal becomes due. I have 2 policies with YOUI and called to request they NOT debit my account. Was advised this was not possible and to call after I receive my renewal. Their convenience was put before my inconvenience. I will be shopping around before going with YOUI again which is sad because I haven't found them to be lacking in any other area, but then I've never made a claim.

Insurance claim madeNo
That is a while Angela & it sounds like you are an A1 client, thank you for your business. Auto renewal is part of our policy, as it acts as a safety net in case the renewal is forgotten, so there is cover no matter what happens. I get this may not be for you, still many of our customers like this function. We advise on the policy/renewal contract as well as the PDS we do automatically renew, sorry if this isn’t for you. If you’d welcome a call email robynf@youi.com & I’ll be in touch. Robyn.Although some people may like your option surely an opt in/opt out would be a better idea.Options a great to have Angela. The auto renewal process is the path we’ve selected to keep our clients in cover, still your comments have been taken on board, thank you. If you’d like to chat send me an email & I’ll give you a bell. Robyn.

Serious Commitment and Deadline Issues.

I was involved in an accident where only I was the victim, on Sunday. The only damage to my car nothing else or nobody else was involved. Called roadside assistance and got the car towed to safe storage by Ready Towing on Sunday. Called Youi and booked a damage assessment for Tuesday morning at 7am via phone call on Monday. I waited till Tuesday evening to get results. Finally, called Youi myself and got to know that Towing company could not deliver the car to Bignell Repairs till Tuesday closing time of the Bignell, the assessing site for damages. Called Youi again today (Wednesday) and got told that they will take another day for this which will be Thursday now.
I was told by Youi that I have the option to refuse claim and get it repaired myself, if I wish, after the damage assessment of my car from Bignell Pannel Repairs.
So it basically took 3 days and still counting to just assess damage which is a 30 minutes job for Bignell Repairs due to the mistake of Ready Towing which was sent by Youi and Youi people are very casual about it.
So now I don't know what is happening with my car and how long will it take. I have to take off from my work from Monday to Thursday. This is affecting my regular job(s) and I am sitting home not making money.
My question to Youi is, Have you done this to me If I would have taken claim and paid you the excess money???
This is the height of frustration, harassment and testing my patience.

Insurance claim madeNo
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We gave the expectation that your car would be assessed Tuesday morning & failed to deliver, I’m sorry. Ideally, we should be waiting for the car to arrive at the location before booking the assessment. Mondays are notoriously busy for tow companies who are dealing with tows from holding yards from the weekend & incoming accident scene tows on the Monday. Our advisor’s intentions were good, by securing an early assessment, yet a little ambitious which has led to disappointment. Due to the nature of your incident, there could be damages that would not be picked up with a visual inspection, so the repairer had arranged a wheel alignment at the mechanics today. Our target turnaround for an assessment report is 24hrs, yet it is not unrealistic to take longer, still it is important that we communicate this to you. Rest assured, we haven’t changed the way we are dealing with your claim due to the suggestion that you may withdraw pending the repair cost. You have the hire car option on your policy, still I accept your refusal, until you are confident that you want to proceed. I appreciate the chat & I hope you understand it’s not our intention to test your patience or have you feeling harassed. The claims department or myself, will be in touch tomorrow with an update.

Disappointed former loyal customer!!

I had been a loyal Youi customer for many years insuring all my assets, home and contents, two motor vehicles, caravan and a motorcycle. When it came time to shift the storage location of my caravan from a private property only three suburbs away to a secure storage facility I expected a slight rise from the mid $500's I was paying, however was very shocked to find that increase was almost a further $500.

I subsequently contacted Youi to discuss this and was offered a 'loyal customer' discount which reduced this policy price to early $800's.

I subsequently contacted a further insurance company (that I have no further assets insured with) and that company provided a quote of early $400's with a higher insured value and one third the excess of that of Youi, plus all of the inclusions that Youi promote.

Needless to say that I have now moved my caravan to the other company and expect that my other policies will follow shortly.

Extremely disappointed and very hard to understand given that I had all of my policies with Youi and a further company could insure a one off asset at less than half the cost of Youi's 'loyal customer' price.

Insurance claim madeNo
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I completely understand why this would cause you to shop around Jason. Your loyalty is very important to us & I’m sorry if we were unable to beat the price of a competitor. We’re balancing between being profitable enough to pay claims with a high level of service, all the while remaining competitive in a busy market. The way we measure risk, which translates to the premium, must be different to that of your new insurer for there to be such a contrast. I’m keen to help you if I can, even if just to provide you with a more logical cause for the increase. Would you be happy to send me your policy number to jeremyb@youi.com? Kind regards, Jeremy

False value

Asked for a comprehensive car quote, price was cheaper than others but the agreed value was $10000.00 less than the others, be aware

Insurance claim madeNo
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Thanks for your comments John. Agreed value is based on the average condition at the time of the loss. We have allowances in the agreed values we offer, so we must be calculating that differently to who you switched to, I'm sorry we couldn't get the deal done this time. If you’d like to discuss further send your details to robynf@youi.com & I’ll be in touch. Robyn.

Playing around with their quote

I received a quote for $645 but had to cancel it a week as the delivery of my car was delayed. One week later on the phone, the quote came in at $1000, after I told them how dissatisfied I was, it came down to $850 and there was nothing else they could do citing all sorts of nonsense that the quote was different from last week (by that muck in less than a week!!), I told them I would go online and do the quote again and it came in less, someone called me up and more talk and dissatisfaction the price eventually came down to $627. What a joke, and they wanted to charge me $1000, all in a space of an hour. Price gouging at it's worst!!

Insurance claim madeNo
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This is sounding odd Damien, for the difference in the premium your explaining. Insurance is about risk & the questions we ask assesses the risk based on our underwriting, which is how the premium is calculated. I’m keen to investigate & find out what has happened, please email robynf@youi.com your quote & contact details. Look forward to hearing from you, Robyn.

Landrover third party insurance same as comprehensive

Changed to youi after a bad experience with another company. Friendly call centre, never had to claim though. Went to ensure another car, third party was the same price as comprehensive (almost $2k). They were unable to tell me why a small it was a back end thing. Unfortunately I had to change companies to one that charged $300 for the same thing. Shame as I had three vehicles with them.

Insurance claim madeNo

Quote was double that of competitors

I've had full comprehensive motor vehicle insurance with Allianz for many years, but my car is now 15yrs old and with excesses and a market value of only $4300 I decided to downgrade to Third Party Property coverage only.

Wife (47) and I (56) have unblemished driving histories, car is kept in locked garage, we've been Rating One for ever - all the other 'risk' questions (eg: convictions, demerits, claims within last 3 years etc.) were negative. All the questions were the same with all three insurers and I was looking to pay annually:

Allianz quoted me $188 with a $400 basic excess
RAA was $210 with a $400 basic excess
YOUi... wait for it... $384 with an $800 basic excess

The sales rep was very nice but as I said to her "that's considerably more than I've been quoted elsewhere". She went through all the questions again but was unable to reduce the quote. When I asked why YOUi was more than double Allianz she was unable to give a reason beyond "it's possibly because your wife has only held a drivers licence for 12 years". Mmmmm. Needless to say I didn't sign up with YOUi.

I'm not complaining about a product I didn't purchase, but must say I was extremely surprised at how expensive YOUi's quote was, and how out-of-kilter with Allianz and RAA, for essentially the same product (in fact YOUi's basic excesses were also double).

For a company which advertises so heavily on the suggestion they will be cheaper than others ('Tom saved $180' and so forth) I was quite puzzled when I received their quote.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend against YOUi, perhaps they are more competitive on other forms of insurance - but I'd definitely recommend getting some other quotes before accepting any offer from YOUi. Do not simply assume they are cheaper, or even comparable to other insurers.

Insurance claim madeNo
It’s no secret we do things a little different Adrian. It's a tough market that's for sure & sounds like we were off the mark for you & your wife. Insurers will assess risk differently, hence why there can be a variance with the premiums. I'm sorry that we weren't competitive, still I'm glad to hear you could get a level of cover at a price that suits you. Premium calculating can be tricky, as our risk assessment considers internal & external data. Yes, our recent advertising shows real savings from real clients & while we do save for many, sadly it's not always the case with individual tailored policies. If you’d welcome a call drop me an email robynf@youi.com & I’ll get in touch. Robyn.All very interesting Robyn, but bottom line, your product was more than twice the price of your competition. Just saying!

The quotation system is terrible!

I am not sure how efficient this company pays out but the online quote system isn't really online like other insurance companies. Instead you will receive a call from their salesman trying to fast talk you. Their opening statements are "what do you want most from your insurance company", in which I replied for the company to pay out if necessary and I do not have the time for this. A few days later they text me the quote.
Why bother with all this nonsense in the first place, just let the customer view the quote online!

Insurance claim madeNo
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We are a little different & call to ask a few more questions to tailor the policy to you. By doing this we may be able to save you $$$ on your premiums, still we understand it’s not for all. I’m sorry it wasn’t for you & we’re just grateful you gave us a go. Cheers Josh

Trickery with the online quote

While I price I ended up receiving was competitive, I was extremely unhappy when I tried to do an online quote and ended up getting a phone call from a pushy salesperson who just made me go through every damn question I'd already answered online plus a bunch more. I was in a rush and just looking to compare a few basic covers across a few companies and that took forever, annoyed me and really put me off using Youi. Don't have an online quote function on the website, if that's what you're going to do. It's misleading.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Thanks for reaching out Anna. We don’t condone any form of pushy behaviour & I’m keen to investigate this. We let you know at the start of the quote you might receive a call, so we can confirm your details & complete the quote tailored to you. This is one way we differ from other insurers & I get that when we stray from the norm, it can feel a bit weird. There is no trickery or misleading intended & I’m sorry if it’s come across this way. I’m stoked to hear we were competitive, but sad that our ways have put you off. Thank you for giving us a go in the first place. I’ll pop you a message & happy to review things at this end for you. Thank you again ~ Cam

Can't get a quote!

We are already insured with Youi for another car. I was trying to get a quote for our new car last night while our baby was asleep. After filling out the form, I kept getting bombarded with calls that I had to decline as the house needed peace and quiet. I get a text message from '[name removed]' asking when the best time is to call, so I respond "I can't talk, can you please email it to me?" No response, so I send a "??" 20 mins later, and nothing.

Seems all the sales people care about is getting their commission, and if there is potential that they don't get it or someone else does, then they won't care.

Pretty poor service from a company I thought I was happy with...

Insurance claim madeNo
We understand a call is not always convenient Blake, I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, as it’s not our intention to have you feeling this way. We're humans dealing with other humans in an otherwise contactless transaction. When our clients respond to a SMS it goes to a pool for the message to be allocated to the available staff to action, depending on the time of day. I’m keen to get you happy again, email robynf@youi.com with your details & a time that suits, I’ll be in touch. Robyn.Thanks Robyn, but I believe you're missing the point as sometimes it's much more convenient to simply complete everything online and not need to speak with anyone and pretend that we care about each others day. I fully understand trying to be 'old school' and friendly, but when you have better things to do than talk to someone you're never going to meet, and having them go through the same questions you would online, it gets frustrating as it takes 10x longer, and it's harder to memorize all the details in the quote when you want to tinker with the excess to get a premium you're happy with. All for 'old school', but give us a choice to do it online only so we can get on with our day!Hi Blake, thanks for getting back to me as your feedback is important & has been noted down. I'm sorry for any frustration this has caused. We take a pro-active approach & get that on occasions this isn't to everyone's liking. We're working on different avenues so these processes can be improved in the future, as we never say never. You’ve got my details for any further queries, just let me know & I’ll be in touch. Robyn.

Avoid Youi Car Insurance like the plague

I very recently hit a wombat. I rang Youi as my insurer. Firstly I was informed that the tow truck driver was not allowed to drive me the 15 klms to my home so I could get home safely. Then I was asked if I had $100 on me which I did not have to pay for non-existent cabs in the wee hours of the morning. The only thing Youi did was organise the tow truck driver. I was then informed the 2 car hire companies they deal with are closing down and to organise my own hire car. Then I was informed Youi would only fund 14 days car hire at $50 a day - which is totally unrealistic because the car hire minimum is $54 per day. Then I was informed the assessment would be undertaken at 9am Wednesday 22/8/2018 and it is now Saturday 25/8/2018 and I am still none the wiser re whether Youi will repair or pay out.
I have rung every day since Thursday to ascertain what will be happening to the vehicle and whilst the operators are very pleasant, they cannot assist.
This is totally unacceptable. Literally 5 days of the 14 day car hire have been taken up waiting for Youi to pull its finger out and demand the assessment be provided.
I'm disgusted to say the least. Not only was Youi prepared to leave a female driver with no way of getting home stuck out in the middle of nowhere, their claims procedures leaves a lot to be desired.
I elected to have car hire only to find out that I can only have 14 days and they cap the amount and I have to organise my own car hire. In fact I should have car hire for the duration it takes Youi to either have the car repaired or pay out.
Oh and by the way the $100 - Youi expect you to pay and then get reimbursed and you can only claim $100 maximum - Total crap when one resides in a rural area.
I'm right over this crap to say the least. Not to mention I pay for Roadside assist only to find out Youi will only fund 2 road side assists per annum.
And they're not that cheap to put things mildly.
I'm sure as hell considering insurer options after this experience.
And by the way it doesn't take 5 days to ascertain cost of parts. There is a Toyota business in Nowra and all the repairer has to do is pick up the damn phone. If I can obtain the cost of a Toyota Prius wheel rim in literally 5 minutes - tell me why the repairer and/or Youi can't obtain the relevant quotes for Toyota Prius parts within 30 minutes.!!!!!
I'm right over Youi to say the least. Their advertising is incredibly misleading to say the least.

August 30th 2018 Update: Update to My Review: Avoid Youi Like the Plague

I would like to provide this update about my experiences with Youi and making a claim. My initial review: Avoid Youi Like the Plague.
6 days into the car hire I was informed the repairs had been approved and the repairer required up to 2 weeks to undertake the repairs and when I informed the car hire would run out and I'd be left with no vehicle, kind of like - oh dear too bad so sad so to speak.
This morning (Thursday 30/8/2018) I received an email from Youi requesting feedback on my experiences as they're 'passionate about customer service'. Well I kind of let fly on the Youi Wall titling the feedback: Not Happy Jan.
Anyway a Youi Complaints Officer called me and we had a very long chat about my experiences.
Upshot: she called the repairer and the car will be repaired by Friday 7/9/2018 - one up for the little people.
Then she called me back and she had obtained approval for a car hire which they will organise 31/8/2018 and I will have this hire car until the repairs are completed; and if this means the car is not repaired by 7/9/2018 as now envisaged then I still retain the hire car until the repairs are completed.
She will also call me tomorrow to provide me with other feedback in relation to the experiences I experienced.
Now I do appreciate that someone in Youi has finally seen the light of day and actually pulled their finger out and decided to work for the customer rather than simply for the company.
Thank you complaints officer. I sincerely hope Youi does learn from this experience and other customers are not put through the multiple experiences I experienced.
As a result I have increased my rating from terrible to bad because this complaints officer is doing her best.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Desley. I have your other feedback as well & have left a response there too. We do update you every 48 hours & it looks like you beat us to it each time. Generally, a car would take up to 48 hours to get the assessment to us, however as yours wasn’t driveable, we do allow longer for this as the car needs to be dismantled. There’s some confusion with the local hire car companies in town and I’m pleased to say that one is staying open. It’s true your policy has two excess free callouts under Roadside Assist each policy period & we allow up $100 for transport after an accident. These are listed in your policy. It looks like now everything is back on track. More suitable hire car is now sorted. Repairs are on track for the end of next week. I also have your receipts here on your claim. I’m sorry we let you down in some areas Desley & we’ve learnt a lot when it comes to rural areas. We’ve heard & working on this now. I appreciate your time & patience Desley & if you need anything more, please let me know.~ CamMany thanks Cam. Once you were put on the case, things started to move in the correct direction. You say the assessor has 1 week if the car is not able to be driven. Now this is interesting to say the least. This means for customers who take out car hire with Youi and they have a claim where their car is not able to be driven, they literally lose 1 week of the 14 day car hire. Maybe Youi might want to reconsider this aspect of their policy, because it means that customers will be left stranded without a vehicle especially if they reside in a rural area whilst waiting for the repairs to be completed. Hence, same issue re car hire different situation. Maybe Youi should be offering at a minimum 21 days car hire or even better until the vehicle is either repaired or written off. Theses a far more feasible options. Yes, there certainly was some miscommunications re this claim. The issue is when Youi and other businesses are classing major rural towns as metropolitan due to what I understand from you - population density, this is where the confusion can arise on the part of the claims personnel. Years ago, and yes I'm a tad bit longer in the tooth so I do remember this, metropolitan and rural was the number of klms from the nearest big city GPO rather than population density. Maybe this rule of thumb should be instituted so all can be on the same page. Once again many thanks for all your efforts.

Youi handle claims poorly

I have been a Youi customer for 6 years. I was recently burgled and made my first claim. You have been hopeless to deal with. After a ton of phone calls and emails and text messages they still have not repaired the damage. I would not recommend them.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Alex & I’m sorry you feel we’ve let you down. I’m here to help & get to the bottom of this for you. I need to know more so I’ll pop you a message to get some more details & I can get onto this for you. Thanks, Cam

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Record of insurance on Rover WM3616
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Contact phone no for Youi

I have received a letter from a legal firm claiming to represent me on behalf of Youi in an accident that happened over 7 months ago. The other driver was at fault and we have two witnesses that he ran a red light. The claim was paid out over 6 months ago. The letter looks suspicious- they want me to make an appointment to see one their solicitors. I lost about $6000 on the car as it was written off- I am not prepared to lose a days wages to travel to the city. Has anyone ever had this happen??
2 answers
Hi Jen, check out the legal firm's reputation, get them to Skype with you and do record the meeting. Take a second opinion from another legal firm. Be cautious about fees under all circumstances. Do not commit to any upfront fees or future fees. Find out what will be the final potential outcome and how it would work for you. All the best and good luck.Thanks for reaching out Jenni. I’d like to look into this further, please forward any policy, claim details to robynf@youi.com & I’ll be in touch to put your mind at ease. Look forward to hearing from you. Robyn.

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